DoH awarded FEMA
funds for Special
Needs registry 2
Muagututi’a Captain John
Cendrowski who heads DPS
traffic division, and Police
Officers Darryl Parker, Siaosi
Si’uloa and Sgt Alefosio
Utumoe ready to hit the main
highway for this graduation
season. ‘Click it or Ticket’
campaign begins at this time
[photo: JL]
as well.
Road repairs
are appreciated
but not enough 3
Local rugby player Keiki
Misipeka to play for USA
National Team B1
E le o aafia le
Tri Marine i tulafono fou
online @
Daily Circulation 7,000
Police officers will
be out in full force
for graduation
“Click It or Ticket”
campaign will also begin
by Joyetter Feagaimaali’i-Luamanu
Samoa News Reporter
“There should be a law in place to disallow passengers to sit
in the beds of pick-up trucks,” said Commander of the Traffic
Division with the Department of Public Safety Muagututi’a
Captain John Cendrowski. Muagututi’a, responding to Samoa
News questions on the annual graduation enforcement, which
kicked off on Monday.
Muagututi’a said he feels that there should be a law in
place to discontinue this practice for the safety of everyone,
especially children who are sitting in the bed of the trucks,
because when there is an accident, there are no seat belts —
and there’s no way of assuring that children or adults will not
fly out of the truck bed.
He noted that he has brought this to the Commissioner’s
attention and they are currently working with the Attorney
General’s office to determine if this should become a law.
“Or — we wait until something happens, and then we act…
no, no, no, we must act to prevent accidents and this is one
way — to discontinue allowing passengers to sit in the bed of
pick-up trucks,” he said.
Regarding the graduation enforcement, Muagututi’a noted
that this enforcement is consistent with the “Click it or Ticket”
campaign, which will also be underway at the same time.
The Commander also said that officers will be seen in the
area of each high school while they are holding their graduation ceremonies.
Muagututi’a is appealing to the public, especially to the parents to please be mindful that during coming days, our children
who will be graduating will most likely be heading to parties,
and he pleads with parents to please make sure that their children do not drink alcohol and get behind the wheel. “It’s our
job as parents to make sure that our children know how dangerous it is to drink alcohol and drive,” he said.
The Traffic Commander is also appealing to the public to
please have a designated driver. “When you are behind the
wheel and you’re intoxicated you place everyone on the road
at risk. You may not think so, but that is definitely the case.”
The Traffic Commander told Samoa News that the Click It
or Ticket campaign, which is nationwide, is coordinated annually by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
(NHTSA) to increase the proper use of seat belts. This campaign takes place May 20 to June 2, this year.
He said police officers will conduct intensive, high-visibility
enforcement of seat belt laws, during both day and night time
hours. During the day, police officers will be looking at child
restraint violators, occupant safety in vehicles, and people
riding in the bed box of the vehicle. They will also look for
children who are unsupervised while in the bed of the vehicle,
speed and seatbelt violators and those caught driving under the
(Continued on page 1)
Tuesday, May 21, 2013
Graduation season
begins this Friday
ASDOE recommends ECE and Elem. grads be stopped
by Fili Sagapolutele
Samoa News Correspondent
High school graduation season in American
Samoa starts this Friday and ceremonies for the
private schools will include speeches by the
Valedictorians since their ceremonies usually
last about two hours, compared to public high
school graduations that at times have lasted
three to four hours.
Department of Education director Dr. Salu
Hunkin-Finau announced two weeks ago that
it had been agreed with the high school principals and their Parent/ Teacher Associations that
the graduation ceremony was not to be more
than two hours in length. It was also agreed
that there will be no valedictorian speeches or
awards presented on graduation day, except for
ASG Scholarships.
The private high schools reached by Samoa
News say that since they have a smaller number
of graduates compared to public schools, they
are maintaining their past practices and are not
planning to follow the DOE policy.
In the meantime, Samoa News is offering to
publish the speeches of the valedictorians of all
high schools — public and private — at no cost
— in the newspaper and online at samoanews.
Valedictorians may also submit their
speeches as a video clip or include it as a part
of their speech, which would then be uploaded
to our online site and to our Samoa News facebook page.
The speeches and video clips must be
received 24 hours before their respective graduation day. Written speeches are limited to a
3,000 word count, while video clips cannot be
more than 3- 5 minutes long. Samoa News will
edit for length or time.
Graduation season starts this Friday at 9 a.m.
with Manumalo Baptist School and Gov. Lolo
Matalasi Moliga will be the Keynote speaker,
according to a school official, who also pointed
out “we are going to try to honor” the ASDOE
policy and keep the Valedictorian speech to a
minimum so that the ceremony will remain at
two hours or less.
This is a special graduation for the Malaeimi(Continued on page 15)
O fanau aoga Samoa o lo o aooga i le Iunivesite o le Pasefika i Alafua i Samoa, lea na fai[ata: Leua Aiono Frost]
malaga atu i Iapani mo se polokalama faapitoa.
Page 2
samoa news, Tuesday, May 21, 2013
This undated photo
released by the West Valley
City Police Department
shows Susan Powell. Citing
a lack of leads, a police
agency said Monday that
it is closing the active investigation of the disappearance of Susan Powell, a
Utah mother whose nowdead husband was a prime
suspect. The announcement came after police
spent two days searching
in rural Oregon last week
for any trace of Powell’s
body. Police released the
case file, which includes
details that have been kept
under wraps since Powell
vanished in 2009.
(AP Photo/West Valley City
Police Department)
(ANSWER on page 14)
By Samantha Weaver
✖ It was Albert Einstein who made the following sage observation: “The significant
problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.”
✖ According to some Native American tribes, all you have to do to make a wish come
true is to catch a butterfly, whisper your wish to it and set it free.
✖ If you drive a white automobile, you have a lot of company. There are more white cars
in the United States than any other color.
✖ You probably are aware that the names that foreign places are known by in the English language are not always the same as the names of those places in the local tongue.
The capital of Russia is called Moskva in that country, and to Italians it’s not Venice, but
Venezia. Not all names sound so similar, though; if you didn’t know the language, it would
be nearly impossible to figure out that Ellinki Dimokratia is what Greeks call their country,
and that Konungariket Sverige is Sweden to the Swedish. South Korea is known locally as
Han Kook, China is Zhonghua Renmin Gonghe Guo, and Finland is Suomen Tasavalta.
✖ When Hernan Cortes reached the New World in the 1600s, he found the Aztecs
drinking hot chocolate at their banquets.
✖ President Franklin Delano Roosevelt added both a swimming pool and a movie theater
to the White House.
✖ You probably knew that cats were revered in ancient Egypt, but did you know that
when a domestic cat died, the family went into mourning? Yep. People would shave their
eyebrows to demonstrate their grief over the passing of their beloved pet.
• • • • • • • • • • • • • Thought for the Day • • • • • • • • • • • • •
“The nice thing about being a celebrity is that if you bore people they think it’s their
fault.” — Henry Kissinger
DoH awarded FEMA
funds for Special
Needs registry
by Fili Sagapolutele, Samoa News Correspondent
A Department of Health project to register the special needs
population and those who are homebound, is getting federal
funding from the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency
(FEMA) under the agency’s 2012 Community Resilience Innovation Challenge program. The DoH project is one of 30 projects across the country that were awarded grant funding for proposals submitted for review and approval. Over 1,900 applications across the country were received for this grant funding; and
DoH is getting $35,000 for its “Special Needs Population and
Home Bound Patients Registry” project, according to FEMA
“We applaud each of these organizations for being a model
of excellence in keeping disaster preparedness in the forefront of
a geographic area with a very unique set of risks,” said FEMA
Region IX Administrator Nancy Ward in a news release. “It’s a
fine example of how each of us can have a voice in making our
communities more resilient,” she said. ASG DoH is one of only
four recipients within Region IX, which includes western states
and territories. DoH director Motusa Tuileama T. Nua was off
island as of yesterday and not available for comments on the
“The best resiliency ideas originate from our states and tribal
nations,” said FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate in a news
release. “The goal of this effort is to further empower communities to collaborate and develop innovative approaches to
effectively respond to disasters.” DoH project summary states
that the project’s mission is to effectively and efficiently deploy
available public health, human and material resources, to promote physical and mental health, and prevent disease, injury,
and disability. “They intend to establish a voluntary registry of
patients who are homebound or bedridden and will need special
equipment and care during disasters. The registry would collect
data on the location of home, the illness/handicap, the special
equipment/medications needed, the type of care needed, etc. and
which health center is the closest,” it says. DoH says data collected on the registry will enable the community health centers
on the main island of Tutuila to determine what to expect in
the type of care it will need to provide during disasters in their
respective villages. It points out that American Samoa only has
one main road and one hospital, and if the road is compromised,
their health centers will be used as Alternative Care sites.
“This project will enable them to keep track of the number of
special needs and homebound patients on island. It will provide
them with the location of their homes in the event that they are
not able to travel to the nearest medical facility,” it says.
“It will help direct the response teams to them to provide medical assistance at their homes. The project will prepare the first
response teams in what to take with them and what to expect,”
said DoH. FEMA says the Community Resilience Innovation
Challenge program focuses on building local community resilience to man-made and natural disasters, with an emphasis on
innovation, collaboration with community stakeholders, sustainability, repeatability and measurable benefits to the community.
The funding comes from The Rockefeller Foundation and
is administered by the Los Angeles Emergency Preparedness
Foundation who acted as a third-party intermediary to encourage
local communities to engage in creative activities that enhance
disaster resilience.
Road repairs are appreciated, but
don’t go far enough say residents
by Joyetter Feagaimaali’i-Luamanu
Samoa News Reporter Pavaiai, Mapusaga Fou and Aoloau residents and motorists along with Tualauta faipule
Larry Sanitoa are disappointed to learn that road
repairs will only go as far up as the Thompson/
Jennings tennis courts in Mapusaga Fou. This
was revealed in a letter sent by Sanitoa to Public
Works Director Faleosina Voight yesterday.
The Tualauta faipule initially thanked DPW
on behalf of Tualauta residents and motorists
for the nearly completed resurfacing project to
the Iliili road and the Pavaiai loop. He noted that
several residents have called to compliment the
newly improved roads, and express their sincere appreciation for the improvements. They
have also expressed gratitude to Governor Lolo
Matalasi Moliga for his firm commitment and
leadership in ensuring this project is a priority,
according to Sanitoa. “Witnessing the recent improvements to our
roads, most residents of Tualauta and motorists
frequently using these roads patiently await the
resurfacing work for the Ottoville/Fagaima and
the Vaitogi and Fogagogo Roads to materialize
soon. “These particular roads have been on our
pending list of urgent and critical territorial road
improvement plans, and we are anxious to see
their completion be a reality soon.”
“In light of this, gratitude is certainly due to
previous “faipule” for Tualauta for their contribution in having pushed for these same roads to
be fixed. That said, I commend DPW and applaud
your unwavering commitment and perseverance
in recognizing the importance of maintaining the
roads in American Samoa’s most populated and
continually growing district. Regarding the work at Pavaiai-Mapusaga
Fou-Aoloau Roads, the faipule said the residents and motorists are equally appreciative and
grateful of the new drainage as well as the soonto-be completed resurfacing work. “However,
they have also expressed serious disappointment
to learn that the road repairs will only go as far
up to the Thompson’s/Jennings tennis courts and
I am in total agreement.”
