drastic LbJ fee
hikes prompting
ASG action… 5
Xoxoxo Xoxox
xoxoxoxox xox
The Seahawks pull
away for 30-13 win
over Rams… B1
The war in Iraq
nearly over, says
Pres. Obama 2
During the Bluesky 4G wireless broadband mobile
Launch Ceremony, yesterday at the Gov. H. Rex Lee
Auditorium (fale laumei), Gov. Togiola Tulafono
(ctr) and Bluesky Communications CEO Adolfo
Montenegro (right) using one of the new elements
of the 4G wireless technology, with the first official
video calls on island to the villages of Amanave and
Sailele. The launch ceremony began the day-long
series of celebration, which included a donation
at the LBJ Hospital Pediatrics Ward — “Hands Up
Bluesky”, the “Bluesky Christmas Carnival” at Utulei
Su’igaulu Beach Park for the public, and was set to
end with the “Bluesky Christmas Extravagant Fireworks Show” above the Pago Harbor bay area.
(See story inside, with more photos) [photo: THA]
online @ samoanews.Com
Daily CirCulation 7,000
TuESdAy, dECEMbER 13, 2011
Lali 10 confirms cold storage
Misa ma le teine,
lavea ai le ta’avale facility slated for dock
tusia Ausage Fausia
E 41 aso ua faÕ asala ai e le faÕ amasinoga ia le aliÕ i 19 tausaga
o Jack Banse, i le falepuipui, ona o lona faÕ afoe o se taÕ avale e
le i faÕ ataga ona fealuaÕ i i luga o le alatele, aÕ o faÕ asuaava, ma
lavea ai le taÕ avale ma manunuÕ a ai ni isi.
Sa saunoa le alii faamasino o John Ward II, na aveÕ ese e
Banse se laisene o le isi taavale ma faÕ apipiÕ i i se taÕ avale e lei
faÕ ataga ona fealuaÕ i i luga o le alatele, ona alu ai lea ma piki
ana uo mo se tietiega, a’o ia tagofia le ava malosi.
O se vevesi na tulai mai i le va o Banse ma lana uo teine aÕ o
alu le taavale, na mafua ai ona soÕ ona alu saoasaoa le taÕ avale e
pei ona saunoa Ward, ma iu ina lavea ai ma manunuÕ a ai i latou
sa i totonu e aofia ai ma le ua molia.
Ò E laki e lei oti se tasi i le faalavelave lea na mafua mai ona
o lau gaioiga faatamala sa fai, aua o le mea moni lava, o le a
e ala mai lava i le falepuipui i aso uma o lou ola ma e faapea
ai, sa i ai se tagata na oti ona o oe,Ó o le saunoaga lea a le alii
faamasino, ao lei tuuina atu le faÕ asalaga a le faamasinoga.
Na faÕ ailoa e le faamasinoga ia Banse, o le faÕ asalaga lea o
le a tuÕ uina atu ia te ia, o le a aÕ oaÕ oina ai lona mafaufau mai le
solitulafono sa ia faia.
(Faaauau itulau 13)
by Samoa News staff
The American Samoa Government and
StarKist Samoa signed yesterday afternoon a
Memorandum of Understanding, which notes
the intent of the two sides to enter into a lease
agreement for a parcel of land immediately
adjacent to the Port Administration building on
the Fagatogo dock for a cold storage facility.
Togiola cited the signing of the MOU, during
meetings between ASG and StarKist officials,
as one more example of government working
with private sector to expand and improve operations in the Territory, according to a statement
from the governor’s office.
The parcel of land in question lies directly
between the Port Administration building and
the inter-island dock, it says.
Ò ASG in collaboration with StarKist will be
working together to secure a ground lease for
the approximately 42,000 square foot parcel for
the construction of a cold storage facility,Ó the
governor said in a statement.
“While a final agreement has yet to be
worked out, we are earnestly pursuing a suc-
The Penina Tausala Dance Group were on hand to bid the Te Vaka Group farewell at the airport
[Photo: Busta Popo Events]
Sunday afternoon, after a highly successful set of performances on island.
cessful negotiation of the terms and conditions
of such an agreement,Ó he said. Ò The bottom
line is to help our canneries remain competitive.This also means potential jobs for dozens
of people in the Territory.Ó
Specific details of the MOU have yet to be
Samoa News reported in yesterdayÕ s edition
on protest comments that have been called in to
the newspaper about environmental concerns,
such as waste water seepage into the bay waters,
as well as flies and odor — if the cold storage
area is built on the main dock area. Other concerns about cruise ship arrivals, crowded work
areas for official port duties, and transportation
of the fish ‘across town’ were also voiced.
Togiola made the official announcement of
the MOU as part of his remarks at the launching
yesterday of Blue Sky CommunicationÕ s Ò 4G
networkÓ at the Gov. Rex Lee Auditorium,
underscoring ASGÕ s commitment to work
with private sector wherever possible to ensure
healthy competition and foster collaboration.
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This year the Rotary Club of Pago Pago decided to erect one
of the beautiful Christmas trees from their shipment, at the airport, along with a sign welcoming folks to American Samoa and
wishing them a Merry Christmas. The fresh wreaths and trees
are an annual tradition in American Samoa, with funds raised
from their sale to the public going 100% to Rotary Club Community Service events. The club notes special thanks to Hamburg Sud and Cost U Less for helping them bring this year’s 16th
[courtesy photo]
Annual Christmas Tree Sale event.
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samoa news, Tuesday, December 13, 2011
One Of A Kind Resort
Ocean Front View Lot near Vaitogi
Owner wants it SOLD, Priced at $59,900, .25 Acre,
private road, Great Neighbors.
Take road to Roy Hall’s house, The property is located right off
of that road on the right hand side about a quarter mile from
the turtle and shark site. Another landmark is it’s located
behind Birdie Alailima’s home. Look for concrete wall and a
driveway going down to the property, Vaitogi village, Gatai area.
All Inquires & Offers Please submit to:
Mark Meredith, GRI, CSP
Direct Line tel:435-229-3382
Email Inquiries: mailto:[email protected]
War nearly over,
Obama says Iraq
won’t stand alone
By Samantha Weaver
✖ It was American inventor and businessman Thomas Alva Edison who made the following sage observation: Ò Opportunity is missed by most people because it comes dressed
in overalls and looks like work.Ó
✖ If youÕ re planning a trip to Peru to ring in the new year, you might want to bring along
some yellow underwear.
In that country it’s considered lucky to wear it on the first day of the new year.
✖ Another story to add to the file on clueless criminals: In 2010, two men in Portland,
Ore., went to a supermarket and started removing price tags from items and filling their
backpacks with the loot.
However, they didnÕ t even make it out of the store with their ill-gotten gains. It seems
that the would-be crooks decided to do their shoplifting during a Ò Shop With a CopÓ promotion, and there were 60 police officers already in the store -- in uniform.
✖ You may be surprised to learn that the Statue of Liberty is not located in New York.
While it is on Liberty Island in New York Harbor, itÕ s technically within the territorial
waters of Jersey City, N.J.
✖ If youÕ re going to be traveling to California anytime soon, you might want to keep this
in mind: In that state, shooting game from a moving vehicle is illegal -- unless the animal
youÕ re aiming for is a whale.
✖ A baseball will travel farther on a hot day than on a cold one.
✖ The oldest bakery yet uncovered was found by archaeologists digging in the Egyptian
city of Giza in 2002. They say that the baking trays, bread molds and ovens there date back
to 2500 B.C., right around the time the pyramids were being built.
• • • • • • • • • • • • • ThoughT for The Day • • • • • • • • • • • • •
Ò Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities. Truth isnÕ t.Ó Ñ Mark Twain
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Eager to put the long and divisive
Iraq war to rest, President Barack Obama declared Monday Ò those
days are overÓ with the last American troops heading home, but
he pledged the U.S. would remain committed to the fledgling
government they leave behind. He and IraqÕ s leader somberly
saluted AmericaÕ s war dead at Arlington National Cemetery.
Ò A war is ending,Ó the president said, standing with Iraqi
Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki at the White House. U.S. troops
are leaving Ò with honor and with their heads held high,Ó said
Obama, who strongly opposed the war as a candidate for the
White House.
The last American troops are to be out of Iraq by Dec. 31.
Thousands of others are still in Afghanistan.
Just 6,000 remain in Iraq, down from 170,000 at the warÕ s
peak in 2007.
The withdrawal will cap a war in which nearly 4,500 Americans were killed, roughly 32,000 were wounded, hundreds of billions of dollars were spent and the American political debate was
consumed until economic woes brought attention back home.
Obama had already said weeks ago that he was pulling all
troops by yearÕ s end, leaving his appearance with al-Maliki
to focus instead on whatÕ s next - a relationship both leaders
described as rich in shared interests, from education to oil, politics to security.
To the Iraqi people, who still face massive challenges in
rebuilding a society ripped apart by nearly nine years of war,
Obama said: Ò You will not stand alone.Ó
The United States, in fact, needs the help of Iraq in dealing
with the volatile Middle East and two of neighbors in particular,
Iran and Syria. In getting out of Iraq, Obama emphasized that
Ò our strong presence in the Middle East enduresÓ and the United
States wonÕ t soften in its defense of its interests.
In the midst of a re-election run, Obama is using the warÕ s
end to both honor the military’s sacrifice and to remind the
nation the unpopular war is ending on his watch. He is to deliver
his war-is-over message in TV interviews on Tuesday and then
again on Wednesday in remarks to troops at Fort Bragg, N.C.
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samoa news, Tuesday, December 13, 2011 Page 3
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you can enjoy the holiday festivities even more, while
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“Happy Holidays
American Samoa”
Ford F-150 is Motor Trend’s
“2012 Truck OF The Year”
Mich, Dec. 12, 2011 /PRNewswire — 2012 Ford F-150 has
been awarded the prestigious
Motor Trend Truck of the
Year¨ award. It is the fourth
time F-150 has won the accolade; with the F-150 winning
the award more times than any
other truck.
The F-150 outshone all
other contenders in various
tests that evaluated the truckÕ s
design, engineering, performance, efficiency, safety and
value, and established a new
standard for full-size pickups
with best-in-class fuel efficiency and capability.
Ò The 2012 F-150 is a nocompromise solution that can
be tailored to fit virtually every
customerÕ s needs, and the
Motor Trend Truck of the Year
award further reinforces that
this is truly the best choice for
AmericaÕ s truck owners,Ó said
Mark Fields, Ford president of
The Americas. Ò We are proud
to receive this award and even
more pleased that our F-150
customers have additional validation of their top choice.Ó
This is the fourth time the
F-150 has won the award —
the most awards for any truck
since Motor Trend began presenting its Truck of the Year
award in 1989. The Ford
pickup received the magazineÕ s
prestigious award for previous
groundbreaking new models in
1997, 2004 and 2009.
applauded F-150 because, they
said, Ò F-150s are built to work
and felt better the more they
were challenged. Ford offers an
enormous variety of configurations and designs, making the
truck tailorable to just about
any need. ItÕ s the combination
of advancement in design, engineering excellence, efficiency,
safety, value, and the performance of intended function
that has earned the Ford F-150
the title of Motor TrendÕ s 2012
Truck of the Year.Ó
With more than a half-million sales through November
and a lead of almost 150,000
sales versus the nearest competitor, the Ford F-Series is
on track this year to extend its
streak of truck leadership to 35
straight years.
Helping spark the F-150Õ s
continued success is the powerful and fuel-efficient 3.5-liter
EcoBoost¨ engine, which now
accounts for more than 40 percent of F-150 retail sales and
is on pace to exceed 100,000
sales in less than a year on the
More TeChNoLogy
The 2012 F-150 offers customers plenty of technologies
that boost capability, performance, driving enjoyment and
fuel efficiency.
One such technology is the
class-exclusive electric powerassisted steering (EPAS). The
system has been carefully
tuned with sophisticated speed
mapping to deliver accurate
responses at high speed while
remaining light and manageable in parking maneuvers.
Ford is the first manufacturer to widely offer EPAS
on full-size pickup trucks.
EPAS contributes about a 4
percent fuel-economy benefit
compared with conventional
hydraulic systems.
