Continuing our march to the
new year — 2012, for top photos
published in the Samoa News for
2011, we chose the following from
our archives. In March 2011:
The Pacific Boa — American
Samoa’s only native snake is very
rare, and protected by law. The
snake here was found dead at the
Ta’u wharf in the Manu’a, probably
killed by a blow to the head with a
shovel. The last confirmed sighting
of a Pacific Boa was in 1986.
The Matafao Elementary balloon launch, as part of their program to promote and support
Developmental Disability Awareness month.
A U.S. Navy photo, which shows
the USS Barry launching a Tomahawk missile on Mar. 19, 2011 from
the Mediterranean Sea as part of an
allied forces attack targeting radar
and anti-aircraft sites along Libya’s
Mediterranean coast.
The photo was provided by
C M the Navy, through Samoan sailor
Y K Alejandrina Keil a crew member
of the USS Barry, for Samoa News
9 Days
to go…
Samoa Bowl IX
Dec. 31st, 2011
online @
Daily Circulation 7,000
Tuesday, December 20, 2011
ASG has to pay ‘sum Hospital projects $15-16 Million
certain’ of $6 Million ‘shortfall’ for current fiscal year
for Laufou Center fire Most pressing need: the extra payroll in December
Called the “Seven-Year War” by justices, who
again rule in favor of Progressive Insurance
by Fili Sagapolutele, Samoa News Correspondents
In a decision issued last Wednesday, the Trial Division of the
High Court upheld its decision issued more than two years ago,
awarding some $6 million to Progressive Insurance Company
following the 2002 fire that destroyed the old Laufou Shopping
Center, which housed Forsgren Ltd.
The new 14-page decision, signed by Associate Justice Lyle
Richmond and Associate Judge Mamea Sala Jr., had some very
interesting opening comments and observations when laying
out the background on this case.
According to the judges, the complaint that “breathed life”
into this on-going litigation was filed in 2004 by Progressive
against ASG due to the 2002 fire. Following a trial, the lower
court in July 2007 awarded Progressive $6.60 million in Pro(Continued on page 15)
by Fili Sagapolutele
Samoa News Correspondent
LBJ Medical Center’s projected revenue for
fiscal year 2012 does not include the required ASG
subsidy for the last ten months of the fiscal year,
nor does it include forecasted revenues the hospital plans to garner from the proposed fee hikes,
according to the hospital’s financial spread sheet
and other information provided to lawmakers.
LBJ’s chief executive officer Michael Gerstenberger told a House Health/Hospital Committee hearing last week that the hospital is projecting a $15 million to $16 million shortfall for
the current fiscal year, adding that there is uncertainty in government finances for FY 2012.
According to the hospital, it is projecting
$23.63 million in revenues for FY 2012, with
only $754,000 in ASG subsidy for October and
November, but LBJ is not factoring into revenue any further ASG subsidy payments (for
December this year to September next year.)
The hospital hopes to collect about $6.99
million in patient revenues, and information
received by Samoa News states that this number
does not include projected revenues the LBJ is
expected to collect on the fee increases.
How much the hospital is expected to collect
in the new fees remains unclear and some lawmakers are trying to get further clarification from
the hospital management.
Also not included in the revenue projection
is the amount of money LBJ is to get in Interior
Department funds for January to September. The
(Continued on page 15)
The Mighty Kalā! — Pacific Resources for Education and Learning (PREL) has produced the animated short film series E Ho‘omau!, an innovative
approach to teaching 4th graders science and literacy, specifically developed for Native Hawaiian students.
The project, which includes three animated films with accompanying text materials, was inspired by traditional Hawaiian stories: Why Māui Snared the Sun,
[photo: PREL]
The Menehune and the Birds, and Pele Searches for a Home. (See story inside for details)
Page 2
samoa news, Tuesday, December 20, 2011
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“Happy Holidays
American Samoa”
(ANSWER on page 14)
Christmas Bells are
ringing for gift givers
by Samoa News Staff
By Samantha Weaver
✖ It was American journalist and satirist Ambrose Bierce who made the following sage observation: “There is nothing new under the sun but there are lots of old things we don’t know.”
✖ Those who study such things say that when a ladybug is frightened, it squirts a foulsmelling goo from its knees.
✖ You might be surprised to learn that approximately 40 percent of the oxygen in the world’s
atmosphere is provided by the verdant plant growth of South America’s Amazon River basin.
✖ Mayan artwork dating back as far as 700 A.D. shows people preparing chocolate beverages. Chocolate was so valued by the natives of the Americas, the Maya even used cacao beans
as currency.
✖ For reasons that aren’t quite clear, in 1960 Macy’s department store introduced a vending
machine that dispensed men’s underwear. After an initial flurry of shoppers coming to see the
new contraption, the machine was doomed to obscurity due to lack of interest.
✖ Here’s a question for the ladies: Are you a philematophobe? If you’re a woman who hates
to be kissed, you are.
✖ In 1958, then-Vice President Richard Nixon made a state visit to Venezuela. It seems he
wasn’t terribly popular there, and one of the protesters spit on him. The Secret Service detained
the man, and an irate Nixon kicked him in the shins.
✖ Only about 37 percent of the newspapers published in the Unites States are recycled.
✖ The next time you’re thinking about getting a new pet, consider this: Animal behaviorists
say that a puppy can’t hold a memory for more than 45 seconds.
✖ Researchers at Yale University have determined that people think more efficiently in the
winter than in the summer.
• • • • • • • • • • • • • Thought for the Day • • • • • • • • • • • • •
“A bore is a man who deprives you of solitude without providing you with company.” — Gian Vincenzo Gravina
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will cut into your time, making it an exhausting and stressful
time, instead of the joy it should be.
There’s more shopping out there — and Samoa News will
continue to bring highlights of shoppers’ delight... as we count
down to Christmas Day.
For today, there is:
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(Continued on page 14)
19-year-old ‘ringleader’ gets
five years in jail for burglary
by Samoa News staff
A nineteen year old accused
of leading three juveniles to
break into an electronic store in
Tafuna, where they made off
with more than $10,000 worth of
merchandise, was last week sentenced by the High Court to five
years imprisonment as a condition of his 15 years probation.
Fotu Aokusitino was initially
charged with one count each
of burglary in the first degree;
stealing; receiving stolen property; and property damage in
the second degree. The government said in court documents
that Aokusitino “induced, aided
or encouraged” three juveniles
to break into
store in Tafuna, for the purpose
of committing a crime.
Under a plea agreement,
accepted by the court, Fotu pled
guilty to first degree burglary
in which he admitted that in
March this year, he encouraged
or aided the juveniles to enter for the purpose
of stealing merchandise.
Aokusitino opted to enter
a plea agreement because the
government has solid witnesses
— the juveniles — prepared to
testify against the defendant.
According to the plea agreement, the defendant understands
that if his case does go to trial the
three juveniles involved will testify against him that the defendant forced and induced the
juveniles into breaking into the
store to steal merchandise. Furthermore the juveniles will testify that they were threatened by
the defendant not to tell anyone,
or face the consequences.
Additionally, one juvenile
will testify that this break in
was planned by the defendant,
who wanted specific items to be
taken from the store such as a
laptop computer and a camera.
The juvenile will further testify
that the defendant, following
the break in, divided up the loot
for each person to take.
During sentencing, the court
didn’t impose a fine on Aokusitino but the judges advised the
government that SamoaOne.
com can file a civil case against
the defendant to recover any
costs lost due to the theft.
Prior to handing down sentence, Chief Justice Michael
Kruse said that over the many
years he has been on the bench,
this is one of the most frequent
types of crimes that come
before the judicial branch, and
it greatly affects business operations in the territory.
An impact on business due to
these crimes can also affect the
community as a whole because
of the job opportunities these
members of the private sector
provide for the territory, he said.
Kruse recalled the break in
and stealing of merchandise
from Swiss Jewelers and finally
the company went out of business, he said, due to the major
losses they encountered. He
said this type of criminal action
not only affects businesses
and employers but the local
economy as well.
When given a chance to
address the court, Aokusitino
apologized for the crime, saying
that this is not the first time he
has appeared in court for similar
crimes. He then apologized to his
parents saying that his disobedience has resulted in his being put
in jail. (The defendant has been
in custody unable to post bail
since his arrest in March).
Aokusitino’s attorney Assistant Public Defender Leslie
Cardin requested probative sentence with an order for any program that the defendant is able
to attend and complete in order
to help him rehabilitate his life.
She believes that Aokusitino
can be rehabilitated with the
right programs.
While the government is
not completely opposed to a
probative sentence, Assistant
Attorney Mitzie Jessop Folau
said the defendant should be
given some jail time due to the
severity of the crime.
Kruse asked Folau as to the
last time she visited the Territorial Correctional Facility and
she responded that it was about
two months ago. Kruse said
that every week staffers of the
Probation office visit TCF and
from these visits the judicial
branch learns of problems at the
facility, such as overcrowding.
Samoa News reporters
Ausage Fausia and Fili Sagapolutele contributed to this report.
Reach the newsroom at news.
[email protected]
samoa news, Tuesday, December 20, 2011 Page 3
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Page 4
samoa news, Tuesday, December 20, 2011
American Samoa
Culinary Academy
on track for national
accreditation, says
Chef Sualua Tupolo
by Fili Sagapolutele
Samoa News Correspondent
The next milestone for the American Samoa Culinary
Academy is getting national accreditation from the American
Culinary Federation, whose officials are scheduled to be in the
territory next year for an assessment of the first culinary school
in the territory.
Speaking at last Friday’s second graduation for the school,
the academy’s lead instructor, Chef Sualua Tupolo revealed the
upcoming accreditation review as well as urging local restaurant
operators and owners to recruit the new graduates.
Sualua told the audience that the biggest issue for the school
coming up —“we are now on the list for the American Culinary
Federal, to arrive... on island on Apr. 19, 2012 to assess our
program, to give us full accreditation.”
“And this is a big, big milestone, for us to achieve. Because
it takes years and years of waiting and waiting just to get this
accreditation committee to come on island,” he said.
The federation’s website says it provides accredited educational programs, certifications, competitions and networking
designed to enhance professional growth for all current and
future chefs and pastry chefs.
The federation’s national office — located in St. Augustine,
Fla., is responsible for coordinating its programs including
regional and national events, certification, accreditation, publications and more, the website says.
During the graduation ceremony, Tupolo called on restaurants owners and operators to “give these folks a chance”,
saying that the graduates are from “an entry level program” and
they are not a magical chef or another Chef Sualua.
