St. Athanasius
St. Athanasius
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July 11, 2010
Brooklyn, New York
Rev. Msgr. David L. Cassato,
B.A., M.Div., M.S.Ed.
Parochial Vicars
Rev. Ronald D’Antonio,
B.A., M.Div.
Rev. Gabriel Toro-Rivas, B.A., M.Div
Ministerio Hispano/
Spanish Speaking Apostolate
Deacon Dante Colandrea
The Sisters of St. Joseph
Brentwood, New York
Director of Music Ministries
Mr. Steven LaPlante, M.Mus
Lay Pastoral Leader
Mr. Joseph Barbieri, B.S., KHS
Are you a sinner? Have you been away from the church for a long time? Are you divorced or separated? Are you physically or mentally challenged? Are you from a different culture? Are you not
accepted because of your sexual orientation? Are you elderly, a teen or young adult? Are you
discriminated against because of your color? Are you feeling broken? Are you poor or out of work?
Have you been imprisoned? Have you a feeling that you are left out? You are welcome here!
This is your home, and we are your family!
Do you suffer from Celiac Sprue Disease? We are Celiac friendly and, after receiving permission from our Bishop, we can provide you with low gluten hosts and a pyx, in order to enable you
to receive Holy Communion at daily Mass and Sunday Mass. To begin the process, please call Fr.
Ron D’Antonio at our rectory, 718.236.0124 Ext. 13.
2154 61st Street
Brooklyn, NY 11204-2569
Tel. (718) 236-0124
Fax. (718) 236-4960
[email protected]
6120 Bay Parkway
Brooklyn, NY 11204-2569
Tel. (718) 236-4791
Fax. (718) 621-1423
Pastoral Administration:
Mrs. Marie Skroly
Mrs. AnnaMarie Scuteri
Mrs. Lorraine Garone-Tesoro,
M.A., M.S. Ed.
Administrative Assistant:
Mrs. Toni Scaturro
Mrs. Theresa Simon
The Rectory is also the home of our Parish Priests. We ask you to
respect their home by observing Rectory Office Hours and by calling
in advance for an appointment.
Saturday: 5:30 PM
Sunday: 8:30,10:00,11:30 (Choir)
& 6 PM
Spanish Mass:
10:00 AM (Lower Church)
1:00 PM (Upper Church)
Italian Mass:
11:30 AM (Lower Church)
Monday-Saturday 8:45 AM
Saturday after the 9 AM Mass
Every Wednesday after 9 AM Mass
Eve: 7:30 PM (English)
Day: 7, 9, (English)
7:30 PM (Italian) Upper Church
7:30 PM (Spanish) Lower Church
Cluster Director of Youth Ministry
Mr. Kenny Wodzanowski, B.S.
St. Frances Cabrini
1562 86th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11228
Tel. 718.490.4469
Email: [email protected]
Pastoral Associate for the Spanish
Speaking Apostolate
Mr. Alvaro Chavarriaga, B.A.
Oficina de Ministerio Latino
Rectory Basement
To contact our
Pastoral Planning Council
Email: [email protected]
Faith Formation Office:
6120 Bay Parkway
Brooklyn, NY 11204-2569
Tel. (718) 331-8811
Fax. (718) 331-2582
Director of Faith Formation:
Mrs. Nicoletta Milo
Our Church is Handicap
CONFESSION (Reconciliation):
Saturdays 4-5 PM or anytime by appointment.
BAPTISM: Sunday at 2:30 PM. Both parents
make an appointment with a priest. Both parents & godparents must attend a Baptismal
Instruction Class.
MARRIAGE: Couples are to make arrangements six months in advance.
