Buckle up!
Fatalities CraSHES
01-01-14 to date
01-01-14 to date
office of highway safety
Abraham Maiava the
only local on Poly-All
American roster B1
Fa’alauiloa polokalame
faalelei ai pepa nofomau
tagata “overstayer” 9
football Warrior Abraham
Maiava benching 4 plates of
45 pounders at his regular
workout. He will be representing American Samoa in
the 4th Annual Polynesian
All American All Star Bowl
Game on Saturday Jan. 18,
2014. The game will be held
in L.A. California, and will be
streamed live on the Internet.
(See sports story inside.)
[photo: TG]
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Jonathan Fanene named
Acting Director for DYWA
by Joyetter Feagaimaali’i-Luamanu, Samoa News Reporter
Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga has honored the legislature’s twice rejection of Pa’u Roy Ausage as Director for
Department of Youth and Women’s Affairs, and has since
named free agent football player Jonathan Fanene as the Acting
Director for DYWA, noting he’s a young man who pursued his
dreams, went off island to school, graduated from University
of Utah and has returned to serve his people.
Fanene 31, is the youngest cabinet member in Lolo and
Lemanu’s Administration.
The announcement was made during the governor’s first
cabinet meeting for 2014, held yesterday at the Lee Auditorium.
The governor told Samoa News Fanene is a bright young man,
who has leadership skills and will direct the youth on the right
path with the assistance of Pa’u. Lolo said with the appointment
of Fanene, their administration now has a full fledged cabinet
— where all Departments and Agencies have directors.
Fanene, an American football defensive player, who is currently a free agent, formerly played for the Cincinnati Bengals and the New England Patriots. According to wikipedia,
Fanene was drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals in the seventh
round of the 2005 NFL draft and he played college football at
College of the Canyons and University of Utah.
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Thursday, January 16, 2014
Vietnam govt wants ownership of
illegally transferred funds verified
USDOJ joins effort to get ASG
funds back from Vietnam bank
by Fili Sagapolutele
Samoa News Correspondent
More than two years after $1.2 million in ASG
funds were illegally transferred to the Vietnam
International Bank (VIB), efforts are still being
made to have the funds returned, with the latest
indication from Congressman Faleomavaega Eni
that the U.S. Justice Department (USDOJ) is now
involved to return the money — soon.
This case first came to light in October 2011,
following a letter from then Gov. Togiola Tulafono to the Washington D.C. based Vietnamese
Ambassador to the U.S., saying on Aug. 31,
2011, “we suffered a cyber-crime attack that
resulted in the fraudulent wire transfer of a large
sum of money from our government account at
the Bank of Hawaii to an account at VIB.” (The
funds was federal grants for ASG).
The letter was also copied to Faleomavaega,
who also received communication from then
ASG Treasurer Magalei Logovi’i. In addition, there were other letters between the Congressman and Vietnamese officials, who were
working with the FBI to have the money, frozen
by VIB, returned to ASG.
Last year, when the Lolo administration
took office, there were additional communications and letters between the Congressman and
the new administration. These letters, which
provided new information, not yet reported by
Samoa News, were part of Faleomavaega’s Jan.
14, 2014 letter to Gov. Lolo M. Moliga, who
told lawmakers on Monday the $1.2 million is
also ASG money that is out there which needs
to be collected.
Lolo said the Attorney General’s Office and
Faleomavaega are working on this issue, which
is expected to be resolved soon.
“The U.S. Justice Department is now
working directly with Vietnam to resolve this
matter and the money should be transferred
soon,” Faleomavaega wrote in a Jan. 14 letter to
Lolo, providing the timeline of events leading
up to the latest update on this matter.
Faleomavaega’s letter, which was copied to
all lawmakers, was included in a packet of 26
pages of communication going back to 2011,
regarding this money. The packet was delivered
Tuesday afternoon to the Fono, and one was
given to each lawmaker so they would be fully
aware of the latest update.