“But they will come to you with confidence. They will come
to you with a good attitude. And they will come to you with a
desire to go the extra mile because they understand that in order
for them to not only, get in the door to get a job, but in order for
them to keep the job, that they must have a good attitude, they
must have confidence, that they must be willing to go the extra
mile and that they must be willing show the employers that
they belong there,” he said.
Tupolo said this was his “topic” in the last several weeks
with the students prior to graduation, adding that it’s the private
sector that will help “mentor” the graduates in their future.
Reach the reporter at [email protected]
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Letters to the Editor. Please send them to our
email [email protected]
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Governor calling graduate teachers a
“tremendous return in investment” &
promises iPads 2 for next school year
by Fili Sagapolutele
Samoa News Correspondent
Last Saturday marked another University of
Hawaii College of Education cohort graduation in the territory, and the governor described
graduation day as “a tremendous return in
investment” by the government, telling teachers
that these are investment funds the government
received from tax payers and other funding
sources, which have been “redistributed back,
so that you could be educated.”
“Today the return on our investment has
multiplied 27 times,” said Togiola referring to
the number of graduates, who received both
Bachelor of Arts and Masters degrees in education during the ceremony, which took place at
the Fale Laumei in Utulei.
Gov. Togiola Tulafono also made a public commitment to teachers that his administration will
provide for them in the next school year “iPads 2”,
which can be used to report student’s performance
grades directly from their classrooms.
The governor’s statement, made at last Saturday’s University of Hawai’i College of Education cohort graduation, followed remarks by
Education Department director-designee Dr.
Jacinta Galeai, where she pointed out that the
Longitudinal Data System (LDS) is now being
implemented which allows teachers to input
student grades directly from the classroom.
(As previously reported by Samoa News,
the LDS is required by the U.S. Department of
Education under ASDOE Consolidated Grant
Funding. The LDS will allow DOE to “collect better and more accurate data” and allow
DOE to decide what kind of data DOE needs
“to improve tracking and evaluation of student
achievement, teacher and school performance).
In his graduation address, Togiola acknowledged the LDS as cited by Galeai, but said the
question is — how can that be done “when you
don’t have laptops” in the classroom?
“My commitment to you teachers is that by
the start of the new school year, 2012/ 2013,
you’re all going to have iPads 2 you can use
as a tool for education… so that you can report
those grades directly” from classrooms instead
of having to go through the internet, he said to
applause from the crowd.
Togiola says this tool is very important in the
advancement of the territory towards modern
technology, which will enhance the teacher’s
“And I congratulate you for all your efforts
and for looking to improve your own skills as
teachers, because in better teachers we will find
better students. In better students, we will find
a better country, better families, [and] better
churches everywhere,” he said and acknowledged the local partnership with the University
of Hawaii, now in its 24th graduation cohort,
for “training our teachers, who are now committed to be the captains of the future to direct
the future of our young generation... and it’s a
partnership that has reached... all corners of our
island, because of the importance of the work
that they do.”
Togiola reiterated his previous statement
that “we are looking at granting scholarships for
online education, so that we can sanction certain online colleges... so you don’t have to leave
the territory in order to improve your skills or
even get your doctorate degrees.”
In her special remarks, Galeai congratulated
the teachers, saying that “your theme captures
the core of your role — ‘captains of the future’.
That is our student’s future and most importantly American Samoa’s future.”
Galeai reminded the graduates that “the true
and most important measure, of your effectiveness is student performance.”
“Are those 3rd graders in your class reading
and writing at grade level? Are they engaged?
Are they curious about the world around them?
Do they appear genuinely happy in the classroom?” she asked. “I know the realities of
teaching in the classroom gets in the way and we
often forget that. But because so much of student performance rests on our work, we cannot
forget what our mission is in this department.”
She recalled what the governor has continued
to say, not only to DOE but the entire community — “the strength of a country is dependent
on how well our students do in the classroom…
That is our call and we look to you to carry that
Reach the reporter at [email protected]
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samoa news, Tuesday, December 20, 2011 Page 5
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Page 6
samoa news, Tuesday, December 20, 2011
1 S
CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) -- Former Miss Venezuela Eva
Ekvall, whose struggle with breast cancer was closely followed
by Venezuelans, has died at age 28.
Her family said Ekvall died Saturday at a hospital in Houston.
Ekvall was crowned Miss Venezuela at age 17 in 2000, and
the following year she was third runner-up in the Miss Universe
pageant in Puerto Rico. She went on to work as a model, actress
and television news anchor.
She also authored a book, “Fuera de Foco” (“Out of Focus”),
about her struggle with cancer, which included images by Venezuelan photographer Roberto Mata.
She told the newspaper El Nacional in an interview last year
after the book was published that “I needed to send the message
of the need for cancer prevention.”
On the cover was a portrait in which she appeared with makeup
and her head shaved. The book also included images of her while
going through chemotherapy.
“I hate to see photos in which I come out ugly,” Ekvall told El
Nacional. “But you know what? Nobody ever said cancer is pretty
or that I should look like Miss Venezuela when I have cancer.”
At the time, she was hopeful of overcoming cancer and wanted
to write more.
Ekvall’s family said in a statement Sunday that her remains were
being cremated in Houston on Monday and that a service is to be
held in Venezuela once her remains are returned to the country.
Ekvall said in a 2007 interview published in Venezuelan news
media that although her mother is Jamaican and her father is
American of Swedish and Hungarian descent, “I feel more Venezuelan than anybody.”
She was married to radio producer John Fabio Bermudez and
had a 2-year-old daughter.
In her book, Ekvall had described her joy at the birth of her
daughter saying “that happiness, although (the daughter) may not
know it or understand it, keeps me alive today.”
Her death brought an outpouring of condolences from Venezuelans, including from some prominent artists and politicians
who praised her in messages on Twitter.
One drawing posted online depicted her as an angel with white
“At any point during the last 10 years when wings and a pink ribbon on her chest.
you were living with Linda, did you ever scream
Ekvall’s husband posted a photo on Twitter Sunday showing a
for help?” the lawyer asked.
close-up of his hand holding hers, resting on a bed, with the words
“No,” he replied. But he said he was not “Always together ... I love you wife.”
allowed to go outside without permission and was
typically kept in a locked basement, attic or closet.
Weston’s boyfriend, Gregory Thomas, adult
daughter, Jean McIntosh, and Eddie “the Reverend Ed” Wright also are charged in the case.
Sanabria testified that Weston, Thomas and,
less often, Wright beat some of the victims with
bare hands or weapons that included bats, chains
and extension cords.
Wright did so at Weston’s command, Sanabria
said. And he acknowledged that he, too, frequently beat Breeden and fellow victim Drwin
McLemire when Weston told him to.
Sanabria had three children with Breeden,
including a 5-year-old girl and 3-year-old boy
who lived with the group in recent years. But he
did not know the girl, nicknamed Little L, for
Little Linda, was his daughter until he read it in
a newspaper, which reported the results of DNA
tests done on children taken in by authorities after
the arrests, he said. He had been told his daughter
had died and the girl was Weston’s, he said.
The preliminary hearing was set to continue
Tuesday with testimony from two more witnesses, perhaps some of the other victims. The
others include Herbert Knowles, 40, of Norfolk,
Va., and McLemire, 41, of North Carolina.
More than a dozen relatives of the victims,
including Breeden’s two aunts and a sister, attended
the hearing. They said her health is improving but
Antonia Samuelu (right), wife of U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer
declined to say where she is staying. The victims First Class Poyer Samuelu II (left) pictured here after Samuelu II
had initially been in protective custody.
received his Navy Sea League Service Award during a Dec. 9 lunThe suspects, all from Philadelphia, remain in cheon award ceremony at the Ala Moana Hotel in Honolulu.
Petty Officer First Class Samuelu II, based at the Coast Guard
They haven’t entered pleas. Weston showed Station in Hilo, Hawai’i, was among six Coast Guard officers who
little emotion during the hearing, looking bored at received the award. He is the son of Virginia and Poyer Samuelu Jr.
times, although McIntosh frequently suggested to
By working hard and being given this award Samuelu hopes to
her lawyer that he challenge the testimony.
be a role model for other Samoans who are serving in the U.S.
Common Pleas Judge Patrick Dugan will Armed Forces as well as young Samoans that are not quite decisive
determine Tuesday if there’s enough evidence to on their career path. He suggests that youngsters not yet decided on
send the case to trial. The charges include kidnap- which military branch to join look at the Coast Guard.
ping, aggravated assault, custodial interference,
“The Coast Guard offers the same benefits as any other Militheft by deception and neglect of a care-depen- tary branch. Although we are the smallest branch in the military we
dent person.
have just as big of a job as the other branches,” said the Samoana
The victims have the mental capacity of High School graduate in a previous Samoa News interview. “It is
10-year-olds, authorities have said.
[courtesy photo]
an excellent career path.”
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Man locked in Pa. cellar:
I never saw gov’t checks
PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- A mentally disabled
man said he had nowhere else to go in 2001 when
he and his high school sweetheart moved in with
a paroled killer - who had starved a man to death
in her closet. A decade later, Edwin Sanabria,
31, and Tamara Breeden, 29, were found emaciated and sporting dozens of scars between them,
according to photographs shown in court on
Monday. Breeden bears most of them, with scars,
welts and bruises marking most of her body, especially her scalp, along with her cauliflower ears.
Spectators gasped Monday when grim hospital
photographs of the couple and two other victims
were shown in court at the preliminary hearing
of Linda Ann Weston, the convicted killer who’s
accused of kidnapping disabled adults in a widespread fraud and abuse scheme.
Sanabria, the first victim to testify, said Weston
took him to a Social Security office soon after he
moved in and took over his financial affairs. He
said he never again saw his $674 monthly Social
Security checks or food stamp card.
Police said they found dozens of identification
cards, Social Security cards, power of attorney
papers and other forms when they arrested
Weston, who also had taken in a disabled niece
who received government benefits.
Sanabria, along with Breeden and others,
moved with Weston and other people among Philadelphia and Killeen, Texas, West Palm Beach,
Fla., and Norfolk, Va., over the past decade. They
often were one step ahead of stiffed landlords or
the law, according to investigators in Philadelphia, who arrested Weston and three other people
on Oct. 15, the day a landlord said he stumbled
upon Sanabria, Breeden and two other people in a
basement boiler room.
One of the disabled men was chained to a
boiler, behind a door with a chain on the outside.
Sanabria testified that they had been kept there for
10 days, using a bucket for a bathroom and being
fed just once or twice a day. Weston’s daughter
had an apartment upstairs.
Sanabria spent several exhausting hours on
the witness stand Monday, describing the years
he spent with Weston and a crew that, by his
account, became family. Under questioning from
Weston’s lawyer, he conceded that he was never
forced to move with them or give her control of
his finances.