A 4.2-inch LCD message
center that features information related to fuel economy,
towing performance and offroading, SYNC¨ AppLinkª
and SiriusXM Travel Link also
are among the customer conveniences available.
New features for 2012
36-gallon fuel tank on 4x4
units providing best-in-class
756 miles of driving range
Two-speed automatic 4x4
system on Lariat, King Ranch
, Harley-Davidson and Platinum models for improved allweather traction
Hill Start Assist, which
helps keep the truck from
rolling backward at a stop,
making it easier to pull away
when on a slope or hill, especially when towing
Best-in-class payload capability of 3,120 pounds
Fuel-efficient and powerful
All of the changes for the
2012 model year complement a
powertrain lineup that debuted
in 2011. The powertrain lineup
delivers a mix of best-in-class
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“For a Matai family issue.
Uiagalelei family, came out
Answering the fa’asalalauga from
Friday Dec 9th paper... Before it gets
into the court situation.. Just beginning.
“Ou te faatulou atu i ou pa’ia Samoa i le amata mai
Saua se’i paia Analega. O ou pa’ia fa’aleatunu’u,
faalemalo, ae maise foi le talalelei. O pa’ia ua taoto a’o
se ala ua o’o. Tulou, tulouna lava.
Ae o le a fagatonu ia le malama ma vilitonu le ifi a
Maina i lou aiga Sa Uiagalelei i le afioaga i Futiga, e
tusa ai o le faaaliga a Uiagalelei Iona i le lomiga a le
Samoa News i le Aso Faraile, Tesema 9, 2011. Ou te
fa’apea atu ai, i o’u aiga ma ona gafa e fia, ou te le
taliaina lea fa’aaliga ona e le’i aofia potopoto uma gafa
o le aiga. Ua ou sauni fo’i e feagai ma ala o le tulafono
pe afai lava o le fuafuaga lena o le a o’o iai”.
Ma lo’u ava tele e tatau ai,
Uiagalelei Lealofi
Ph: 699-1881 BUSINE$$
Milovales stocks the full
line of products available
exclusively from Panamex
Pacific including I’apana,
the islands favorite tuna.
Milovales is open 5-5
Mon-Fri. and Sat. 5-2.
The good people
at Milovales are always
ready to help whether you
need a quick snack or a
delicious meal.
Visit them when you’re in
need of a terrific deal.
Panamex Pacific salutes their Business of the Week for being a great partner in commerce with the
Page 4
samoa news, Tuesday, December 13, 2011
Tuna Industry association urges action
against overfishing
(Press Release) — The southern longline fleet is reiterating
the unease being felt by its members.
The Pacific Islands Tuna Industry Association’s (PITIA)
membership comprises the various national fishery associations
in the Pacific Islands, including but not limited to those with a
long term commitment and experience in the Southern Fishery,
who are dismayed at the continued increase of fishing effort in
the high seas area primarily South of Vanuatu, Fiji and Tonga.
New fleets are constantly appearing in the area having been
displaced from or departed on their own accord from other
Northern Pacific and Indian Ocean Fisheries. Whilst stock
assessment models indicate that the albacore fishery is in a relatively robust state, scientists have warned for some time that
increased catch will come at the expense of economic viability.
Experience at sea shows that this is already happening. Recent
years have shown both a decrease in catch per unit effort (CPUE)
and fish size. Practice shows that there has been a fast local
depletion regardless of the perceived state of the overall stock.
Whilst it is acknowledged that the management of the bigeye
and yellowfin tuna stocks has, of necessity, been a priority for the
Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC)
there is now increased urgency in addressing the southern albacore situation. PITIA wishes to extend its support to requests
from FFA members, Te Vaka Moana participants, that a closer
look at the position of southern albacore be given higher priority within the WCPFC agenda, and seek the support of distant
fishing water nations when the issue is considered.
In particular, PITIA supports the call from TCC7 for a comprehensive report on the fishery that integrates all available data
sources in order to ensure a common understanding of the magnitude of this problem. WCPFC must give adequate recognition
to the rights and aspirations of small island developing states in
this fishery, and the constraints and opportunities of the small
scale domestic fleets that they manage, PITIA said.
PITIA strongly supports the push by FFA members in the
last few WCPFC meetings for establishment of zone based,
rather than flag Based limits in the longline fishery. This is to
address the emerging increase in effort that the sheer numbers
of vessels relocating to this area has created.
The association highlights that these vessels are nomadic in
nature and will depart as soon as stocks are depleted. It is then
left to those resident Pacific island fishing companies and associations to seek out an existence on low CPUEÕ s until the stock
recovers. Whilst the new fleets have albacore as their target species there is the inevitable catch of bigeye and yellowfin and
given the vessel numbers the catch of these two species will not
be insignificant. PITIA cannot over-emphasise the gravity of the
situation and trust that the Commission will take appropriate
notice and act accordingly, it said.
(Source: FIS —Fishing Information & Services website)
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dba Samoa News is published Monday through Saturday,
except for some local and federal holidays.
Please send correspondences to: OF, dba Samoa News,
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NOaa proposal does not include
complete fishing ban, says Gov.
by Fili Sagapolutele
Samoa News Correspondent
Gov. Togiola Tulafono has urged members of the community to read in full detail the proposal by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to expand the current
Fagatele Marine Sanctuary to include five additional sites, saying that there is no recommendation
to completely ban fishing grounds under the proposal.
Speaking on his weekly radio program, Togiola says he has heard a lot of discussion about the
NOAA proposal and it appears many in the community have not read the report in detail, nor have
they read the recommendations.
Currently, NOAA is gathering public comments on the proposal, which would add Larsens Bay,
waters around Swains Island and Muliava (also known as Rose Atoll) and some of the waters
around AunuÕ u and Tau islands to the sanctuary.
These reports and recommendations were based on information gathered some four years ago,
during public scoping meetings, he said.
According to the governor, some of the comments objecting to the proposal came from recreational fishermen, adding that there are two big issues pertaining to these objections.
He said one is that the people of ManuÕ a are opposed to the closure of waters around Rose Atoll
and people need to understand that the reason for the proposed closure, Ò is to provide a sanctuary
for fish to breed... and to prevent the disturbance to the coral animals and breeding within that area
so that we can see the impact around the fringes.Ó
“Because the fact of the matter is.. the fish that go into this area do come out of the area and the
large pelagic fish that breed and traverse the Pacific... never stay forever inside the 50-mile zone that
is proposed [by NOAA],” he points out. “The purpose for the conservation is so that the fisheries
just outside will be enhanced.Ó
“And you all know, that in the ‘fa’asao program’ (conservation program) around the villages, the
longer you keep it from being fished, the bigger the fish and the more abundance of fish,” he said,
adding that people from villages under these fa’asao programs have affirmed the abundance of fish,
when there is long term conservation.
He said villages are also saying that they have found some fish, which were not there for a while,
have returned, which is great news for the conservation program as well as the villagers.
The other objection, is the proposal for the island-village of AunuÕ u, said Togiola, who explained
that the proposed area for the sanctuary Ò is a long strip from the coral reefs in front of Utumea and
Alao [villages] and stretching out to the eastern side of AunuÕ u, is to be set aside as an area to study
the impact of fisheries outside and what happens if you keep the areas from being fished out and
allowing a zone for fish to go in there to breed.”
“And that’s the whole reason for it. It’s not because we do not want you to fish. You can fish
around the fringes — there is no restriction. But allow an area to study the impacts of what we do
as people,Ó he said.
According to NOAA, the AunuÕ u unit would be divided into two zones: a Multiple Use Zone,
where limited fishing would be allowed, and a Research Zone, where all consumptive uses would
be prohibited to provide a control area as a mechanism for research activities.
Ò I urge all of you to please read the [NOAA] report. I know you are all reacting to what is being
published, but the way I read the objections and the comments that are floating into this, it occurs to
me, you have not read the report,Ó said Togiola.
The governor says people are reacting to what others are saying about too many restrictions
being proposed, but Ò anything we can do in the name of conservationÓ is very important.
Ò What little the federal government programs and American Samoa departments are trying to do
in the name of conservation is to ensure these resources will last a long time into the future,Ó he said.
Samoa News notes that comments against the sanctuary expansion proposal have been focused
on the process and not the plans in themselves.
Reach the reporter at [email protected]
Drastic LBJ fee
hikes prompt
ASG movement
samoa news, Tuesday, December 13, 2011 Page 5
by Fili Sagapolutele
Samoa News Correspondent
Gov. Togiola Tulafono and Fono leaders will meet again
this week to discuss ways to financially assist the LBJ Medical Center, who plan to hike facility fees by up to 400% on
Christmas Eve, and the proposed rates are the subject of two
House hearings this week.
The first meeting was held last week following a letter from
the governor to Senate President Gaoteote Palaie Tofau and
House Vice Speaker Talia FaÕ afetai Iaulualo about the rate hikes
and requested a meeting to examine what the hospital is proposing and determine how the government can best respond and
assist the hospital.
Ò While I can appreciate the need of the authority to survive
and continue to provide essential critical services to our people,
I am afraid that the degree of increases may discourage many
of our residents from seeking medical attention at the medical
center,Ó the governor wrote in a Dec. 5 letter to the Fono leaders,
adding that the hospital is proposing Ò very drastic increasesÓ
Ò I am prepared to support some level of reasonable increase
but it may require that we as a government, also contribute
financial assistant to keep the cost to our people at [a] reasonable level,Ó he said.
On his weekend radio program, the governor asked the public
to be patient at this point while he and the Fono leaders work on
ideas and solutions to financially assist LBJ. He says that following a meeting last week, the Fono leaders are now working
on ideas and solutions with both sides to meet again this week.
As to critics of the proposed fee hikes, Togiola said the
hospital cannot be fully operational unless they come up with
sufficient funding. He said the hospital has a plan in place for
low income families as well as all patients with varying income
He acknowledged that the proposed rates are a drastic hike
when compared to the local economic conditions, which is
something that needs to be taken into consideration.
A caller to the program outlined her research into the cost of
hospital services off-island, which are much higher than what
LBJ is proposing and she also noted that there is also insurance
to help pay for the costs at the hospital.
Togiola thanked the caller for the information and noted that
Ò I always believe that we need to pay our way. But there is
also—as I am very much aware—limitation” because not everybody in the community has the same ability to pay high fees.
Ò For us here, unfortunately, this is the only facility we can go
to, so we all have to end up at LBJ. So we have to support our
hospital, we have to support their work, but we also realize they
cannot operate without [necessary] funds,Ó the governor said.
Ò So itÕ s reasonable to expect that we will have pay some of
the services, but we also must expect that the rates have to be
compatible with economic conditions in the territory,Ó he said,
adding that whatever the administration and the Fono comes up
with, they will be rates and rules and policies that are consistent
with life in American Samoa.
He said there is a good portion of the population that will
require some attention “and it is our duty— if we are doing
[financially] well— all of us who make more money, have an
obligation to look after the unfortunate ones in our community.Ó
He said medical services are not free and there has to be portion for the public to pay. He said the last solution is to hike
taxes, but that will fall right back to the public.
According to the governor, the administration and the Fono
are working on ideas and recommendations to ensure that no
lives in the territory are affected due to the proposed rate hike.
LBJÕ s rates are the subject of two House hearings this week
with the first one set at 9a.m. today for the House Health/LBJ
Committee and witnesses being called to testify are LBJÕ S chief
executive officer, Mike Gerstenberger and the chief financial
officer, Viola Babcock.
Tomorrow at 9 a.m. is the House Budget and Appropriations
Committee hearing and witnesses to testify are ASG Treasurer
Magalei Logovi’i and Budget and Planning Office director
Malemo Tausaga.
Meanwhile, the local non-profit group Pualele Foundation
and its community partners are holding an Ò Open Forum RallyÓ
at the Fagatogo Malae on Dec. 22 regarding the fee hikes.
“Come and express your concerns toward the rising ‘Health
CostÕ at LBJ. ItÕ s an issue close to our heartsÕ health,Ó according
to a news release from group, which was established in 2005 to
provide services to the community in stress management and
(Continued on page 14)
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Page 6
samoa news, Tuesday, December 13, 2011
BlueSky launches 4G wireless broadband mobile communications service
TouTs serviCe as The “MosT aDvaNCeD broaDbaND NeTwork iN The souTh PaCifiC”
By Jeff Hayner
Samoa News Reporter
Part of the Malaeloa Methodist Youth performance yesterday at the Governor H. Rex Lee
Auditorium was with dance they showcased the high speed of the 4G wireless broadband mobile
[photo: Jeff Hayner]
capability during the Bluesky 4G Launch Ceremony.