First Friday: Exposition of Blessed Sacrament
after last morning Mass concluding with Benedic- ANOINTING & COMMUNION CALLS: Those
who wish to be anointed or receive Communtion at 7:30 PM. Italian Mass at 8 PM.
ion at home, call one of the priests to make
arrangements or call our Pastoral Ministry
Immaculate Conception: Mondays 9 AM
Office: 718-236-0124 Ext. 44
Page 2
St. Athanasius Church
Rev. Msgr. David L. Cassato, Pastor
Rev. Ron D’Antonio, Parochial Vicar
Rev. Gabriel Toro, Parochial Vicar
Rev. Deacon Dante Colandrea
Mrs. Marie Skroly, Pastoral Administration
Mrs. AnnaMarie Scuteri, Pastoral Administration
Mrs. Ann DeVito, Pastoral Administration
Mr. Steven LaPlante, Music Ministry
Mr. Joseph Barbieri, Lay Pastoral Leader
Mr. Alvaro Chavarriaga, Pastoral Associate
Mrs. Michele DeStefano, Secretary
Ext. 11
Ext. 13
Ext. 14
Ext. 23
Ext. 10
Ext. 19
Ext. 12
Ext. 25
Ext. 24
Ext. 27
Ext. 12
Sunday, July 11th:
8:30 Salvatore & Louise Calise
Frank & Nancy Chimento
11:30 PURG. SOCIETY and Domenica Violante
11:30 ITAL. - Domenico, Gaetano and
Maria Moriano
1:00 Spanish Mass - Upper Church
6:00 Maria Barbaro
Monday, July 12th:
9:00 Principia & Gennaro De Gregorio
Tuesday, July 13th:
9:00 Daniel Andry, Anniversary
Wednesday, July 14th:
9:00 Caterina, Principia, Pietro Marchese
Thursday, July 15th:
9:00 Carmela & Archangelo Longo and family
July 11, 2010
PASTORAL CARE Please don’t forget to inform us if
you are going to be hospitalized so one of our priests
can visit. Provide us with your name, hospital, room
number, phone number and, when possible, how long
you will be hospitalized. If you are unable to attend
Mass, due to poor health, illness or advanced age,
please call so a Eucharistic Minister can bring Communion to you. Anointing of the Sick may be requested because of scheduled surgery or treatment
for a life-threatening illness. Call us prior to your surgery or treatment. Anointing of the Sick at Mass may
be celebrated before you go into the hospital. Directly
inform one of our priests or call one of our Pastoral
WELCOME, we’re glad you’re here! If this is the first time
you have been to St. A's, welcome! We promise that if you
keep your heart and mind open to God, you’ll find what you’re
looking for. Would you like to talk to someone? We’re here
to listen and help if we can. Just call us at the Rectory when
you’re ready. In the meantime, remember that you are always prayed for and that it is our hope to pray with you each
Don't forget our Upper Church is open Monday-Friday from
6:30a.m. to 3p.m. Saturday 7a.m. to 7p.m. & Sundays 7a.m.
to 7p.m. Feel welcome to kneel at the communion rail at the
Altar of the Blessed Sacrament or sit on the benches in the
Memorials for the Week
Hosts: In Loving Memory of Raffaele Innamorato requested by wife, Isabella.
Friday, July 16th:
9:00 Frank Bruno, Richard De Vita and
John Mangino
Altar Wine: In Loving Memory of John
Vonelli requested by Angie & Joan Vonelli
and Grace & Frank Zaffiro.
Saturday, July 17th:
9:00 John Vonelli, Anniversary
10:30 William Rohr
2:30 Peter Radioli & Keri Dresch, Wedding
5:30 John, Carmela, Anthony and
John C. Buoncore
Candles: In Loving Memory of Josephine
Somma requested by Mr. & Mrs. Santa
Troise and family.
Sunday, July 18th:
8:30 Anna Ammirabile
10:00 Antonio Picariello
11:30 PURG. SOCIETY and Angelo, Francesco
and Antoinetta Sacco
11:30 ITAL. Margherita e Matteo De Liso,
Isabella e Allegrino De Liso e tutti de funti
dei le Famiglie
1:00 Spanish Mass - Lower Church
1:00 Luigi Grippi & Carolina Scoliel, Wedding
6:00 Anthony J. Russo
Sanctuary Lamp: In Loving Memory of Filomena & James Madorma requested by Gienevieve De Pinto.
Sanctuary Lamp: In Loving Memory of John
A. Nerviano requested by Valerie Graziano.
Our Call to Christian Stewardship
July 4, 2010
Please Turn Off
Cell Phones
Page 3
St. Athanasius Church
July 11, 2010
Reminder - we still have seats available in our School.