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Lolo Admin to officially kick
off Amnesty Program in Feb
Hopefully, Fono will approve
by Joyetter Feagaimaali’i-Luamanu
Samoa News Reporter
American Samoa’s student scientists made a good showing
at the Pacific Symposium for Science and Sustainability at the
University of Hawaii-Manoa Campus last week. Here South
Pacific Academy’s Tiara Drabble presents her research during
one of the sessions. Other local students who took part are Taylor
Jessop (SPA), Charu Joserose (THS), Jaeleen Ozu (THS), Koroseta Butler (SPA) and Liana Gurr (THS). Read details on the
individual presentations and how they placed in an upcoming
[courtesy photo]
issue of Samoa News.
The Lolo and Lemanu Administration will
officially kick off the Amnesty program, which
will allow for undocumented residents in the
territory to make their immigration status legal,
in February.
Deputy Attorney General, Mitzie Jessop,
during a power point presentation at the first
cabinet meeting of the year on Wednesday,
said registration will kick off next month, Feb.
18, with a deadline of March 14, 2014. She
explained upon completion of registration the
Amnesty team will gather all the numbers and
prepare a draft of the amendment to the law
that’s needed and will then seek Fono approval.
She said the amendment will ask the Fono
expand the quota limit for this fiscal year only —
and those expansions will be based specifically
on the count of those who have already regis-
tered. Jessop said that until the Fono approves
the proposed amendments, that is when the
actual review of the applications will occur.
The Deputy AG said all the applications will
go through either an Amnesty Commission or
the current immigration board to determine
qualification and approval. “Each application
will not be approved by only one person.”
The campaign regarding this program will
kick off with the governor’s announcement
on government owned KVZK TV today and
notices will be published and aired for the
public. There will also be banners placed in
certain locations in the territory.
Assistant AG Vincent Kruse, who is also
part of the Amnesty Team, stated notices will be
sent out, so undocumented foreigners will have
the proper documents needed for registration,
such as a valid passport, Photo ID, birth certificate and any immigration travel documents.
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Page 2
samoa news, Thursday, January 16, 2014
TO Members of the VAILUU Family and to all whom these present may come!
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that MAMANI SETI of LEONE has offered for recording in this office
an instrument in writing which seeks to separate a certain structure which is or to be erected, on
land AFULAIA, allegedly belonging to VAILUU FAMILY of the village of LEONE. Said land AFULAIA
is situated in or near the village of LEONE in the County of FOFO, Island of TUTUILA, American
NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that any interested person may object to the recording of such
instrument by filing in the Territorial Registar’s Office in Fagatogo, a written objection to the
recording of said instrument. Any objections thereto must be filed with in 30 days from the date
of posting of this notice.
NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that if no such objections are filed within the said 30 day period,
the instrument will be recorded and shall be valid and binding on all persons. The said
instrument may be examined at any time at the Territorial Registrar’s Office.
DECEMBER 17, 2013 thru JANUARY 16, 2014
Taito S.B. White, Territorial Registrar
“Unfunded liabilities” may force
ASGERF to increase contributions
by Fili Sagapolutele
Samoa News Correspondent
Current ASG Employees Retirement Fund
board member, Brandt Judy, plans to resign as a
trustee of the Fund, while the Lolo administrais looking at hiking by 5% the employer
and employee contribution to the Fund to help
I tagata o le aiga sa VAILUU, ma i latou uma e silasila ma lauiloaina lenei fa’aaliga!
O le fa’aaliga lenei ona o MAMANI SETI o le nu’u o LEONE ua ia fa’aulufaleina mai i lenei ofisa cover “unfunded liabilities”, which currently
se feagaiga tusitusi e fa’ailoa ai se mana’oga fia tu’u’eseina o se fale ua/po o le a, fa’atuina i luga o stand at just over $40 million.
le fanua o AFULAIA e fa’asino i le aiga sa VAILUU, o le nu’u o LEONE. O lenei fanua e totonu pe
Judy, known to many as just “BJ”, is one
latalata ane i le nu’u o LEONE, itumalo o FOFO, ile motu o TUTUILA, Amerika Samoa.
five current board members of the Fund,
O le fa’aaliga fo’i e fa’apea, so o se tasi e iai sona aia i lenei mata’upu e mafai ona fa’atu’i’iese
ile fa’amauina o lenei feagaiga pe a auina mai i le ofisa ole Resitara o le Teritori of Amerika Samoa which according to the fiscal year 2012 finani Fagatogo, sana fa’atu’ese tusitusia. O fa’atu’iesega uma lava e ao ona fa’aulufaleina mai i totonu
cial audit report has assets of more than $200
o aso e 30 faitauina mai i le aso na faíaalia ai lenei fa’aaliga.
million. Gov. Lolo M. Moliga last year reAfai ole a leai se fa’atu’i’esega e fa’aulufaleina i totonu o aso 30 e pei ona ta’ua i luga, o le a
fa’amauina loa lenei feagaiga e taualoaina ma ‘a’afia ai tagata uma.