Bluesky Communications staff were in full force to showcase their 4G wireless broadband
mobile service, which was formally launched yesterday at the fale laumei. The Launch Ceremony
began the day long of special events to celebrate the company’s achievements in the territory and
[photo: Jeff Hayner]
its community relationships.
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Bluesky Communications launched its 4G wireless broadband mobil communications service here in the territory yesterday afternoon at the Gov. H. Rex Lee Auditorium, which
began its day-long celebration of the ‘most advanced broadband
network in the South Pacific’.
The event was well attended by both private sector and government officials. Special remarks were offered by BlueSky
CEO Adolfo Montenegro, with Gov. Togiola Tulafono as the
keynote speaker.
The term 4G refers to the fourth generation of cellular phone
network technology, succeeding the previous third generation
(3G) standard. It is commonly used as a marketing term by cellular phone network service providers to describe upcoming
improvements to the existing cellular network, according to
information released by BlueSky.
Montenegro noted in his remarks that the introduction of the
most advanced 4G network by BlueSky is fitting, considering
the companyÕ s long history of innovation in American Samoa.
Ò Our mission is clear, and you all played a lead roll in the broadband revolution. It is our responsibility and our commitment to
our customers.Ó
The CEO was proud to announce that Ò there were no grants,
nor funding, this is strictly the result of our mission and our
companyÕ s commitment to American Samoa.Ó
He said, Ò We are making broadband for everyone our priority. 4G is about performance... itÕ s time to deliver speed and
it is fundamentally about consumer experience. 4G can average
between 4 to 10 time faster than a working 3G network.Ó
In his keynote address Togiola said, Ò Communication is the
one empowering tool that advances any society significantly in
every aspect of its life,Ó adding that Ò to achieve this level of high
technology into our territory, far away from the metropolitan
centers of the world, is a huge and... significant day for American SamoaÉ Ó
“I congratulate BlueSky in its fine leadership. We cannot do
all that we do without good communications,Ó he said.
According to Wikipedia, a 4G system is expected to provide a comprehensive and secure all-Internet Protocol (IP) base
mobile broadband solution to laptop computer wireless modems,
smartphones and other mobile devices. Facilities such as ultrabroadband internet access, IP telephony, gaming services and
streaming multimedia may be provided to users.
The launch event included a performance by the Malaeloa
Methodist Youth, which highlighted in their dance the transition
of 3G to 4GÕ s higher quality, higher speed wireless broadband
At the event, Togiola was also the first to officially use one of
the 4G wireless technology capabilities being offered by Bluesky
— video calls were made to the villages of Amanave and Sailele.
Reach the reporter at [email protected]
Papua New Guinea
court rules Michael
Somare the leader
PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (AP) -- The Papua
New Guinea Supreme Court has ruled the election of Prime
Minister Peter OÕ Neill is unconstitutional and restored his
predecessor Sir Michael Somare as the South Pacific nation’s
The decision was handed down in a 3-2 ruling on Monday
hours after OÕ NeillÕ s government passed a series of retrospective laws legalizing its decision to dump Somare from office
while he was in Singapore recovering from a heart condition.
The court found that there was no vacancy in the office of
prime minister on Aug. 2 and that the vote of 70 to 24 lawmakers that elected OÕ Neill was illegal.
The court also said that 75-year-old Somare was still a
member of parliament, overturning a mid-August decision by
Speaker Jeffery Nape to unseat him.
Somare had been in Singapore for five months between late
March and Sept. 6, when he returned to parliament after undergoing three heart operations. He is expected to be sworn in as
prime minister on Tuesday.
Australian Foreign Minister Kevin said he was Ò deeply concernedÓ by political developments in the former Australian colony.
Ò There are heightened political tensions within Port Moresby
with, as it were, two alternative prime ministers,Ó Rudd told
Australian Broadcasting Corp. radio on Tuesday.
canada pulls out
of kyoto Protocol
TORONTO (AP) -- Canada pulled out of the Kyoto Protocol
on climate change Monday, saying the accord wonÕ t help solve
the climate crisis. It dealt a blow to the anti-global warming treaty,
which has not been formally renounced by any other country.
Environment Minister Peter Kent said that Canada is invoking
its legal right to withdraw and said Kyoto doesnÕ t represent the
way forward for Canada or the world.
Canada, joined by Japan and Russia, said last year it will not
accept new Kyoto commitments, but withdrawing from the accord
is another setback to the treaty concluded with much fanfare in
1997. The protocol, initially adopted in Kyoto, Japan, in 1997,
is aimed at fighting global warming. Canada’s previous Liberal
government signed the accord but did little to implement it and
Prime Minister Stephen HarperÕ s Conservative government never
embraced it.
Ò The Kyoto Protocol does not cover the worldÕ s largest two
emitters, United States and China, and therefore cannot work,Ó
Kent said. Ò ItÕ s now clear that Kyoto is not the path forward to a
global solution to climate change. If anything itÕ s an impediment.Ó
KentÕ s announcement comes a day after marathon climate talks
wrapped up in the South African port city of Durban.
Negotiators from nearly 200 countries agreed on a deal that sets
the world on a path to sign a new climate treaty by 2015 to replace
the first Kyoto Protocol, which expires at the end of next year.
Kent said the Durban agreement does represent a path forward.
DurbanÕ s accord envisions a new treaty with binding targets for all
countries to take effect in 2020. Ò It allows us to continue to create
jobs and growth in Canada,Ó Kent said.
MondayÕ s announcement was not a surprise. Canada faced
international criticism at the recent climate talks in South Africa
amid reports it would pull out of Kyoto. Kent had said previously
that signing the Kyoto Protocol on climate change was one of the
previous governmentÕ s biggest blunders.
The accord requires countries to give a yearÕ s notice to withdraw. Kent said the move saves Canada $14 billion in penalties for
not achieving its Kyoto targets.
Ò To meet the targets under Kyoto for 2012 would be the equivalent of either removing every car, truck, ATV, tractor, ambulance, police car and vehicle of every kind from Canadian roads
or closing down the entire farming and agriculture sector and cutting heat to every home, office, hospital, factory and building in
Canada,Ó Kent said.
HarperÕ s Conservative government is reluctant to hurt CanadaÕ s booming oil sands sector, which is the countryÕ s fastest
growing source of greenhouse gases and a reason it has reneged
on its Kyoto commitments.
Canada has the worldÕ s third-largest oil reserves, more than
170 billion barrels. Daily production of 1.5 million barrels from
the oil sands is expected to increase to 3.7 million in 2025. Only
Saudi Arabia and Venezuela have more reserves. But critics say
the enormous amount of energy and water needed in the extraction
process increases greenhouse gas emissions.
Kent said Canada produces Ò barely 2 percentÓ of global emissions and said the previous Liberal government signed onto Kyoto
in 1997 without any intention of meeting its targets.
He said the Kyoto Protocol originally covered countries generating less than 30 percent of global emissions and now it covers
just 13 percent. He said Canada is committed to addressing climate change in a way thatÕ s fair. Canada insists any agreement has
to cover all nations.
He said he would not be surprised if other countries follow
Canada in pulling out of Kyoto.
KentÕ s announcement drew immediate criticism from environmental groups. Mike Hudema of Greenpeace Canada said in
a statement that it is further signal that the Harper government is
more concerned about protecting polluters than people.
Hannah McKinnon of the Climate Action Network Canada said
formally withdrawing from Kyoto after the Durban, South Africa
conference is a slap in the face of the international community.
Ò ItÕ s a total abdication of our responsibilities,Ó McKinnon said.
Opposition New Democrat lawmaker Megan Leslie disputed
the dollar figures involved and said there are no penalties under
Kyoto. Leslie said pulling out saves the Conservatives from
having to report that Canada is falling short of its Kyoto targets.
Ò ItÕ s like weÕ re the kid in school who knows theyÕ re gonna
fail the class, so we have to drop it before that actually happens,Ó
Leslie said.
Scientists say that if levels of greenhouse gases continue to rise,
eventually the worldÕ s climate will reach a tipping point, with irreversible melting of some ice sheets and a several-foot(meter) rise
in sea levels.
They cannot pinpoint exactly when that would happen, but
the two-decade-long climate negotiations have been focused on
preventing global temperatures from rising more than 2 degrees
Fahrenheit (1.2 degrees Celsius) above current levels by the end
of this century.
samoa news, Tuesday, December 13, 2011 Page 7
Amir Seifi, an Iranian who lives in Dublin, Ireland, waves a flag along with other protestors
outside the White House in Washington, Monday, Dec. 12, 2011. President Barack Obama and
Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki will meet at the White House Monday to discuss the future
relationship between the two countries after the U.S. troop pullout at the end of the year. The
meeting is expected to focus heavily on how the U.S. and Iraq will continue to cooperate on secu(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)
rity issues without the presence of American troops.
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Page 8
samoa news, Tuesday, December 13, 2011
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Protesters halt operations at some western ports
OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) -- More
than 1,000 Occupy Wall Street protesters
blocked cargo trucks at busy West Coast
ports Monday, forcing some shipping terminals in Oakland, Calif., Portland, Ore.,
and Longview, Wash., to halt operations.
While the protests attracted far fewer
people than the 10,000 who turned out
Nov. 2 to shut down OaklandÕ s port, organizers declared victory and promised more
demonstrations to come.
Ò The truckers are still here, but thereÕ s
nobody here to unload their stuff,Ó protest
organizer Boots Riley said. Ò We shut down
the Port of Oakland for the daytime shift
and weÕ re coming back in the evening.
Mission accomplished.Ó
Organizers hoped the Ò Shutdown Wall
Street on the WaterfrontÓ protests would
cut into the profits of the corporations that
run the docks and send a message that their
Occupy movement isn’t finished.
The closuresÕ economic impact, however, wasnÕ t immediately clear.
The longshoremen’s union did not officially support the protests, but its membership cited a provision in its contract that
allowed workers to ask to stay off the job if
they felt the conditions were unsafe.
Some went home with several hoursÕ
pay, while others left with nothing.
Oakland Longshoreman DeAndre
Whitten was OK with it. Ò I hope they keep
it up,Ó said Whitten, who lost about $500.
Ò I have no problem with it. But my wife
wasnÕ t happy about it.Ó
Others, such as the truck drivers who
had to wait in long lines as protesters
blocked gates, were angry, saying the demonstrators were harming the very people
they were trying to help.
Ò This is joke. What are they protesting?Ó
said Christian Vega, who sat in his truck
carrying a load of recycled paper. He said
the delay was costing him $600. Ò It only
hurts me and the other drivers.
Ò We have jobs and families to support
and feed,Ó he said. Ò Most of them donÕ t.Ó
From Long Beach, Calif., to as far away
as Anchorage, Alaska, and Vancouver,
British Columbia, protesters beat drums
and carried signs as they marched outside
port gates. Rain dampened some protests.
Several hundred showed up at the Port of
Long Beach and left after several hours.
The movement, which sprang up this
fall against what it sees as corporate greed
and economic inequality, is focusing on
the ports as the Ò economic engines for the
elite.Ó It comes weeks after police raids
cleared out most of their tent camps.
The port protests are a Ò response to
show them that itÕ s going to hurt their
pocketbooks if they attack us brutally like
that,Ó Riley said.
Protesters are most upset by two West
Coast companies: port operator SSA
Marine and grain exporter EGT. Investment banking giant Goldman Sachs Group
Inc. owns a major stake in SSA Marine and
has been a frequent target of protesters.
They say they are standing up for
workers against the port companies,
which have had high-profile clashes with
union workers lately. Longshoremen in
Longview, for example, have had a longstanding dispute with EGT, which employs
workers from a different union to staff its
terminal. The longshoremenÕ s union says
the jobs rightfully belong to them.
Ò Disrupting port activities makes it
harder for U.S. manufacturing, the farm
community and countless others to sell to
customers and contribute to our nationÕ s
economic recovery,Ó EGT chief executive
Larry Clarke said. While the demonstra-
tions were largely peaceful and isolated to
a few gates at each port, local officials in
the longshoremen’s union and port officials
or shipping companies determined that the
conditions were unsafe for workers.