Please register your child as soon as possible.
Msgr. Cassato
New Sunday vestments for our priests were brought back from Rome and
donated by Father Bob Mucci “In Memory of Fay Cassato and in
Thanksgiving for all the wonderful people of St. Athanasius Parish”.
Thank you Fr. Bob
Keep this date open!
Our Annual Parish Picnic
will at Nansen Park on
Saturday, Sept. 11, 2010
More information to follow
Annual Diocesan Support
Appeal Update:
Our Goal is $71,000.
Pledged to date
Received to date
$ 84,768.
Rectory Office: Monday thru Saturday from 10:00 a.m. - 7:30 p.m.
Monday thru Friday 7:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday 7:30 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
For Emergencies only call: 718-236-3391
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St. Athanasius Church
July 11, 2010
Saint Athanasius School Honor Roll – Third Trimester – June, 2010
First Grade – Ms.
First Honors
Anthony Bonello
Nicholas De Meo
Paul Ferrera
Cristina Fico
Stephen Liang
William Lin
Niko Skoda
Patricia Sobolewski
Second Honors
Michael Azzara
Anthony De Stefano
Joshua La Lane
Carmen Lei
Amanda Olivencia
Greixell ParedesBenavente
Michael – Ann Phillip
Nicole Tadros
Michael Tenecora
Second Grade – Mrs.
Principal’s List
Nicholas Colella
Maya Davilla
Daleen Munoz
Rebecca Ochoa
Anthony Orlando
First Honors
Joanna Dimarco
Michael Krawiec
Anthony Mannino
Matteo Mollano
Victoria Pinto
Miranda Savino
Julia Staarczewsi
Second Honors
Anthony Alfieri
Raffaele Carone
Tyler De Stefano
Nicholas Firingos
Kelly Guan
Julia Martinez
Roman Terekh
Third Grade – Mrs.
First Honors
Dominique Foti
Nicolette Karabaic
Vincent Orlando
Second Honors
Kevin Alleva
Jethro Casie
Joseph Cetta
Arielle Contrera
Nicholas Di Marco
Peter Fiordimondo
James Garthaffner
Phoebe LaLane
Geraldine Luppino
Michael Rodriquez
Siniah Thermidor
Jonathan Treglia
Marco Yu
Daphne Yucel
Fourth Grade – Ms.
Mac Cormack, Mrs.
First Honors
Paolo Merisier
Guinevere Seaver
Second Honors
Michele Guan
Ralph Luccarelli
Salvatore Mollano
Mario Pinto
Kevin Salon
Justin Yip
Fifth Grade – Mrs.
Hayes, Ms. Mac Cormack
Principal’s List
Elena Martocci
Robert Papandrea
Fifth Grade – First
Jenna Fiordimondo
Deandra Foti
Njamance Nwabueze
Second Honors
Antonia Azzarelli
Gianni Contrera
Justin Garthaffner
Cosimo Luppino
Giuseppe Manfredi
Aaron Minchala
Nicole Pelletiere
Sixth Grade – Mrs.
Angiletta, Mr. Cappucci, Mr. Cracchiolo
Principal’s List
Gabrielle D’Angelo
Matthew Martocci
First Honors
Molly Clark
Pietro Riggio
Konrad Skubisz
Second Honors
Natalie Aquilar
Daniel Deacon
Kathy Guan
Sarah Innamorato
Peter Romano
Kamila Skubal
Seventh Grade – Mr.
Cappucci, Mr. Cracchiolo, Mrs. Angiletta
First Honors
Regine Auguste
Gabriella De Rosa
Gabriella Fico
Second Honors
Veantz Cherubin
Gabriella De Meo
Brian Finn
Joseph Garthaffner
Jimmy Jarama
Xavier Jean – Paul
Regina Rehberg
Lindo Skoda
Eighth Grade – Mr.