He continued, “Director, there are several
dangerous road areas past the tennis court that
are severely damaged, and have become a real
public safety hazard issue. There are two very
large sections before Mr. Andy Forsgren’s home
and right before the turn to access Chief Justice
Michael Kruse’s home, which are in dire need of
a permanent resurfacing.”
Sanitoa noted that in addition to these road
sections, on the straightaway after the old American Industries site and near Mr. Lelei Peau’s
home, there is a long, deep trench about 2.5ft
deep and about 40ft long that comes out around
3.5ft onto the road. “This area is extremely dangerous and also a safety hazard to the traveling
public especially during a heavy rain downpour.”
The Tualauta faipule point out that “at least
hundreds of motorists, including school buses
which carry over 60 school children, plus emergency vehicles all utilize these roads regularly.
Furthermore, it is of my opinion that it is urgently
necessary to address the overall drainage within
this area.
“Given the current plan with the drainage
and resurfacing work for the Pavaiai-Mapusaga
Fou-Aoloau roads, this would be the opportune
time to address it now, while Federal Highway
funding is available.”
Sanitoa appealed to Voight to take this into
consideration in the interest of time and availability of funds, and to please add onto the work
in progress for Pavaiai-Mapusaga Fou-Aoloau
roads, the extension of repairs and resurfacing to
these areas noted above.
samoa news, Tuesday, May 21, 2013 Page 3
CoC pleased with gov’s
decision to include biz
community in ASTCA board
by Fili Sagapolutele, Samoa News Correspondent
The Chamber of Commerce is pleased with Gov. Lolo Matalasi Moliga’s decision to include members of the business community in the American Samoa TeleCommunications board
of directors. The governor recently issued an executive order
amending the 1998 order that established ASTCA as a semi
autonomous agency. In the amended order, he increased to nine
the number of board members. The governor also gave himself
the authority to appoint the board chairman. According to the
new order, five members from the private sector are selected on
the basis of character, competence, education, accounting and
finance experience and judgement.
Responding to Samoa News request for comments and reactions, the Chamber said in a media statement last Friday that the
business organization is pleased to note that the Governor is nominating more private sector people to various boards.
“The Chamber believes that the importance of a strong board
should not be underestimated regardless of the industry,” it says.
“A balance of carefully selected people from both the private
and the public sectors can assist the board chair in being more
effective while the board through its experience and knowledge
can make balanced and informed decisions which will be of benefit to the entity which they are serving.” “This makes the entity
more dynamic, more progressive, and hopefully leads to the creation of more job opportunities though the careful management
and expansion of its business,” the statement says. Asked as to
the benefit to ASG and the territory in increasing the number of
board members for ASTCA, the governor’s executive assistant
Iulogologo Joseph Pereira said broader views and perspectives
forge better decisions. Current board members appointed earlier
this year, are Roy J.D. Hall Jr. (chairman), Steven Shalhout, Dr.
Trudie Iuli Sala, Bill Young, Alofagia Nomura, George Reid,
and Iuli Alex Godinet. The governor has stated publicly that
he wants to include the private sector in ASG boards and commissions to provide a broader range of expertise on each board
and commission. He has also made it a point not to appoint any
director or ASG senior personnel to sit on any board and commission, adding that those ASG officials should focus on their work.
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Page 4
samoa news, Tuesday, May 21, 2013
Manu’a fix highlights ASG
department inter-cooperation
by Teri Hunkin, Samoa News staff
By B. Chen
Samoa News Correspondent
Division managers, deputy directors, and employees of the
Department of Human and Social Services attended a special workshop regarding performance monitoring and evaluation, held at Sadie’s by the Sea last week. The workshop was
conducted by off-island delegate Lisa Teychea, the Associate
Director of PIMA, headquartered in Arizona.
Teychea said the workshop is to provide a brief overview
and evaluation as part of their work with DHSS, and they were
brought in to work with DHSS to provide workshops in order to
assist in gathering information for a five-year plan DHSS will be
putting together.
In addition to DHSS, Teychea has also been working with
local community coalitions, non-profit groups, and different
departments and agencies in looking at some of the performance
monitoring methods they are implementing.
She said she hopes this is one of many workshops to come,
adding that “this is something that many people are interested in
learning more about.”
The Marist St. Joseph Catholic School in Mulivai, Samoa
will be celebrating its 125th anniversary later this year in August
and the local chapter of the Marist St. Joseph’s Old Boys Association is currently fundraising to help complete a new two-story
school building that will house a science laboratory and a library
on the school’s campus.
The new building, according to Association spokesperson
August Gabriel, will serve as a commemorative site for the
school’s 125th anniversary.
In an effort to help solicit funds locally, the local chapter
of the Marist St. Joseph’s Old Boys Association conducted a
radio-thon that was linked to radio stations in Samoa this past
weekend. According to Gabriel, the turn-out “wasn’t that great,
because of the short notice. There just wan’t enough exposure
and the word didn’t get out to the public in time.”
He added that there isn’t an exact dollar figure on how much
was collected locally, or even a definite amount on how much
was collected in Samoa, although he said they will not be fundraising locally anymore, but the lines are still open for those who
want to make monetary donations.
In addition to local individuals and businesses, Gabriel said
they are soliciting the help of alumni from other schools in
Samoa like Chanel College, Avele College, the Saint Mary’s
Old Girls Association (SMOGA), and the Samoa College Old
Pupils Association (SCOPA) who live and reside in the territory, to see what they can put together as far as funds that can be
presented during the anniversary celebration in August.
Altogether, the local chapter of the Marist St. Joseph’s
Old Boys Association has a membership of 46 people, led by
group president Toleafoa Isitolo Wulf, vice president Aoomalo
Manupo Turituri, treasurer Tagaloa Sione Ah-Sam, and secretary Rev. Atina’e Sheck.
The group is very active in the local community, hosting the
monthly Toa o Samoa church services held at different churches
across the territory, and also rugby games and tournaments,
among them the TMO Marist’s 7s Rugby Tournament that has
become a highly successful annual event.
All those interested in donating can call 258-1258; 252-1552;
258-3716 or 258-1697.
In Samoa News Monday edition in the story titled “ 120
ASCC Spring Graduates”, Samoa News inadvertently switched
the students who were named Magna Cum Laude with students
who were named Cum Laude. The following is the accurate list:
Magna Cum Laude with GPA of 3.75-3.89 are: Grace Lanu
Felise, Tae Il Kim, Fiaai Robert Moliga, Tala Ropati Ropeti
Leo, Darrell G Brandt and Jan JM Velghe.
Students named Cum Laude with a GPA of 3.50-3.74 are:
Angela Alvear Amata, Randall Paul Fitisone, Ulysses S Hopkinson, Pearl Faimafili Sheck, Chastity Leaso Tuiolosega,
Magic Soli Auemoelogo, Amber Bernadette Fuaga, Valentine
Vaeoso, Tafifua Lemautu, Iupesiliva Hine Pei and Leo Jr Setu.
Samoa News apologizes to our readers and to the students
and their families and friends for the unintentional mistake.
In compliance with the Governors mandate to “bring services in Manu’a up”, Acting
Director of the Territorial Energy Office Tim
Jones returned to Manu’a two weeks ago to
conduct an energy audit of all the Ta’u Schools.
While there, he noted that the Faleasao Elementary School’s electrical panel had corroded
to a dangerous degree, and with the assistance
of Ta’u ASPA lineman Iloilo Siimalevai, he
repaired the panel.
While it is now safe, the panel will need
replaced sooner rather than later, said Jones.
“Two bolts that held live wires were rusted
completely off. That was too dangerous to just
put on a list of repairs and leave alone. It needed
to be fixed now,” said Jones, who elected to fix
it rather than wait.
“The safety of the school was my focus,”
he said, adding, “What we did just bought a
little time for the proper departments to make
arrangements to replace it. ASPA is the proper
agency with the proper technicians to do the job
for the long-term fix. I was just helping the best
I could as we all need to work together — even
if it’s not always exactly in our job description,” he told Samoa News.
Jones said Ta’u ASPA staff were a great
help, especially “a very hard working lineman
named Iloilo.” He noted, “We had to power
down the building, working in the dark for
several hours, with flashlights and no air conditioning or fans... but the end result was well
worth it, for the safety of the schoolchildren.”
He added, “The TEO isn’t staffed for this
kind of work nor is it our mandate. But the Governor told all Directors at our cabinet meeting
to do everything within our capability to help
bring Manu’a up, and this repair was within my
professional capability. I saw an opportunity
to take a first step on the Governors behalf in
Manu’a and I took it.”
“The Governor has a great cabinet that is
going to do great things. Manu’a is definitely
part of that plan,” said Jones, who indicated he
was returning again to set up a TEO office in
the upcoming weeks. From that office he plans
to administer the WAP/LIHEAP and other
Energy Office programs that were previously
administered out of Tafuna’s TEO office. He
estimates he will require two full time staffers
at the Ta’u TEO office.
“The TEO is pushing Energy Independence
off fossil fuels on all islands in Manu’a. We
think we can accomplish this in Governor Lolo
Moliga’s first term. I will be spending more of
my time in Manu’a to see it through,” he said.
Director of DOE, Dr. Salu Hunkin Finau
noted that she had met with Director of DPW
Faleosina Voigt, John Utu of ASPA and Acting
director Jones before he traveled to Manu’a,
specifically to discuss how they could help each
other in response to the Governor’s directive to
help Manu’a schools.
After learning of the Faleasao fix, she told
Samoa News, “It’s this kind of collaboration
that will make things happen to better serve
our children and our community. Tim, on his
own volition, offered to help with the school
needing immediate electrical attention. I want
to thank Tim Jones, Acting Director for TEO,
Faleosina Voigt Director of DPW and John Utu
of ASPA for this kind of positive relationship
and partnership with DOE.”
O se va’aiga lea i le vasega o Tina ma tama uma lava o le Matagaluega SISDAC Hawaii sa
faia le sao o tama uma i o latou faletua ma tina matutua o le latou Ekalesia i le Ali’i Ka’i Sunset
Dinner i le afiafi o le aso Lulu ua tuana’i ina ia fa’amanuia ai le aso o Tina i lenei tausaga. O
le ‘aiga sa fa’ai’u i ai se asiasiga ma le maimoaga i le Alititai o le Atlantis Submarine Tour i le
Waikiki Beach. Aulelei toe matagofie mea uma! Fa’afetai Tama - mai tina uma! [ata: Leua Aiono Frost]
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samoa news, Tuesday, May 21, 2013 Page 5
Congratulations to
the 2013 Boy Scouts of America Distinguished Citizen Honoree
g{x `Éáà exäxÜxÇw ]É{Ç dâ|ÇÇ jx|àéxÄ? U|á{ÉÑ Éy ftÅÉt@ ctzÉ ctzÉ
Friends & Supporters of the Boy Scouts Program
The Most Reverend John Quinn Weitzel, Bishop of Samoa- Pago Pago
First Lady Cynthia Malala Moliga
Honorable Lt. Governor Lemanu Mauga & Mrs. Pohalani Mauga
Vicar General, Reverend Father Viane Etuale
Tafuna Parish
Iliili Parish
Star Kist Samoa
Lydia Nomura & Patricia Letuli
Talalemotu Mauga
FAX Cargo
Abe Malae & the American Samoa Power Authority
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Trophies & Things
Lions Club
We extend our sincere gratitude to all who have and continue to support the Boy Scouts program in American Samoa.