01/02 & 01/16/14
appointed Judy to the new seven-member board
to ensure continuity of the new board; however,
he along with the other nominees failed to get
full endorsement by both the Senate and House.
Samoa News received word early this week
Judy has sent a letter of resignation to the governor’s office and at the same time recommended
The History Channel
for the governor’s office to retain on the future
 On Jan. 29, 1845, Edgar Allan Poe’s poem
board, current board members Aleki Sene Sr.
“The Raven,” which begins “Once upon a mid(the current chairman), and Morris Scanlan.
night dreary,” is published in the New York EveResponding to Samoa News questions,
ning Mirror. Poe’s macabre work often portrayed
the governor’s executive assistant Iulogologo
motiveless crimes and intolerable guilt in his
Joseph Pereira said “BJ called and informed us
of his intention to resign from the Board. He
• On Feb. 2, 1887, Groundhog Day, featuring
had not sent a letter of resignation, but the gova rodent meteorologist, is celebrated for the
ernor honored his wishes.”
first time at Gobbler’s Knob in Punxsutawney,
Additionally, he said, “I don’t recall
Pa. According to tradition, if a groundhog comes
receiving any such recommendation from BJ”
out of its hole on this day and sees its shadow,
regarding Sene and Scanlan and “if he did, he
there will be six more weeks of winter weather;
didn’t address it with me,” said Iulogologo,
no shadow means an early spring.
adding that “BJ didn’t discuss with me his rea• On Jan. 30, 1943, the British Royal Air Force
sons prompting his resignation from the Board.”
begins a bombing campaign in Berlin that coincides
Iulogologo also said the governor plans to
with the 10th anniversary of Hitler’s accession
names of the new board of trustees very
to power. To make matters worse for the Germans,
the following day a massive surrender of German
troops occurred at Stalingrad.
his State of the Territory Address on
• On Jan. 27, 1967, a launch-pad fire during
governor told the Fono the RetireApollo program tests at Cape Canaveral, Fla.,
“Unfunded Liability” as of 2012
kills astronauts Virgil “Gus” Grissom, Edward H.
and the administration is
White II and Roger B. Chafee. An investigation
of 5% in employer
indicated that a faulty electrical wire inside
and employee contribution to the Fund to cover
the Apollo 1 command module was the probable cause
the unfunded liabilities, which continue to
of the fire.
• On Feb. 1, 1974, University of Washington
student Lynda Ann Healy disappears from her apartment and is murdered by serial killer Ted Bundy.
In the summer of 1974, Bundy attacked at least
seven young women in Washington. By the time he
was captured in 1979, Bundy had become America’s
most infamous serial killer.
• On Jan. 28, 1985, 45 American music artists
gather to record “We Are the World,” a record that
would eventually sell more than 7 million copies
and raise some $60 million for African famine
relief. The instruction producer Quincy Jones
sent to pop stars doing the recording: “Check
your egos at the door.”
• On Jan. 31, 1990, the Soviet Union’s first
McDonald’s fast-food restaurant opens in Moscow.
Throngs of people line up to pay the equivalent
of several days’ wages for Big Macs, shakes and
french fries. Customers were most amazed at the
politeness of the workers.
(c) 2014 King Features Synd., Inc.
Lolo says the administration is working on
addressing this issue through appropriate legislation to be presented to the Fono later this year.
When asked for additional details late Monday
afternoon, Iulogologo told Samoa News the current rate of contribution is 11%, which is 8%
ASG and 3% employee contribution; and that
the ‘unfunded liability’ is the amount the Fund
would owe to ensure that annuities to all retirees
are maintained throughout the life of the fund.
There are two concerns Iulogologo raises
with the status of the Retirement Fund.