In Oakland, several hundred people
picketed before dawn and blocked some
trucks from going through at least two
entrances. A long line of big rigs sat outside one of the entrances, unable to drive
into the port. Police in riot gear stood by as
protesters marched in an oval and carried
signs. Shipping companies and the union
agreed to send home about 150 of the 200
morning shift workers. Protesters cheered
when they learned about the partial shutdown and then dispersed.
Ò ItÕ s disappointing that those union
folks were not able to go to work today
and earn their wages,Ó said Bob Watters,
spokesman for SSA Marine. Ò We think that
everything is pretty well in hand and operations are moving along pretty well now.Ó
Scott Olsen, the Marine Corps veteran
who was struck in the head during a clash
between police and Occupy Oakland protests in October, led nearly 1,000 people
marching back to the Port of Oakland on
Monday evening.
A spokesman for the longshoremenÕ s
union said shippers at the port would typically request 100 to 200 workers for the
overnight shift but werenÕ t asking for any
Monday due to the ongoing protests. Port
spokeswoman Marilyn Sandifur said the
move would bring nighttime operations to
a virtual halt.
Ò Operations have continued throughout
the day after sporadic interruptions due to
the morning protest activities,Ó she said.
Ò As for the rest of the day and overnight,
the port anticipates very limited terminal
In Seattle, police used “flash-bang”
percussion grenades to disperse protesters
who blocked an entrance to a Port of Seattle
facility Monday evening.
Officers moved in after protesters tried
to set up a makeshift barrier using scraps of
wood, aluminum debris and any other material they could scrape together. After the
grenades went off, the protesters scattered.
Earlier, police reported Ò multipleÓ arrests at a
nearby terminal after about 100 occupy protesters stopped traffic for about 20 minutes.
In Portland, a couple hundred protesters
blocked semitrailers from making deliveries at two major terminals. Security concerns were raised when police found two
people in camouflage clothing with a gun,
sword and walkie-talkies who said they
were doing reconnaissance.
Port officials erected fences and told
workers to stay home, port spokesman Josh
Thomas said. He said port officials didn’t
know early Monday afternoon the full economic impact of the blockade.
Kari Koch, an Occupy spokeswoman,
said the two people taken into custody were
not part of the demonstration. Ò We do not
send out folks with guns,Ó Koch said.
The decision to shut down the two terminals was relayed to about 200 workers from
the longshoremenÕ s union, which said it
sympathized with the goals of the movement
but disagreed with shutting down operations
that would deprive its members of pay.
Longshoremen at the Longview port
went home over concerns for their health
and safety, union spokeswoman Jennifer
Sargent said. A port spokeswoman, Ashley
Helenberg, said the port and the union
made the decision jointly.
If union workers participated in the
protest, Sargent said, they did so as individuals, not as part of the union.
samoa news, Tuesday, December 13, 2011 Page 9
An ‘Elvis’ monkey,
psychedelic gecko
found in Se asia
by Samoa News staff
The High Court has continued to next week a status
hearing for Feleti Niue, whose
attorney requested postponement so that the defense could
find the details on why Niue
hadnÕ t reported to the Probation Office.
The court had issued a bench
warrant for NiueÕ s arrest after
he failed to appear for probation review hearings scheduled
in October.
During last weekÕ s status
hearing, NiueÕ s attorney, Assistant Public Defender Leslie
Cardin, said the defense is putting together information and
details to be presented to the
court for review in this matter,
and requested a continuance
which has since been set for
Dec. 19.
Niue was sentenced in
January this year for an incident that occurred last year
— aiding and abetting the possession of marijuana. After
serving the required jail time,
Niue was required by the court
to visit the Probation Office
but never showed up. He also
failed to show for two probation hearings in July.
Probation Office told the
court late last month that Niue
hadnÕ t complied with conditions of his five year probation, and had failed to visit
the Probation Office. If the
allegation of probation violation is proven true, the court
could order NiueÕ s probation
be revoked. Niue is currently
being held without bail.
The District Court last
week granted the governmentÕ s motion to dismiss
misdemeanor charges against
Satele Galu Satele Sr and
two Vailoatai chiefs Muliaga
Muliaga Jr. and Popese Tupea.
Satele, the Western District
Governor, was charged with
encouraging others to violate
the law, a misdemeanor, while
the other two were charged
with property damage and trespassing for going to the complaining witnessÕ place and
damaging the grave — both
charges are also misdemeanors.
The trio appeared Thursday
in District Court for their
pre trial conference hearings
where Assistant AG Camil
Phillipe moved to dismiss the
charges; however, in the case
of Satele, the government will
continue its investigation and
if additional information surfaces that require legal action,
new charges will be filed.
District Court Judge John
Ward II explained to the
defendants the governmentÕ s
request, saying that the government still has a chance to refile
charges against Satele, if the
ongoing investigation warrants
such action.
And if the government does
refile any charges, Satele will
be informed through a court
summons on when to return for
court, said Ward.
The ASG alleges in court
filings that Satele told a police
investigator that he instructed
the other two defendants to
damage a grave belonging
to the complaining witness.
Satele has denied ever making
such a statement to police.
The complaining witness
told police that he built the
concrete grave for his father
and he later learned that it was
damaged by someone. Further,
the witness told police that
it was on the following day
after discovering the damaged
grave, that the witness ran into
Satele, who allegedly claimed
that he had directed two people
to dismantle the grave.
The witness alleges Satele
was unhappy with the the height
of the grave, which is higher
than other graves in the area.
ChargeD wiTh
The government on Friday
filed felony charges against
four women, accused of
assaulting another woman
at Fatumafuti beach area on
Thanksgiving Day and each
defendant was ordered held
under $18,000 bail.
Serrah Mauga, Evelyn
Mauga, LeÕ alai Mauga and
Simaima Mila — who are
related to each other — are
each charged with assault in
the first degree, a felony. This
(Continued on page 15)
HANOI, Vietnam (AP) -- A psychedelic gecko and a monkey
with an Ò ElvisÓ hairdo are among 208 new species described
last year by scientists in the Mekong River region of Southeast
Asia, a conservation group announced Monday.
The animals were discovered in a biodiverse region that is
threatened by habitat loss, deforestation, climate change and
overdevelopment, the WWF said in a report.
The newly described species include a Ò psychedelic geckoÓ
in southern Vietnam and a nose-less monkey in a remote province of Myanmar that looks like it wears a pompadour.
Ò While this species, sporting an Elvis-like hairstyle, is new
to science, the local people of Myanmar know it well,Ó the Switzerland-based group said in its report.
The region is home to some of the worldÕ s most endangered
species, including tigers, Asian elephants, Mekong dolphins
and Mekong giant catfish, the group said.
Ò This is a region of extraordinary richness in terms of biodiversity but also one that is extremely fragile,Ó said Sarah
Bladen, communications director for WWF Greater Mekong.
Ò ItÕ s losing biodiversity at a tragic rate.Ó
The Mekong flows through China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.
In October, WWF announced Vietnam has lost its last Javan
rhinoceros, making the 40 to 60 Javan rhinos living in Indonesia
the last remaining members of their species.
Page 10
samoa news, Tuesday, December 13, 2011
O le afiafi o le Aso Sa na se’i mavae atu, na faia ai se fa’atasiga a le pulega aoao a le Ekalesia
Fa’apotopotoga Kerisiano a Amerika Samoa, i lo latou laumua i le Kanana Fou. E fitu ni pulega
na auai i lenei fuafuaga fa’aleagaga, lea na faia ai ni fa’afiafiaga fa’aevagelia. O se va’aiga lea i le
[ata: F. Leota]
autalavou o le EFKAS Aoloau, a’o sauni atu aua so latou sao i lenei fuafuaga.
SN/Le Lali
O se turisi mai i Siamani, na maliu i le vaiaso
ua mavae, ina ua alu sana savalivaliga i luga o
matafaga i Lalomanu. Na maua atu le tina matua
e 71 tausaga, ua maliu i luga o matafaga i tafatafa
o le Litia Sini Beach Resort, i le Aso Faraile o le
vaiaso, e pei ona faÕ amaonia e le sui Komesina o
Leoleo, le susuga LeÕ aupepe Fatu Pula.
Na taÕ ua e LeÕ aupepe e faÕ apea, o si nei
tina matua, na fuafua e malaga ese ma Samoa
i le aso lava na maliu ai. Ma na maua i a latou
suÕ esuÕ ega ia ni faÕ amaumauga o lo o taÕ ua
ai le feagai o lenei tina ma ni gasegase. Ae o
le a faÕ ataunuÕ u pea se suÕ esuÕ ega a fomaÕ i e
faÕ amautu ai le mafuaÕ aga tonu na maliu ai o ia.
Na taÕ ua e le Konesula a Siamani i Samoa, o
Arne Schreiber, o lo o latou faÕ atali i se ripoti mai
i leoleo ae le gata i lea, mo le faÕ afesoÕ otaÕ iga o
le aiga o lenei tina, i Siamani.
I seisi faÕ alavelave na tulaÕ i mai i le vaiaso
ua mavae, o le Aso Tofi, na maliu ai se tamaloa
Letogo aÕ o faia sana tuliga puaÕ a (seÕ i tulou).
O lo o masalomia le oso o se maÕ i fatu o lenei
tamaloa. Ma seisi foÕ i faÕ alavelave na tupu
i le Aso Lulu, lea na maliu ai se tamaititi e
17 tausaga, ina ua malemo i Mulifanua, aÕ o
fagogota ma ni isi o lona aiga.
O le po o le Aso ToÕ onaÕ i na seÕ i mavae atu
nei, na faÕ apaleina ai le tamaÕ itaÕ i e 24 tausaga,
mai i le motu o Fiti, o Alisi Rabukawaqa, e avea
ma Tausala o le Pasefika 2011-2012, e sui tulaga
i le tausala o le Atu Kuki, o Joyana Meyer, lea sa
avea ma Tausala o le Pasefika 2010-2011.
O le tausala mai Hawaii, le tamaÕ itaÕ i o
Kawena Ka-Malamalama-O-Nalani Souza, sa
na ia maua le tulaga lua, ona sosoÕ o ai lea ma le
tausala mai Tonga, o Liberty Afeaki. O le tulaga
fa na maua e le tausala mai i Papua Niu Kini, o
Sarah Kila Karo ma le tausala a le Atu Kuki, o
Uirangi Bishop, lea na maua le tulaga lima.
O isi fa’ailoga lautogia o le afiafi, na maua
ai e le tausala mai i Fiti ia le faÕ ailoga o le laÕ ei
faÕ aleaganuÕ u ma le vaega o Fesili ma Tali. Na
maua e le tausala mai Hawaii ia le faÕ ailoga o le
tamaÕ itaÕ i sili ona aulelei i puÕ eaga ata faÕ apea
le faÕ ailoga mo le ofu savili. O le tausala mai
Papua na maua le faÕ ailoga mo le tausala na sili
ana palota i luga o le initeneti. O le tausala mai
Tonga, sa na maua le faÕ ailoga o le tamaÕ itaÕ i sili
ona uiga tausa’afia ma le fa’ailoga o le Turisi.
Ae o le faÕ ailoga o le taleni na maua lea e le
tausala o le Atu Kuki.
To’aLua i Le ‘TyPhoiD’
Ona o se faÕ alavelave na tulaÕ i mai i totonu
o se aiga i Malie, lea na maliliu ai ni a latou
pepe fou se lua, ua lapataÕ ia mai ai e le tina ia
Temukisa Sefo, ia tagata o le atunuÕ u ina ia
faÕ apuna a latou suavai ma faÕ amama mea e
gasese ai taumafa, ae e leÕ i faÕ aaogaina.
O le masina ua mavae, e toÕ a iva lelei tagata o
le aiga a Auimatagi Tovia, na maua i le gasegase
o le ‘typhoid fever’, lea na i’u ina maliliu ai ni a
latou pepe fou e toÕ alua, ina ua maua tina o nei
pepe i lenei gasegase.
Na faÕ aalia e Temukiso, na amata ona pisia
lo latou aiga i lenei faÕ amaÕ i, ina ua maua ai se
tasi o le fanau, le aliÕ i 13 tausaga, o Falaniko.