The Second Annual Distinguished Citizenship Award dinner was a huge success due to your support, donations, and
attendance. Again, thank you for supporting the Boy Scouts of Program in American Samoa.
Fa’atulou i ou pa’ia Samoa, ‘ae avea ia lenei avanoa lelei e molimoli atu ai le agaga fa’afetai tele. O le fuafuaga o le
Fa’ailoga Pito Maualuga o le Tautua o le Tagata Nu’u i le Afioga i le Epikopo Vaopunimatagi Ioane Kuine Weitzel, sa
matua’i maualuga ona o lo outou ‘auai mai ma le sapasapaia malosi o lenei fa’amoemoe. Toe faafetai tele atu ia te
outou uma mo lou sapasapaia iloga mo le Porokalame Sikauti i totonu o Amerika Samoa.
Page 6
samoa news, Tuesday, May 21, 2013
First lady Michelle Obama thanks Mustapha Williams, left, after he introduced her to give the
commencement address to graduates of Martin Luther King, Jr. Academic Magnet High School
(AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)
on Saturday, May 18, 2013, in Nashville, Tenn. by Joyetter Feagaimaali’i-Luamanu
Samoa News Reporter
GUILTY PLEA Ekelagi Ofagalilo of Sogi has entered a
guilty plea to third degree assault, which was
amended from attempted deviate sexual assault
on allegations that she tried to grab a boy’s privates. Ofagalilo 30, was initially charged with
attempted deviate sexual assault and endangering the welfare of a child, but she settled
with the plea.
Associate Justice Lyle L Richmond accepted
the plea agreement and scheduled sentencing on
June 20, 2013. According to the government’s
case, the criminal complaint was launched on
allegations that Ofagalilo allegedly touched a
13-year-old boy inappropriately.
Ofagalilo is out on bail of $5,000 and is
represented by Acting Public Defender Leslie
Cardin while prosecuting this matter is Deputy
Attorney General Mitzie Jessop.
The incident came to light when the mother
of the victim filed a complaint after she was told
that Ofagalilo had allegedly attempted to touch
her son’s private parts and also pulled down his
shorts and grabbed his buttocks. Police spoke to
the 13-year-old who said the incident occurred
when they went swimming. Police spoke to
the 30-year-old woman who admitted that she
jumped on his back, but said that was because
they were playing rugby.
A man in his 20’s who pleaded guilty to a
single count of stealing in connection with a
burglary case was sentenced to 300 hours of
community service as part of his five years probation. Pogia was initially facing two charges
of second degree burglary and two counts of
stealing, but in a plea deal with the government
he pled guilty to the stealing count while the
remaining charges were dismissed.
The defendant was sentenced to five years
in jail, however execution of sentence was
suspended and he’s placed on probation for a
period of five years under certain conditions.
Associate Justice Lyle L Richmond sentenced
the defendant to time served, and also ordered
that he undergo 300 hours of community service and pay $200. Samoa News understands
the defendant was accompanied by two other
men who have yet to be charged and prosecuted
in this same matter.
According to the government’s case, a man
reported to police that on August 9, 2012 his
residence was broken into, where his piggy
bank containing $200, a pair of slippers, several baseball caps, miscellaneous items and a 22
rifle were stolen. It’s alleged a witness informed
police that he saw Pogia remove items from
the residence in question. Court filings say the
defendant was seen with a DVD player, two
bottles of wine, a piggy bank, a diamond watch
and a gold chain.
At the residence where Pogia was staying,
police confiscated a DVD player and this item
was identified by the victim as his property. The
defendant admitted to police that he had broken
into the victim’s residence twice and gained
entrance through a hole in the wall and taken
the items.
Pogia told police that he used the money
from the piggy bank to buy food and sold the
rifle for $130. A majority of the items removed
were returned to the owner.
A 28-year-old man who had a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old girl has entered into
a plea agreement with the government. Tusitala
Afaese also known as Faaofo was charged
with rape, sodomy, deviate sexual assault,
first degree sexual abuse and endangering the
welfare of a child, but he has agreed to enter
a guilty plea to deviate sexual assault, sexual
assault first degree and endangering the welfare
of a minor, while the rape and sodomy counts
were dismissed as part of the plea agreement.
Associate Justice Lyle L Richmond accepted
the plea agreement and scheduled sentencing
for the defendant on June 27, 2013. The deviate
sexual assault is a class C felony which carries
a jail term of up to seven years in jail, and the
sexual abuse count is a class D felony punishable up to five years in jail while the endangerment count is a misdemeanor, punishable up to
one year in prison, and a fine of up to $1,000. According to the government’s case, the
incident came to light when the girl’s father
asked the police for assistance to search of his
daughter who had run away from home. The
case was assigned to police officer Kimberly
The victim told police she met the defendant
through a friend and had known him for a week;
she alleged they had sex on four separate occasions, once on Feb. 15, 2013 and three times
the next day. The defendant told police that the
girl called him and they met behind a church in
Tafuna, according to court filings.
White House says
more farm subsidy cuts needed
WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration said
Monday it wants to see more cuts to agriculture subsidies in a
massive farm bill moving through the Senate this week.
The bill would cost almost $100 billion a year over five years
and would set policy for farm programs and food aid.
The legislation would cut about $2.4 billion annually from
overall farm spending and would eliminate a controversial
subsidy that is paid to farmers whether they farm or not. But it
would still expand federally subsidized crop insurance and raise
subsidies for rice and peanut farmers.
In a statement, the White House said it supports the legislation but would like to see more savings in the crop insurance
and farm subsidy programs. It did not specify how large a cut it
was seeking.
Almost $80 billion of the annual cost of the bill is for domestic
food aid, with most of the rest of the money split between farm
subsidies, crop insurance and programs to protect environmentally sensitive land.
The Senate began debating the bill Monday afternoon, with
Senate Agriculture Committee chairwoman Debbie Stabenow,
D-Mich., saying she expects several amendments to be offered
on the crop insurance program.
Stabenow and other farm-state senators have argued that crop
insurance should be maintained and even expanded because it
protects farmers when they need it most and farmers contribute
to the program.
Critics say federal contributions to crop insurance are too
generous and subsidize big business.
Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., offered the first crop insurance
amendment Monday, proposing an end to $33 million a year in
insurance policies for tobacco farmers.
A buyout for tobacco farmers enacted nine years ago is
phasing out government payments to tobacco farmers, but many
of them still receive crop insurance.
“It turns out Joe Camel’s nose has been under the tent this
whole time in terms of crop insurance subsidies,” McCain said,
referring to a character that used to appear on boxes of Camel
Cuts to the food stamp program are also expected to be a
contentious issue on the Senate floor.
The administration statement did not say whether President
Barack Obama supports $400 million in annual cuts to the food
stamp program contained in the Senate bill.
The statement said it supports the food stamp program, now
known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or
SNAP, but did not specifically mention the cuts.
The Obama administration has been stronger in opposing
cuts to SNAP in the House farm bill, which are about five times
higher than the cuts in the Senate bill.
Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said Monday that he is
“deeply concerned” about the House food stamp cuts, which he
said would “deny struggling families and their children access
to food assistance.”
Though Senate Democrats have generally opposed cutting
food stamps, Stabenow included the small cuts in the Senate
version of the bill to try and appease House Republicans who
say the program is too expensive.
The legislation approved by the House Agriculture Committee last week would cut about $2.5 billion a year, or a little
more than 3 percent, from SNAP, which is used by 1 in 7
The House legislation would achieve the cuts partly by eliminating what is called categorical eligibility, or giving people
automatic food stamp benefits when they sign up for certain
other programs.
It also would save dollars by targeting states that give people
who don’t have heating bills very small amounts of heating
assistance so they can automatically qualify for higher food
stamp benefits.
The Senate bill, also approved in committee last week, saves
money in the food stamp program only by targeting the heating
assistance dollars.
While calling for deeper cuts to subsidies, the White House
also called for Congress to maintain the strong safety net farmers
have now. Current farm programs expire Sept. 30.
“It is critical that the Congress pass legislation that provides
certainty for rural America and includes needed reforms and
savings,” the White House said.
samoa news, Tuesday, May 21, 2013 Page 7
GHC Reid & Co., Ltd.
‘Oloa O Leala’ / Your Family of Fine Beverages
Tafuna Industrial Park.
Agents for the Lloyds of London
Samoa Pacific Shipping, Inc.
of Pago Pago
proudly present
SATURDAY, MAY 25TH, 2013 • Shot Gun 7:00AM
“Have Fun & Help a Child”
• Scramble
• 6:30 am Check In
• 3-Player Team • Shot Gun start at
$250 per team 7:00am SHARP
A raffle will be held at the Golf
Course the day of the tournament
with great prizes donated by:
Drawing May 25, 2013 @ 1pm Iliili
Golf Course
Hole-In-One #13
Sponsored by
Samoa Napa
• Closest-To-The-Hole
on all Par 3’s - $20
• Long Drive #10
For more information, call
Victor:. 699-6000
Page 8
samoa news, Tuesday, May 21, 2013
Happy Belated Birthday
Lyllah Vaiaoga Fepulea’i
Although yesterday was THE day...we’ve
opted to celebrate today because that’s how
things are done once you’ve reached these
special years! lol!
We thank Heavenly Father for yet another
year in your life and we thank YOU for
everything that you do and all that you are.
We love you.
Your eternal companion; Maea
Your children; Lorlan, Russell and Dallin
All your friends and family here and abroad
Also from Evaga & Judy
AG’s office declare
themselves ready with
‘vigorous defense’
against ASGERF board
by Joyetter
Samoa News Reporter
The Attorney General’s
office stated that they will be
ready with a vigorous defense
on behalf of Governor Lolo
a lawsuit filed by the current Board of trustees of the
American Samoa Government
Employees Retirement Fund
(ASGERF) for declaratory
and injunctive relief regarding
the governor’s recent nominations of the new Retirement
Board for confirmation by the
The members of the
ASGERF board who are
named plaintiffs in the law-
suit are Aleki Sene Sr, Faoa
Aitofele Sunia, Fanene Morris
Scanlan and Magalei Logovi’I,
who are represented by Marcellus Talaimalo Uiagalelei.
Deputy Attorney General
Eleasalo Ale who heads the
Civil Division with the AG’s
office, responded briefly to
Samoa News queries sent for
the government’s response
in this matter. On behalf of
the government, Deputy AG
Ale noted they will file their
written response to the parties
and the court in this matter in
due time.
response to the Complaint,
which will be filed in due
course, will set forth in detail
why the court should summarily discard this action,”
said Ale. In the lawsuit filed
against the governor last week,
the plaintiffs point out the
Governor has no just cause to
remove them as Trustees.
