EASTER 2010!
Le classi 1A e 1G, con l'assistenza delle loro insegnanti d'inglese
hanno dato vita a un piccolo laboratorio di poesia
nella speranza che abbia un seguito.
I temi affrontati emergono da piccole considerazioni,
spunti musicali,
e perciò...
Adriano Setti IA
Claudia Mustillo I G
“ Me and the night”
Oh black darkening night
Close the stars and start to cry
There’s mumbling cloudy time
The sun now is dying
I close my eyes and start to sail
I’m not the same
I’m not in the rail
M. Beatrice Benvenuti IA
Giulia Bartolomucci
Nature’s Colours
Blue is the sea,
Is the
Fluffy are the clouds,
As they slowly pass.
Yellow are the flowers
In the fields
When they grow
White are the mountains
Covered with snow.
Trees full of buds
Are shining bright
Look ,there’s the moon
Pouring her light
Onto a land
Dark with the night
As seasons change
Nature’s strength we see
Changing her colours
For you and me
Giulia Tripi IA
Eleonora De Marco
Wondering in the wood
As long as we could
We walk down the wood
We as the trees
And I’m just a passer-by
We had flown out the city boom
We are blowing in that afternoon
Do we need to find
our freedom now?
We gotta find our
way out
Oh yeah I think we really should
Take a walk in the wood
Chiara Piras
Enrica Besozzi
Flower’s Life
Anna Cuzziol
Giulia Tshilumba
Here am I,
standing all alone
When suddenly the
rain has come.
Drops are falling
down so fast,
Everyone is waiting
for the last.
It’s the sky that is crying,
While my happiness is dying.
Now, up the hills, the sun is rising,
Is the sign of the spring
That is sprouting like me
To be continued…
Power point.
Lorenzo Lugaresi
Michele De Lucia

Diapositiva 1 - Liceo Giulio Cesare