(Italian law 30 December 2010, n.240, art.22)
The Scuola Normale Superiore announces a selection for n° 4 post-doc research positions named “Junior
Visiting Positions”. The positions will concern the following subject matters:
- Position n. 1: Algebraic Geometry and Number Theory;
- Position n. 2: Topology, Differential Geometry and Geometric Analysis;
- Position n. 3: Partial Differential Equations and Probability;
- Position n. 4: Dynamical Systems and Information Theory, as part of the research project “Dynamics
and Information Theory Research Institute” (Convenzione 2014 Scuola-Unicredit S.p.a.).
Duration of contracts: 2 years for each contract (estimated starting: October 2016).
Gross compensation, inclusive of all taxes: € 65.520,00 for each contract
Application deadline: the application must be registered online by 23.59 (Italian time) of 11th January
Applications received and registered online after the deadline, for reasons not attributable to the Scuola,
will not be admitted to the selection.
Information about the selection procedure can be found below. Candidates are invited to read the official
announcement published on the website of the Scuola Normale Superiore, at the following URL: and to
follow exclusively its detailed instructions should they decide to apply.
Applications are invited from candidates who have completed a PhD in the subject area of Mathematics or
who will complete it by the effective date of the contract or, in any case, by October 1st 2016.
Candidates who have completed the aforementioned degree abroad (or who will complete it by October
1st 2016) may also apply, if that degree is recognized as equivalent to the corresponding Italian degree.
Additional competence relevant for the selection of the researcher: knowledge of the English language.
How to apply
Candidates with all the aforementioned requisites who wish to participate in the selection process must
apply for a specific and single position among the 4 specified above. Once the application for a specific
position has been submitted, it will not be possible to apply for one of the other “Junior Visiting
Candidates must submit their application using exclusively the online procedure (SerSe) available on the
Scuola’s website at No other submission method will be accepted.
At first candidates shall register themselves in SerSe and then, once received a confirmation email to the
email address indicated by them, they shall select on the homepage the specific position they are
interested to. Candidates having already registered themselves in SerSe shall use the same access
credentials to enter in the online procedure and submit their application.
The email address indicated by candidates during the online registration is the official means of
communication relating to this selection. Any change must be communicated promptly to the email
address [email protected].
The online application must include also the following documents:
a) the scanned copy of a valid identification document (mandatory);
b) a curriculum vitae containing a detailed description of the studies and professional experience
c) the publications, including also the PhD thesis, and any other document that the candidate believes
may be useful to the evaluation of her/his application;
d) a list of the submitted publications (mandatory).
In the online application, candidates may also indicate a maximum of three experts in the field of
research, to whom the Scuola Normale will ask to send a letter of reference to be received by the deadline
(23.59 Italian time of 11th January 2016).
In order to submit the documents listed above, candidates can choose during the online procedure one of
the following options:
- direct upload: the documents are uploaded as attachments during the procedure for online
submission of application (PDF format is recommended);
- external link download: candidates indicate the specific URL where the documents are publicly
available and can be downloaded free of charge.
Only if direct upload or external link download are not possible, exceptionally one or more publications
can be provided extra online procedure, delivering them directly or by mail or courier to the following
address: Ufficio Protocollo of the Scuola Normale Superiore, Via del Castelletto, n. 11, 56126 Pisa (Italy).
Please consider that the documents provided extra online procedure must arrive at the Ufficio Protocollo
(Documents Registry Office) of the Scuola Normale by the deadline; documents which will arrive after the
deadline will not be considered even though the postmark shows an earlier date.
After the online application has been received and registered, it will not be possible for candidates to
change or integrate it with further documents, nor apply for one of the other “Junior Visiting Positions”.
In case of problems in registering the online application, for administrative information or questions,
candidates can write an email to [email protected] or call the phone numbers (0039) 050/509723
and (0039) 050/509549.
The full announcement can be found on the Scuola Normale Superiore website