Na leÕ i manatu mamafa i ai le aiga, ona sa ave
(Faaauau itulau 11)
Sauni Togiola ma taitai Fono saili se fofo
faafitauli Falema’i
tusia Ausage Fausia
O le vaiaso nei lea ua faamoemoe e toe feiloai ai le afioga i le
kovana sili o le malo ma taitai o le Fono Faitulafono, mo le tuu
faatasia o ni a latou fautuaga e tusa ai o le faÕ aiuga ua tuÕ uina
mai e le Komiti FaÕ afoe ma le Pulega a le falemai o le LBJ, i le
faÕ amamaluina o a latou siÕ itaga i pili i le po o le kerisimasi o lo
o lumanai nei.
O le feiloaiga i le vaiaso nei lea ua faÕ amoemoe e tauÕ aÕ ao
atu ai e ta’ita’i o le fono sa latou fautuaga ua mae’a ona ‘autasi
i ai, ona tuÕ u faÕ atasi foi lea ma se saÕ iliga o le a tuÕ uina atu
e le kovana ma le malo, ina ia mafai ai ona maua se fofo o le
fa’afitauli tau tupe o lo o feagai ma le falemai, ma tau’a’ao atu
ai loa fautuaga nei i se latou feiloaiga ma le Pulega a le Falemai
i le vaiaso nei lava.
Na faamaonia mai e le afioga i le matua ia Togiola Tulafono
i luga o lana polokalama i le faaiuga o le vaiaso na tea nei, o le
toatele o le atunuÕ u ua amata ona latou faitio i le malo, ona o le
taumafai e taofiofi sili a le falemai ae le o mafai lava ona taofia
siitaga a le ASPA, o nisi foi ua faitio i le leai o se faaiuga amiotonu a le malo e faia ina ia foia ai nei faafitauli ua tutupu mai.
Saunoa le alii kovana, tusa lava pe oso i luga pili a le ASPA,
e mafai lava ona alu le toeaina ma le olomatua e faÕ atau mai
lana fagu karasini ona faÕ amumu ai lea o le moli fagu ina ia
malamalama ai totonu o le fale, peitai afai e sii pili a le falemai i
le $50, e leai lava se gaioiga a le atunuu e mafai ona faia i ai i le
tulaga lea, sei vagana ai lava le nofonofo i le fale, ua leai se tupe
e totogi ai le pili a le falemai.
Ò O le eseesega lena o mataupu ia e lua, aua o tua atu o siitaga
a le ASPA o le moli matagi ma le fagu karasini, ae o tua atu o
siitaga a le falemai o le oti,Ó o le saunoaga lea a le alii kovana,
ma ia fautuaina ai le atunuu o loo faitioina o ia ma le malo i
lenei mataupu, ina ia aua foi nei matele na o le faitio, ae faitio
ma avatu ni fautuaga e fesoasoani ai i le malo i le taumafaiga o
lenei mataupu.
Ò Taumafai e faitio atamai, afai ete faitio, fai ma aumai ai ma
sau fautuaga, ae le na o le faitio aua o le upu a le tusi paia, e poto
lava le tagata i ona mafaufauga ao le Atua na te silafia le loto o
le tagata,Ó o le saunoaga lea a le alii kovana.
O le aso Lulu na tea nei na feiloai ai le afioga i le kovana sili
ma taitai o le Fono Faitulafono, i le soalaupuleina lea o se auala
e mafai ona fesoasoani atu ai le malo i le manaoga tau tupe lea
ua tulai mai i le falemai i Fagaalu.
O lea fonotaga na aofia ai le alii kovana, le peresetene o le
Senate ia Gaoteote Palaie Tofau, ma le sui fofoga fetalai ia Talia
Faafetai Iaulualo, ina ua tauaao e taitai o le fono se tusi mai le
alii kovana, lea sa faailoa atu i ai e Togiola sona finagalo e tusa
ai o siitaga a le falemai lea ua faalauiloa mai.
Na faailoa e Togiola i taitai o le fono, e ui na te lagolagoina le
manaoga tau tupe e pei ona tulai mai i le falemai i le taimi nei, e
i ai foi sona popolega ina nei avea siitaga o pili a le falemai ma
itu e faavaivaia ai manatu o tagata e saili fofo i le falemai mo
Na faafetaia e nisi o le atunuu le alii kovana e tusa ai o taumafaiga ina ia foia ai siitaga a le falemai, ae o nisi foi sa latou
faailoa i ai, e leai lava se isi faatuatuaga o le atunuu i le taimi nei,
(Faaauau itulau 13)
Se vaaiga i le feiloaiga mulimuli a sui o le aufaipese lauiloa
o le Te Vaka ma nisi o le aiga o le afioga Afoa Moega Lutu i le
maota i Tanumaleu, i le taeao o le Aso Sa, ae e lei toe tuuvaa ese
atu, i le mae’a ai o se latou faafiafiaga i le faaiuga o le vaiaso na
[ata AF]
tea nei.
samoa news, Tuesday, December 13, 2011 Page 11
American Samoa
O le po o le Aso Faraile o le vaiaso ua mavae, na faia ai se sa’iliga Tausala ma Manaia a le vasega
fa’ai’uaso a le a’oga maualuga a Kanana Fou, ma sa fa’atumulia ai le fale ta’alo a le a’oga, i aiga,
uo, ta’ita’i o le ekalesia EFKAS, ta’ita’i o le a’oga, faiaoga ma fanau a’oga, mo le sapasapaia o lenei
fuafuaga a le fanau. O se va’aiga lenei i tausala ma manaia a le vasega 9, 10 ma le 11. [ata: A. Tuna]
Faila moliaga faasaga i le vaa
fagota lea na taofia i le teritori
faaliliu Ausage Fausia
O le vaa fagota lea na taofia i le teritori i le
masina o Iulai na tea nei, ua maea nei ona faila
e le feterale ni moliaga se fitu faasaga i le kamupani o loo pulea lea vaa fagota i Niu Sila, ona o
tuuaiga i lo latou soliina lea o tulafono tau i le
puipuiga o ogasami mai le lafoai i ai o lapisi.
Afai ae faamaonia moliaga ua faia faasaga i
le kamupani a le Sanford Ltd, e ono oo atu i le
$500,000 le sala tupe mo le moliaga e tasi, poo
le faaluaina foi lea o lea aofaiga, e pei ona taua
mai i faamaumauga a le Matagaluega o Faamasinoga a le malo tele, ma o lea salatupe e ono
atu i le $24 miliona.
Na faamaonia mai e Lt. Steven Caskey lea o
loo faauluulu i ai le Ofisa o le U.S Coast Guard
i Amerika Samoa e faapea, o le vaa fagota o le
San Nikunau lea na taofia ina ua masalomia i le
aafia ai o le ogasami mai le suauu o le vaa, na
mafai ona faamaonia ina ua faia i ai se suesuega.
I faamaumauga a le feterale e uiga i lenei
mataupu, o loo taua ai le sasaa e nisi o le auvaa
o kalone suauu i le sami i taimi o a latou fagota,
talu mai le tausaga e 2007.
O loo faapea foi ona tuuaia e le feterale le
kamupani a le Sanford Ltd i lo latou faatamala
lea e fai ni a latou faamaumauga i luga o le vaa,
atoa ai ma le tuuina atu lea o ni faamaumauga
sese i le vaega suesue.
I se pepa o faamatalaga na tuuina mai i le
kamupani mai Niu Sila, o loo taua ai lo latou
mauaina lea o le kopi o lenei tagi tauala atu i le
latou loia, ma ua amata a latou suesuega e tusa
ai o lenei mataupu, e pei ona faamaonia mai e
Eric Barrat le faatonu a le kamupani.
Na taua e Barratt lo latou sauni e teena uma
tuuaiga ua faia faasaga i le kamupani, e tusa ai o le
faalavelave o loo tuuaia na tulai mai ia Iulai 2011.
Na taua e Barratt, o se tasi o a latou matafaioi o le mautinoa lea e saogalemu gaioiga uma
o loo latou faia i luga o le sami, latou te puiopui foi i ogasami, latou te le mafai ona faia ni
ituaiga gaioiga faapea.
Sa ia taua foi, talu mai le 10 tausaga talu ai,
o loo tumau pea le tausia lelei e le kamupani
o le siosiomaga mai ana faamaumauga, ina ia
mautinoa e le aafia ogasami.
O le tausaga 2011 na tauaaoina ai e le kamupani se faaiuga taualoa mai le ACCA (Global
Association of Chartered Accountants) i totonu
lava o Niu Sila, ina ua latou tuuina atu se ripoti
maeaea i tulaga o atinae.
E tasi le vaiaso talu ona maea le failaina e le
loia a le kamupani o Jennifer Joneson o se tagi
i luma o le faamasinoga maualuga, faasaga i le
Teutupe a le malo ia Magalei Logovii, ma le Pule
o le Ofisa o Tiute ia Glen Lefiti, e tusa ai o le
taofiga o le vaa i le masina o Iulai, ae faila loa e
le feterale a latou moliaga faasaga i le kamupani.
I le tagi na faaulu e Joneson o loo taua ai, o
se faatanaga mai le malo ina ia faataga ona tuua
e le vaa le teritori na tuuina atu, lea na mafai ai
loa ona faaauau le malaga a le vaa.
O loo finau le kamupani latou te lei soliina
se tulafono a le malo o Amerika Samoa, lea ua
mafua ai fua ona faia lenei tagi faasaga i le vaa
Feso’ota’i mai i le tusitala ia
[email protected]
➧ Tala mai Samoa…
Falaniko i le falemaÕ i ma sa fautuaina matua e
tusa ai ma le auala e taofi ai le pesia o le siama.
Ae peita’i, sa le’i taofia ai le pepesi o le
faÕ amaÕ i, i le aiga potopoto e silia ma le 40 ona
tagata, lea e nonofo i fale e iva i luga o se fanua e
tasi le eka. Na taÕ ua e Temukisa le faÕ apopoleina
o i latou, ona e na’o le to’atasi na ma’i ae a’afia
uma ai lo latou aiga. Ma o i latou na maua i le
faÕ amaÕ i, sa fai o latou tui ae o leisi vaega uma o
le aiga, o lo o inu fualaÕ au.
Sa taÕ ua foi e Temukisa, o le mea na pito sili
ona faigata, o le tau taofiofi o le fanau i totonu o
fale. Ma o se tasi o tulaga na matuaÕ i faÕ afetaia e
lo latou aiga, ona o se tasi o tina matu ao le aiga,
Mai itulau 10
e 98 tausaga, o Auimatagi Tovia, e le’i a’afia i
lenei gasegase. E toÕ alua nisi o le fanau iti, e
taÕ i fa tausaga, o Sefo Sefo ma Fuamai Tovia, ua
faÕ asolosolo manuia i laÕ ua.
I SE TuPE E $11,000
Ua faÕ amanuiaina nei le kerisimasi a le aliÕ i
o Pati Tuavae mai i SaleÕ imoa, ina ua malo i se
taÕ aloga a le kamupani telefoni o le Digicel, i le
Aso ToÕ onaÕ i ua mavae, i se vaegatupe e $11,000.
Ua faÕ amanuiaina foi Tisiga Pelesauma mai
i Moamoa, i le $3,000 ina ua malo foÕ i i seisi
taÕ aloga a le Digicel.
Tofaga Malu Casket
Gallery Funeral Services
Located in Ili’ili
Mon-Fri 8am - 5pm
Sat 8am - 12pm
(across from Shoe Tree), Tue-Fri 9-5, Sat 9-2.
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NEWS on the Samoan
experience in Hawaii
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Page 12
samoa news, Tuesday, December 13, 2011
FA’AvAe Ai AigA
vAEGA 69
O aso ma ona suiga, e mavae atu lea augatupulaga ma lea
augatupulaga, aÕ o le olaga ma le soifua o le tagata e le tumau
ise tulaga e tasi. Ua pei o le mou malie ‘ese atu o le la i le ao,
faÕ apea le masina i le po, ona fesilisili ai lea o le loto ma le
mafaufau e faÕ apea, aÕ o afea ea o le fotuaÕ i mai ai ni talutaluga fou o le olaga. A lea ua tatou tuvae nei i talutaluga fou
o le soifuaga, ma ona suiga, ina ua alafaÕ i mai i le manuia le
tamaÕ itaÕ i o Loimataoapaula mai i ona tofaga. Ua faÕ apena
faÕ alogona ua oÕ o ifo i le loto ma le mafafau, o faigata ma
puapuaga o le olaga sa savalia mai e o tatou tuaÕ a, aÕ o lenei
ua o tatou saÕ a i maÕ a o malie i le pule faÕ asoaosa a le Atua
Soifua i le ola ma le soifua o le tagata i aso uma.