X-Miss Venezuela dies
of breast cancer at 28
samoa news, Tuesday, December 20, 2011 Page 7
EU fails to reach
euro200 billion
IMF loan target
C al
This little girl is making a basketball throw during the American Samoa Power Authority
(ASPA) 30 years of service celebration held here in the territory last Saturday at the Veterans
Memorial Stadium in Tafuna for employees and their families. There was plenty of food and
[photo: Jeff Hayner]
games for the enjoyment of all of the employees and their families. m
bly o
proudly presents
A Special
ur c
BRUSSELS (AP) -- European Union finance ministers have
come up euro50 billion ($65.19 billion) short of their goal of
providing the International Monetary Fund with euro200 billion
($260.78 billion) to help heavily indebted nations avoid default
The eurozone will provide an extra euro150 billion to the
IMF through bilateral loans, Jean-Claude Juncker, the prime
minister of Luxembourg, who also chairs the meetings of the
currency union’s finance ministers, said in a statement Monday.
Greece, Ireland and Portugal, which have received multibillion euro bailouts, won’t have to contribute to the IMF loans.
Of the non-euro countries, only Denmark, Poland, the
Czech Republic and Sweden will also send extra money to the
Washington-based fund, Juncker said, without giving specific
amounts. Poland had previously said it would provide around
euro6 billion, while Denmark has promised euro5.4 billion underlining that the euro200 billion target will be missed.
The IMF welcomed the money late Monday. “We welcome
the EU Finance Ministers’ support for a substantial increase in
the IMF’s resources, as we work to strengthen our capacity to
fulfill our systemic responsibilities to our global membership,” a
spokesperson said in a statement.
The failure to come up with the full amount that had been
indicated at a summit of EU leaders just 10 days ago signals
further rifts within the 27-country EU. At the summit, the 17
eurozone countries also agreed to set up a new treaty to create
tighter fiscal rules for the currency union, which has been rocked
by a debt crisis for the past two years.
The new accord was made necessary after the United
Kingdom blocked changes to the existing EU Treaty. Britain,
the largest economy among the 10 non-euro countries in the
EU, also declined to contribute to the euro200 billion IMF loan
target. Its share would have amounted to some euro30 billion.
Instead, London signaled that it may provide more resources
to the IMF through the Group of 20 framework, which most
likely wouldn’t be earmarked for the eurozone. “The U.K. has
always been willing to consider further resources for the IMF,
but for its global role and as part of a global agreement,” the
office of U.K. treasury chief George Osborne said in a statement.
The extra IMF loans are meant to be channeled into a special
fund that will invest alongside the eurozone’s own bailout fund
- the European Financial Stability Facility. The eurozone hopes
that its own loans, which will come via national central banks,
will encourage other non-European countries to also support
Europe via the IMF.
The eurozone is desperate for outside investors, because the
euro440 billion EFSF is seen as way too small to save large
economies like Italy and Spain. The EFSF has already committed some euro40 billion to Ireland and Portugal and may
have to take on more than euro100 billion for a second bailout
for Greece.
At the same time, the fund’s ability to raise rescue money
cheaply on financial markets is threatened by potential downgrades for several eurozone states that guarantee its lending.
Rating agency Standard & Poor’s earlier this month put 15
eurozone countries, as well as the EFSF, on watch for a downgrade, citing the escalating debt crisis.
France, the second-largest contributor to the EFSF and currently one of six eurozone states with an AAA rating, is considered
to be at particularly high risk of seeing its creditworthiness cut.
But the President of the European Central Bank Mario Draghi
warned Monday that “it’s likely that if France loses its rating,
then other countries’ ratings would be changed” as well.
The ECB, which is supposed to help the EFSF in future bond
market interventions, is “working actively on all possible scenarios” involving a downgrade of eurozone countries, Draghi said.
He added that the decision by EU leaders at their summit 10
days ago to let the EFSF’s successor, the euro500 billion European Stability Mechanism, come into force already in July - one
year ahead of schedule - was the best response to the downgrade
In contrast to the EFSF, the ESM has paid-in capital, similar
to a bank, which makes it less vulnerable to downgrades of its
contributing states.
While Draghi applauded the outcome of the EU summit at his
appearance in front of lawmakers of the European Parliament,
he also warned that Europe risks falling back into recession as
the crisis escalates.
He also dampened hopes that the central bank would help
struggling countries with their debt troubles, stressing that the
ECB would continue to support banks’ lending to businesses in
an effort to prevent another sharp credit crunch.
The Little Lites & Youth Choir
The Strings of Psalms: A Children’s Violin Orchestra
Repertoire includes:
Traditional carols, “What a Wonderful World,” “I Believe,”
“My Favorite Things” (from The Sound of Music), “White Christmas,”
“Believe” (from The Polar Bear Express) & Much More
When: Thursday, December 22, 2012
Where: Calvary Temple AOG Church at Lepuapua (Leone)
Time: 6:00 p.m.
Admission: Free
For inquires call
Poe Mageo
@ 699-6333
Page 8
samoa news, Tuesday, December 20, 2011
Rev. Fr. Setefano L. Tuisea
toward standoff
over payroll tax
Manuia le Atoaga o lou 52 Tausaga
Tesema 20, 2011
“Aua o le au faigaluega i
matou fa’atasi ma le Atua; o
outou o le fa’atoaga a le Atua,
o outou o le fale o fai o le
Atua.” I Korinito 3;9
Manuia lou Aso Fanau ma
fa’aopoopo e le Atua ni isi aso
se tele e tautua ai le Atua ma
lana galuega.
Alofaaga mai ou aiga i Afono
ma Lauli’i, Lau Fanau: Penitito,
Visesio and Matalasi, ae
fa’asilisili alofaaga mai ia
Fotina Kolone, Guadalupe
Taumaoe ma Stephano
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Partisan to the core, Congress
careened toward a holiday-season standoff Monday on legislation to prevent a Social Security payroll tax increase for 160
million workers on Jan. 1.
“It’s time to stop the nonsense. We can resolve these differences and we can do it in a way that provides certainty for
job creators and others,” said Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio.
A House vote was set for Tuesday to seek negotiations on a
compromise to renew the cuts through 2012, a rejection of the
bipartisan two-month extension that cleared the Senate over
the weekend.
In an acid response, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid
accused Boehner of risking a tax increase for millions “just
because a few angry tea partyers raised their voices.” The
Nevada Democrat ruled out new negotiations until the twomonth measure is enacted.
That left the two parties approaching Christmas-week gridlock over an effort to pass core elements of President Barack
Obama’s jobs program - renewal of the tax cuts and long-term
unemployment benefits - that Republican and Democratic
leaders alike say they favored.
It was the latest and likely the last such partisan confrontation in a year of divided government that brought the Treasury
to the brink of a first-ever default last summer, and more than
once pushed the vast federal establishment to the edge of a
partial shutdown.
This time, unlike the others, Republican divisions were
prominently on display.
The two-month measure that cleared the Senate, 89-10, on
Saturday had the full support of the GOP leader, Sen. Mitch
McConnell, who also told reporters he was optimistic the
House would sign on.
Senate negotiators had tried to agree on a compromise to
cover a full year, but were unable to come up with enough savings to offset the cost and prevent deficits from rising.
The two-month extension was a fallback, and officials say
that when McConnell personally informed Boehner and House
Majority Leader Eric Cantor of the deal at a private meeting,
they said they would check with their rank and file.
But on Saturday, restive House conservatives made clear
during a telephone conference call that they were unhappy
with the measure.
“I’ve never seen us so unified,” Rep. Louie Gohmert,
R-Texas, said as he left a two-hour, closed-door meeting
Monday night where Republicans firmed up their plans.
But House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said Republicans were “walking away from a tax cut.”
And Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York, a member of the
party leadership, accused Boehner of “claiming to support
something and then sending it to a legislative graveyard where
it never sees the light of day.”
Not surprisingly, the White House weighed in on the side of
Obama’s Democratic allies.
Spokesman Jay Carney said Boehner was for the two-month
stopgap bill “before he was against it” - a claim that the House
speaker flatly denied.
Speaking to reporters at the White House, Carney added,
“It is not our job to negotiate between him and Senate
“We are witnessing the concluding convulsion of confrontation and obstruction in the most unproductive, tea partydominated partisan session of the Congress in which I have
participated,” said Rep. Steny Hoyer of Maryland, secondranking member of the Democratic leadership.
Ironically, until the House rank and file revolted, it
appeared that Republicans had outmaneuvered Obama on
one point.
The two-month measure that cleared the Senate required
him to decide within 60 days to allow construction on a proposed oil pipeline that promises thousands of construction jobs.
Obama had threatened to veto legislation that included the
requirement, then did an about face.
The president recently announced he was delaying a decision on the pipeline until after the 2012 elections, meaning
that while seeking a new term, he would not have to choose
between disappointing environmentalists who oppose the
project and blue collar unions that support it.
The provision relating to the Keystone XL pipeline first surfaced in the House, where Boehner and the leaders had used
(Continued on page 14)
samoa news, Tuesday, December 20, 2011 Page 9
Holiday Sale
“When it comes to a Jewelry Store,
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“Treasures That Last Forever”
PREL’s E Ho‘omau!™
Animated Film Series
Broadcast on ‘Oiwi TV
(PRESS RELEASE) — Honolulu, Hawai‘i — December 16,
2011 — Pacific Resources for Education and Learning (PREL)
has produced the animated short film series E Ho‘omau!, an
innovative approach to teaching 4th graders science and literacy,
specifically developed for Native Hawaiian students.
E Ho‘omau! (to preserve; to learn from the past and perpetuate the good) is a culturally rich curriculum development
project funded under the Native Hawaiian Education Program
of the U.S. Department of Education.
The project, which includes three animated films with accompanying text materials, was inspired by traditional Hawaiian stories: Why Maui Snared the Sun, The Menehune and the Birds,
and Pele Searches for a Home.
Each curriculum component includes an animated short film,
18–20 minutes in length, a graphic novel that tells the story in
pictures and words, three science textbooks based on 4th grade
science and literacy standards, and a teacher’s guide. E Ho‘omau!
materials will be made available to the Hawai‘i Department of
Education, as well as to the public online.
The stories incorporate Native Hawaiian legends, language,
and cultural references to supplement 4th grade science and literacy curricula. For example, students will learn about geology
related to the story of Pele, astronomy with the Maui narrative,
and ecology with the tale of the Menehune.