One is that for the first time, according to
Iulogologo, the ASG has been required by the
federal government to include the financials
of the Retirement Fund in its audited financial
statements; and, the second is the “liquidity and
the health of the fund is indicated by the amount
of its unfunded liability.”
“If the unfunded liability is high the risk
associated with the fund is also high,” he said
and pointed out the Actuarial Study has indicated ASG must raise its contribution from 11%
to 15.8%.
“This means ASG and the employee must
contribute an additional 4.8% to the fund in
order to address the $48.5 million determined
unfunded liability. This amount was determined
by the Actuarial Study and based on the earning
capacity of the Retirement Fund,” he said.
“If financial burden is split evenly between
ASG and employee, each will have to put in
2.4% extra. For the employee this 2.4% is taken
out if his/her disposal income,” Iulogologo said,
adding ASG did not budget in FY 2014 for any
additional contribution to the Fund.
“If we are to assume a total ASG payroll,
exclusive of the Authorities, is $100 million,
the government will have to pay into the Retirement Fund an additional $2.4 million,” he said
and explained the reason for the jump in the
amount of ‘Unfunded Liability’ is “because our
investments by the Retirement Fund did not
meet our expectations.”
“The Retirement Fund earnings have
declined in the last several years,” he said and
noted, “we can’t get any current information”
(Continued on page 15)
samoa news, Thursday, January 16, 2014 Page 3
Local teacher quality and
training tops concerns of
Education Summit report
by Joyetter Feagaimaali’i-Luamanu, Samoa News Reporter
The Department of Education’s recruitment system is “haphazard and very unreliable and continues to build the number
of untrained teachers.” This was part of the first education summit’s full report submitted by the Education Summit Commission to Gov. Lolo M. Moliga.
The report also indicates 74% of teachers did not pass the
Praxis I test between November 2009-July 2010. The Praxis I
test is one of a series of American Teacher recertification exams
written and administered by the Educational Testing Service,
where reading, writing and math skills are tested.
Further, between November 2010 and July 2011, 78% of
teachers did not pass the Praxis testing — showing a 4% increase
in teachers who did not pass the Praxis testing.
According to the report, teacher quality and teacher training
topped all issues that surfaced during the summit.
“A quality teacher is one who possesses content knowledge,
teaching skills and a deep commitment to teaching,” the report
The report notes when DOE Director, Vaitinasa Salu HunkinFinau conducted a presentation before the Commission there were
1,103 teachers working for DOE, with a breakdown as follows:
ECE-150, Elementary-528, High School-319 and SPED-106.
According to the Commission, the general feeling of the
public and of the summit attendees was the present malaise in
public education is caused by the absence of quality teachers
and this was repeated in the answers to the questionnaire, which
circulated during the summit.
“Of greater importance, there was a clear evidence that better
pedagogy produces better students in mathematics,” was a statement the Commission believes valid when applied to the teaching
of all subjects, with greater emphasis on content areas, and this
sense of urgency coincides with the governor’s wish to increase
the number of high school graduates, who can be admitted to
regular college classes without first taking remedial courses.
There are three categories of certification in the DOE teacher
certification system, which include four levels of “Professional”
—including Bachelors with Praxis 1, Master’s Degrees; those
who have passed Praxis 2; and Ed.D & Ph.D); “Provisional”
—with AA/AS, Bachelors and non-Education Masters degrees,
but no Praxis; and “Temporary” — with less than AA degrees.
In 2011-2012 only 28% of DOE teachers had professional
teacher certification, the report says, and it’s DOE’s goal that by
2016 only teachers with BA degrees can be hired to teach at the
high school level.
The report also says DOE’s recruitment system is haphazard
and unreliable and continues to build the number of trained
teachers, with most of the college graduates not schooled in
teaching. “This applies to many ASCC graduates not in the
bachelor program.”
The commission points out, “Many only accept teaching jobs
to await better opportunities elsewhere and college graduates are
known to outright reject teaching posts claiming the pay is too
The Education Summit report further states if there are not
enough qualified teachers, DOE will hire people with only a high
school diploma and maybe a year of community college studies.
It also indicates the Teaching Program DOE has with the
University of Hawaii (UH)i, known as the American Samoa
Cohort Program, has from 1983 to date — graduated a total of
702 teachers.