O suiga o le olaga e pei ona i ai nei, ua iloa ma ua molimauina ona ua fai i lagi folauga a tuaÕ a ma ua lagomau mau nei
i tiÕ a sa, aÕ o ala o le vavau sa o latou asaina, ma o latou tautiga
ai, o lea ua o tatou oaoa ai nei ma o tatou saÕ a ai i maÕ a o malie
Ua le toe nofoia le nofoa o Taviti e matua ma aiga o Tagiilima, ua le toe vaÕ ai foÕ i o latou foliga pe toe faÕ alogo i o
latou leo. O galuega mamana ia a le Silisili ‘Ese i le ola ma le
soifua o le tagata na Ia gaosia i lona faÕ atusa.
Ina ua maliu le loÕ omatua o Naomi, na vaÕ aia ma molimau
e tagata ae maise o lona aiga, le alofagia ma le amanaia e
tagata. O se maliu ua moni ai le upu, ua oloa luÕ uluÕ u, ona
o le tamaoaiga ua maua e lana fanau, faÕ apea Tagiilima ma
Lameko, lea ua faÕ atino ai faÕ alavelave o le aiga.
E faÕ apena foÕ i faÕ alavelave na tulaÕ i mai i totonu o lo
latou lotoifale, ua leai se toe tau faÕ asoasoa, ua lima malolosi
fanau e faÕ atino fuafuaga uma. Ina ua tuÕ ua le malo e le tama
o Tagiilima le SaÕ o o le aiga, le toeaina o Puleimeauma, na
faÕ apea foÕ i le tulaga sa i ai, ona ua tagolima fanau, ua maua
le tamaoaiga e faÕ atino ai mea uma, ina ia sao ma uli le aso o
lo latou tama.
Ua avea le aiga o Lameko ma nofoaga tumau mo Tagiilima ma lana fanau, ae e i ai lava aso e maua ai le avanoa, e
asiasi ai i si ona aiga i tua, ae maise o taimi o faÕ alavelave e
feagi ma lona aiga. E le gata i lea, ae o loÕ o teu fatu i le loto
ma le mafaufau o Tagiilima ia fautuaga a lona tina i le aso
mulimuli na o la feiloaÕ i ai, ma o la toe faÕ amavae ai.
O aso la nei, ua le toe i ai se tulaga faÕ apea e sefulu tatalo
ma pese lotu e fitu fa’atoa taunu’u le pasi, ua leai, ua laulelei
auala e fai malaga ma feafioa’i ai le mamalu o le atunu’u o
loÕ o alaala ma papaaÕ ao i nuÕ u ma alalafaga i tua. Ua le toe
faÕ alogoina le faÕ asalalauga le totogia e fai mai e le ave pasi,
pe a tuanuÕ u i luga o le mafa e pei ona masani ai, ua leai, ua
alu faÕ asasao lava le tama ua le toe malolo. O le vaitaimi
lenei, e fai fai fo’i ‘auala o le sa’olotoga o lo’o i Amelika,
e le maua auala i aso nei, o lea ua soÕ o ai alalafaga, ma ua
ta’amilo i afio’aga i tua o le atunu’u.
O le aso fanau o LoimataoapaÕ ula, lea na alu ane ai lona
tama ma lana meaalofa o le api tele lea, ua faÕ aaoga e le teine
e faÕ amaumau ai mea uma na tutupu ia te ia i lea aso ma lea
aso. O le taunuÕ u ane o le loÕ omatua o Maselina e talaÕ i saoga
e fai mo le maliu o le aiga o Lameko i le afiafi, lea ua fai nei
le talatalanoaga ma Tagiilima.
Ina ua manava ane le galuega a Lameko, i le afiafi lava lea,
e le i faia e Tagiilima se faÕ aiuga, ae sa ia lagona o le tulaga e
tatau ona fai, o le faÕ atali lea se i taunuÕ u ane Lameko ona fai
lea o le tala i a Maselina e tusa ai ma lana savali.
Ua ‘ata’ata Loimata ma savali i totonu o lona potu, ma
faÕ apea ifo i lona loto, maÕ imau e, pe ana tutusa pea aso o le
olaga, e pei ona i ai lona va’ai atu i ona matua o fiafia, ae a
o’o loa i aso leaga, ua na o le felelei solo o ipu ma ufi o ‘ulo
i faiga a lona tina, o aso la ia e le fia manatua e le tama’ita’i.
E le i umi ona taunuÕ u Loimata i totonu o lona potu, ae
alu atu ma le tauvalaÕ auga a lona tina. Ò Loimata, Loimata, o
fea oe, oi, o le a e alu e te lafi i totonu o le potu, a’o ai e faia
mea ia, faÕ avave mai nei i fafo, ae ou te le i oÕ o atu e futi
faÕ atata mai lou ulu.Ó Ua na o le moeiÕ ini o mata o le toeaina
o Lameko i lea taimi. Ua le tautala Maselina, ae ua tilotilo
ane i a Tagiilima ma ona mafaufauga e faÕ apea, o se tagata
se ua sili ona saua lenei tagata, peitaÕ i, ua masani tagata o le
auaiga o Lameko i uiga ia o Taigiilima.
Na savali mai nei i fafo le teine mai i lona potu, na fetaui
tonu ma le manava ane o le galuega a lona tuagane o Eteuati.
Ò Loimata, o le a foÕ i le mea ua vavao atu ai le loÕ omatua, e le
mafai lava ona maua se to’afilemu, tiga ona iloa o lea e i ai
tagata i le fale, ae fai lava ia.Ó
Ua le tautala le teine ae ua faÕ agaioi loa le faiga o le vaiinu
ma le meaÕ ai a lona tama lea ua manava mai, faÕ atasi ai ma
ona tuagane, lea ua i ai nei i totonu o le fale. Na liliu nei
Eteuati ma fesoasoani i lona tuafafine i le fa’amautuina o le
meatausami a o la matua.
upu Fou - Fatua’iupu?
Fa’aaoga i le Gagana Samoa:
O lenei taumafaiga ina ia mafai ona faÕ aopoopo nisi upu i le tatou gagana samoa, ina ia mafai
ona fa’afaigofie ma fa’apu’upu’u le taumafaiga e fa’aliliu mai tala fa’aperetania i le gagana samoa!
Ia faÕ aoÕ o mai lou lagona e ala i se tusi e faÕ aoÕ o mai i le FaÕ atonu, poÕ o le Imeli toasavili@
yahoo.com tatou te feutaga’i ai i nei galuega lelei mo i tatou uma lava!
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
Upu - BOAT FLEET - VaÕ a Folau. Upu Fou FaÕ asamoa: FUAVAÓ A : FaÕ aaoga pea
i tusitusiga le fa’asamoa o i luga, ae fa’aalia mai sou finagalo e talia gofie ai o tatou
taofi. Fa’ailoa mai, tatou feutaga’i ma le fa’aaloalo lava!
N Se!!!
T L ailo
Ae K
saunia: Leua Aiono Frost
O le susuga Jackie Selepi, o se sui sinia o
le Vaega FaÕ aÕ upufai a Aferika i Saute o lo Õ o
tutulaÕ i i la latou faigamalo, ua faÕ afalepuipuia
nei, ona ua togitupeina o ia e se tasi e lalamua i le
faÕ atau atu o FualaÕ au FaÕ asaina.
O le aso Faraile talu ai na le talia ai e le
faÕ amasinoga le faÕ atalosaga a le susuga Selepi e
faÕ apea ai, o lo ua faigata tele lona gasegase aua
ua matua foÕ i, ma o lo Õ o faÕ aaogaina foÕ i le nofoa
faÕ ataÕ avalevale e feÕ aveaÕ i ai lenei tama.
Ina ua teÕ ena se talosaga ina ia toe tolopoina ai
le amatalia ona nofo faÕ afalepuipuia o ia mo le 15
tausaga seÕ ia maua se malosi, ona faÕ atonuina saÕ o
lava lea o ia e toso mai lona nofoa faÕ ataÕ avalevale
lea i le falepuipui i lea lava aso. O Jackie Selepi sa
mua’i ‘avea ma Ta’ita’i o Leoleo o lea malo, Aferika
i Saute, ae ina ua ioe o ia i lona moliga o le talia o
tupe faÕ anana mai se tasi o aliÕ i taÕ utaÕ ua e faÕ atau
fualaÕ au faÕ asaina i totonu o le atunuÕ u, lea la ua afua
ai ona faÕ aoÕ o lea sala ia te ia, 15 tausaga i le ToÕ ese.
O Selepi fo’i sa ‘avea ma Peresetene o le
Interpol po Õ o le vaega o leoleo nana faÕ avaomalo
a le lalolagi, ma na faÕ ailoa mai, ina ua auina atu o
ia mo togafitiga i le falema’i, o i’ina na oso ai loa
lona fatu ma matapogia ai, lea lava e leÕ i toe foÕ i ai
i se lelei lona gasegase. O se lipoti mai le televise a
lea malo, ua faÕ ailoa ai, na oÕ o ane lava lenei tama
matua o le atunuÕ u i lona nofoa faÕ ataÕ avalevale i
le falepuipui e talia lona faÕ asalaga. O le falepuipui
lea ua lauiloa o le Pretoria.
I le iloiloga o le tama i le faÕ amasinoga na
faÕ aalia ai e loia a le Malo, o le aofaÕ iga o tupe na
talia e lea TaÕ itaÕ i Leoleo a le Malo, Jackie Selepi,
e $156,000 po Õ o le 103,000 Pauni Peretania mai
le aliÕ i o lo Õ o ua faÕ amaonia foÕ i lona faÕ ataua
o FualaÕ au faÕ asaina i totonu o le atunuÕ u, Glenn
Agliotti, ae o le leaga la, ua fiu le vasega o leoleo e
taumafai ona taofia fa’atauga a le vaega leaga lea,
ae ua le aloalo mai le taÕ itaÕ i leoleo, Jackie Selepi,
e unaÕ ia ma faÕ ataunuÕ u tiute o lana matagaluega.
O Selepi foÕ i o le sui totino pito i matua lea o le
Vaega FaÕ aÕ upufai o lo Õ o tulaÕ i nei i le faigamalo,
Afican National Congress[ANC], ma o ia fo’i o le
sui pito i matua lea ua faÕ afalepuipuia e le Malo
o Aferika i Saute ona o ni moliga tau solitulafono
faÕ apenei e faÕ avaivaia ai le puipuigamalu a le
malo i ona tagata lautele.
I le taimi na muaÕ i molia ma faÕ amaonia ai
moliga ia Aukuso 2010, na faÕ ailoa mai ai e le
afioga le Fa’amasino Sili, “O Jackie Selepi ua ia
faÕ ataunuÕ uina atoatoa lava le solitulafono matuia
e faÕ asagatau i le Malo, ma ua faÕ ailoa ai le tulaga
maulalo tele o lo Õ o mau ai lana faÕ autaga poto e
ao ina taÕ itaÕ ia ai le Malo o Aferika i Saute.Ó
Na faÕ ailo foÕ i lagona o ni isi o le atunuÕ u
lautele, ma ua fai mai ai, Ò Ua fai si leva o oÕ otia
le Malo ma ona tagata lautele i faÕ atauga o nei
fuala’au fa’asaina i le atunu’u, ma ua ‘avea ma
mea e afaina ai le tele o ola o le tupulaga talavou,
ae maise aiga ua a’afia i sauaga ma le leaga o
a’afiaga o nei fuala’au fa’asaina malolosi tele
sa fefaÕ atauaÕ i e nei tagata faipisinisi leaga. Ua
faigata atili ai foÕ i i faigamalo ona toe soloÕ ia
vave faÕ aletonu ua mauaÕ a ona ua leva o fai mai
nei faiga solitulafono i ona ‘ele’ele.”