They point out they are
trustees of the ASGERF Board
and despite their appointments
having expired for many years,
they remain as trustees of the
Board as their replacements
were never nominated by the
Governor nor confirmed by the
Also, they point out that by
law the governor is obligated
to consult with plaintiffs, and
the governor failed to do that
prior to his nominations made
to the Fono on Feb. 25, 2013
and therefore the nominations
are invalid pursuant to applicable law.
The plaintiffs also point out
that the governor’s nominations have not been confirmed
by the Legislature and the governor has expressed his wish
for his nominees to immediately begin work as the new
The plaintiffs also note that
the nominees have expressed
their desire to enter ASGERF
facilities and offices to carry
out their duties as Trustees.
According to the lawsuit
filed last week, the plaintiffs are
asking the court to declare that
they are the proper Trustees for
the ASGERF Board and ask
the court to declare the governor’s nominations made to the
Legislature on Feb. 25, 2013 as
invalid, which should therefore
be rescinded.
They further ask the court to
grant injunctive relief against
the governor and that the court
grant other relief it may deem
equitable and just.
Reach reporter at joy@ C
E le o aafia le Tri
Marine i tulafono fou
a le malo feterale i
tulaga o faiga faiva
faaliliu Ausage Fausia
Ua faamaonia mai e le sui sooupu o le kamupani a le Tri
Marine ia Dan Sullivan e faapea, e le o aafia le latou kamupani i
ni isi o tulafono ua tuuina atu e le malo feterale i auala e faatino
ai lana auaunaga i tulaga e pei o le teuina ma le fagotaina o i’a
mo le gaosia o ana oloa o lo o auina atu i maketi i fafo.
O ni isi o ia tulafono fou e aofia ai le faaaoga o auala e faasao
ai le i’a o le tafolå (dolphin) mai le fagotaina i taimi e fagota ai
e vaa fagota le tuna mo le gaosia o apa meaai o lo o auina atu i
maketi i fafo.
I le vaiaso na te’a nei na faaalia ai e ni isi o kamupani i’a
tetele se tolu i totonu o le malo o Amerika e pei o le StarKist Co,
Bumble Bee Foods, LLC ma le Chicken of the Sea International,
ona o le tulafono fou na faamatuu mai e le Vaega o Faiga Faiva i
luga o le sami, (U.S National Marine Fishery Services) i le tatau
lea ona faailoa i faamaumauga o fagotaga ituaiga i’a o lo o maua
mai e vaa fagota, ina ia mautinoa ai e le o fagotaina ai ma le i’a
o le tafolå (dolphin).
“O le tulafono fou lea ua tuuina mai e le malo feterale mo
kamupani i’a uma lava i totonu o Amerika, e le o aafia ai le
kamupani a le Tri Marine e pei ona faatinoina ai lana tautua i
totonu o Amerika Samoa,” o le saunoaga lea a Sullivan.
Ina ua fesiligia e le Samoa News ituaiga kamupani o lo o
aafia i le tulafono lenei na taua ai e Sullivan e faapea, “o kamupani uma lava o lo o latou gaosiina taumafa e maua mai i le i’a o
le tuna, e tatau ona faamaonia latou te le o faaaogaina le ituaiga
i’a o le tafolå, e pei ona taua i le teuteuga fou o le tulafono a le
feterale ua tuuina mai.”
E pei ona silafia, o le Tri Marine lea ua latou faaaogaina le
nofoaga tuai sa i ai le kamupani i’a ua tapunia nei o le COS
Samoa Packing i Atuu, ma ua faamoemoe o le tausaga fou e
tatalaina ai la latou lala fou lea, i lalo o le faatautaiga a le isi ona
lala e taua o le Samoa Tuna Processor Inc.
Pau le isi vaega taua o le a faamautuina ai le faaauau o le
tautua fou a le Samoa Tuna Processor Inc, o le talia lea e le
vaega a le U.S Army Corps of Engineer o le talosaga mo se
pemita latou te toe fausia ai vaega o sima o lo o siomia ai le
kamupani ua amata ona solo i lalo.
Ina ua fesiligia Sullivan i le tulaga ua i ai la latou galuega lea
sa ia taua ai e faapea, o lo o latou galulue soosoo tauau pea le
Vaega o Inisinia a le U.S Army Corps mo le taliaina o le latou
talosaga, ma o lo o i ai le faamoemoe e tatau ona talia i le masina
fou lea talosaga.
O le masina na te’a nei na tatala aloaia ai le faleaisa a le kamupani lea ua faamoemoe e teu i ai i’a pe a maua mai e vaa fagota,
ma le faamoemoe ia fesoasoani i le faaleleia atili o le tautua a
le kamupani mo le gaoisina lea o taumafa i totonu o le atunuu.
Fesootai mai i le tusitala ia [email protected]
O nisi o fanau aoga o le vasega tolu a le aoga a le South
Pacific Academy na mafai ona maua le avanoa e asiasi atu ai i
[ata foai]
le Star Kist Samoa i le Aso Lua o le vaiaso ua tuanai.
samoa news, Tuesday, May 21, 2013 Page 9
O se tasi o tama’ita’i na fa’ai’u manuia fo’i ana taumafaiga mai le Iunivesite o Hawaii - Hilo i
[ata: Leua Aiono Frost]
le vaiaso na te’a nei.
(684) 252-5569
EMAIL: [email protected]
Saunia: L.A.F./Naenae Productions
O le aso Gafua na tulai ai i luma o le Faamasinoga Maualuga se alii ua molia i le fasioti
tagata faamoemoeina ona o le maliu ai o le
tama o lona toalua. O le moliaga ua molia ai
nei Michael Toleafoa o Faleatiu na mafua ina
ua ia faaoolima i le tama o lona toalua o Saisaofai Alai Agalelei o Fasitootai, i se agaese ma
sa faapea ona maliu ai lea tama ona o le tuga o
ona manu’a. Na tupu lea faalavelave i le vaiaso
ao loma le aso Sa o Tina ma na mafua i se feeseeseaiga a lea alii ma lona toalua. Sa molimauina lea feeseeseaiga e le tama o lona toalua
ma sa faapea ona aofia ai ma ia i le tetee atu lea i
le toalua o lona afafine. Sa alu ese le faiava mai
le latou fale, ae o le vaveao o le aso na sosoo ai
sa toe alu ane ai o ia ma se agaese ma ia osofaia
ai loa le tama o lona toalua seia oo ina uma lona
ola. Ua toe tolopo nei lea mataupu i le aso 3 o
Iuni ona o lo o tau faamaea suesuega a leoleo. O
lo o taofia pea Michael Toleafoa i le toese e talia
ai lona faamasinoga.
O se tasi o mataupu sa soalaupuleina i le
amataga o le vaiaso nei i le Fonotele i Malua, o
le ono faasaina lea o meaalofa faaleaganuu, ona
o popolega ua faaaalia e le toatele i le tele o le
mativa ma le le tagolima. “O le mafuaaga lea o
le le tagolima o tagata,” o le manatu faaalia lea
o se tasi o Toeaina o le ekalesia. Na soalaupuleina lea mataupu e le faitau selau o le au usufono e aofia ai faafeagaiga, o sui o komiti ma
tagata lotu o le ekalesia ma sa latou talanoaina le
moomia o le taofia loa o meaalofa faaleaganuu
o lo o tuuina atu i faafeagaiga i falavelave e pei
o maliu, faaipoipoga ma saofai. Na faaalia, o le
taimi e fai ai ia faalavelave, e fai ai saoga a aiga
i tupe, meaai, o ietoga ma isi galuega taulima.
Ae le taulia ai sua a faifeau, o alofa o faifeau
ma taulaga eseese lea e alu ai le oo atu i le afa
o tupe maua a nei tagata lotu. Na saunoa se tasi
o faafeagaiga, ua tatau ona faasa loa meaalofa
e tuuina i faifeau I ia faalavelave e pei o tupe
ma sua, ina ia faamama avega ai i tagata lotu.
Fai mai a ia, o se tasi lea o tulaga o lo o mafua
ai le matitiva ma le le tagolima o tagata lotu ma
ua tatau i taitai o le ekalesia ona taulamua i le
aveeseina o ia faiga ua avea ma avega mamafa
i tagata lotu. Na ia faaalia foi, o se tasi foi lea o
mafuaaga ua liu lotu ai tagata lotu o le ekalesia.
Ua sauni le vaega faaupufai o lo o agaia le
malo, le Tautua Samoa e tuufaatasia se mau
e teena ai le tala faatatau o le tupe a le malo
mo le tausaga faaletupe o lo o loma nei, ma ua
talosagaina e le taitai o le Itu Agai, le afioga
Palusalue Faapo II, ia le afioga Faumuina Tiatia
Liuga ina ia fai le tulaga aupito i aloaia e ala
i lona faamavae loa mai lona tofiga minisita o
Tupe. O lo o faavae lea talosaga a le taitai o le
(Faaauau itulau 10)
Page 10
samoa news, Tuesday, May 21, 2013
Amata Poloka Ofisa
Leoleo mo le
faamalosia tulafono
luga o le alatele
tusia Ausage Fausia
Capt. Muagututia John Cendrowski.
➧ Tala Mai Samoa…
[ata: AF]
Mai itulau 9
Tautua Samoa i le faaiuga o le palota faalilolilo a le HRPP sa faia i le latou fono faatopetope sa
usuia i le vaiaso na sei mavae nei, ona o faasea a sui e toa 19 o lea vaega i faaiuga a le alii minisita.
O le iuga o lea palota faalilolilo e toa 7 na palota ina ia aofia ai le tofi minisita o Tupe i ni suiga
e faia i sui o le kapeneta, toatolu na mananao e aveesea le tofi minisita o Tupe mai ia Faumuina,
ae toaiva na mananao e tumau pea Faumuina i le tofi minisita o Tupe. “O lo o manino lava le
iuga o lea palota faalilolilo,” le saunoaga lea a Palusalue. “E toa 10 e lei mananao e tumau pea
Faumuina i le tofi minisita o Tupe, ma ua tatau loa i le alii minisita ona fai le mea aupito i aloaia,
o le faamavae loa mai lona tofiga.” Fai mai a ia, e mataga lenei mataupu ona o lo o maitau mai
e isi atunuu aemaise o atunuu o lo o maua mai ai seleni e faatupe ai galuega tetele a le malo. Na
saunoa le afioga Palusalue, ua sauna le latou vaega faaupufai e faatu se mau na ia faia se palota o
le le faatuatuaina faasaga ia Faumuina pe a toe tauaofia le Palemene.