Currently, the report notes, DOE has negotiated with UH that
in the future, DOE will select candidates to be screened by UH
for admission into the program, and in addition to UH’s elementary eduction bachelor degree program, UH will also offer content area courses for teaching out of content area. Eventually
the focus of the UH program will be on a BA degree program
in secondary education, while the ASCC Bachelor of Education
program will focus on elementary education.
The ASCC’s BE program, the report says, provides another
route to acquisition of new teachers.
To further aid the problem of teacher shortages, the Commission suggests creating a Teacher Training Academy that will
train teachers in subjects as Math, English and Dual language.
“Training received must relate to and compliment the teacher’s daily classroom work with particular attention to content
area, skills and methodology and teacher attitude.”
The Commission proposes three training centers — Fagaitua,
Utulei and Leone for a daily three-hour training program, and
says qualified teacher trainers should be hired.
“This is a short-term move designed to meet the crisis, until
such time when more ASCC graduates begin to enter the field,”
the report states.
Samoan author of the popular Velesi Trilogy, Fa’alologo Filloon is making her first trip back to the
territory next month since she relocated in 1968. Logo, as she is called by those who know her, is scheduled to speak at ASCC on Feb. 7 Prior to that, she will be at a book signing set for Feb. 5 from 12:30— 1
p.m. at Bookworm Books in Malaeimi. Logo calls her Velesi Trilogy, a simple love story with a twist.
According to her profile on Amazon.com, Logo started writing during her junior high school years,
and it wasn’t until late 2011 that she self-published her first book: The Binding - the first in the Velesi
Trilogy. She followed up the next year in 2012 with Book 2: The Drifting. The final installment of the
trilogy: The Whispering was released last July and is available on Amazon.com for Kindle.
Logo is a Samoan woman who truly serves as an inspiration to aspiring local writers. She is the
biological daughter of Aveolela Tuiteleleapaga, granddaughter of the late Napoleon Tuiteleleapaga. But
she was raised and adopted at birth by Lemanu’a Maselino Iuli Teofilo of Leone and Fa’alologo Sapa’u
Lemanu’a Teofilo of Saleimoa, Samoa. She has three sisters and two brothers, none of whom are writers.
In an interview with Samoa News last summer, Logo said, “It is my wish to someday head a foundation for the Samoan youths who aspire to be great authors, to connect and start a network with other
[courtesy photo]
programs and foundations that exist to mentor and inspire greatness for our youth.”
Department of Parks & Recreation
American Samoa Government
Saturday, February, 8th - Saturday, April 6th, 2014
Entry Fee:
$ 250.00
Teams ~ Open
Players ~ Must be 16yrs. of age & up
Team Roster limited to 25 players( max 30)
Game Format: Round Robin to Double Elimination
5 or 6 innings / 1hr. 15mins.
Local & I.S.F Rules & Regulation will be implemented during
the course of the League.
Major Sponsor
Office Hours: M-­F 8:00am -­ 4:00pm
For more information call 699-­0155 or email Leilani @
[email protected] or Lagi @ [email protected]
Page 4
samoa news, Thursday, January 16, 2014
Letter to the Editor
Dear Editor,
Let us celebrate this awareness by educating ourselves on
what Human Trafficking is and how easily it is insinuating
itself into our culture as human beings.
Victims of forced labor, exploitation and sex enslavement
in American Samoa cannot walk away from a bondage once
they are ensnared. These victims are mostly women and children. They are easily controlled and subdued. Many victims are
further entrapped by a system that does not acknowledge their
existence or their suffering; a system that does not have a law to
protect or release them from this human bondage and suffering.
Neither does the system see that the victims’ human rights are
being violated.
These victims are held and oppressed by fear, threats and
force. Many of the local victims are held by dread of deportation and separation from family. More are brought in through a
lax immigration process. Unfortunately, it appears the majority
are fronted by local influences.
Along with a full blown public awareness campaign on
Human Trafficking, the training of first responders (i.e.: Medical/Emergency Medical Services, Department of Public Services, and Homeland Security personnel) are paramount in the
identification of the victims, and Dept. of Human Social Services in providing the services the victims need.
