Université Paris Sud 11
Università degli Studi di Milano
IPN Orsay
Dipartimento di Fisica
Supernovae theory:
Study of electro-weak processes
during gravitational collapse
of massive stars
Dr. Elias Khan
Dr. Jérôme Margueron
Dr. Patrick Blottiau (CEA/DAM)
Prof. Pierre Pizzochero
 Nuclear point of view → Microscopic calculation of nuclear inputs
- Electron capture rates
- Neutrino physics
 shock wave
- EoS
- Effect of temperature
dependence of nucleon
effective mass
 Astrophysical point of view → Hydrodynamics
- Multizone / multi-D code (at least 1D!)
- Diffusive treatment of neutrinos

Astrophysical point of view - Irfu