Cracchiolo, Mr. Cappucci, Mrs. Angiletta
Principal’s List
Colette Prideaux
First Honors
Ryan Arteaga
Michelle Azzarelli
Ugonna Nwabueze
Michael Perretti
Second Honors
Christopher Cali
Kevin Krett
Anthony Li Bassi
Jacqueline Rodney
In your kindness please pray
for those who are sick
Kathy Adams, Nicholas Amadeo,Vivian
& Antoni Antonelli, Catherine Arrighetta,
Faith Arent, Kimberly Arent, Patricia
Aurigemma, Joseph Biuso, Jr., Stella
Bogdan, Catherine Broderick, Brenda
Burns, Christopher Canale, Anthony
Caputo, Judith Carminitte, Michele
Cassata, Ann Centorrino, Sebastian
Chiarello, Rosemarie Costagliola,
Josephine D’Auria, Salvatore Davi, Kristi
DeVito-Gregotowicz, Joseph Delgardo,
Laura D’Antonio,Craig De Lullo,
Al DeMarco, Jr., Al DeMarco III, Louis
DeMarco, Joan DeMarco, Joan
Demeyer, Rachel DePinto, Leonard De
Meyer, Maria Esemplare, Elaine
Esposito, Tina Esposito, Frances
Falzetta, Anthony Felicito, Sylvia
Fiorintino, Laura Garattian, Theresa
Giuffanti, Gina Giuffanti, Anthony
Giuffanti, Jr.,Pat Giordano, David
Herbert, Francesca Ingravallo, Aldo
Inguanti, Filomena Ingravallo, Neil
Kelleher, Lawrence Klein, Lawrence
Klein, Jr. Paul Kelleher, Stephen
Kelleher, Catherine Linde,
Jillian Lasinsky, Sara Marie LoCicero,
Grace Martino, Ellen Mary MacDougall,
John Malloney, Eleanor Marando, Paul
Marchese, Grace McCain, Marge
Michaels, Lucia Montella, Rosalie
O’Hara, Joe P., John Palmiero,Cathal
Quigley, Elva Ramirez, Felicia
Randolph, Joseph Riccardi, Dorothy
Richter, John & Ann Reinhart, Mary
Rollo, Angelina Scarponi, Mickey Sasko,
Jada Sciacchatano, Concetta Sigona,
Peter Tarulli, Carla Vitucci, Angelina
Vonelli, Leonard Walder, Lucy
Wasieleski, Josephine Wise, Robert
Wise, Jr. Nelson Yates, Fanny Zacchino
To Add a Name, please call
ext. 10 on Monday morning,
spelling the name.
If you wish the name to remain
on the list you must call each
Page 5
St. Athanasius Church
July 11, 2010
Bollettino Settimanale
Messa in Italiano ogni Domenica alle 11:30am (Chiesa di giu’)
Riflessione del mese di luglio
1. Quei difetti, nostro od altrui, che non riusciamo a
correggere, li dobbiamo sopportare con pazienza, fino a che
Dio non disponga altrimenti. Rifletti che, per avventura,
questa sopportazione è la cosa più utile per te, come prova
di quella pazienza, senza della quale ben poco contano i
nostri meriti. Tuttavia, di fronte a tali difficoltà, devi chiedere
insistentemente che Dio si degni di venirti in aiuto e che tu
riesca a sopportarle lietamente. Se uno, ammonito una volta
e un'altra ancora, non si acquieta, cessa di litigare con lui;
rimetti invece ogni cosa in Dio, affinché in tutti noi, suoi servi,
si faccia la volontà e la gloria di Lui, che ben sa trasformare il
male in bene. Sforzati di essere paziente nel tollerare i difetti
e le debolezze altrui, qualunque essi siano, giacché anche
tu presenti molte cose che altri debbono sopportare.
2. Se non riesci a trasformare te stesso secondo quella
che pure è la tua volontà, come potrai pretendere che gli altri
si conformino al tuo desiderio? Vogliamo che gli altri siano
perfetti; mentre noi non correggiamo le nostre
manchevolezze. Vogliamo che gli altri si correggano
rigorosamente; mentre noi non sappiamo correggere noi
stessi. Ci disturba una ampia libertà degli altri; mentre non
sappiamo negare a noi stessi ciò che desideriamo.