All of these agencies are needed for the victims to receive
protection and justice from this type of terrorism and enslavement. By criminalizing Human Trafficking, we not only liberate and assist in the recovery of these people but we also haul
in the offenders to face justice and prevent further corruption
from our shores.
The Multi-Disciplinary-Team (MDT) against family violence, the University Center for Excellence on Developmental
Disabilities (UCEDD), the American Samoa Coalition Against
Domestic and Sexual Violence (ASCADSV) and other local
government offices have been working very closely with the
Fono members to enact a bill against Human Trafficking. It is
currently in the House.
We call upon our people of American Samoa, the Legislature, Justice Dept., faith based and non- government organizations as well as the private sector and the military presence to
get involved to support this bill. Help us to eradicate this curse
that is hiding under our very noses.
Sometimes all we have to do is either look in our homes,
across to the neighbors, shops, businesses or plantations. For
some of us, if we break through the prejudices, we can see the
victim’s eyes… silently appealing for help.
Let us all support the Human Trafficking Bill to be enacted
into law.
Ipu Avegalio Lefiti
Vice Chair MDT
Advocate Against Family Violence
© Osini Faleatasi Inc. reserves all rights.
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except for some local and federal holidays.
Please send correspondences to: OF, dba Samoa News,
Box 909, Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799.
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to the Publisher at the address provided above.
People walk during an ash fall following the eruption of Mount Sinabung as seen from inside
a car in Payung, North Sumatra, Indonesia, Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2014.
The volcano has sporadically erupted since September, forcing thousands of people who live
(AP Photo/Binsar Bakkara)
around it slopes to flee their homes. NEWS IN BRIEF
Report — 2013 wet, warm
year for much of the US
year was a wet, warm one for much of the
United States. Scientists say 2013 was the wettest year for the continental U.S. since 2009.
The average rainfall totaled 31 inches, 2 inches
above the previous century’s average.
The average temperature of 52.4 degrees
Fahrenheit also exceeded the previous century’s
average. Yet it was the coolest year since 2009,
coming after the 2012 heat record-breaker.
The number of billion-dollar weather disasters in the continental U.S. last year totaled
seven, including deadly tornadoes and flooding.
Scientists for the National Oceanic and
Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA (NOuh), compiled the information. NOAA’s
National Climatic Data Center released the
annual report Wednesday. Next week, the
group will release its global report for last year.
Police: Suspects in India
tourist rape are jobless
NEW DELHI (AP) — Police say two suspects in the gang rape of a 51-year-old Danish
tourist in the Indian capital are unemployed
young men who allegedly attacked the woman
for nearly three hours. Police spokesman Rajan
Bhagat said Thursday that the men were picked
up Wednesday night near the scene of the crime.
He said investigators are closing in other suspects.
Police say the tourist was raped at knifepoint Tuesday near Connaught Place, a popular
shopping area in the heart of New Delhi. The
woman got lost and approached a group of men
for directions back to her hotel. But instead of
helping her, police say, the men lured her to a
secluded spot and raped her repeatedly.
Chile to produce 6 million
tons of copper in 2014
SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) — Chile’s copper
output will rise nearly 4 percent to more than 6
million metric tons in 2014 due to new investment
and higher production at privately controlled
mines. Chile is the world’s top copper producer
but has been troubled by falling ore grades and
aging mines. The Codelco state-owned mining
company has embarked on a multibillion-dollar
investment plan to improve output.
SONAMI mining association president
Alberto Salas said Wednesday that Chile’s
copper production reached 5.77 million metric
tons in 2013 and will rise to 6 million this year.
He said Chile would export some $45 billion
worth of copper in 2014. Copper accounts
for about a third of government revenue, and
the state has a policy of shoring up national
reserves during periods of high prices.
BP: world energy demand to
jump 41 percent by 2035
LONDON (AP) — Oil giant BP forecasts
world demand for energy to grow by 41 percent
by 2035, driven by growing consumption in the
booming economies of China and India.
That represents a drop from 55 percent
growth in the previous period, and BP says
the growing use of renewable energy will help
energy suppliers meet the world’s needs.
BP Chief Executive Bob Dudley says competition is “unlocking technology and innovation to meet the world’s energy needs.”
