PLAN-ECO srl has decided to apply an Environmental Management System to its
processes in order to guarantee full observance of the relevant environmental regulations
concerning waste brokerage services.
The company specifically established the behavioural guidelines and strategies it intends
to adopt to provide environmental services for waste recovery and the correct waste
The company management intends to apply the following principles, for which the
involvement of staff and interested parties is essential:
 Precise and detailed knowledge of Italian and European regulations on correct
waste management
 A constant search for reliable suppliers who adopt definite and certified
environmentally-friendly policies for the prevention of pollution
 Involving our partners in environmental good practices
 The constant search for solutions with a preference for waste recovery rather than
 A “ZERO LANDFILL” policy = no dumping
 Constant control of service activities in full observance of contractual requirements
and environmental regulations
 Involving company staff in environmental good practices
 Monitoring environmental performance and defining suitable goals that can be
measured and checked
This policy is available for the public and interested parties.
Cittadella, 16 January 2014
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