Ua suia nei foÕ i la Selepi e le susuga Gen. Bheki
Cele, ae ua toe molia foÕ i lea sui i lona faÕ atauga
i ala sese ma o se solitulafono foÕ i, o meatotino a
le Malo. I le aso Tofi talu ai, na taua’ao mai ai se
faÕ aiÕ uga a le faÕ amasinoga ina ia soloia ai foÕ i le
tofia o Pres.Jacob Zuma e ‘avea ma Loia Sili a le
Malo, ona o loÕ o fesiligia foÕ i lona sui i ni mea
faÕ aletonu tau le tulafono o lo Õ o ua faÕ ailo ane
foÕ i i le faÕ amasinoga.
O se va’aiga i nisi o le fanau ma tama’ita’i o Aiga ua latou tautuaina le Maota sa api ai le
Aifaigaluega Mamalu o le EFKAS lea sa masi’i atu i le toe sauniga o le tina matua “Se’eitalaluma
[ata: Leua Aiono Frost]
Lago’o” o Faga’alu.
samoa news, Tuesday, December 13, 2011 Page 13
tusia Ausage Fausia
Ua taÕ oto atu nei i se
faaiuga a le faamasinoga maualuga le talosaga na faaulu
e le loia a le alii leoleo o Lt.
Raymond Noa, e talosagaina
ai le faamasinoga ina ia toe
faia se faamasinoga iloilo fou
a le ua molia.
O le Aso Faraile na teÕ a nei
na fofogaina ai lenei mataÕ upu
i luma o le faÕ amasinoga, i le
maeÕ a ai lea ona taÕ usalaina e
se vaega iloilo iuga o Lt. Noa
i le masina o Aokuso na teÕ a
nei i le moliaga o le faaoolima i le tulaga lua, faaleaga
meatotino i le tulaga lua, ma
le faatupu vevesi i nofoaga
Ona o le faÕ aiuga a le
vaega iloilo iuga e tausalaina
ai Lt. Noa, na faasala ai loa e
le faamasinoga le ua molia i
le toese i Tafuna mo le umi e
5 tausaga.
O moliaga ua tausalaina
ai Lt. Noa na afua mai lea
i se faalavelave na tulai
mai i luma o le fale kalapu
o le Rubbles Tavern lea ua
tapunia nei i Nuuuli, ina ua
ia faaoolima i le alii o Afa
Ò ArthurÓ Blake e ala i lona
togiina lea o ia i se fagupia,
kiki ma feanu ia te ia aÕ o
taoto i lalo, faapea ai ma
lona faaleagaina o le tioata o
se taavale sa tu ai i le vaega e
paka ai taavale a le Rubbles.
O lo o taofia pea Lt. Noa
i le toese i Tafuna i le taimi
nei e tuli ai lona faasalaga
faafalepuipui, e faatali ai
se faaiuga a le faamasinoga
e tusa ai o lana talosaga ua
tuuina atu.
O le alii talavou lea
na tuuaia e le malo i lona
faaaogaina o se agaese e
faaoo ai ni manuÕ a i se isi
alii i PavaÕ iaÕ i, i le faaiuga o
le vaiaso i ona tua atu na tea
nei, ua molia nei e le malo i
le moliaga mamafa o le faaoolima i le tulaga lua, le solitulafono e mafai ona faasala ai
se tasi i le toese mo le olaga
atoa, poo le faasala foi i le 10
e oo atu i le 30 tausaga.
O loo taofia pea i le
toese i Tafuna le alii o Laga
Tui e aunoa ma se tupe ua
faatulaga e tatala ai o ia i
tua, ona o tulaga faaletonu
i ona pepa nofomau, e pei
ona taua i faamaumauga a le
I faamaumauga a le faamasinoga o loo taua ai, o se
feeseeseaiga na tulai mai
i le va o le ua molia ma le
alii na aafia, na mafua ai
loa ona tulai mai lenei faalavelave, ina ua faaaoga e le
ua molia se agaese e faaoo
ai manua i le tino o le alii
na aafia, ma taofia ai loa o
ia i le falemai.
Na taua e le loia a le malo
ia Blake Hanley le matuia o
manu’a na aafia ai le alii na
manuÕ a i lenei faalavelave.
aFa “aRTHUR” BlaKE
O le aso 14 Me 2012 lea
ua faatulaga e le faamasinoga
e fai ai le faamasinoga autu o
le alii o Afa Ò ArthurÓ Blake,
i le maea ai lea ona tauaao e
le faamasinoga o le ripoti lea
na saunia e le fomai sa suesueina le mafaufau o le alii o
Blake, e iloilo ai pe gafatia e
le ua molia ona tulai i le taimi
o lona faamasinoga autu.
Saunoa le alii faamasino
sili ia Michael Kruse, o le
faaiuga a le faamasinoga
ina ia faatulaga loa le aso e
valaauina ai le faamasinoga
autu o lenei mataupu, o loo
faavae mai lea i le fautuaga o
loo i le vaega faaiu o le ripoti
a le fomaÕ i na suesueina le
mafaufau o Blake.
E lei faalauaÕ itele e le faamasinoga vaega faaiu o loo i
totonu o le ripoti.
O Blake o loo tuuaia i
le moliaga o le faaoolima i
le tulaga muamua, ona o se
faalavelave na tulai mai i le
tausaga na tea nei, lea sa ia
taumafai ai e faaoo ni manuÕ a
i se alii e ala i lona taina lea o
ia i se agaese i le taimi aÕ o faia
se taaloga volipolo, peitai na
misi le ta e pei ona taua i faamaumauga a le faamasinoga.
O loo taofia pea i le toese i
Tafuna Blake e faatali ai le aso
lea ua faatulaga e valaauina ai
lana mataupu ma le faamoemoe, afai ae i ai se maliliega e ono faia e le malo ma
le ua molia e faaiuina ai lenei
mataupu, ona toe valaauina
loa lea o le mataupu a Blake i
se taimi lata mai.
Feso’ota’i mai i le tusitala ia
[email protected]
Melie Mei Langi Trading is proud to announce
the arrival of its 1st container from Tonga
containing Fresh Swamp Taro Tubers
(Talo Tonga), Fresh Taro Tarua (Talo Palagi)
& Fresh Giant Taros (Ta’amu).
Perfect for any faalavelave.
Office hours are from 8am to 4:30pm
on Monday - Sat
For more detailed information, please
contact our friendly staff at the Tonga
Market, behind Procurement Office
at 699-4423 or 770-5002.
Afai e iai se tasi o Fanau a Malo Fuga (ua
maliu), po’o se tasi e aiga pe masani ma lenei
Tina, fa’amolemole fa’afeso’ota’i mai telefoni
699-5997, 699-5995, 731-7568 po’o le
imeli: [email protected].
Ofisa Loia - Asaua Fuimaono
If you are a child, sibling, relative, friend or
acquaintance of Mrs. Malo Fuga (deceased)
please call or contact 699-5997, 699-5995,
731-7568 or email: [email protected]
Asaua Fuimaono’s Law Office
10% - 30%
Discounts on Everything
Call 699-3666 for more information
Next to Pacific Sales - Industrial Park Tafuna
➧ misa ma…
Mai itulau 1
Na faailoa e Ward i le
ua molia, e foliga mai sa fai
tuÕ u tiaÕ i lava o ia e fai toatasi ana faÕ aiuga, e aunoa ma
se faÕ amalumaluga a se tagata
matua, peitaÕ i o le taimi lenei,
o le a taumafai le faÕ amasinoga
e tulimataÕ i ana faÕ aiÕ uga uma
o le a faia, ina ia mautinoa o ia
faÕ aiuga o le a fesoasoani ai i le
toe faÕ atulagaina aemaise ai o le
faÕ aauauina o lana aÕ oga.
E tusa ai ma faamaumauga
a le faamasinoga na taua ai, o
le 2008 na valavala ai matua o
lenei alii talavou, ma avea ai loa
lea o se mafuaga e lei faaumaina
ai lana aoga, e lei faauuina foi
lana vasega 12.
Ò O lou avanoa mulimuli lenei
e faailoa mai ai i le faamasinoga
le suiga i lou olaga e pei ona e
taua, afai ae toe molia mai oe, o
le a le toe i ai loa se isi avanoa e
tuuina atu mo oe,Ó o le lapataiga
mulimuli lea a le faamasinoga
na tuuina atu ia Banse.
I lalo o se maliliega na sainia
e Banse ma le malo, sa ia ioeina
ai le moliaga mamafa o le ave
taavale ‘ona lea na mafua ai ona
oo ni manuÕ a ia te ia, ae solofua
e le faamasinoga isi moliaga
uma sa totoe ai.
E 4 tausaga na manatu le
faamasinoga e faasala ai Banse
i le falepuipui, peitai ua faamalumalu lona tuliina o lea faasalaga, ae o le a faanofovaavaaia
o ia mo le 5 tausaga i lalo o
poloaiga a le faamasinoga.
O nisi o ia poloaiga e aofia
ai le faasa lea ona ia toe tagofia
le ava malosi i totonu o le 5
tausaga, auai i ni aoaoga e
fesoasoani ai i aafiaga o le ava
malosi i lona olaga, ia lesitala
lona igoa i le Kolisi Tuufaatasi
mo le aveina o le mataupu o le
GED, ina ia maua ai lana Tipiloma o le Vaega 12, e fesoasoani
ai i le agai i luma o lona olaga
aoaoina, ma saili ai se galuega e
fesoasoani ai i ona matua.
E 41 aso lea ua poloaina e
le faamasinoga e loka ai Banse
i le toese i Tafuna, ma o ia aso
o le a toese mai ai aso e 11 ia ua
uma ona ia tuliina, ona totoe ai
loa lea o aso e 30, ma o le afiafi o
le Aso Tofi na tea nei i le itula e
6:00 na amata tuli ai le faasalaga
faasalaga. Ua poloaina foi o ia
na te totogia le salatupe e $100.
Feso’ota’i mai i le tusitala ia
[email protected]
➧ Togiola…
Mai itulau 10
ua na o le kovana lava ma taitai
o le Fono Faitulafono, o i latou
ia o le a maua mai ai se faamama avega o lenei mataupu.
O siitaga a le falemai lea ua
faamoemoe e faamamaluina i le
po o le kerisimasi o loo lumanai
nei, e aofia ai le sii mai i le $10 i
le $50 pe afai e fia vaai le fomai
i soo se fale talavai, atoa ai ma
le sii atu i le $40 le tau o le fagu
fualaau e tasi. O le potu failele
lea ua sii atu i le $200, o le potu
e taofia ai gasegase ua sii atu i le
$100 i le po e tasi, ma le fale faamama toto ua sii atu i le $250.
Feso’ota’i mai i le tusitala ia
[email protected]
Page 14
samoa news, Tuesday, December 13, 2011
➧ iraq War nearly over, obama says…
Continued from page 2
Obama opposed the war from
the start and eventually rode that
stand to the White House.
In a 2002 speech during
the months before the U.S.-led
invasion of Iraq began, when
Obama was a U.S. senator from
Illinois, he that Ò What I am
opposed to is a dumb war. What
I am opposed to is a rash war.Ó
On Monday, speaking as a
commander in chief, Obama
put the focus on IraqÕ s future.
Ò I think history will judge
the original decision to go into
Iraq,Ó Obama said. WhatÕ s
clear, he added, is that because
of the huge sacrifices by American soldiers and civilians and
the courage of the Iraqi people,
Ò we have now achieved an
Iraq that is self-governing, that
is inclusive and that has enormous potential.Ó
Said al-Maliki: Ò Anyone
who observes the nature of the
relationship between the two
countries will say that the relationship will not end with the
departure of the last American
American Samoa Community College will offer the ASCC Placement Examination for all
interested individuals wishing to enroll in courses at the Community College spring semester
2012 at 9:00 a.m. and l:00 p.m. on December 27 and 28, 2011 Fee is $10.00.
Report to the ASCC Office of Admissions and Records on or before December 27 or 28th with
the following documents in order to apply for admission to ASCC.