Dudley says “trends in global investment
and policy leave us confident that production
will be able to keep pace.”
BP says rising energy use will boost global
carbon dioxide emissions by 29 percent in the
period, even as emissions decline in Europe
and the U.S.
5-year-old child locked
in Memphis school closet
MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) — Police say a
Memphis teacher locked a 5-year-old girl in
a closet, then left the school. Shelby County
Schools says the teacher, whose name was not
released, has been suspended.
According to police, the teacher at A.B. Hill
Elementary locked up the kindergarten student on Tuesday. Police say the child was not
harmed and the teacher was not at the school
when police arrived. Police and school officials
are investigating. No charges had been filed as
of Wednesday afternoon.
armed Man jailed for Buckingham Palace trespass
LONDON (AP) — A man who tried to dart
through a gate at Buckingham Palace armed
with a 6-inch knife has been sentenced to 16
months in jail.
David Belmar had pleaded guilty to trespassing and possession of a bladed article for the
October incident. He was tackled after jumping
over a vehicle barrier outside the palace.
Prosecutors say the 44-year-old takes medication for mental health issues and has a fixation on the queen.
Judge Michael Gledhill sentenced Belmar
on Wednesday at Southwark Crown Court to
16 months in jail, saying that mental illness had
“absolutely nothing to do” with his offenses.
He says Belmar pulled a “stunt” to attract publicity to a grievance about his benefits.
(Continued on page 6)
samoa news, Thursday, January 16, 2014 Page 5
House passes $1.1 trillion bill to fund government
$1.1 trillion spending bill for
operating the government until
just before next fall’s election
steamed through the battleweary House on Wednesday
over tepid protests from tea
party conservatives, driven by
a bipartisan desire to restore
painful cuts in domestic and
defense programs and show
disaffected voters that Congress can do its job.
The bill swept through the
House on a 359-67 vote and
was on track for a big Senate
vote by week’s end. Republicans voted for the bill by a 2
1/2-1 margin, and just three
Democrats were opposed.
The measure funds virtually
every agency of government
and contains compromises on
almost every one of its 1,582
pages. It covers the one-third of
government spending subject to
annual decisions by Congress
and the White House, programs
that have absorbed the brunt
of budget cuts racked up since
Republicans reclaimed control
of the House three years ago.
Excluded are the giant
benefit programs like Social
Security, Medicare, Medicaid
and food stamps that run on
autopilot and are increasingly
driving the government deeper
into debt.
Tea party Republicans, chastened after sparking a 16-day
partial shutdown of the government in October in a kamikaze attempt to derail President
Barack Obama’s health care law,
appeared resigned to the bill.
“I don’t think there’s going
to be a lot of opposition,” one
tea party leader, Rep. Raul Labrador, R-Idaho, said before the
vote. “The die has been cast for
the next year on budget fights.”
To buy time for the Senate
debate, Congress on Wednesday
sent President Barack Obama a
three-day funding bill in time to
avert a scheduled shutdown at
midnight. The Senate cleared
that measure by an 86-14 vote
and Obama quickly signed it
into law.
The bill increases core
agency spending by $26 billion
over the fiscal 2013 year, after
last year’s automatic spending
cuts took them to $986 billion.
But it’s $31 billion less than
Congress passed last March
before automatic cuts known as
sequestration took effect.
The Pentagon faces a tight
squeeze even as it avoids what
would have been another $20
billion wave of automatic cuts.
The Pentagon’s core budget is
basically frozen at $487 billion
after most accounts absorbed
an 8 percent automatic cut
last year. Adding $6 billion
to Obama’s war request provides some relief to readiness
accounts, however, though
active duty troop levels would
still be cut by 40,000 to 1.36
million. It includes $85 billion
for overseas military operations, a slight cut from last year.
Domestic programs generally fare better and are kept, on
average, at levels agreed to last
year before the automatic cuts
of 5 percent kicked in across the
board. Those broadly applied
cuts, called sequestration, were
triggered by DC’s inability to
follow up a 2011 budget deal
with additional deficit savings.
NASA, the FBI and the
Border Patrol all won spending
increases at the expense of cuts
to the Transportation Security
Administration, Internal Revenue Service and foreign aid.
