International PhD in Management – Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna
The selection process for the PhD in Management includes a written exam.
The written exam will take place in Pisa, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna -Aula Magna Storica, on
25th May at 9.00 a.m..
The written exam will last 3 hours.
Four themes will be extracted from a total of twelve themes from four thematic areas.
Candidates will be able to choose one theme after the extraction.
The four thematic areas are the following:
- General management
- Innovation and Technology management
- Health management
- Sustainability management
The texts can be written in either Italian or English.
Regarding preparation for the four thematic areas, candidates can usefully read the most
diffused manuals on the different topics. They also should be aware of the most recent
business dynamics which are relevant for the Italian and the global economy and of the
research output of the Institute of Management (

International PhD in Management – Scuola Superiore Sant`Anna