Ua faaaogaina nei mo le taimi muamua le taaloga o le pele suipi, o se taaloga ua loa tausaga o
taaalo ma fiafia ai tagata Samoa, i se sailiga seleni aloaia ma e oo atu faailoga o lenei tauvaga i le
$10,000 mo le pele taitoatasi, ae $50,000 mo le pele fai au. O le kamupani o le Village Life Group
o lo o latou tuufaatasia lenei tauvaga e saili ai se seleni mo le toe fausia o ni faleaoga mo le aoga
a Manumalo Baptist School i Leone, Apia. O lea aoga e tulalata i le vaitafe o le Vaisigano ma sa
matua afaina i lologa na tulai mai i le afa o Eveni. Na saunoa se sui o le Village Life Group, o le
a fausia ia faleaoga i ni fausaga maualuga ina ia foia ai le faafitauli na tulai mai i le afa o Eveni.
O le aso 24 o le masina nei e amata ai lenei tauvaga ma e valu aso o le a faagasolo ai ae faamaea
i le aso 4 o Iuni.
Se vaaiga i le amata galulue ai o ni isi o le aufaigaluega o le Ofisa o Paka ma Malaetaalo i le
taeao ananafi, i le faataotoina lea o le faitoto’a e ulufale atu ai i totonu o le Malaeoletalu i Fagatogo, lea o le a amata ona fausia le pa filifili e si’omia ai le malae.
O le itula e 6:00 i le taeao ananafi na amata aloaia ai le poloka
faapitoa a le Matagaluega o le Puipuiga o le Saogalemu Lautele
mo le lua vaiaso e faamalosia tulafono i luga o le alatele e pei o
le fusi o le fusipa’u; nofoa mo le saogalemu o fanau laiti i totonu
o le taavale; ave taavale ‘ona atoa ai ma le ave taavale saoasaoa.
O le poloka o lo o faatautaia e le Vaega o le Traffic Division
a le Ofisa o Leoleo, i lalo o le taitaiga a Captain Muagututia
John Cendrowski, lea na amata ananafa ae mae’a i le aso 2 o
Iuni, 2013.
O lenei polokalame o lo o galulue faatasi ai le Matagaluega o
Leoleo ma le vaega o le Puipuiga i luga o le Alatele a le Feterale
(Federal Highway).
O se suiga i nei poloka, o le a le toe faia poloka masani e pei
ona faatutu ai a latou faailoilo i vaega faapitoa o le auala e pei o
luma o le CBT i Nu’uuli ma luma o le Evalani i Pago Pago, ae ua
faaaoga vaega eseese o le auala e pei o Satala, Nu’uuli ma Iliili
lea na maitauina ai pasika ma taavale a leoleo o lo o paka solo ai
i le taeao ananafi mo le amataina o le latou.
Saunoa Muagututia e faapea, o le faia o poloka masani a
leoleo o se gaioiga e le faatagaina i le tulafono.
“O le autu o le polokalame lenei o le toe faamalosia lea o le
saogalemu o tagata i soo se taimi, ina ia iloa e le atunuu o lo o
faatinoina pea la latou tiute o le faamanatu atu lea o gaioiga e
tatau ona faia i luga o le alatele i soo se taimi, ina ia taofia ai le
tulai mai o ni faalavelave e ono maimau ai soifua o e pele i o
tatou aiga,” o le saunoaga lea a Muagututia.
I le lua vaiaso talu ai na tulai mai ai ni faalavelave tau
taavale na aafia ai ni tamaiti laiti se toalua, ma sa maitauina ai
i ia faalavelave le le tausisia e ave taavale o tulafono e pei o le
faaaogaina lea o nofoa mo fanau atoa ai ma le fusia o fusipa’u
a fanau laiti.
“O le faalavelave muamua na aafia ai se pepe faatoa 6 vaiaso
le matua, sa nononofo ma lona tina i le nofoa pito i tua o le
taavale i le taimi na lavea ai le taavale, pau le itu e laki ai e le’i
manu’a se vaega o le tino o lea alualutoto e ui e fai lava si matuia
o le faalavelave na tulai mai,” o le saunoaga lea a Muagututia.
O le faalavelave lona lua na aafia ai se tamaititi e 8 tausaga le
matua, ina ua lavea se taavale ma manu’a mitimiti ai o ia, ae na
maua i ripoti e le’i fusia lona fusipa’u.
Sa i ai se polokalame na faatautaia e le Ofisa o Leoleo i ni
taimi ua tuana’i, e maua ai e matua nofoa e faaaoga e fanau laiti
i totonu o taavale e aunoa ma se totogi, ae talu ai ua le toe maua
lea auaunaga, ua fautuaina malosi ai matua ina ia faatau ni nofoa
mo fanau mai faleoloa i le atunuu, ina ia mautinoa ai lo latou
saogalemu i soo se taimi e malaga ai i luga o le auala.
O se tasi o faafitauli o lo o maitauina pea i le atunuu e pei
ona saunoa Muagututia i le taimi nei, seiloga lava e oo i taimi
e faalauiloa ai poloka a le matagaluega o leoleo e faamalosia ai
tulafono e pei o fusipa’u ona faatoa usita’i foi lea o le atunuu e
faamau a latou fusipa’u.
“O le fa’amauina o lou fusipa’u o se galuega e tatau ona faia
i taimi uma ma aso uma, soo se taimi e te oso ai i totonu o lau
taavale, ia e manatua fusi muamua lau fusipa’u, e le o se matou
galuega le faamanatu atu ia te oe e fusi lau fusipa’u, ae o ni isi
taimi, a maua e leoleo se ave taavale e le o fusia lona fusipa’u,
ona fai mai lea o le mau alofaga e faapea mai e a ma a, faamolemole, o le tulafono mo le fusiina o le fusipa’u e mo tagata uma
e aofia ai tina ma’itaga ma tagata lapopo’a, ae le faapitoa mo na
o se vaega o tagata,” o le fautuaga lea a Muagututia.
I le mataupu mo tamaiti e nonofo i tua o keli o pikiapu, na
taua e Muagututia e faapea, o le isi lea mataupu o lo o tuu fesili i
ai le toatele, peitai o le faafitauli o lo o i ai, e le o i ai se tulafono
e faasa ai ona tietie fanau laiti i tua o keli o pikiapu i le teritori,
e ui e le o faatagaina i le setete lata mai o Hawaii ma totonu o le
malo tele lea tulaga.
O le taimi nei, o lo o galulue faatasi le Matagaluega o Leoleo
ma le Ofisa o le Loia Sili mo le tuu faatasia o se tulafono e
puipuia ai fanau mai le nonofo i tua o keli o pikiapu, ma le
faamoemoe e tuuina atu i luma o le Fono Faitulafono pe a maea
ona tuu faatasia lea tulafono mo sa latou faaiuga.
Saunoa Muagututia e faapea, e ui o taavale pikiapu e faalagolago tele i ai aiga Samoa mo taimi o faalavelave atoa ai ma le
faiga o galuega ma feau, peitai e le taofia ai le galuega lelei e
tatau ona faia, o le puipuia lea o le saogalemu o fanau laiti atoa
ai ma soo se tagata.
Fesootai mai i le tusitala ia [email protected]
samoa news, Tuesday, May 21, 2013 Page 11
Talofa Video
tusia Ausage Fausia
O le alii lea na tausala e le
Faamasinoga Maualuga i lona
gaoia o ni oloa mai totonu o se
fale sa ia osofaia i le masina
o Aokuso o le tausaga na te’a
nei, ua faanofovaavaaia mo le
lima tausaga, ae ua lava le tolu
ma le afa masina na taofia ai o
ia i le falepuipui e fai ma ona
faasalaga i lenei mataupu.
Ua poloaina Jess Pogia e
le faamasinoga na te faatinoina ni galuega mo le atunuu
lautele mo le 300 itula, i lalo o
le vaavaaiga a le Ofisa Nofovaavaaia, faatasi ai ma lona toe
totogia o le $200 i le tagata e
ana le fale sa ia gaoia.
Na faamanino e le afioga i
le alii faamasino sili lagolago
ia Lyle L. Richmond e faapea,
e faalua ona talepe e Pogia le
fale o le aiga na aafia i Tafuna
i le masina o Aokuso 2012,
ma gaoi se tama’i pusa sa teu
ai tupe, o le ituaiga fana o le
‘.22 rifle’, o se uati ma se DVD
player. Na toe maua e leoleo
isi mea na gaoia e Pogia sei
vagana ai le tupe e $200 sa ia
faailoa i leoleo sa faaaoga e
faatau ai ana meaai, ae o le fana
sa ia faatauina atu i le $130.
Na faatoese Pogia i le faamasinoga e tusa ai o lana solitulafono sa faia, ma ia talosagaina ai le faamasinoga ina ia
faamagalo o ia.
O ni isi o tuutuuga o le
nofovaavaaia a Pogia e aofia ai
le faasa ona ia toe soli se tulafono, aua foi ne’i o latou toe
fesoota’i ma ana uo sa latou
aafia i lenei mataupu.
I faamaumauga a le faamasinoga o lo o taua ai e faapea,
o Pogia ma ni isi alii talavou se
toalua na latou osofaia le fale a
le aiga na aafia, ma latou gaoi
mai ai ni isi o mea aoga, peitai i
le faaiuga o suesuega a le malo,
na molia ai na o Pogia ae leai ni
moliaga na faia faasaga i isi alii
e toalua.
O le tamaitai e 30 tausaga le
matua lea na tuuaia i lona faia
o ni uiga mataga i se tamaititi e 13 tausaga le matua, ua
ia tautino i le Faamasinoga
Maualuga e faamaonia tuuaiga
faasaga ia te ia.
O Ekelagi Ofagalilo na
ulua’i tuuaia e le malo i le
moliaga mamafa o le taumafai
e faia ni uiga mataga faafeusuaiga faasaga i se tamaititi
laititi atoa ai ma le moliaga
mama o le faia o gaioiga e ono
lamatia ai le saogalemu o fanau
laiti, ae i lalo o se maliliega lea
na latou sainia ma le malo ma
ua talia foi e le faamasinoga,
ua ia tali ioe ai i le moliaga
muamua lea ua toe teuteu e le
malo, ina ia faailoa ai le solitulafono mama o le faaoolima
i le tulaga tolu, ae solofua ai le
I le tali ioe ai o Ofagalilo
i le moliaga e pei ona tausala
ai o ia e le faamasinoga, sa ia
ioeina ai lona tagofia o itutino
o se tamaititi na aafia i se auala
e le tusa ai ma le tulafono.
O le aso 20 Iuni lea ua faatulaga e le faamasinoga e tuuina
atu ai lana faasalaga faasaga ia
O le tamaitai loia ia Leslie
Cardin na tulai mo le ua molia,
ae o le tamaitai loia ia Julie
Pasquale na tulai mo le itu a le
O le afioga i le alii faamasino lagolago ia Lyle L. Richmond na faatautaia le iloiloga
o lenei mataupu, i le lagolagosua a afioga i alii faamasino
lagolago ia Mamea Sala Jr ma
Muasau T. Tofili.
Lawyers to get Boston
bombing suspect prison files
BOSTON (AP) — A judge approved a request Monday
by Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s
defense attorneys to receive records compiled on him in federal
prison. U.S. Magistrate Judge Marianne Bowler said in her order
that prison officials should give attorneys the daily activity logs,
suicide watch logs, psychology data files, photographs, commissary files they requested, and other records.