Vogliamo che gli altri siano stretti entro certe regole; mentre
noi non ammettiamo di essere un po' più frenati. In tal modo,
dunque, è chiaro che raramente misuriamo il prossimo
come noi stessi. Se fossimo tutti perfetti, che cosa avremmo
da patire dagli altri, per amore di Dio? Ora, Dio così dispone,
affinché apprendessimo a portare l'uno i pesi dell'altro (Gal 6,2).
Infatti non c'è alcuno che non presenti difetti o molestie; non c'è
alcuno che basti a se stesso e che, di per sé, sia
sufficientemente saggio. Occorre, dunque, che ci sopportiamo
a vicenda, che a vicenda ci consoliamo, che egualmente ci
aiutiamo e ci ammoniamo. Quanta virtù ciascuno di noi abbia,
ciò appare al momento delle avversità: non sono le occasioni
che fanno fragile l'uomo, ma esse mostrano quale esso è.
PADRE PIO DA PIETRELCINA – nelle prossime settimane
sarà elencato il programma della giornata della nostra chiesa in
onore di San Padre Pio.
ricordare la data di mercoledì, 22 settembre–spettacolo
teatrale – Million Dollar Quartet - Cena prima dello
spettacolo. L’autobus parte da Sant’Atanasio. Seguiranno
informazioni dettagliate.
(Benedetto XVI)
O Padre, fa' sorgere fra i cristiani numerose e sante
vocazioni al sacerdozio, che mantengano viva la fede e
custodiscano la grata memoria del tuo Figlio Gesù
mediante la predicazione della sua parola e
l'amministrazione dei Sacramenti, con i quali tu rinnovi
continuamente i tuoi fedeli.
Donaci santi ministri del tuo altare,
che siano attenti e fervorosi custodi dell'Eucaristia,
sacramento del dono supremo di Cristo
per la redenzione del mondo.
Chiama ministri della tua misericordia,
che, mediante il sacramento della Riconciliazione,
diffondano la gioia del tuo perdono.
Fa', o Padre, che la Chiesa accolga con gioia
le numerose ispirazioni dello Spirito del Figlio tuo
e, docile ai suoi insegnamenti,
si curi delle vocazioni al ministero sacerdotale
e alla vita consacrata.
Sostieni i Vescovi, i sacerdoti, i diaconi,
i consacrati e tutti i battezzati in Cristo,
affinché adempiano fedelmente la loro missione
al servizio del Vangelo.
Te lo chiediamo per Cristo nostro Signore. Amen.
Maria, Regina degli Apostoli, prega per noi!
Domenica, 24 ottobre 2010 – concerto con
Aaron Caruso organizzato da G.I.S.A. in
occasione del mese della cultura Italiana.
Domenica, 3 ottobre 2010 - Giornata dell’
Apostolato Italiano che avrà luogo
quest’anno nel Queens, presso la Chiesa di
St. Joseph – 4319 30th, Astoria 11103
Sabato, 30 Ottobre, 2010 - Pellegrinaggio
Mariano della Diocesi a Washington, DC.
di Nostra Signora del Monte Carmelo di
Williamsburg festeggia dal 7 luglio and 18 luglio
l’annuale festa del giglio. Musica e divertimento per
tutti. Venerdì 16 luglio Messe celebrate tutto il
giorno in diverse lingue. Per informazioni telefonare
al 718 - 384-0223.
Anche durante l’estate la nostra chiesa è aperta
Page 6
St. Athanasius Church
July 11, 2010
El projimo es quien debe ser merecedor de ese
amor incondicional , sin importar quien , estamos
llamados a ser como el Samaritano . Hoy dia las
adversidades se encuentran a la vuelta de la esquina y es ahi donde debemos poner en practica
la misericordia del Samaritano , nunca se ajenos
a la realidad de nuestro alreedor , hoy ayudaras a
quien lo necesite , mañana podrias ser tu quien
necesite de ese samaritano y asi se reflejara el
mandamiento de Amarnos unos a otros como
Dios nos ama.
