The suburb
Tor Tre Teste
The park….
Many animals live in the park ...
Ancient ruins ..
In our neighborhood there is an ancient Roman
The church:
This church was built
for the Jubilee of 2000
by Richard Meier. He
presented his work to
Pope John Paul II and
it was built in Tor Tre
Teste. The sails are
three and represent
the Trinity and the
church itself is a boat,
symbol of the Catholic
There are many monuments:
The Coloseum is the most famous
monument of Rome:
The Colosseum is the largest
amphitheater in the world,it
is located in the city center of
Rome, it is able to hold up to
50,000 spectators and it has
been known throughout the
world as a symbol of the city
of Rome and Italy.
It was used for gladiatorial
shows and other public
The Colosseum, like all the
historical center of Rome, was
listed as a World Heritage Site
by UNESCO in 1980. In 2007
he was also included among
the New Seven Wonders of
the World, following a
competition organized by
New Open World Corporation
Fori Imperiali:
• The Imperial Forums
monumental squares built
between 46 BC and A.D. 113
in the heart of the city of
Rome by the emperors.
• They are part of the Roman
Forum, which is the old
Republican square.
• Under Caesar and Augustus,
the building of the Basilica
Julia and the rebuilding of the
Basilica Emilia, that marked
the long sides of the square,
however, gave the Forum a
regular basis.
Piazza di Spagna:
This is Trinità dei
Monti, a
beutiful and
colourful square
in the heart of
Piazza Venezia:
• Piazza Venezia
is a famous
square in
Rome. It is
situated at the
foot of the
Capitol, where
it crosses
some of the
streets in the
center of the
capital: Via dei
Fori Imperiali,
Via del Corso,
Via del
In these streets there are the most important
churches in Rome and they are very beautiful!
Realized by:
II c
Our Park
Our park is very big and green. There are
lots of plants and trees. The trees are dark or
light green and violet. There is a big hill and
here there are flowers. In our park there
are a small square, a theatre, a football field
and a rugby field.
Small Square
The small square is a beautiful place
because there are green plants. There is a
park bench, too.
The theatre is big and it is built with
stones. There is echo. The stones are
grey and white and the sleps are white.
Our Church
Football and Rugby field
The football field is big and green. A
net delimite the field. Here, there are
lots of boys. They play funny. The
rugby field has got a red track with
white stripes.
Our church is Saint-Tommaso
D’Aquino. It is very big and it is
dedicate to Pope Johannes Paul II.
The walls are white and grey. The
doors are golden. The cross is grey
and big. The garden is very big and
green. Here, there are lots of
Coliseum and imperials forums
Rome is a big city in Italy.
Rome is a very popular city
because there are a lots of
historicals rests. Every day
there are lots of tourists.
There are the Coliseum, the
Imperials forums, the
Costantino’s arch, the
Campidoglio and the Trevi
The Coliseum is a big amphitheatre.
Today the Coliseum it isn’t totally sound
because the structure is destroyed by the
Time. It is a very good place.
The Imperials forums is a long street.
Every day there are a lot of tourists.
The people dress up, under this street
are the Roman rest.
Costantino’s arch
The Campidoglio is a
The Costantino’s arch is
very famous hill. There
a famous arch. There are
are lots of monuments,
the symbols and
for example the Marco
there is in a green meadow.
Aurelio’s equestrian
monument. Here, there
celebrates the Costantino’s
are the famous Capitolini
Victory over Massengio.
Trevi fountains
The Trevi fountain is a
baroque fountain in the
centre of Rome. There
are lots of statues. The
statues are Nettuno and
other gods. People
usually throw a coin in
this fountain.
We love our city and we invite you to visit it because it’s
magic and beautiful. We enjoyed and we worked with fun.
This is the first time that we do this project and we want to
partecipate again.
Daniil D.
Giulia T.
Matteo D.
Simone I.

Our quarter