The judge said prosecutors also are entitled to the records,
turning down a defense request that the records not be provided
to the government until the defense had a chance to file objections to a judge. She also found no reason to keep private the
defense’s sealed request. Bowler ruled Friday that defense lawyers couldn’t take their own photos of Tsaraev in prison, but said
prison officials could take photos of Tsarnaev with his lawyers
present. Those also would be shared with prosecutors.
She said that defense lawyers contended Tsarnaev’s “injuries
over time” could provide evidence of his “evolving mental and
physical state” and whether his statements were voluntary.
Also Monday, prosecutors and defense attorneys filed a joint
motion to delay a May 30 probable cause hearing at least until
July 2, saying they need more time to obtain and review evidence. They also cited the complex legal issues in the case. Federal prosecutors had said Friday they would ask for more time
to indict Tsarnaev than the 30-day period prescribed under the
Federal Speedy Trial Act.
O le alii 32 tausaga le matua
mai Aua lea na tausala i lona
faaaoga o se laupapa e sasa
ai le papatua o se alii la te
tuaoi, ua faanofovaavaaia mo
le 12 masina i luma o le Faamasinoga Faaitumalo i lalo
o poloaiga faapitoa e ao ona
usita’i i ai e aofia ai lona auai
i ni aoaoga e fesoasoani ai i le
tulaga o le ita, aua nei ona toe
faatupuina se vevesi i va o ia
ma latou aiga tuaoi, ma ia ona
totogia le $74.50 o le pili o le
falema’i mo le alii na aafia.
O le mataupu na tuuaia ai
James Ve’a na tulai mai i le
masina o Fepuari 2013 i Aua,
ina ua tau upu le ua molia ma
se alii la te tuaoi, e mafua mai
i le paipa na pa ina ua oso ai i
luga le pikiapu a le alii na aafia,
ma faaiu ai le taugaupu ina ua
faaaoga e Ve’a se laupapa e
sasa ai le papatua o le alii na
Na faatoese le ua molia i le
faamasinoga e tusa ai o lana
solitulafono sa faia, sa ia faatoese foi i le alii na aafia i lenei
mataupu ina ia faamagalo o ia.
I faamaumauga a le faamasinoga na taua ai e faapea, ua
maea ona toe faaleleia le vevesi
na tulai mai i le va o Ve’a ma le
alii na aafia, ma ua toe lelei le
la mafutaga e oo mai i le taimi
O Ve’a na ta’usala i le
solitulafono o le faaoolima i
le tulaga tolu, ae solofua e le
faamasinoga le moliaga mama
o le faatupu vevesi i nofoaga
The Last Stand • Parker
Stand Up Guys 8 Love Sick Love
Pavaiai 699-7206 • Nuuuli 699-1888 • Fagatogo 633-2239
Approximately 1,550 square feet of
prime retail/office space on the ground floor
of this building in Nu’uuli.
If interested please call 699-2100.
This month, Sky Pacific, will be changing satellites. You will need
your dishes re-aimed and subscribers with the 2 box decoding system
will need a new decoder, costing $150 if the 2 box decoding system is
returned, or $200 if it is not returned.
The present satellite signal will not be active after this month.
There will be a $50 re-alignment fee, to line up the new satellite.
Call 699-6853 to make an appointment, or email [email protected].
New Sky Pacific systems are available for $950 including
programming for one year. (Presently $500 a year).
If you are a rugby or tennis fan you cannot beat it, but there are movie
channels including Fox and Dollywood.
News channels, including BBC and CNN, cartoons, Discovery,
Nickelodeon, a total of 16 channels with more to come.
Page 12
samoa news, Tuesday, May 21, 2013
it’s at in
American Samoa
3250 Airport Road
Pago Pago AS 96799
Melie Mei Langi Company Limited, Inc.
Houa Ngaue: Monite - Tokonaki 9:00am - 4:00pm
Feitu’u: Maketi Tonga ‘i he hala Petesa ‘i Tafuna
‘Oku mau fiefia mo e loto hounga’ia, ke fakaha atu kainga
Tonga kuo fakaava hotau ‘ofisi Melie Mei Langi Company
Limited, Incorporated ‘i he Maketi Tonga ‘i Tafuna.
‘I he ngaahi va’a ‘i Tongatapu
mo e ngaahi ‘otu motu:
‘Eua, Ha’afeva, Nomuka, Ha’apai,
Niua Toputapu, Niua Fo’ou,
Vava’u, Fanga, Ma’ufanga, Lapaha
Hahake, mo Nukunuku
Ki hono fakaikiiki, kataki ‘o fetu’utaki mai ki he fika telefoni
699-0331 pe koe 252-3780.
Ko e ngaue kuo kamata:
• Talafi pa’anga
• Shopping – Fakatau mo
totongi ‘i heni kae ma’u
he famili ‘i Tonga
Jamie Chung arrives at the LA Premiere of “The Hangover: Part III” at the Westwood Vil(Photo by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP)
lage Theatre on Monday, May 20, 2013 in Los Angeles. Tamaiti A’oga Feso’ota’i
a le USP - Iapani Kizuna
tusia: Leua Aiono Frost
Island Funeral
in Nu’uuli
“Lean on Us in Your
Time of Need”
24 Hour Services
Aitulagi Building 2nd Floor
Fagaima Road
Ph: 699-3848
Fax: 699-3849
Fagatogo Square
Suite 308B
Ph: 633-3848
Fax: 633-3849
Business Hours are Monday - Friday 10:00am - 4:00pm
Ua mae’a fa’atautaia se fonotaga fa’ai’u a le
vasega e to’a 22 tamaiti a’oga i le Iunivesite o
le Pasefika i Saute i Alafua Samoa, o nisi na
malaga i Iapani mo le fa’amoemoe e amatalia ai
se latou so’o ma tamaiti a’oga fo’i a lea Malo.
O le pasese, nofoaga e alaalata’i ai, ma
totogi o feuiuia’iga uma i totonu o Iapani a
lenei ‘aumalaga fa’atasi ai ma le latou fa’atonu
fa’apitoa, na totogia uma e Iapani. Ua le na’o
tamaiti a’oga USP a Samoa Tuto’atasi na maua
lea fa’amanuiaga, ae sa i ai le aumalga o fanau
a’oga mai Fiti, Tonga ma le Atu Malesala sa
auai potopoto i lea fa’amoemoe i Kizuna. Iapani
i le fa’ai’uga o le tausaga ua te’a, 2012.
E ui ina ua umi o tatalia lenei toe fa’alauiloaga
aloa’ia o mea uma na faia i lea malaga i Kizuna,
ae ua fa’ailoa mai, “Ona sa po’ia le atunu’u i
le afa mata’utia i le fa’aiuga o le tausaga ua
te’a, ua matele ina fa’aleagaina ai feso’ota’iga
tai initeneti ma isi so’otaga fa’ale-vaomalo, o
lea ua fa’atuai ai lea fa’alauiloaga, ae peita’i,
ua fa’afetaia, ua fa’ataunu’uina nei, a’o loma le
isi malaga fa’apenei fo’i, a nisi tamaiti fou, i le
masina fou, i le tu’uaga fo’i o a’oga.” O se tala
mai lea a le tama’ita’i fa’atonu o le aumalaga,
Selepa Tipama’a.
I le polokalama fa’asolo sa fa’atino ai ni
molimau patino a le fanau na filifili e malaga e
to’atolu, avea ai i latou ma sui iloga o le to’a 22
o i latou na masi’i. O le susuga Polito sa avea
ma sui e saunia le tautalaga fa’asamoa, Miss
Fatu sa saunia le lipoti mae’ae’a i le gagana
peretania ma le tama’ita’i o Edwina Atonio sa
saunia le lipoti i le gagana Iapani.
O Ruben Matafeo sa ia saunia le polokalama
i le masini viliata, ma o ia lea sa fa’amatalaina
nofoaga uma sa mafai ona asia e i latou. O lea
lipoti mae’ae’a sa fa’ailo ai mafuaga e tolu sa
mafai ai e Iapani ona totogia nei aumalaga o
talavou a’oa’oina mai atunu’u o le pasefika, e
asia o latou laufanua.
- Ia auina mai i fafo tala sa’o i tulaga o le olaga
o tagata Iapani, le tulaga o i ai le tamaoaiga ma
ana oloa fa’atau mai i atunu’u i fafo, ma le lipoti
o aotelega o ni mea ua latou va’aia o se’ei ai le
soifuaga o tagata Iapani talu mai ona mae’a ona
sofa’i e mafui’e ma galulolo tetele.
- Ia fa’ailoa mai i o latou malo, le lava o
tapenaga a Iapani ina ia fesoasoani ai i malo tau
atina’e lo latou tamaoaiga ma ia mautu tomai
fa’atekonolosi i na lava fo’i malo.
- Ia aumaia fo’i i o latou malo se tala e tusa
o taumafaiga a Iapani ina ia so’ofa’atasi mai ma
atunu’u uma o le lalolagi e ala i le tausia o le va
lelei i mataupu tau faigamalo ma feso’ota’iga
tau oloa fa’atau atu i fafo.
O nofoaga sa asia e aofia ai le falegaosi
eletise o Iapani lea na matua papa ona tane o
lo’o i ai vaila’au o’ona ma sa masalomia ai le
fa’aleagaina o le tele o latou oloa fa’atau mai
i isi malo uma o le lalolagi. Na asia fo’i e i
latou le fale va’ai tau o lea malo, ma ua va’aia
e le fanau a’oga, le matua mamao o le atamai
fa’atekonolosi o lo’o i ai Iapani pe’a fa’atusalia
mai ia i tatou i le vasa pasefika.
O lea lava fa’atasiga, na tomua ai lava se tautalaga a le tama’ita’i Pule Sili o le USP i Alafua
Atualevao Ruby Va’a, ma sa ia mua’i fa’ailoa
mai, “Ona o lenei sao e ao lava ina faia, e tusa
pe ua tulata i le 6 masina talu ona tatau ona
fa’atino. O lenei sao e mo’omia mo le toe fuafuaina o le isi faigamalaga e soso’o mai, ae le
fesiligia le aoga o lea malaga i le soifua fia iloa
ma le tausaili o tatou alo na malaga fa’apitoa ai,
e fai ma ave fu’a a le tatou fo’i malo!”
O lea fa’atasiga, ina ua mae’a, sa faia se
tausamiga mama e fa’ailoa ai le fiafia tele o le
fanau sa malaga, fa’atasi ai ma le Pulega a le
USP Alafua.
samoa news, Tuesday, May 21, 2013 Page 13
se ia
Tusia: Akenese Ilalio Zec
Vaega: 59
Fa’atalofa atu i lou alafa’i mai i fanuga lelei i lenei taeao fou
i le alofa ma le agalelei o le Atua Soifua.
E ia i pea le fa’amoemoe maualuga o lo’o maua pea e le
mamalu o le atunu’u le soifua maunia ma le lagi e mama i le
alofa o le Atua.
Ae alo maia o le toe fa’aauauina fo’i lenei o la tatou tala
fa’asolo e pei ona masani ai, Alofa, se ia tiga.