1. All applicants are required to submit the following:
• Social Security card (if available)
• Passport
• Note: If a passport is not available, provide
A birth certificate and American Samoa identification card
2. Applicants under the age of 18 must submit any ONE of the following in addition to
number 1 above:
• High School diploma or General Education Diploma
• Secondary School Certificate if entering from The British System
3. Non-U.S. Citizens/Nationals must also provide (in addition to number 1 above)
• Alien Registration identification card from the American Samoa Government
Immigration Office (must have one) and Immigration Board authorization
document (letter) to attend ASCC.
After you have been admitted, you will go to the ASCC Business Office and pay the required
$10.00 placement test fee. Keep your receipt and bring it to the Testing Room and present it
to the Testing Officials. BRING TWO NO. 2 PENCILS.
A late Placement Test will be given on December 29, 2011. The fee is $20.00.
Early signs of how Iraq
may orient itself could come
from how it handles troubles
in Syria, where the United
Nations says 4,000 people
have been killed in a government crackdown. The crisis
has exposed differences in
the U.S. and Iraqi positions:
Obama says Syrian President
Bashar Assad must step down.
Al-Maliki has not.
Ò I do not have the right to
ask a president to abdicate,Ó
said al-Maliki. He suggested
anew that AssadÕ s removal
could lead to a civil war in
Syria that could spread across
the region and be difficult to
control, calling for some other
solution that would Ò avoid all
the evils and the dangers.Ó
Obama said he and alMaliki had Ò tactical disagreementsÓ on Syria but shared the
goals of free expression there
without violence. Obama said
he had no doubt that Iraq was
acting in its own interests and
not under the meddling influence of Iran. Tehran is SyriaÕ s
main backer.
Obama also acknowledged that the United States is
pressing Iran to return a U.S.
surveillance drone captured by
the countryÕ s armed forces.
State TV in Tehran reported
Monday that Iranian experts
were in the final stages of
recovering data from it. The
president would not comment
on the national security implications for the United States,
citing classified intelligence.
But he said of the drone:
Ò We have asked for it back.
WeÕ ll see how the Iranians
Obama spoke repeatedly
of Iraq as a nation demanding
respect, describing it as a sovereign country and an equal
partner. And al-Maliki said
his nation still welcomed
help, such as in drawing on
American and other outside
expertise so that Iraq can better
exploit its own wealth, particularly in oil.
Yet significant questions
remain over the details of the
security relationship between
the U.S. and Iraq once all
Americans troops are withdrawn. Iraqi leaders have
said they want U.S. military
training assistance for their
security forces but have been
unable to agree on what type of
help theyÕ d like or what protections they would be willing to
give American trainers.
About 1 million U.S. troops
have cycled through Iraq since
the war began.
Following their meetings at
the White House, Obama and
al-Maliki paid respects to the
fallen at Arlington National
At times, ObamaÕ s language had the echoes of President George W. Bush, particularly in the potential for Iraq
to help transform its part of
the world. Ò Our goal is simply
to make sure that Iraq succeeds, because we think a successful, democratic Iraq can be
a model for the entire region,Ó
Obama said.
To all those who served
in Iraq and to their families,
Obama said the United States
maintains a Ò moral obligation
to all of them - to build a future
worthy of their sacrifice.”
➧ Drastic lBJ fee hikes…
Continued from page 5
crisis counseling.
Ò The health cost open forum rally is for our citizens to
express positive suggestions in lending a helping hand to our
local hospital, lawmakers and the present administration in
assisting the... community into a new year of hope, goodwill
and a balanced cost of health care for all,Ó the foundation says.
In its press release announcing the hospital fee hikes early
this month, LBJ noted that Ò the expenses for the Hospital are
regular and predictable. We cannot guarantee the availability
of patient services without a regular and predictable revenue
LBJ will work with Gov. Togiola Tulafono and the Fono to
Ò identify sustainable sources of income to assure that LBJ will
be here when you need us,Ó the statement said.
Ò However it is clear from government at all levels that a
component of that sustainability needs to be a greater personal
responsibility for patients to fund their own medical care,Ó it
Reach the reporter at [email protected]
If you have taken the SAT, your scores may be substituted for the ASCC Placement
Examinations. Your TOEFL score may be used for your English Placement; however, you will
need to take the Math Placement Examination.
➧ aSG and StarKist moU…
Students with disabilities who need assistance in taking the examinations should contact the
Admissions and Records Office at least 3 weeks prior to registration.
If you have any questions, please call the Admissions & Records Office at 699 9156, ex 411,
412 or 379 If you are a veteran or a veteran’s dependent, please contact Mrs. Fualaau
Lancaster, ext. 426.
The MOU comes on the heels of Star Kist Samoa annual
board of directors meeting held last week in the territory and
attended by Jae-chul Kim, chairman of the board of South
Korea-based Dongwon Industries, owner of StarKist. It is the
first such board meeting to be held locally and cited as a ‘historic
momentÕ by the company.
Togiola has praised and thanked Kim for his excellent decision to hold the meeting in American Samoa where the cannery
and government have conducted business for over 40 years.
Continued from page 1
Reach the newsroom at [email protected]
samoa news, Tuesday, December 13, 2011 Page 15
American Samoa
Samoa Solar Sky
• Ceramic Tiles
• Solar Lights
• Sofa (3 piece) Set • Grout – 55lb/bag
• Aluminum Windows • In Low, Low Prices
Protestors sit on top of a container truck after blocking the Port of Oakland, Monday, Dec. 12,
2011, in Oakland, Calif. The “Occupy Wall Street” movement, which sprang up this fall against
what it sees as corporate greed and economic inequality, focused on the ports on Monday, hoping
the day of demonstrations would cut into the profits of the corporations that run the docks and
(AP Photo/Beck Diefenbach)
send a message that their movement was not over.
is besides the misdemeanor public peace disturbance charge after they were first arrested.
Information revealed in court indicates that the
alleged assault started from comments between
the defendants and the victim, posted on the
social network, Facebook.
According to a court affidavit, the defendants
allegedly assaulted the woman while swimming
at Fatumafuti with her relatives. It alleges that the
defendants shouted profanities to the victim and
ordered her to get out of the ocean. Simaima then
got in the water and pushed the victim to shore.
When the woman resisted, Simaima punched
her and the other co-defendants joined Simaima
in assaulting the victim, the affidavit alleges.
Serrah then ran up to her house and grabbed
a cricket bat but police were able to stop her
from using it. When the victim was on her way
to her car, the defendant ran up to the victim
allegedly to punch the victim.
The government also alleges that the defendants attempted to drown the victim and one of
them choked the victim during the fight.
The defendants were warned, that if they
were able to post bail, they were not to make
Continued from page 9
any contact with the victim or her family. A
police officer says that this is not the first time
problems have occurred between these defendants and the victim.
A man accused of breaking into the home of a
relative in Amaluia and allegedly stealing family
belongings is now charged with burglary in the
first degree and stealing, both felony charges.
Court information states that it was around 5
a.m. on Dec. 8 that defendant Pio Fagaautau broke
into a relativeÕ s home and took off with a cell
phone, shoes and cash. A relative sleeping in the
home woke up to find the defendant in the house.
During his initial appearance last week, the
District Court set bail at $15,000 and — if he is
able to post bail — he is ordered not to go to the
relativeÕ s home or make any contact with the
relatives. The court has set for this Thursday, the
defendantÕ s preliminary examination hearing.
Samoa News reporters Ausaga Fausia and
Fili Sagapolutele contributed to this report.
Reach the newsroom at
[email protected]
➧ “2012 TRUcK oF THE YEaR”…
fuel economy, horsepower, torque and capability.
Ford is also the first and only manufacturer to
equip its entire full-size pickup truck lineup with
a fuel-saving six-speed automatic transmission
as standard. Engine highlights include:
3.7-liter four-valve Ti-VCT V6:
• Best-in-class 302 horsepower at 6,500 rpm
vs. V6 competitors
• Unsurpassed 278 lb.-ft. of torque at 4,000
rpm vs. V6 competitors
• Best-in-class 17 mpg city and best-in-class
23 mpg highway (4x2)
• Best-in-class 6,100 pounds maximum
trailer tow vs. V6 competitors
5.0-liter four-valve DOHC Ti-VCT V8:
• Best-in-class 360 horsepower at 5,500 rpm
vs. standard V8 competitors
• Best-in-class 380 lb.-ft. of torque at 4,250
rpm vs. standard V8 competitors
• 21 mpg highway, unsurpassed 15 mpg city
• Best-in-class 10,000 pounds maximum
trailer tow vs. standard V8 competitors
6.2-liter two-valve SOHC V8:
• Best-in-class 411 horsepower at 5,500 rpm
vs. all competitors
• Best-in-class 434 lb.-ft. of torque at 4,500
rpm vs. all competitors
Continued from page 3
• 13 mpg city, 18 mpg highway (4x2)
• Best-in-class 11,300 pounds maximum
trailer tow vs. all competitors
3.5-liter Ti-VCT EcoBoost:
• 365 horsepower at 5,000 rpm on regular
• Best-in-class 420 lb.-ft. of torque at 2,500
rpm vs. premium V8 competitors
• Up to 90 percent peak torque available from
1,700 rpm to 5,000 rpm
• 22 mpg highway, 16 mpg city (4x2)
• Best-in-class 11,300 pounds maximum
trailer tow vs. all competitors
• Best-in-class 3,120 pounds payload vs. all
The Ford Motor Company is a global automotive industry leader based in Dearborn,
Mich. that manufactures or distributes automobiles across six continents. With about 166,000
employees and about 70 plants worldwide, the
companyÕ s automotive brands include Ford and
Lincoln. The company provides financial services through Ford Motor Credit Company.
For more information regarding Ford and its
products worldwide, please visit http://corporate.ford.com.
(Source: Ford Motor media release)
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Page 16
samoa news, Tuesday, December 13, 2011
Cpl Robert Iauualo, a member of 3d Battalion, 7th Marines, sends his love and wishes everybody back home a Merry Christmas from the Sangin District,
[courtesy photo]
Helmand Province, Afghanistan.”
2 students shot,
wounded at Texas
middle school
EDINBURG, Texas (AP) -- Authorities suspect hunters may
have shot two South Texas middle school students who were
wounded by gunfire Monday afternoon while trying out for a basketball team. Two boys - ages 13 and 14 - were shot, said Hidalgo
County Sheriff Lupe Trevino. Classes were not in session at Harwell Middle School when the shooting happened around 4:45 p.m.,
but the school complex was immediately placed on lockdown.
Edinburg school district spokesman Gilbert Tagle said a number
of after-school activities were going on besides the basketball tryouts, including a concert and a faculty meeting. He estimated as
many as 200 children could have been on campus.
One of the wounded boys was in critical condition Monday
night with a bullet embedded in an organ. The other was stable and
awaiting X-rays, Trevino said.
At the time of the shooting, one of the boys was going for a
layup. The other was waiting his turn to try out, Trevino said.
The sheriff said it was too early to say whether the students
were targeted or if the shooting was accidental.
Investigators believe the shots may have come from hunters on
adjacent farm property, Trevino said. The shots did not come from
the campus and were not a result of a drive-by, he said.
Harwell Middle School opened just this year on the rural property northeast of Edinburg, which is about 50 miles northwest of
Brownsville. Homes line the road approaching the school, but
open fields stretch out behind it and to the north.
Investigators have spoken with owners of surrounding
farms and the land was being leased to deer hunters, Trevino
said. Authorities interviewed some hunters who were found on
adjoining properties. The outdoor court where the shooting took
place was north of the school complex at an athletic facility that
includes a football field, track and tennis courts, said Oziel Garcia,
a 14-year-old eighth-grader.
Annette Vargas Ugalde, a 15-year-old eighth grader, said she
was about to board her bus near the gym after school when school
officials started rushing students indoors.
Ò They told us to, `Get inside, get inside,Õ Ó she said.
She said she heard no shots but saw a group of people on the
outdoor court standing near one boy on the ground. A school nurse
tended to him while another boy was sitting up.
Annett said she boarded her bus and it left.
Samuel Cepeda, a 15-year-old eighth-grader, said gangs have
been a problem at the school, and he has worried about security.
However, Trevino said investigators do not believe the shooting
was gang related.
Classes will go on as scheduled Tuesday, but with increased
security and counselors available to speak with students, said
Tagle, the district spokesman.

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