The executive producer for E Ho’omau! is Dr. Ormond
Hammond at PREL, with curriculum development by Ellen
Miyasato. The stories were written by Creative Producer/Animation Director Michael Q. Ceballos and Keikio‘ewa Ka‘opua, and
adapted to screenplay by Lee Cataluna. The films feature singer
and actress Marlene Sai, who narrates as Auntie the storyteller.
The creators worked closely with Kamehameha Schools, the
Bishop Museum, the University of Hawai‘i, the Lyon Arboretum, the Hawai‘i Nature Conservancy, the Volcano Observatory, the Pacific Tsunami Museum, and the Pacific Tsunami
Warning Center to ensure both the stories and the text materials
are culturally and scientifically correct.
(Continued on page 14)
Maui captures Kala. [photo: PREL]
Auntie tells her stories.
[photo: PREL]
Page 10
samoa news, Tuesday, December 20, 2011
O se autalavou sa auai i le polokalama na tatala aloa’ia ai le Polokalama o Pesepesega o le
Kerisimasi a le Art Council, lea na tatala i le po o le Aso Sa na se’i mavae atu, ae fa’amoemoe e
[ata: AF]
tapunia i le po a taeao.
Faafetaia Togiola sao fanau ma
le atunuu pesepesega kerisimasi
tusia Ausage Fausia
Na fa’afetaia e le afioga i le kovana sili,
le sao a fanau aoga, autalavou, aufaipese ma
fa’alapotopotoga eseese i le atunu’u, i lo latou
sao mo le faamatagofie lea o pesepesega o le
kerisimasi, tauala mai i le polokalama a le Arts
Council lea na tatalaina i le po o le aso Sa na tea
nei, ma le faamoemoe e tapunia i le po nanei.
“E faafetai atu ia te outou uma lava o le a
tofu sao mo le faamatagofieina o lenei faamoemoe, i fanau laiti, o aoga, aufaipese, autalavou
atoa ai vaega eseese mai le atunuu, ia avea lo
outou sao o se meaalofa sili lea mo le faamanatuina o le fanau mai lea o le pepe fou,” o se
vaega lea o le saunoaga a le alii kovana, ina ua
ia tatala aloaiaina Pesepesega o le Kerisimasi
a le Arts Council i le po o le aso Sa na tea nei.
Saunoa le alii kovana, o le lolofi mai o vaega
faafiafia nei e ofo mai la latou sao mo le polokalame i lenei tausaga, ua manino ai lo latou naunau
e fia fai mea sili mo le atunuu ma tagata uma.
“Ia avea pesega ma faafiafiaga o le kerisimasi o lenei tausaga, o se auala e faailoa mai ai
lo tatou lagolagoina o le fanau mai o le Mesia,
ina ia faatumauina ai le fiafia e faamanatu nei
aso,” o se vaega lea o lana saunoaga.
Sa faapea foi ona faafiafia ai le aufaipese mai
le Aufaigaluega a le kamupani i’a o le StarKist
Samoa mo le uluai taimi.
Ina ua fesiligia e le Samoa News nisi o le
aufaipese a le StarKist Samoa, na o latou taua ai
(Faaauau itulau 12)
Amata afiafi taeao
poloka a leoleo…
tusia Ausage Fausia
O le afiafi o le Aso Lulu o le vaiaso nei ua faatulaga e le
Matagaluega o le Puipuiga o le Saogalemu Lautele, o le a amataina ai la latou poloka masani i vaega eseese o le atunu’u, se’ia
uma le faamanatuga o le tausaga fou ia Ianuari 2, 2012.
I se feiloaiga a le Samoa News ma le Sui Komesina o Leoleo, le
tofa Leseiau Laumoli i le aso ananafi, na fa’ailoa mai ai e Leseiau
e fa’apea, e amata atu lava i le 6:00 i le afiafi lea tautua masani a
le Ofisa o Leoleo, se’ia mae’a le faamanatuga o le tausaga fou.
E lei faalauiloa mai e Leseiau nofoaga o le a fa’ataunu’u ai a
latou poloka, peitai sa ia ta’ua, o le a ‘ese’ese uma lava nofoaga
e fa’atautaia ai e leoleo la latou poloka i le taimi o aso fiafia, ina
ia mafai ai ona mautinoa le saogalemu o tagata femalagaa’i i
luga o le alatele.
A’o lei amataina le tautua masani a le Ofisa o Leoleo, ua fautuaina le mamalu o le atunu’u ina ia tausisia tulafono i luga o le
alatele i taimi uma, aemaise ai lava le tagofia o le ‘ava malosi ma
fa’afoe le taavale.
“O fautuaga masani lava e tuuina atu i le mamalu o le atunuu,
aemaise lava o lea ua tatou agai atu i le faamanatuina o aso fiafia
o lenei tausaga, ina ia aua le soona tuu lafoai taavale i fanau laiti,
tusa lava poo se nofoaga latalata e fia fai ai le faatau, e lelei lava
le alu o le tagata matua e ave le taavale ina ia mautinoa le saogalemu o tagata uma,” o le saunoaga lea a Laumoli.
“Mo i latou o le a tagofia le ava malosi i aso fiafia o le kerisimasi ma le tausaga fou, aua le inupia ma alu i le taavale, afai o
le a e inu, nofo lelei i le fale pe vili foi se taxi pe afai e te malaga
mo tafaoga,” o le saunoaga lea a le Sui Komesina.
E ui o lea e lei amataina le poloka masani a leoleo, o loo
faaauau pea ona taofia ma molia nisi o loo maua le feoai i taavale
ao latou tagofia le ava malosi.
Mai le toa 21 o i latou na taofia e leoleo i le faaiuga o le vaiaso
na tea nei ona o tuuaiga eseese, o le toa 9 o i latou ia o loo tuuaia
i le ave taavale ona, ma o i latou ia e aofia ai se alii loia sa galue
mo le Ofisa o le Loia Sili, lea ua avea nei ma loia fautua a le
falemai o le LBJ, atoa ai se tasi o tamalii o le atunuu sa avea ma
Senatoa i le Foo Faitulafono.
O le toatele o i latou nei na taofia i le faaiuga o le vaiaso, na
toe tatalaina uma i tua i le taeao ananafi e le faamasinoga, i lalo o
poloaiga e ao ona latou usitai i ai, ma o nisi o ia poloaiga e aofia
ai le tatau lea ona toe oo atu i le aso lea o le a toe valaauina ai a
latou mataupu, aua nei toe tagofia le ava malosi, ma ia aua foi
nei o latou toe soliina se tulafono a le malo.
Saunoa Laumoli, o le faanaunauga autu o le matagaluega o
leoleo, ia maua e le atunuu se kerisimasi fiafia ma se tausaga fou
manuia, e aunoa ma ni faalavelave e tutupu mai ai, e pei foi o le
faaiuga o le tausaga na tea nei, lea e laiti lava ni nai faalavelave
matuia na tulai mai ai.
“O le faanaunauga o le afioga i le Komesina ma le matagaluega o leoleo, ia mataala le atunuu uma ma ia tausisi i le tulafono
i taimi uma, ina ia faasaoina ai soifua o soo se tasi o le atunuu, e
pei foi ona maitauina i le tausaga na tea nei i le vaitau lenei, lea
foi sa toa filemu mea uma e ui e itiiti lava ni nai faalavelave na
tulai mai ai,” o le saunoaga lea a Laumoli.
E na o le lua lava faalavelave na maliliu ai nisi i le taimi o aso
fiafia o le tausaga na tea atu nei.
O le faalavelave muamua na tulai mai i le afioaga o Masefau
i se siva sa faia ai mo le kerisimasi, ina ua faaaoga e se alii 20
tausaga se fagu e ta ai le ulu o se isi alii ma pau ai loa ma manu’a
ai, mulimuli ane na i’u ina maliu ai lea alii, ma le isi faalavelave na
tulai i Aunuu, ina ua fasioti e se alii 44 tausaga lona uso ma’i ina
ua le lava tausi, e ala i lona titinaina lea o lona uso i le uaea moli.
Feso’ota’i mai i le tusitala ia [email protected]
Se vaaiga atu lena i alii ma tamaitai o le aufaipese a le autalavou a SDA mai Satala ina ua
sauni atu mo le latou pese i le tatalaina ai o le polokalame o Pesepesega o le Kerisimasi a le Arts
[ata: AF]
Council lea ua faamoemoe e maea i le po taeao.
Le afioga i le Sui Komesina o Leoleo ia Leseiau Laumoli.
[ata: AF]
samoa news, Tuesday, December 20, 2011 Page 11
American Samoa
Tofaga Malu Casket
Gallery Funeral Services
Located in Ili’ili
Mon-Fri 8am - 5pm
Sat 8am - 12pm
O se vaaiga lena i le tauvaga Mrs. Santa Claus CCCAS Fagatogo sa faataunuuina i le afiafi o
le Aso Toonai ua mavae. Ma sa manumalo ai le sui tauva mai le vaega o le Mafutaga Tina Mrs.
[ata: AF]
Leala Elisara. 699-5998
(across from Shoe Tree), Tue-Fri 9-5, Sat 9-2.
Call 699-8327 or 733-5863 for more information.
tusia Ausage Fausia
O le alii talavou mai Pavaiai lea o lo o
tu’uaia e le malo i lona fa’aaoga o se aga’ese e
fa’ao’o ai manu’a i se isi alii, ua fa’atulaga e le
Fa’amasinoga Maualuga le aso 13 Ianuari 2012
e vala’au ai lana ulua’i iloiloga, ina ua ia te’ena
moliaga fa’asaga ia te ia.
O le Aso Tofi na fa’atulaga e faia ai le uluai
iloiloga a le alii o Laga Tui i luma o le faamasinoga faaitumalo, peitai na malie Tui e tu’u sa’o atu
lana mataupu i luma o le faamasinoga maualuga, e
fa’atulaga ai se aso e faia ai lana uluai iloiloga.
O lo o tuua’ia Tui i le moliaga mamafa o le
fa’ao’olima i le tulaga muamua, ma le moliaga
mama o le fa’atupu vevesi i nofoaga faitele.
Na fa’ailoa e le loia fautua a Tui o Leslie Cardin
le tete’e o le ua molia i moliaga a le malo, ma talosagaina ai le toe vala’auina o lenei mata’upu i
totonu o le 30 aso, lea foi na talia e le faamasinoga
ina ua leai se fa’atui’ese mai le itu a le malo.
O lo o taofia pea Tui i le to’ese e aunoa ma se
tupe ua fa’atulaga e le fa’amasinoga e tatala ai o ia
i tua, ona o tulaga fa’aletonu i ona pepa nofomau.
