Le lingue sono la mia passione
 Russo (madrelingua)
 Bielorusso (madrelingua)
 Inglese (fluente)
 Italiano (fluente)
 Francese (intermedio)
 Spagnolo (intermedio)
Timed, pair, share
Partner A tell partner B if you know another
language and 3 reasons you want to study
Partner B write down what your partner is saying
Partner B tell partner A if you know another
language and 3 reasons you want to study
Partner A write them down
Some volunteers will share out with the class
Some reasons to learn Italian?
 Why do you think Mozart composed most of his operas in Italian rather
than in German?
 According to UNESCO, over 60% of the world's art treasures are found in
 Italy is one of the top economies in the world (Member of the G8)
 Knowing Italian is greatly beneficial in several career fields: culinary arts,
interior design, fashion, furniture design, shipbuilding, space engineering,
construction machinery, transportation equipment, etc.
 Italian is recognized as one of the most beautiful spoken languages on
the planet.
 The Italian language is the closest to Latin
 Italian literature, theater, opera, films, music are world famous: no
matter how good the translation, inevitably some meaning is lost in the
 Italy has the cultures, landscapes, and histories to fill a lifetime of
 Italian has the highest number of words for describing food!
 Being bi-lingual and/or tri-lingual gives you an advantage when looking
of a job and improves your cognitive skills
All write, round robin
Tutti scrivono, giro giro tondo
Group activity:
 For 1 minute, write down 3 reasons, Italian is an
important language to study
 Starting with partner closet to the middle isle facing me
share 1 idea.
 All others listen, if you already wrote that reason, check
it off, if you did not, write it down
 Clockwise, next person shares and all in group do the
same thing
 Keep going around until you have shared all your ideas
and everyone has either checked them off or written
them down.
Each group shares one idea with class.
Minsk State Linguistic University
Volete sapere perché ho studiato
Mi piace la cultura Italiana (I valori)
Mi piace la natura Italiana
Mi piace il carattere degli italiani
Mi piace l’umorismo italiano
Mi piace che gli italiani fanno tutto
con molta passione e qualità
• Volevo capire l’italiano senza
usare un dizionario

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