“Padre Celestial, en tu hijo se ve la plenitud del
amor, la majestad y la Santidad. El es ciertamente
digno de alabanza y adoración . Te doy gracias ,
señor por haberme rescatado aunque no lo
merecía . Hoy y siempre estare agradecido por la
extraordinaria muestra de misericordia y gracia
que me haz dado”
(718) 236-0124 Ext 14
(718) 236-0124 Ext27
Jesus tell us the parable of the Samaritan who showed mercy to a
stranger who had been robbed ,
beaten , and left by the side of the
road . The Samaritan bandaged his
wounds , took him to a hotel, and paid
for someone to care for him.
11 DE JULIO DE 2010
DEUTERONOMIO 30,10-14 SALMO 69 14.17.3031-37
COLOSENSES 1,15-20 LUCAS 10,25-37
“ Cuál de estos tres te parece que se porto como
projimo del hombre que fue asaltado por los
ladrones ? El doctor le respondio : el que tuvo
compasión de El , Entonces Jesus le dijo , anda y
haz tu lo mismo”
Procurando seguir la misión Evangelizadora , Dios
nos llama una vez mas , como lo ha hecho en
domingos anteriores , a través de estos evangelios vocacionales. Por que lo llamamos vocacionales? La razon es por que todos de alguna
manera estamos siendo llamados a una misión
Evangelizadora , llena de amor y entrega a
nuestro projimo .
La primera Lectura nos cuenta acerca de los
mandamientos y como Moises promulga esta noticia entre el Pueblo , ya desde la antiguedad teniamos conocimientos de a que estabamos siendo
llamados , y la segunda lectura nos muestra el culmen de esta misión , todo resumido en una sola
palabra; El amor .
Amor por nuestro projimo , amor por nosotros
mismos . Amarnos los unos a los otros como
Cristo nos ha amado , y la prueba de ese amor
esta en la Cruz.
Mercy showers have compassion for
people who are less fortunate than others, those
who are hurting or have physical problems .
Mercy showers good listeners. They comfort
other people and share their sorrows and joys .
A partir del Sabado 14 de Agosto, introducimos la
3a Misa en Español , gracias a la respuesta de la
Comunidad, cada sabado a las 7:30 pm en el Templo de abajo , ESPERAMOS TU PARTICIPACION!!!!!!!!!
Curso Biblico a cargo del Predicador Milton López ,
Inciando el 28 de Julio hasta el 25 de Agosto , Invita
Circulo de Oración.
Interesados en Formar parte del comite del Divino
Niño mayores informes Oficina de Pastoral Hispana
718– 236-0124 Ext 27
Durante el mes de Julio tendremos suspendida la
misa de las 10 am , entre el 11 de Julio y el 15 de
agosto donde reiniciaremos con la celebración de
las 10 am como habitualmente lo hacemos. EL
Page 7
St. Athanasius Church
July 11, 2010
St. Athanasius School News
The school office will re-open Monday, Aug. 30, 2010 thru Thursday, Sept. 2, 2010 from 9:0012:00. The school will re-open for the children, grades Kindergarten - 8, on Wednesday, Sept.
8, 2010. All families who are not in financial arrears will receive their child’s/children’s admission cards with a summer letter and calendar during the month of August.
At this time I would like to thank the entire St. Athanasius Community for all the support they
have shown to our children throughout the year.
I wish everyone a very happy, healthy and restful summer!
Yours truly,
Mrs. Lorraine Garone-Tessoro
Bensonhurst Cluster Youth Ministry
Summer Outdoor Youth Program
Every Wednesday- June 30th to Sept. 1st
7-9:30PM- St. Athanasius School Yard , Gym and Auditorium (61st and Bay
Every Week
Free Food, Tournaments, Theme Nights, Music,
Discussion Groups, Prayer, Basketball, Arts and Crafts
Meet different youth, play different games and have a safe place to hang.
One time $5.00 registration fee,
all participants get a tee shirt too, special pasta, taco, ice cream, pizza
Youth going into Junior High throughout High School are welcome!
Younger kids may come with own adult supervision.
Save this Date!!
September 22, 2010
Million Dollar Quartet
More Information to follow
St. Vincent de Paul Society….
is requesting help to replenish the Food
They need non-perishable items: cereal, rice,
tomato sauce, macaroni, soup.