O le alii lea na ta’usala i lona umia
fa’asolitulafono o ni vaega o le la’au fa’asaina o
le mariuana, ua fa’amalumalu e le fa’amasinoga
le tu’uina atu o sana fa’asalaga fa’afalepuipui,
ae ua fa’anofova’ava’aia mo le 3 tausaga i lalo o
poloaiga a le fa’amasinoga.
O nisi o nei poloaiga, e aofia ai le fa’asa ona ia
toe tagofia le ‘ava malosi po o fuala’au fa’asaina,
fa’asa ona ia toe umia ni a’upega mata’utia, o le a
mafai ona su’esu’eina lona tino, o lona fale ma lana
ta’avale e se sui o le Ofisa Fa’anofova’ava’aia po o
leoleo foi, ina ia mautinoa na te le o toe fa’aaogaina
ni fuala’au fa’asaina po o le ava malosi.
O Leiato na ulua’i tu’uaia i lona umia
fa’asolitulafono o mariuana, ave ta’avale ‘ona
atoa ai ma lona umia o se a’upega, ae i lalo o se
maliliega sa ia sainia ma le malo lea foi na talia e
le faamasinoga i le aso 8 Novema.
O ia moli’aga na afua mai ina ua taofi e leoleo
le ta’avale a le ua molia ina ua masalomia lona
‘ona ma faafoe le taavale, ae maua ai e leoleo i
totonu se fana ma se sikaleti mariuana.
Na fa’ato’ese Leiato i le fa’amasinoga e tusa ai
o le solitulafono sa ia faia, ma sa ia fa’ailoa i le
fa’amasinoga, o aso ia na loka ai o ia i le to’ese, ua
ia a’oa’oina ai se lesona aoga mo lona olaga, ina ua
ia iloa le leaga o le motusia o le mafutaga ma aiga.
Na ia ta’utino i le faamasinoga, na te le toe soli
se isitulafono i le lumanai, pe afai e tu’u atu e le faamasinoga se isi avanoa mo ia. Na talia e le faamasinoga le talosaga a Leiato atoa ai ma fa’afinauga a
loia ina ia fa’anofova’ava’aia le ua molia.
Ua fa’atonuina foi Leiato e na te totogia se
salatupe e $2,000, ae afai e na te usita’ia uma
poloa’ia ua tu’uina atu ia te ia, o le a mafai ona
fa’amalumalu le totogia o lea tupe. Ua se’i fo’i e
le faamasinoga lona laisene ave taavale mo le 6
masina ma ua fa’atonuina le fa’atama’ia o le fana
ma le sikaleti mariuana na maua ia Leiato.
O le alii mai Pago Pago lea na ia susunua le
pusa lavalava a lona to’alua, ua fa’atulaga e le
fa’amasinoga le uluai iloiloga o lana mataupu e
valaau i le aso 23 Ianuari 2012, ina ua ia teena
le moliaga mamafa o lona susunuina lea o se
tafuna’i i le vaiaso na tea nei.
O le moliaga fa’asaga i le alii o Junior Patea
na afua mai i se fe’ese’ese’aiga i totonu o lona
aiga, ma ia susunua ai lavalava o lona toalua e pei
ona taua e le malo, ma avea ai loa ma itu na a’afia
atu ai ma le soifua maloloina o ni isi o aiga tuai,
ma vili ai loa e aiga nei leoleo mo se fesoasoani.
O lo o te’ena e Patea moliaga fa’asaga ia te ia,
ma ua tatalaina nei o ia i tua mai le to’ese i lalo o ni
poloaiga mai le fa’amasinoga e ao ona ia usitai i ai.
O nisi o ia poloaiga e aofia ai le faasa lea ona
ia toe soli se tulafono, a ia auai i soo se taimi e
valaauina ai lana mataupu i luma o le faamasinoga.
Feso’ota’i mai i le tusitala ia
[email protected]
Heavy Equipment Sales Consultant, Parts Sourcing,
for Heavy equipment, Trucks, Generators, Marine.
Call Doug or Leanor Harrington @ {684} 699-8735
Office/258-2505 Email: [email protected]
Hong Kong House
Nuuuli 699-8983
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Page 12
samoa news, Tuesday, December 20, 2011
FA’Avae ai Aiga
Vaega 74:
Momoli Loimataoapaula
e ona matua i le Kolisi
Ua amata a’oa’oga a Loimata i le Kolisi e pei
ona i ai ana fuafuaga i le tausaga a’oga ua amata
nei. O se aso fiafia mo ona matua fa’apea ona tuagane sa o latou taupua’i faiva a’o alo Loimata mo
lana su’ega. O lea ua fa’amanuiaina, ma ua maua
ai le avanoa e a’oga ai i le Kolisi. O le aso tonu
fo’i lea na taunu’u ane ai le uso o Tagiilima, le
lo’omatua o Malia. O lana masani lea, o le asiasi
ane i si ona uso ma lana fanau pe a o’o i le fa’aiuga
o le masina. E tele itu e fa’auiga ai le alu ane o le
uso o Tagiilima ua avea fo’i lea ma ala ua fai ai
tala a le aiga o Lameko e fa’apea, “O lea fo’i ua
sau le lo’omatua, e alu nei fo’i ma se la’uga.”
Ina ua logo tala Tagiilima i fa’amatalaga a
tagata o le aiga o Lameko, sa le i toe fa’atali le
lo’omatua, na la’a sa’o loa i le fale o le isi tausoga o Lameko lea na faia le fa’amatalaga. Na iloa
e Tagiilima le fa’amatalaga lea, ona o le isi fo’i
tausoga o Lameko na alu ane e fa’amolemole i a
Tagiilima, i se ‘ato talo e fai ai le oso o lana tama
e malaga i Niu Sila, o lea la ua maua le ‘ato talo
ona o le fa’amolemole, ae ua toe fa’amatalatala
nei ma isi gaogaosa e le tatau ona faia, ona e le
maua ai se filemu o se aiga. O tulaga lava ia, a i ai
se mea e mana’o ai ina ia fia maua, ona alu lea fai
fua tala ma fa’amatalaga o isi, e leai se filemu na
o le vevesi ma le felotoa’i e o’o i ai i le va o aiga.
“Nive, fa’alogo lelei mai lava oe, e leai sau feau
e te tautala ai fua i le sau a lo’u uso e asi mai a’u ma
la’u fanau. O le a e tautala fua o ni au mea, o ni au
tupe, se fa’ama ma le auvae pe a fa’alogo atu na o le
nofonofo i le fale ma ‘ai le savili. Aua le fa’amanogi
leagaina fua le ea a le Ali’i na foa’i mai e te manava
ai, manava i se ea fou se i fa’asa’osa’o ai lou fai’ai,
ae ‘aua e te faia fua fa’amatalaga fa’apea, aua na o
le vevesi le mea e o’o i ai tatou. Se tautala le tagata
e fa’alogo atu na te mafai ona fai mea o le aiga. Oi!
a ou pologa a’e ma ou ma’i i le faiga o mea o le tou
aiga, ae tou te fai fai tala ia te a’u, mafaufau ma saga
mafaufau, ae ‘au le fa’aalua le ea ma le manogi
leaga.” Ua leai se tala na toe gagana ane ai Nive i a
Tagiilima i lea taimi, ae ua na o le fa’atoese nei.
“Nive, o a’u o se tagata e sili ona alofa i a
te outou ma a outou fanau, ia outou manatua le
mea le na. Po’o a mea tou te le maua, e tu mai
le fafine nofotane lenei e fai mea uma, aisea, ona
o lo’u manatu alofa mai ia outou i lo outou lima
vaivai, a’o fa’amatalaga nei tou te faia, se na o
fa’amatalaga e tagi ai le loto ma maligi ai loimata.”
Na toe fo’i Tagiilima i lona fale ma lona loto
malie ina ua uma ona masua atu lona le malie i a
Nive ona o fa’amatalaga na ia faia e uiga i lona uso.
E ui ina lagona e Tagiilima le tiga ae ina ua taunu’u
i lona fale, sa lagona le filemu o lona loto, ina ua
ma’ea ona talatalanoa ma Nive. E moni lava e tiga
upu ma tala, ae sa lagona lava e Tagiilima lona
alofa i le va’ai atu i le fanau a Nive, ma le tulaga o
lo’o i ai, e lima vaivai. O le tele o mea a le aiga e fai,
e leai ni saoga a Nive ma lona to’alua, ona e leai se
tasi o faigaluega, e laiti fo’i tamaiti. Na tuli ane nei
e Tagiilima lana tama o Eteuati ma le pepa talo, ma
fasi povi e lima, e fai ai le mea’ai a le fanau a Nive
ma Tau. O uiga ia o Tagiilima, e fa’agalo gata i a
Lameko ma lona aiga, ae maise o lana fanau.
O le aso muamua o Loimata i le Kolisi na o lava
ona matua e momoli. O le mea e sili ona malie ai,
na amata lava i le taeao le a’oaiga o Loimata, ina
ua va’aia le oso a’e o ave o le la, o lea ua tu le
ta’avale i luma o le falea’oga o lea lava e fai.
“Loimata, o lea ua e ulufale i le Kolisi, ia e
mata ala i mea uma e te faia, ‘aua ne i e alu i ta’iga
a isi teine, e leai se mea lelei e maua ai, ae ia e
punou ma lou loto atoa e fai au mea’aoga. Va’ai
lelei au mea’aoga, va’ai lau ‘ato fou lea na fa’atau
i tupe o le fa’atoaga, lea ua aoga ia te oe, e feavea’i
ai au meaa’oga, ua e fa’alogo mai.”
Ua ‘ata Loimata ma tilotilo ane i lona tama
fa’atasi ai ma ona mafaufauga e fa’apea, “Se i tau
fa’ailoa mai lava ia te a’u, o tupe o lana fa’atoaga
lea ua fa’atau ai la’u ‘ato a’oga, o le lo’omatua lenei
se.” Na toe fa’ate’ia nei mafaufauga o le teine ina
ua toe fa’alogo atu o fa’apea mai lona tina.
“Va’ai oe, o tupe o le galuega a lou tama, o lea
e fai ai fa’alavelave a lona aiga, a tele mai lava
fa’alavelave, ia o le tele fo’i le na o ana tupe e alu.
A’o tupe ia, ia o tupe ia a si ou tina, o tupe lava
a Tagiilima na maua i ona lima ma lona afu, lea
ua maua ai lau ‘ato a’oga fou e te alu ma oe i le
a’oga. Ia e finafinau ma e tauivi i au meaa’oga, ona
e maua lea o le poto, ae le o lou finau e fa’alauiloa
isi mea e le tatua ona faia, ua e fa’alogo mai?”
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Upu Fou Fatua’iupu?
