Rome, 2014 november 12h
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A orta
P eripheral
V rgent
T reatment
Rome, 26-27 May 2015
Symposium Chairman
Francesco Speziale
Dear Colleagues,
we are pleased to announce the inclusion of several sessions exclusively dedicated to
interesting and challenging cases during Rome CAPVT Meeting scheduled for May 2627, 2015 in Rome, Italy.
The sessions will contain a variety of urgent, emergent and challenging clinical cases,
with or without complication, you have managed related to endovascular intervention or
vascular surgical procedure. Case presentations of innovative approaches in many areas
of endovascular and/or vascular surgical procedures are also planned.
Several of the cases fall into the following clinical categories and additional categories
will be detailed in our Scientific Program (available soon):
– Cerebrovascular Interventions
– Aortic Interventions
– Coronary Interventions
– Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair
– Thoracic Aortic Aneurysms Repair
– Renal and visceral vascular intervention
– Cardiovascular interventions
– Venous interventions
Scientific Secretariat
Laura Capoccia
Danilo Menna
Pasqualino Sirignano
Vascular and Endovascular
Surgery Division
Department of Surgery
“Paride Stefanini”
“Sapienza” University of Rome
Policlinico Umberto I
Viale del Policlinico, 155
00161 – Rome, Italy
Tel/Fax: +39 06 4940532
e-mail: [email protected]
All cases will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee, who will select the most
interesting cases for presentation.
Applicants whose cases are chosen will be listed as members of the clinical faculty and
have their meeting registration fee waived. All clinical faculty members selected for
case presentation will be responsible for their own travel and accommodation expenses.
Please complete the case application form and email to the CAPVT Scientific Secretariat
([email protected]) for submission to the Review Committee.
Deadline for submission of cases is March 31, 2015.
We look forward to seeing you in Rome!
Organizing Secretariat
ConOr & Management
Viale Cortina d’Ampezzo, 170
00135 Rome, Italy
Tel. 06.85305059
e-mail: [email protected]
Francesco Speziale

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