Ua sauni nei mo lo’u fa’au’uga, ae ua fa’atalitali nei po’o le
a se tala mai i lo’u tama, ona o lea na fai mai e o’o ai i mo lo’u
Ua matou talatalanoa nei ma Ana, Ioane ma si a’u uo o Tino.
Ua mautinoa nei, e sili pe a ou va’alau i lo’u tama po’o le a
sana tali mai, ona fa’amautu ai lea o nisi mea e pei ona fuafuaina nei e si o’u tina tausi o Ana ma lo’u tuagane o Ioane ia
ae maise fo’i o Tino lea ua matou mafuta nei.
Na ou manatu vave i lea taimi le isi upu o le tusi a si o’u
tama, lea na fa’apea mai, na te le mautinoa pe o mai Makerita
ma Peteru pe leai, o lona uiga e fa’ailoga fesili lea tulaga, ae
pau lava le tagata ou te fia va’ai i ai, o si o’u tama.
Na uma nei la matou talanoaga i lea taimi, ma ua tu’u mai
e Ana ma Ioane ia maua ma Tino le avanoa ma te talatalanoa i
lea taimi. Na ou tu a’e nei i luga ma ou savali atu i le isi itu o
le potu, lea o lo’o i ai le togala’au matagofie lea e masani ona
galue ai si o’u tina tausi o Ana.
Na iloa mai e Tino le le tonu o lo’o mafaufau i lea taimi ma
o le ala lea na fesili mai ai ia te a’u, pe e i ai se mea o o’u popole
ai. Na tali atu i ai e tusa ma le tala na fai mai e si o’u tama ia te
a’u e uiga ia Makerita ma lo’u tuagane o Peteru.
Ua le tautala Tino i lea taimi, ae ua na o le tilotilo mai ia te
Na ou toe liliu nei ma ou toe tilotilo atu i le toaga la’au
matagofie lea ua tu mai nei i o’u luma, na fa’apea o’u mafaufauga, afai e le o’o mai lo’u tina o Makerita ma lo’u tuagane o
Peteru, o lona uiga ua ou iloa ai le tulaga o lo’o i ai le mafaufau
o Makerita ia te a’u. Afai fo’i e le mafai ona o’o mai, atonu
lava o lo’o pisi la’ua, ae peita’i, ia te a’u lava ia e tatau lava
ona o’o mai.
Na ou liliu nei ma ou tilotilo atu i si a’u uo o Tino, lea ua fa
tausaga o ma feoa’i ma mafuta, na ou iloa ai le tulaga o lo’o i
ai lona mafaufau i lea taimi.
E foliga mai o lo’o tu’u fesilisili pea lona mafaufau i le
tulaga o lo’o i ai a’u, ona o mea uma o lo’o tutupu i totonu o lo
matou aiga, ou te le i fa’aalia se mea e tasi ia Tino, ona i lo’u
manatu, e le o ni mea ia e tatau ona ia iloaina, aua ou te le iloa
pe tua mania la ma mafutaga.
“Averia, fa’amolemole tautala mai ia te a’u, ona ou iloa ai
lea o le mea lea e tupu, o lea ua i’u manuia lau taumafaiga, o lea
fo’i ua fa’ailoa mai e maualuluga lava ou togi na i lo isi tagata
sa outou ao’oga fa’atasi, sa i ai lo’u manatu o le a e fiafia, a’o
lea ou te va’ai atu, e tele mea o lo’o pogatia ai lou loto ma
lou mafaufau, fa’amolemole tautala mai ia te a’u ona ou malamalama ai lea, ae ‘aua le tu’u fa’apea, e ono tutupu mai ai nisi
mea e le tatau ona tutupu.”
Ua ou lagona le alofa i si nei tama, ua avea ma o’u fesoasoani i taimi uma a’o o’u taumafai atu mo a’u a’oa’oga. Ua
lagona fo’i le matamuli e fa’ailoa atu ia Tino le tulaga o lo’o i
ai lo’u aiga, ae maise ai o Makerita ma Peteru, o le ala lea na
ou tu’ua ai se i ai se taimi ona ma fetufa’ai ai lea.
O lava tulaga faigata o lo’o i ai nei lo’u aiga, ae sa ta’imua
pea la’u va’ai i si o’u tama e pele i lo’u loto.
O a fo’i faiga leaga ma le le alofa o lo’o fai e lo’u tina sa ma
fa’afesaga’i i aso uma o lo’u olaga, ae sa ou manatu ifo i lo’u
loto atonu e sau se aso ma se taimi e lagona ai e Makerita le
leaga o ana mea o lo’o fai nei ia te a’u, ae maise o si o’u tama.
Ua tonu nei i lo’u mafaufau, o le a ou fa’ailoa i si o’u tina
tausi o Ana fa’apea ma si o’u tuagane o Ioane lea o lo’o matou
mafuta i lenei taimi ia le tulaga ua o’o i ai, ae maise o le aso o
lo’u fa’au’uga mai le a’oga fa’aloia.
E faia pea
From left, Bradley Cooper, director Todd Phillips, Zach Galifianakis, and Ed Helms pose
together at the LA Premiere of “The Hangover: Part III” at the Westwood Village Theatre on
(Photo by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP)
Monday, May 20, 2013 in Los Angeles. TEPA I LE TA
tusia Ausage Fausia
A’o fefaloa’i ai le kovana sili ma matagaluega o le malo e faatatau i le mataupu e taofia ai
le toe faia o ni ovataimi i tagata faigaluega a le
malo, na tuuina atu ai e le Pule o le Ofisa o Tiute
ia Glen Lefiti sana tusi i le afioga i le kovana sili
ia Lolo Matalasi Moliga atoa ai ma le Teutupe a
le malo ia Falema’o ‘Phil’ M Pili, i aafiaga tau
tupe e oo i ai le malo ona o taumafai e faamalie
le tulafono i ovataimi e pei ona finagalo ia i le
kovana mo le Ofisa o Tiute.
Na taua e Lefiti i lana tusi e faapea, e tusa
ma le $484,481 le tupe e totogi e le malo mo le
toe faatulagaina o sifi a le Ofisa o Tiute, ina ia
alofia ai le toe tulai mai o ni ovataimi i tagata
Sa ia taua foi e faapea, afai e toe faatulaga
galuega a le Ofisa o Tiute i sifi, e manaomia
le tolu o vaega e vaevae i ai, ina ia mafai ai
ona faatino lana tautua i vaega taitasi e pei o
le vaavaaia o tuaoi a le atunuu, tautuaina o vaa
ma vaalele, tautuaina o le falemeli aemaise ai le
tautua a le K-9. Mo se faataitaiga e pei ona taua
e Lefiti i lana tusi o lo o taua ai le tulaga lea,
mo le tautuaina o le malae vaalele i Tafuna, e
manaomia tagata faigaluega e to’a 18 e galulue
ai mo sifi e lua, ae mo aso o le vaiaso e tatau ona
toe faaopoopo ni isi tagata faigaluega se toafa
pe toalima foi ina ia mafai ai ona gafatia le faatinoina o galuega. Ae afai e toe faatulaga sifi mo
taimi faigaluega ina ia usitaia ai le taofia o ovataimi, e manaomia ni isi tagata faigaluega se toa
43, ina ia gafatia ai le faatinoina o le galuega,
ma o i latou faaopoopo nei e toa 43 e ono alu ai
le tusa ma le $484,481 e totogi ai.
O isi vaega a le Ofisa o Tiute e pei o le K-9, e
le o lava ana tagata faigaluega i le taimi nei, ma
o lo o taumafai e faia feutanaiga e faapaleni ai
tagata faigaluega ma taimi e galulue ai.
O Lefiti o lo o ave ni ona livi faapitoa i le
taimi nei, ona o se faaiuga na faia e le Faatonusili o le Matagaluega o Tagata Faigaluega a
le malo ia Le’i Sonny Thompson, e faatatau i le
mataupu lea le vave faia ai sana faaiuga faasaga
i le tagata faigaluega a le Ofisa o le Tiute le na
alu atu ma piki mai se afifi mai le Falemeli, ae
o lea afifi sa masalomia e ta’ifau faapitoa a le
Tiute o lo o i ai ni vaega o fualaau faasaina i
Ua faamaonia mai e le afioga i le alii kovana
sili ia Lolo Matalasi Moliga, lona sauni e malaga
faatasi atu ma le Faatonusili o le Matagaluega o
Aoga a le malo, ia Vaitinasa Dr. Salu Hunkin
Finau i Amerika i le aso 10 ma le 11 o Iuni, mo
se fonotaga tau aoaoga (Governors Education
Na faamaonia mai e le tofa Iulogologo
Pereira i le Samoa News e faapea, o le ulua’i
fonotaga lea o le a faatasi atu i ai le kovana i
mataupu tau aoaoga, talu ona avea o ia ma
kovana filifilia o le teritori o Amerika Samoa.
O ni isi o mataupu o le a talanoaina i lenei
fonotaga e aofia ai auala e faaleleia ai aoaoga
mo fanau amata mai i vaega o le K-4 e oo atu
i le vasega 12, ma faasolo atu ai i aoga e pei o
kolisi ma Iunivesite i totonu o setete ma teritori
o le malo tele.
Na taua e le alii kovana i luma o le fono a le
kapeneta i le vaiaso na te’a nei e faapea, faatoa
alu le latou faigamalaga pe a maea faauuga a
aoga maualuluga i totonu o le atunuu, ona e taua
tele ia te ia faauuga a le fanau.
O le aso 6 o Iuni o lo o faamoemoe e toe taliu
mai i le aso 14 o Iuni, 2013.
Ua faamaonia mai e le Ofisa o le alii kovana
le sauni o le kovana sili ia Lolo Matalasi Moliga,
mo le toe tuuina atu o suafa o alii faatonusili
e toalua sa teena e le fono i lana nofoaiga ua
mavae atu, mo le toe faia i ai o se isi iloiloga a
le Fono Faitulafono.
O le a toe tuuina atu suafa o Pa’u Fuiavailili
Roy Ausage lea ua filifilia e avea ma Faatonusili
o le Matagaluega o Tupulaga Talavou, Tina ma
Tama’ita’i, ma Timothy Jones lea ua tofia e
avea ma Faatonusili le tumau mo le Ofisa o le
Enetia a le malo (Energry Office) lea na pasia e
le Maota o Sui ae na teena e le maota maualuga.
E ui ina sa teena e le Fono suafa o i la’ua nei,
ae peita’i o lo o fa’aauau pea ona o la tauaveina
tofiga Faatonusili mo ofisa ia e lua, i le taimi
Fesootai mai i le tusitala ia
[email protected]
Page 14
samoa news, Tuesday, May 21, 2013
Education Department
gives 3 more states waivers
Arne Duncan announced on
Monday that three more states
would join the ranks of those
given permission to ignore
parts of the federal No Child
Left Behind law in favor of
their own school improvement plans. The addition of
Alaska, Hawaii and West Virginia brings to 37 the number
of states operating outside the
Bush-era law, along with the
District of Columbia. Eight
additional states, the Bureau
of Indian Education, Puerto
Rico and a coalition of California districts are waiting
to hear about their requests,
which would further dismantle
the federal education overhaul
from coast to coast.