Fa’aaoga i le Gagana Samoa
O lenei taumafaiga ina ia mafai ona fa’aopoopo nisi upu
i le tatou gagana samoa, ina ia mafai ona fa’afaigofie ma
fa’apu’upu’u le taumafaiga e fa’aliliu mai tala fa’aperetania
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fa’ao’o mai i le Fa’atonu, po’o le Imeli [email protected]
tatou te feutaga’i ai i nei galuega lelei mo i tatou uma lava!
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
po’o le LEITA: Fa’aaoga pea i tusitusiga le fa’asamoa o i
luga, ae fa’aalia mai sou finagalo e talia gofie ai o tatou taofi.
Fa’ailoa mai, tatou feutaga’i ma le fa’aaloalo lava!
➧ Faafetaia Togiola…
Mai itulau 10
lagona o le fiafia ina ua maua lenei avanoa e fai ai so latou sao i
le polokalame o pesepesega o le kerisimasi i lenei tausaga.
O nisi o i latou e le o se taimi muamua lea ua pepese ai i lenei
polokalame, tauala mai i aufaipese a ekalesia ma autalavou,
peitai o le uluai taimi lenei ua fai ai latou ma sui o le kamupani
i’a e momoli mai pesega mo le kerisimasi.
O se tasi o vaega sa maitauina i aufai pese sa faafiafia i le
uluai po, e amata atu lava le matutua o fanau na aofia ai i faafiafiaga nei mai le 4 tausaga seia oo atu lava i tagata matutua.
Na matua faatumulia le malae i Fagatogo i le mamalu o le
atunuu, uo ma aiga sa molimauina lenei faamoemoe, lea foi sa
faatasi ai nisi o taitai o le atunuu.
Saunoa le afioga i le faatonusili o le Arts Council ia Leala Pili
ina ua fesiligia e le Samoa News, o le agaga autu o pesepesega
ma faafiafiaga mai aufaipese ua lautogia mo lenei tausaga, ia
faailoa i a latou pesega ma faafiafiaga le agaga o le kerisimasi.
“O le itu taua ia mafai ona o latou momoli mai le feau o le
kerisimasi e ala i pesega, ina ia siitia maualuga ai lagona o lea
aso taua,” o le saunoaga lea a Leala.
E ese ai i pesega o le kerisimasi mai aufaipese eseese, ae sa
aofia ai i faafiafiaga a nisi o aufaipese pese e aualoa ai i Toa o
Samoa o loo tautua i soo se vaega o le lalolagi.
E 14 aufaipese na faafiafia i le uluai po o lenei faamoemoe,
toa 13 na faafiafia i le po anapo ma le toa 12 lea ua faamoemoe
e taualuga ai le polokalame i le afiafi na nei, ma tapunia ai loa
lenei polokalame i se saunoaga mai le afioga i le Lutena Kovana
ia Faoa A. Sunia.
Feso’ota’i mai i le tusitala ia [email protected]
Aisea e Fefe ai le CIA - Maua
le Va’alele Rimote e Iran?
saunia: Leua Aiono Frost
O nisi o tu’ufesili o latou mafaufau, e le taitai lava ona ila
Amerika le nu’u tele ma le malosi i le la tama’i Iran latou, ae
fefe fua le CIA ina ua maua e Iran le va’alele fa’atonutonu po’o
le va’alele fo’i e fe’avea’i e le rimote.
O le mea muamua lava, ua maua mai ata o le va’alele rimote
lea, e matua leai lava se mea o leaga o le va’a, o lona uiga, ua
maua uma ane lava ata o so’o se nofoaga o lo’o felafia’i solo ai
tagata talipana lea e matele ina to’atele lava i tagata o Iran lea e
tete’e na’ua ia Amerika ma lona sao i totonu o Sasa’e Tutotonu
i lenei vaitaimi o le taua fa’aterarisi.
Lona lua, ua foliga mai, ua maua fo’i e Iran le mafaufau
ma’ai o Amerika, lea sa latou valia ai nei ituaiga o va’alele i vali
e le mafai ona maua ai e ni reita po’o masini va’ai mamao, lea e
matele ina fa’atutuina i tuaoi o malo eseese o le lalolagi, ina ia
le mafai ona osofa’ia e le tasi malo se isi malo, ae le mailoa po’o
va’alele a ai.
Lona tolu, o le toe fausia ai e Iran o ni a latou va’alele e
pei o nei ituaiga o va’alele a Amerika, ma latou toe fa’aaogaina
mai ia Amerika e toe pomua mai ai lava tatou. Ua tatou iloa
lelei, na tali leleia mai le osofa’iga e fasiotia Osama, o lona
uiga, o va’alele lava nei sa matua fa’aaogaina lava ina ia sailia
ai nofoaga o lo’o aumau ai tagata tete’e, nofoaga o lo’o teuina
ai meatau fa’aniukilia, o nofoaga o vaega au a malo uma lava o
Sasa’e Tutotonu, lea la ua toe fa’aulu mai ai e Iran se tagi i le
Fa’amasinoga a le Lalolagi e fa’asaga ia Amerika, ona o lona
faia fa’anana o nei sailiiliga uma lava, ae o lo’o talosaga mai fo’i
e taofia nei ituaiga faiga, ma le le maua o se filemu e atunu’u
uma lava o le lalolagi.
E mautinoa o nei ituaiga o fausaga o va’alele ma meatau e le
o manana’o Amerika ina ia o’o atu i lima o atunu’u o lo’o fai
Amerika ma latou fili.
O le masina o Tesema i lona aso 4 na oo ai lea o’a a Amerika
i a’ao o le fili, ma na tulaueleele lelei lava lea va’alele a Amerika
i le tuaoi o Afakanisitana ma Iran ae ua matele i totonu o eleele e
pulea e Iran, ma ua le mafai fo’i ona toe fa’afo’i mai.
samoa news, Tuesday, December 20, 2011 Page 13
American Samoa
How much will my Classified Ad cost?
O le Aso To’ona’i na se’i mavae atu, Tesema 17, 2011, sa fa’ataunu’uina ai i le malumalu EFKAS i
Pava’ia’i, le fa’aipoipoga a Alesanalesili Li’o Aipunou Selesele mai i Vailoatai ma Fuluioletasinalealeailemaotapaepaeole Tuimanu’a Rosanna Paogofie Kileefi Muao Selesele mai i Pava’ia’i. [ata foa’i]
Logo Tagitagi - O’o
mai le Kerisimasi…
tusia: Leua Aiono Frost
Ua foliga mai o le latalata atu lava i le Kerisimasi, ua fa’apea fo’i ona valea ma ulu o le au
fai’oloa o le atunu’u! Lele ua oso mai i luga o le fua
le ali’i mai Korea i Saute - Mr Lee ma lona fale’oloa
o le Peradise Inc. i Nu’uuli.
Fai mai e 20% lea o le a to’ese mai i tau o mea
uma lava e te fa’atauina mai le latou fale’oloa! Oka,
masalo o saili se pasese o le ali’i pu’eata lea e fia
alu i Korea i Matu e tapu’e mai ata o le maliu o le
Peresetene o lena malo lea ua fa’ailoa mai, ua maliu
i le fa’ai’uga o le vaiaso na te’a nei.
Oka o se taimi muamua lea ua fa’asoloatoa ai
lana pa’u i tau o oloa uma i totonu o lona fale’oloa.
Fa’afetai i lona fia fiafia e fa’asoa mai i le tatou nei
vaitau fiafia o le tausaga. Pau le mea ou te pikia ai
le faleoloa lea, tusa pe tumu fata o lona faleoloa pe
a e ulufale atu i ai, ae le taitai ona aumaia i fafo. E
fai mai lana tala, “E leaga ou te iloa e pefu le alatele,
ma e le atoatoa ai le lagona malu o le tagata fa’atau
pe afai o le a sau i totonu.”
O le tala mai le ali’i Thomas Drabble ma lana
Sadies, o lea ua toe fa’aoso mai lana Brunch, o lona
uiga ua le Breakfast, ae oso mai ua ‘aiga i le va o le
malu taeao ma le ‘aiga o le aoauli. Lele ua fa’ailoa
mai, e ta’i $19.95 i le tagata matua, le isi vaega
feololo e $12.00, ae o le 5 aga’i i lalo tausaga ua
tausami e le totogia. Sole na ona iloa lava e le isi
fafine faia’oga o le a’oga aso Sa, fai ma le ofo, “ave
uma lava la’u vasega i le Sadies pe a tu’ua le lotu i
le aso Sa!” Alofa e masau atu e na’o le ta’itasi lava
tamaiti i aiga ta’itasi e maua lea fa’amanuiaga, ae le
o le a’oga aso Sa atoa! Ha ha.
Va’ai la oe lea e malaga i Apia, e le o misia
mai oe i le fa’asologa o Pisinisi ma latou tautua e
ofoina mai i ni tau ua fa’aitiitia. Lele ua mae’a ona
e totogia iinei sou potu, ae fa’ato’a e malaga ai, ae
faia i le vaega a Pelene po’o le vala’au i le telefoni
688-7222. Se ele toe popole i le fa’asoaina o le tupe
latou pe a o’o i o, aua e totogia uma lava i’inei. E
o’o lava i le oso i le ta’avale i le malaeva’alele ma
toe fo’i ane i le aso e toe sau ai. Se le latou faletalimalo o le Insel Fehmarn i Tanugamanono. Aua le
toe oso le sauni i Samoa, ia alu lava ua uma ona
totogia uma mea e fai ai ou uiga! Ha Ha!
Le Kamupani Ta’avale a le Toyota, lea ua fa’ailoa
mai le latou fo’i fesoasoani i lau fa’asoa! E amata mai
lou fa’aaogaina o se ta’avale Toyota mai le Avis Car
Hire, e o’o i le fa’atau o se totoga o laua ta’avale ma le
fa’atauga o Ma’a Ta’avale afi, afai e silia ma le $100.
ua fa’aalu, ona tu’ua lea o lou suafa i le latou se’i mo
le Kerisimasi. O le se’i e mata’utia o latou fa’ailoga.
O le TV lanu tele 42inisi le fa’ailoga muamua. O le
fa’ailoga lona lua o le 3 pusa o seti meafaigaluega
‘eseese ma le fa’ailoga lona tolu e 3 fo’i aso e te
fa’asavili solo ai le ta’avale mai le Avis Car Hire.
Oso i ai i totonu, va’ai lau ponesi e fa’aaoga
tatau mai, e te’i lava ua maua ai nisi mea aoga mo
le aiga i lau fa’atauga o na mea aoga, ae leaga ona
fa’aaoga vale i nisi mea e tasi lava le taimi e te fiafia
ai, uma e le toe maua mai!