Please drop off at the Church.
Page 8
St. Athanasius Church
Trip to San Antonio, TX
11 days 10 nights
August 13 - 23, 2010
$875 per person
Double Occupancy
July 11, 2010
Lourdes & Paris
September 12th
through 20th
Motorcoach transportation
10 nights lodging includining 4 consecutive nights in the San Antonio area
18 meals: 10 Breakfast and 8 dinners
Guided Tour of San Antonio
Cruise San Antonio’s famous River Walk
With special visit to the tomb of St.
Bernadette in Nevers
Visit the Alamo and IMAX Theater presentation: “The Price of Freedom”
Cost per person $2,900
Guided Tour of the LBJ Ranch
and much more
Join Msgr. David Cassato
Msgr. Jamie Gigantiello
On a pilgrimage in honor of Our Lady
For information call
Bove Travel (718) 680-3333
Brian Reilly (917) 951-6774
Registration continues.
Please call 718-236-4791
during regular School hours for more
St. A’s Class of 1972
Looking for Classmates from the class of
1972. We are planning a reunion for Sat.,
Sept. 18, 2010. Please contact Marino Tanzi
at 718 981-1618.
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Feast
July 7 - July 18, 2010
North 8th & Havemeyer Streets
Brooklyn, New York
For Information, Complete program or
Call 718-384-0223
Page 9
St. Athanasius Church
Faith Sharing Question of the Week
We encourage you to talk about the readings &
reflection question in the car on the way home
from Mass, at dinner on Sunday, or at parish
meetings. Faith sharing opens the door for us to
meet, know & walk with Christ in our everyday
What person or people do you find most
difficult to recognize as your neighbor?
The Morning Scripture Reflection & Faith
Sharing Group
Meets every Thursday, after the 9a.m. Mass,
in the Nazareth Institute to discuss the upcoming Sunday's Scriptures. Join Lay Pastoral Leader Joe Barbieri for spirited discussions on next Sunday’s Bible readings.
Charismatic Prayer Group
Meets every Tuesday evening at 8:00 p.m. in the
Lower Church
July 11, 2010
Community Outreach Program
Where there is despair, let us bring hope. Volunteers
are needed to serve food to the poor and the homeless on Saturday Mornings. For more information,
please call Fred Rubino at (718) 236-0264 or Dawn
Aiello at (718) 232-3113
The St. A’s Scouting Program meets every
Wednesday night in the school auditorium at
7:00 p. m. All boys ages 7-18 Boys and Girls
14-21 can join the Venturing Crew.. Come
and learn skills that will last a lifetime.
Community News
APARTMENT AVAILABLE: 1 Bedroom Attic (Stove usage),
plus Cable TV & Inter-net included. Near transportation.
Call Vincent 718-375-2259 or 718-256-1567.
APARTMENT FOR RENT: In a 3 family home. Owner occupied. Attractive kitchen with abundant Cabinet Space,
living rm., master bedroom, spare bedroom & full bath. Second fl. rear apartment. NO PETS! NO SMOKING! Leave
message for Angelina: 718-256-8950.
APARTMENT FOR RENT: 4 1/2 rooms. All modern. Near
N train. For Information call 718-259-7331 after 6PM.
APARTMENT FOR RENT: 1,2 bedrooms, private house
and private driveway with backyard. Newly renovated ultra
modern. E 2nd St. Call Florence (347)866-2233
Classes in Spanish for RCIA and Pre-Cana start
the first weekend in September. For further information, please call Fr. Gabriel at: 718-236-0124,
ext. 14 — Wednesday thru Friday.
NANNY/BABYSITTER: To take care of a 3 yr. old boy.
Must be active, alert, attentive & responsible. Will consider
college student. Need references. Call Ro at: 917-4827226.
We are happy to announce that the Hispanic
Community continues to grow. As of August
14th, a third Spanish Mass will be added to the
schedule. They will celebrate Mass on Saturday
evenings at 7:30 p.m. in the Lower Church.
APARTMENTS FOR RENT 18th Ave. Vicinity:
1- Modern 4 room apt w/2 bedrooms. Move in condition.