“Thirty-seven states and
the District of Columbia can’t
wait any longer for education
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These are non-credit trainings designed to educate individuals who wish to start a
business, or those who are already in business but need assistance in the areas being
A non-college-credit Certificate of Completion will be awarded to the participants of
each seminar. The courses were enhanced and updated to better assist individuals
and companies by providing more materials such as training CDs, DVDs and
business software.
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Gross Revenue is less than $20 million.
Funded in part through a Cooperative Agreement with the U.S Small Business Administration. The American Samoa Small
Business Development Center was created as result of an American Samoa Community College (ASCC) and U.S Small Business
Administration (SBA) Partnership. Neither SBA funding nor that from ASCC is an endorsement of any products, opinions or
services. SBA and ASCC Programs are extended to the public on a non-discriminatory basis.
reform,” Duncan said in a statement. No Child Left Behind,
also known as the Elementary
and Secondary Education Act,
came up for renewal in 2007
and its requirements were not
updated. Duncan has pushed
lawmakers to revisit the law
and make changes to accommodate challenges officials did
not anticipate when they first
passed the measure on a bipartisan basis in 2001.
“A strong, bipartisan reauthorization of the Elementary
and Secondary Education Act
remains the best path forward in
education reform, but as these
states have demonstrated, our
kids can’t wait any longer for
Congress to act,” Duncan said.
In exchange for the waivers,
states have had to show the
Education Department they
had their own plans to prepare
students and improve teaching.
States have sought the additional flexibility to implement
their own efforts instead of
following the sometimes rigid
requirements included in No
Child Left Behind.
The waivers also allow
states to come up short on
requirements that all students
perform at grade level in math
and reading by 2014.
If Congress were to update
No Child Left Behind, the
states would be forced to shift
to the new national standards
— potentially a headache for
states that already have set
forth on their own individualized plans. Since President
Barack Obama announced his
administration would consider
waivers from the law in September 2011, 45 states, the
District of Columbia, Puerto
Rico and the Bureau of Indian
Education have sought permission to implement their own
reform plan.
Alabama, Illinois, Iowa,
Maine, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Texas and Wyoming
are still waiting to hear about
their applications. Additionally, a coalition of California
districts has requested a waiver
from the Education Department. The coalition of 10
school districts, known as California Office to Reform Education, or CORE, includes Los
Angeles, San Francisco and
Sacramento districts and represents 1.2 million of the state’s
6 million students.
➧ Police officers full force…
Continued from page 1
influence of alcohol.
At night, they will target those driving under the influence of
alcohol. He noted that there will be an increase of police officers
seen patrolling the main highway and specifically focusing on
seat belt use and police are warning motorists to buckle up as the
“Click It or Ticket” campaign will be in full force.
He strongly emphasized the importance of wearing seat belts
when in a moving vehicle. Muagututi’a added that despite that
our speed limit being 25-30 miles an hour, it’s a must to wear
your seat belt.
“It’s been proven time and again, that seat belts save lives in
car accidents,” he stated, adding that in the United States, where
the speed limit is up to 50 miles an hour, more than 15,000 lives
are saved each year because drivers and their passengers were
wearing seat belts when they were in accidents.
He told Samoa News that it’s also the driver’s responsibility
to make sure that the passengers in the vehicle are wearing
their seat belts. “Most of the time, when police pull a car over,
the driver is wearing a seat belt and the passenger isn’t. Why? Everyone in a moving vehicle must wear seat belts, except those
who ride in the bed of the truck.”
Muagututi’a explained that seat belts prevent occupants of
the vehicle from serious injury . He said that during a car accident seat belts keep the occupants inside the vehicle. “People
thrown from a vehicle are four times more likely to be killed
than those who remain inside.”
Seat belts “are designed to contact your body at its strongest
parts. For an older child and adult, these parts are the hips and
shoulders, which is where the seat belt should be strapped.”
He explained, “Lap-and-shoulder belts spread the force of
the crash over a wide area of the body. By putting less stress on
any one area, they can help you avoid serious injury.”
Muagututi’a said that a shoulder strap also helps keep your
head and upper body away from the dashboard, steering wheel,
and other hard interior parts of the automobile should you stop
suddenly or be hit by another vehicle.
“Seat belts helps the body to slow down. With a quick change
in speed, seat belts help extend the time it takes for you to slow
down in a crash. They protect your brain and spinal cord.”
A seat belt is designed to protect these two critical areas he
added. “Head injuries may be hard to see immediately, but they
can be deadly. Likewise, spinal cord injuries can have serious
consequences,” Muagututi’a stated.
Reach reporter at [email protected]
samoa news, Tuesday, May 21, 2013 Page 15
it’s at in
American Samoa
PH: 699-3097 CELL: 256-2904, 252-5127
A woman carries her child through a field near the collapsed Plaza Towers Elementary School
in Moore, Okla., Monday, May 20, 2013. A tornado as much as a mile (1.6 kilometers) wide with
winds up to 200 mph (320 kph) roared through the Oklahoma City suburbs Monday, flattening
entire neighborhoods, setting buildings on fire and landing a direct blow on an elementary school.
(AP Photo Sue Ogrocki)
➧ Graduation season begins this Friday…
Continued from page 1
based school, since it will also be its last high
school graduation, the school official said,
noting that students from the school will be
transferred to other high schools in the territory,
and this was a choice made by the students and
their parents.
The first graduation for Manumalo was held
in 1995 and Samoa News understands that the
decision to make this year the last graduation
for their high school division is due to economic reasons.
Also this Friday is Kanana Fou High
School’s graduation starting at 10:30 a.m. at the
Kanana Fou compound. It was not immediately
clear if there will be a speech by the valedictorian, but a parent with the school’s PTA says
Kanana Fou graduations are usually less than
two hours, and as far as she knows there will be
a valedictorian speech.
The next graduation is Sunday, May 26 for
Iakina Academy starting at 1 p.m. Samoa News
understands that the valedictorian speech will
be given during the ceremony but there was no
official confirmation from school officials.
At Pacific Horizons school, an official says
their graduation is set for May 30 at 6 p.m. and
they only have three graduates this year. “Usually our graduation ceremonies are short” and
the three graduates are very competitive, said
the official, adding that there will be a speech
by the valedictorian.
The next graduation in the lineup is June
1 for Fa’asao Marist, whose principal Victor
Langkilde says that over the last four years,
the Catholic high school has had their graduation ceremonies at two-and-one half hours, and
never more than three hours.
“It’s been short because we have 50-60
graduates and the only speeches are the Valedictorian, commencement speaker, governor,
and Bishop Quinn Weitzel,” he said and noted
ASG scholarships, community awards and distinguished student achievement awards will be
presented on graduation day, June 1 starting at
10 a.m. at the Fatuoaiga Hall.
Three days later is the graduation for South
Pacific Academy, whose principal Evelyn
Lili’o-Satele said, “our graduations have always
been no more than an hour, so longevity has
never been a problem.” Graduation is set for 10
a.m. on June 3 at the school campus.
For public high schools, the first is Manu’a
High on May 30 at 9 a.m. and the rest of the
public high schools will be the week of June
Hunkin-Finau says that there was some
reluctance from parents about the change in
public high school graduation ceremonies, but
most parents understand the reason to keep the
ceremonies short and simple.
“The reasons for these changes are economic,
and the need to instill the importance of skillfully using time wisely in planning community
events, especially events involving our government leaders,” she said. “Over the years, high
school graduation ceremonies have emerged to
be physically draining and socially unpleasant
events due to poor planning.”
She also says that most of the PTAs and
school administrators were accepting of these
changes, while one school was reluctant to
make the changes. “This is to be expected, but
that should not deter us from making changes
for the better,” she said, and didn’t identify the
reluctant high school.
“The goal is to keep the time to a minimum...
and that the graduation program clearly recognizes all the students graduating and not just the
academically gifted,” Hunkin-Finau said, reiterating that the valedictorian will be recognized
during the ceremony along with the parents.
Also for “economic reasons”, the ASDOE
has told Early Childhood Education (ECE) and
elementary school administrators and PTAs that
graduation ceremonies for these levels should
be discontinued.
In their place, the ASDOE director highly
recommends short and well planned prize
giving school assemblies.
Over the years there have been concerns
raised by some family members over graduations at elementary schools because they have
become just like high school graduations, but
ASDOE officials in the past have left that issue
up to school administrators and PTAs.
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Page 16
samoa news, Tuesday, May 21, 2013
Feds again delay San Onofre nuke restart decision
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Federal regulators have indefinitely delayed a decision on the proposed restart of the shuttered San Onofre nuclear power plant in California, raising new questions Monday about whether the twin reactors will produce electricity again.
The seaside plant between San Diego and Los Angeles has been dark since January 2012, after a small radiation leak led to the discovery of unusual damage to
hundreds of tubes that carry radioactive water. Operator Southern California Edison wants permission to restart the Unit 2 reactor and run it at reduced power in
hopes of stopping vibration and friction that was blamed for damaging tubing.
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission delayed several earlier target dates for a ruling, with officials recently projecting a June announcement. But its website on
Monday listed no date for a restart decision — only “to be determined.”
Agency spokesman Victor Dricks had no comment. Last week, the NRC’s Atomic Safety and Licensing Board sided with environmentalists who have called for
lengthy hearings on the restart plan after concluding that firing up the plant would allow Edison “to operate beyond the scope of its existing license.”
A statement from SCE spokeswoman Jennifer Manfre noted that NRC Chair Allison Macfarlane indicated earlier that no decision would be made until at least
mid-June on the company’s request to change its operating license to run at lower power, a critical step in the restart plan.
“SCE continues to adhere to the established regulatory process,” the statement said. The company “cannot restart Unit 2 until the NRC says that it is safe to do so.”
Last month, SCE’s parent, Edison International, raised the possibility of retiring the plant if it can’t get one reactor running later this year. The company also
disclosed that costs tied to the long-running shutdown had hit $553 million.
Edison is facing a tangle of regulatory obstacles that include a separate state investigation into who should pay for the trouble — customers or shareholders.
Meanwhile, anti-nuclear activists and some lawmakers have said restarting the plant would lead to a disaster.
Friends of the Earth, an advocacy group challenging the restart, believes no decision can be made “until all the safety issues raised by the board are addressed,”
spokesman Shaun Burnie said in an email. Even with San Onofre sidelined, state power officials predict that there should be adequate power supplies in California
this summer, but heat waves or wildfires that damage transmission lines could lead to potential shortages.
The problems at San Onofre center on steam generators that were installed during a $670 million overhaul in 2009 and 2010. After the plant was shut down, tests
found some generator tubes were so badly eroded that they could fail and possibly release radiation, a stunning finding inside the nearly new equipment.
San Onofre is owned by SCE, San Diego Gas & Electric and the city of Riverside.
The Toe Afua Mai Matua (TAMM) program visiting the ASCC-CNR Land Grant campus and the Wellness Center on May 15, 2013. The TAMM program is a
[courtesy photo: Tipisone Faalogo/ ASCC-CNR Media Publication Officer]
non-profit organization led by program coordinator Valasi Gaisoa. 

Graduation season begins this Friday