Manatua fo’i i lou mafaufau, o lou laki lava i lau
se’i e te pikia ai se 50% mo le tau o sou se’evae mai
le Shoe Tree. Oka e le sau fa’alua lava Santa Claus
- e tasi lava le taimi e sau ai, ona fa’ato’a toe tatalia
fo’i i lea mo le tausaga fou.
Afai o viga lava le fanau mo se Computer e faia ai
latou meaa’oga, ia o le taimi lelei lava lenei e fa’ailoa
ai lou agaga i lau fanau, fa’atau loa ma se Komipiuta
pe a maua se meaalofa. Fai mai e faia fo’i le latou
se’i, fa’atau ai se mea i’ina e fe’avea’i ai meaa’oga
a le fanau, Flash drive, ma maua ai se ticket mo lea
se’i tele a i latou. O fa’ailoga, o le Laptop, se ua le toe
feoa’i ni tamaiti i fafo ma ni ‘api, ua feoa’i solo ma
Laptop i ‘ato. Soso’o lea ma isi mea ia e mafai fo’i ona
sefe i ai latou meaa’oga ma latou homework, 10inch
Tablet ma le 16iPod. “Se Mama, o mea uma lava na
e matua sipoki ai lava le fanau, ae o oe ma a’u, o le
vaega fo’i lea sa ola mai i vaitau e fa’avavau. E iloa
lava e tamaiti latou mea e fa’aaoga i ai na mea!”
O le vaitau lenei, pe afai o i ai sau manamea pe
o gau lava fo’i lou loto i se fa’alo’ilo’i ae le’i mafai
ona fai i ai se tala, o oe la lena e aoga i ai le Treasure
Island. Se le manogi o latou moliga’o mo le aiga
atoa, e fa’amanogi
Fai mai ua pa’u fo’i le 10% mai oloa o teuga eseese
tau filifili auro, mama o so’o se ituaiga, ile siliva po’o
le auro, teuteuina i ma’ataua matagofie e talafeagai
ma le tau o lou mana’o o i ai i lau manamea. E le
gata i na oloa ae ua i ai foi ma fagu fa’amanogi, sasala
ma le fa’agauloto, ia e sauni lelei, aua e le taugofie le
onosa’i, amio lelei toe tausa’afia! Ha Ha! Fai mai le
isi toea’ina, e uma lava mea toe fofo’e atu ma le pa’u,
ae o lo’o tutu mai lava le tama’ita’i i lou mafaufau,
e foliga mai e le’i taitai ona maua lona tau! Ae uma
la pe a e tago loa fa’atau ma se moliga’o manogi, e
fa’aliu suavai ai ona lagona!
Ae o lea fo’i ua sau le Origin Energy latou,
aua ua fai si leva o fa’asaga lea Kamupani Kesi e
fa’alauiloa le fa’aaogaina o latou oloa i totonu o
aiga, mo le tapenaga o fofoga taumafa ma isi lava
faiga ua mafai ona e fa’aaogaina ai le Kesi nai lo
le eletise lea ua si’itia pea lona tau. Na faia latou
fa’aaliga nei i le Maketi fou i Fagatogo i afiafi o aso
Faraile, ma sa iloga ona tumutumu i ai le atunu’u.
Peita’i o lea ua fa’ailoa mai, pe a fa’atau sau
ogaumu po’o ni oloa mai o latou faleoloa i le atunu’u,
ona e agava’a ai lea mo se avanoa e te maua ai se
Turkey po’o se Pepa e talafua ai oloa mai le Faleoloa
o le Forsgrens, lea fo’i ua fa’ailoa mai le latou vaega
fou o lo ua tautuaina ai le atunu’u, Fuala’au Aina. Fai
mai ua pa’u fo’i le tau o latou ogaumu e ta’i fa mataafi.
Aua nei galo ia te oe le tama e fiafia tele i ai le
aiga atoa. Le Pizza Hut ma le latou pa’u i le tau
o latou Pizza ma isi fo’i mea fa’aopoopo lea ua
fa’ailoa mai. Lua Medium tasi le fa’atumu fa’atasi
ai ma le 10 dunkers po’o Keke Sukalati i le tau e
$29.95. E lava lelei ai le fanau, ma e mafai ona
fa’afiafia ai latou ae o Mom ma Dad i le tifaga se’i
maua fo’i se la’ua taimi nao la’ua.
Va’ai le soso’oga, po’o ai lea o le a soso’o ai i
latou tautua mo le mamalu lautele.
$ 6
$ 8
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Page 14
samoa news, Tuesday, December 20, 2011
Sweeties Restaurant
“Across from Market near Fagatogo Taxi Stand”
$3.00 Special Holiday Plate.
We cater to your special occasions:
Parties, Meetings, Get Togethers, Fundraisings
We serve Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Open 6:00am to 7:00pm
731-6233 - 633-2160
➧ Congress moves toward standoff…
Continued from page 8
it as an incentive to persuade conservatives to
approve an extension of the payroll tax cut that
many claimed had failed to create jobs.
Several Republican officials said that on the
Saturday conference call, Boehner told members of the rank and file that if they wanted to
approve the Senate measure, they could point
to the Keystone provision as a victory.
These officials added, though, that the
speaker called the two-month measure poor
policy, and refrained from recommending one
course over another.
The Senate-passed bill, as well as one that
cleared the House last week, also would avert
a threatened 27 percent cut in payments to doctors who treat Medicare patients.
There was no controversy on that provision,
or much of one on anything but the duration of
an extension.
Democrats gleefully distributed evidence of
GOP disagreement, including comments from
Sen. Scott Brown of Massachusetts, Richard
Lugar of Indiana and others urging the House
to approve the two-month measure.
But first-term House Republicans were
“What they (the Senate) sent us over was an
insult to the American people,” said Rep. Ann
Marie Buerkle, R-N.Y.
“I don’t care about political implications” of
letting taxes go up Jan. 1 for 160 million Americans, said Rep. Tom Reed, R-N.Y.
“We will stay here as long as it takes in
order to do what’s right for the American
people. That means working on Christmas,
New Year’s and other days.
“It’s time to get the job done.”
Professing a lack of concern about higher
taxes was not a widely held position inside the
party leadership, though.
For both parties, the political implications
seemed to matter hugely.
The Democratic Congressional Campaign
Committee announced it was sending automated phone calls into households in 20 targeted GOP-held districts demanding that lawmakers support the two-month extension, lest
taxes go up.
Not to be outdone, the National Republican
Congressional Committee issued a statement
headlined “Vacation, All House Dems Ever
Wanted” and claiming that Democrats wanted
to raise taxes on the middle class.
It was unclear how much attention the political maneuvering would draw in a nation where
consumers were in the final shopping countdown toward Christmas and the next national
election was nearly a year away.
➧ Gift givers… ➧ PREL’s Animated Series…
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On your way home?
Taking a pause for the
Christmas cause?
There’s Kentucky Fried
Chicken, because face it, you’re
not going to have time to cook
and shop — so grab a bucket
or take home a chocolate chip
cake, that is included in their
Family Festive Feast Meal.
Then there’s the McDonald’s $4.00 meal, sure to hit the
spot while running from store
to store. And if you’re too tired
to cook on Christmas Sunday,
McDonald’s will be opened, so
bring the whole aiga down and
let McDonald’s pamper you.
According to Michael Q. Ceballos, “The art of storytelling (or
talking story) in Hawai‘i is a tradition that has been passed down
through the generations. With this in mind the E Ho’omau! crew
knew from the beginning that we needed to be respectful and true
to these stories and their inherent cultural meaning and values.”
Why Maui Snared the Sun is a story based on the Hawaiian
legend of Maui the demigod. Kala (the sun) selfishly races across
the sky, leaving the land and its people with short days and long
nights. Among those suffering from the lack of daylight was the
goddess Hina, mother of Maui. In order to make things pono
(right), Maui, still only a young man, summons all his courage
and travels to the highest summit of Haleakala where he confronts the mighty Kala. The film stars Chad Makoto Kaleo
Takatsugi as the voice of Kala and newcomer Kalae Kauhi
Maunakea-Forth as the voice of Maui.
The Menehune and the Birds is based on the legend of the
Menehune (mythological Hawaiian elves living in the forest). A
young Menehune boy, Kēhau, and his friend, a little ‘elepaio bird,
enlist the support of the Menehune chief and his warriors to save
Native Hawaiian birds from being killed off for their feathers in
the Kaua‘i rainforest. The film stars Brandon Pave as the voice
of Kēhau, Analei Turnbull as the voice of the ‘Elepaio bird, and
Carlson Kamaka Kukona III as the voice of the Menehune chief.
Pele Searches for a Home draws upon the legend of fire goddess Pele, who leaves her ancient home of Kahiki (Tahiti) in
search of a new home for her family. As she travels down the
Hawaiian island chain, she is pursued by and battles her eldest
sister Namaka (goddess of water and the sea). After a climactic
battle on the island of Maui, she finally finds refuge in Kīlauea
on the Big Island of Hawai‘i. The film includes dramatic performances by Kaleilehua Maioho as Namaka, and Malie K.
Goodhue as Pele. Angela Morales, a member of the singing
group Na Leo, stars as the goddess Haumea.
E Ho’omau! has already generated a lot of interest in the
Pacific region: The Menehune and the Birds had three screenings at the 31st Hawai‘i International Film Festival, Why Maui
Snared the Sun won Best Animation at the 2011 Guam International Film Festival, and additional screenings took place at the
‘Ohina Short Film Showcase.
The films are also airing on ‘Oiwi TV, a digital cable TV
channel that serves the Native Hawaiian community. ‘Oiwi TV
will broadcast The Menehune and the Birds this week, while
Pele Searches for a Home starts airing in January 2012. Tune
in to channel 326 on Oceanic Time Warner Cable’s statewide
digital cable network to view E Ho‘omau!.
PREL envisions a world where all children and communities are literate and healthy, global participants grounded in and
enriched by their cultures. Throughout the Pacific, a region of
diverse languages and cultures, PREL collaborates with clients
and partners using the proven results of research to improve
schooling and promote community change. PREL is an independent, nonprofit corporation headquartered in Hawai‘i, with
service centers in American Samoa, the Commonwealth of the
Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, the Republic of the Marshall Islands, the Republic of Palau, and the Federated States of
Micronesia: Chuuk, Kosrae, Pohnpei, and Yap.