No Pets!! Call (718) 331-0962
2– Modern 3 room apt w/1 bedroom. Move in condition.
No Pets!! Call (718) 331-0962
Societa’ Cultural Pugliese Figli Maria Santissima Addolorata - invites everyone to the Nazareth Institute - Monday, Wednesday & Friday at
8:00 p.m. Rosary to Our Lady. Lucrezia Nardulli
at 917-509-2803.
6 1/2 rooms, pvt. house, no pets, smoking or washer.
Vicinity of Bay Parkway & 72nd St. For information call
(347) 924 4776
Page 10
St. Athanasius Church
The District Attorney’s Office is located in the Rectory
Conference Room on Wednesdays from 9a.m. to 4p.m.
Call 718.234.8709.
The Neighborhood Office is an extension of the District Attorney’s Office’s Citizen Action Center. You can discuss
problems that concern you and our community with their
staff members.
Calling All St. A’s School Alumni
We want to form an Alumni Association
Anyone who is interested in forming a
committee to get this going is asked to
contact Msgr. Cassato at 718.236.0124.
Ext. 11 or email him at [email protected]. In order to form a
data base, we ask that you fill out this tear off and
return it to the RECTORY or place it in the Sunday collection.
Name: _________________________________
[Maiden Name: _________________________ ]
Class of _________
Address: _______________________________
Phone: _____________
Cell: _____________
E-mail: _________________________________
July 11, 2010
Do you need Minister of Caring? Is someone in
your family ill, homebound, hospitalized or in a care
facility (assisted living or nursing home) & wishes a
visit or a phone call from a Minister of Caring, please
call Bensonhurst Cluster Lay Minister Palma Parmese
at 718. 837.1752.
Support Groups at St. A’s
Divorced & Separated Support Group will meet in
the Nazareth Institute from 7:30-9:30p.m.. Call AnnaMarie Scuteri at ext. 19 to get contact information on
the Director of this support group.
Gamblers Anonymous is a fellowship of men and
women who share their experience, strength and hope
with each other that they may solve their common
problem and help others to recover from a gambling
problem. Meeting every Friday night at 7:30p.m. in
the Nazareth Institute.
Overeaters Anonymous members talk about their
struggles with compulsive eating. Meeting every
Wednesday night at 8:00p.m. in the Nazareth Institute.
Is your life effected by someone who is drinking? To
help them, you must first help yourself. Al-Anon helps
families and friends of alcoholics recover from the effects of living with the problem drinking of a relative or
friend. Our Al-Anon Group meets in the Nazareth
Institute every Friday 8-9:30p.m. & Saturday 7:309:30p.m.
Bereavement Support meets in the Nazareth Institute with Sr. Barbara Murtha, C.S.J. on Mondays,
July 12, 19, 26 at 7:30p.m.
In order for designated Parish Ministries & Organizations to reserve one of our rooms at St. A’s, we require you to fill out
our Parish Calendar & Room Request Form. The form is available in the rectory or can be downloaded from our website. We even have an E-form so you complete this form without writing. Just e-mail it back to us, or print it out and drop it
off. All Requests must be made using our form. E-mail completed form to AnnaMarie Scuteri at [email protected]. This is the ONLY way to reserve a room here at St. A's. The group listed on the parish calendar
is the group that has the right to use that space. If you are not a designated ministry of our parish, permission
must be granted from our Pastor, Msgr. Cassato, a rental fee is paid, and a lease agreement completed in order to use
Sunday Bulletin Deadlines The Sunday Bulletin must be e-mailed to our printer by 5p.m. Monday. All announcements
must be submitted in WRITTEN form only (handwritten, typed, computer, fax, e-mailed, etc) by noon Monday. Announcements received after the deadline will be published the following week. No one on the parish staff will assume the
responsibility for your ministry’s articles. Include your bulletin articles in your advance planning for your event. All Flyers
need to be approved by a staff member and submitted on DISC or by Email to [email protected].
Our Printer Requires all Black or Grayscale Print, Clip Art & Graphics. If you submit color graphics, the printer will
NOT print your flyer. Please email announcements to [email protected] no other email addresses!

St. Athanasius Church Brooklyn, New York