Reach the reporter @
[email protected]
10% - 30%
Discounts on Everything
Call 699-3666 for more information
Next to Pacific Sales - Industrial Park Tafuna
(Source: Pacific Resources for Education and Learning media release)
➧ $15-16 Million ‘shortfall’…
samoa news, Tuesday, December 20, 2011 Page 15
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hospital is only including the first three months of FY 2012 in its
revenues, which comes to $1.58 million. Gerstenberger had stated
that the DOI is operating under a continuing resolution as Congress
has yet to approve a full budget for the fiscal year.
LBJ is projecting they will receive $9.12 million in Medicaid
funding for FY 2012 (with no funding expected for Dec. to March)
with $5 million received so far for October and November. Additionally, $4.33 million is projected for Medicare funds in FY 2012.
The hospital is projecting $39.20 million in expenses with the
highest amount — $19.56 million in personnel costs; followed by
$8.93 million in pharmacy and supply expenses; $2.40 million
to pay off what the hospital owes to the Center for Medicaid and
Medicare Services due to an overpayment. (LBJ is scheduled to
pay off the debt by September next year.)
LBJ is projecting $1.99 million in utilities and $1.75 million
in “purchased services”, according to the financial spreadsheet.
Samoa News understands that the most urgent need for LBJ
at this point is to find enough revenue to cover expenses for
December, which are estimated at $4.12 million compared to
only $1.44 million projected revenue. LBJ’s major expenses
for December are personnel costs — which are at $2.1 million
because of the extra payroll added at the end of the month.
After yesterday’s government payday, the next payroll is supposed to be Jan. 2, but that is being declared a government holiday
to observe New Year’s Day (which actually falls on a Sunday). The
payroll, therefore has been moved up to Dec. 30. LBJ’s monthly
payroll is $1.4 million or about $700,000 every two weeks.
➧ ASG has to pay $6 Mil. …
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gressive’s claim under the Government Tort Liability Act.
“Like the military conflict that raged between 1756 - 1763,
this litigation itself a ‘Seven Year War’ spanning a good part of
the globe and full of high emotion combined with creative tactics,” the judges observed. “The parties are by now well aware
of the facts and procedural history associated with each earlier
theater of this engagement.”
The court says Progressive has already paid Forsgren in full
following the fire, and sought recovery from ASG under the
theories of both subrogation and assignment.
(Subrogation, according to West’s Encyclopedia of American
law, refers to “the substitution of one person for another with respect
to legal rights such as a right of recovery”. It occurs when a third
person, such as an insurance company, has paid a debt of another...
and succeeds to all legal rights which the debtor or person against
whom the claim was asserted may have against other persons.”
After the ruling in favor of Progressive, the government filed an
appeal. In its January 2010 decision, the appellate division reversed
and remanded the case back to the lower court, “solely on jurisdictional grounds.” The appellate division instructed the lower court
“to decide, on remand, whether Progressive’s claim as assignee
merged with its claim as subrogee,” the lower court judges pointed
out. “If the two claims merged, the Appellate Division directed us
to dismiss this action to allow Progressive to pursue its prerequisite
administrative remedy.” However, if the two claims did not merge,
the appellate division directed that Progressive “may proceed to
trial on the sum certain amounts in each category of loss as previously presented to the Attorney General.”
The judges found that “Progressive still retains a separate
cause of action as subrogee”. They also found that, based on
the “evidence and arguments presented at the trial on merits,
Progressive is entitled to $4.87 million on its subrogation claim,
based on its payment to Forsgren in the same amount for the loss
sustained as a result of ASG stipulated negligence”.
The judges went on to say that Progressive had filed with
the Attorney General in Dec. 2002 an administrative claim letter
which contained written notification of the incident — by way
of a detailed description of the fire and damages — accompanied
by a claim for money damages for a sum certain — $6 million.
Pursuant to the binding precedent of the appellate division,
this is sufficient to exhaust the prerequisite jurisdictional requirements under the local law (ASCA 43.1205), the judges point out.
“Because Progressive exhausted its prerequisite administrative remedies under ASA 43.1205, the trial division did not lack
subject matter jurisdiction over Progressive’s claim as assignee,”
said the judges, who agreed with the appellate division’s suggestion that the lower court “may have lacked jurisdiction over any
amount greater than the sum certain presented in Progressive’s
administrative claim to the Attorney General.”
“Progressive’s total award amount must... be limited to $6
million for both its subrogation claim and its claim as assignee
— $4,875,750 of which is awarded specifically on Progressive’s
claim for subrogation,” the judges notes.
In conclusion the trial division ruled “in favor of Progressive” in the amount of $6 million for both its claim as subrogee
in the amount of $4.87 million and its separate claim as Forsgren’s assignee in the amount of $1.12 million.
The American Samoa Power Authority (ASPA) held their “30 years of service in the territory”
celebration this past Saturday at the Veterans Memorial Stadium in Tafuna for their employees
and family members with lots of food, fun, and games. They even had the cherry picker/bucket
[photo: Jeff Hayner]
truck (pictured) giving out rides to the delight of parents and their children.
American Samoa Community College will offer the ASCC Placement Examination for all
interested individuals wishing to enroll in courses at the Community College spring semester
2012 at 9:00 a.m. and l:00 p.m. on December 27 and 28, 2011 Fee is $10.00.
Report to the ASCC Office of Admissions and Records on or before December 27 or 28th with
the following documents in order to apply for admission to ASCC.
1. All applicants are required to submit the following:
• Social Security card (if available)
• Passport
• Note: If a passport is not available, provide
A birth certificate and American Samoa identification card
2. Applicants under the age of 18 must submit any ONE of the following in addition to
number 1 above:
• High School diploma or General Education Diploma
• Secondary School Certificate if entering from The British System
3. Non-U.S. Citizens/Nationals must also provide (in addition to number 1 above)
• Alien Registration identification card from the American Samoa Government
Immigration Office (must have one) and Immigration Board authorization
document (letter) to attend ASCC.
After you have been admitted, you will go to the ASCC Business Office and pay the required
$10.00 placement test fee. Keep your receipt and bring it to the Testing Room and present it
to the Testing Officials. BRING TWO NO. 2 PENCILS.
A late Placement Test will be given on December 29, 2011. The fee is $20.00.
If you have taken the SAT, your scores may be substituted for the ASCC Placement
Examinations. Your TOEFL score may be used for your English Placement; however, you will
need to take the Math Placement Examination.
Students with disabilities who need assistance in taking the examinations should contact the
Admissions and Records Office at least 3 weeks prior to registration.
If you have any questions, please call the Admissions & Records Office at 699 9156, ex 411,
412 or 379 If you are a veteran or a veteran’s dependent, please contact Mrs. Fualaau
Lancaster, ext. 426.
Page 16
samoa news, Tuesday, December 20, 2011
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used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License.
USCG cutter returns home after law enforcement patrol
HONOLULU — The crew of
the Coast Guard Cutter Kukui
returned home Friday after completing a 54-day law enforcement
patrol across the South Pacific. During the patrol the crew of
Kukui participated in significant
regional operations to further
enhance U.S. and international
efforts to protect the ecologically and economically valuable
fish stocks of the Pacific. Their
mission was to conduct maritime surveillance operations
to detect, deter, and eliminate
activities such as illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing and
other transnational crimes. After departing Honolulu
on October 24, Kukui’s crew
headed south of the equator
where they completed 31 boardings, exercised four bi-lateral
agreements and participated in
two multi-national operations.
During their mission they visited four foreign ports. On the first leg of the voyage,
Kukui embarked an enforcement
partner from Kiribati. By exercising the bi-lateral agreement
between the U.S. and Republic
of Kiribati Kukui assisted in
enforcing laws and regulations
in Kiribati’s Exclusive Economic Zone for the benefit of
sustaining the international tuna
fishery. During this period, the
crew boarded one U.S. vessel
and seven foreign fishing vessels. All but one of the fishing
vessels were found to be in compliance with applicable laws and
regulations and one was cited
for minor violations of Kiribati
license agreements. Kukui made port in Papeete, Tahiti, and Bora Bora to
replenish supplies and allow the
crew to recover from intensive
operations. While in Papeete,
Kukui’s commanding officer,
Cmdr. Bob Little, conducted
diplomatic visits with Oscar
Temaru, President of French
Polynesia, Richard Didier, the
French High Commissioner and
Rear Admiral Jerome Regnier,
the Commander of French Military Forces in the Pacific. Kukui then participated in
Operation Kuru Kuru, a multinational operation orchestrated
by the Pacific Islands Forum
Fisheries Agency. The operation was conducted in cooperation with 18 countries across the
Pacific. Kukui partnered with a
Cook Islands enforcement official patrolling the Cook Islands
EEZ for the duration of the eight
day operation. During Kuru Kuru the Kukui
crew boarded eight additional
fishing vessels. Seven were
found to be in compliance with
all laws and regulations. One
vessel had a discrepancy with
its Vessel Monitoring System,
which is a transmitter that provides visibility to the Forum
Fisheries Agency and the sovereign nation of fishing activity in
their EEZ. The vessel was subsequently directed to return to
port to make necessary repairs. Three U.S. vessels were also
boarded during Kuru Kuru and
one was cited for not meeting
U.S. requirements for safety
equipment onboard. Kuru Kuru was the largestscale operation to reduce illegal
and unreported fishing to ever
take place in the region.
Upon completion of Kuru
A Coast Guard Cutter Kukui boarding team comprised of Coast Guardsmen and a Cook Kuru, Kukui patrolled the
Islands official prepare to inspect a fishing vessel operating within an exclusive economic zone American Samoa EEZ, docunumerous
[photo: U.S. Coast Guard] menting
in the Pacific Ocean during operation Kuru Kuru, November 12, 2011.
violations as well as two suspected non-U.S. master violations during the course of three
boardings in this area. Kukui
then continued south to engage
with Tonga Defense Services
officials to facilitate enforcement of Tonga’s EEZ bordering
American Samoa EEZ. Kukui became the first U.S.
vessel to exercise a new bilateral agreement with Tuvalu.
They conducted coordinated
patrol operations with the
Tuvalu Pacific Patrol Boat that
resulted in four fishing vessels
being cited for major violations
of Tuvalu law. Upon completion
of the operation, Kukui visited
Funafuti, Tuvalu for a port call. The Tuvalu Prime Minister and
Maritime Police Force hosted
the crew for a celebration of the
new agreement and the success
of the combined operation.
Kukui’s crew was able to
board vessels on the high seas
that were subject to the regulations of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission, to which the United States
is a party. Kukui was tasked
with ensuring compliance with
various Conservation and Management Measures in place
throughout the Central Pacific.
These CMMs ensure that only
proper gear is utilized, all catch is
reported, unnecessary by-catch
is limited and that endangered or
threatened species in the Pacific
are protected from harm. (Source: USCG media release)

Hospital projects $15-16 Million `shortfall` for current