There’s money to repair the
iconic cast iron dome of the
U.S. Capitol, full funding for
food aid for low-income pregnant women and their children,
and a $150 million increase
over 2013 for high-priority
projects. Army Corps of Engineers construction accounts get
a more than $300 million hike
over Obama’s request for flood
control, shoreline protection
and environmental restoration
and other projects.
The bill fills out the budget
agreement sealed last month by
Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash.,
and Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis.,
the heads of the House and
Senate Budget Committees.
Murray and Ryan left it to the
chairmen of Congress’ appropriations committees, Sen.
Barbara Mikulski, D-Md., and
Rep. Hal Rogers, R-Ky., to
work out the details.
The measure changes a
Ryan-Murray provision cutting military pension cost-ofliving increases for working
age retirees to exempt disabled
veterans and surviving spouses
from the cut. The Veterans
Administration gets an almost
automatic boost of $2.3 billion,
almost 4 percent, driven by
increased health care costs.
lowest-commondenominator bill doesn’t contain big-ticket wins for either
side, but the simple fact that a
deal came together was seen as
a win for Congress as an institution and its band of 81 appropriators. House Speaker John
Boehner, R-Ohio, strongly
pushed for a deal, even though
the end product was a six-inchhigh “omnibus” compilation
of what was supposed to be a
dozen separate spending bills.
Presidents and lawmakers alike
deride such measures.
The alternatives, however, were to allow automatic
spending cuts to strike for a
second year and risk another
politically debilitating government shutdown.
Democrats celebrated winning an addition $1 billion over
last year for the Head Start early
childhood education program
and excluding from the bill
a host of conservative policy
“riders” advanced by the GOP.
“We were able to strip out
nearly all the new, divisive
riders relating to abortion, contraception, gun control, immigration, implementation of the
Affordable Care Act, DoddFrank, environmental protection,” said Rep. Nita Lowey
of New York, the top Democrat on the House Appropriations Committee. “This is very
important to Democrats.”
Some Democrats said they
would support it but only reluc-
tantly, complaining that despite
some increases, spending for
education, health and other programs would still be too low.
“zeroed out” funding for highspeed rail, a slap at California
Democrats, and they were able
to keep tight limits on the implementation of “Obamacare” and
the 2010 Dodd-Frank overhaul
of financial regulations.
Civilian federal workers
would get their first pay hike
in four years, even if it is just
1 percent.
The bill contains a familiar
provision backed by postal
worker unions prohibiting the
Postal Service from ending Saturday mail delivery and closing
rural post offices even as it
hemorrhages money.
Conservatives complained
that the bill keeps the money
flowing to wasteful programs,
but the actual debate was a
sleepy affair dominated by the
old-school lawmakers who
populate the Appropriations
American Samoa Government
This is to give notice to the public that the Department of Public Works has conducted an evaluation for the Department of
Education as required by Executive 11988, 24 CFR Part 55, Subpart C Procedures for Making Determinations on Floodplain
Management to determine the potential affect that its activity in the floodplain will have on the human environment for the Capital
Improvement Projects of the Office of the Insular Affairs.
The proposed project would involve construction of a 2-story concrete building which measures 66ft x 66ft located in the
Fagaitua High School Campus in Fagaitua, American Samoa with Grant No. AS-CIP-2011-1, D12AP00183 in the amount of
$800,000.00. The building will be built on the existing footprint of the old dilapidated Applied Tech Building. The target area
contains 4,900 sq. ft. of floodplains and the project site is located within the Flood Zones AE, as designated by the FEMA Flood
Insurance Rate Maps.
There are three primary purposes for this notice. First, people who may be affected by activities in floodplains and those who
have an interest in the protection of the natural environment should be given an opportunity to express their concerns and
provide information about these areas. Second, an adequate public notice program can be an important public educational tool.
The dissemination of information about floodplains can facilitate and enhance Federal efforts to reduce the risks associated with
the occupancy and modifications of these special areas. Third, as a matter of fairness, when the Federal government determines,
it will participate in actions taking place in floodplains, it must inform those who may be put at greater or continued risk.
All affected and interested agencies, groups and persons are encouraged to participate in this decision-making process for the
proposed action in the floodplain. Written comments for consideration by the Department of Public Works may be sent to:
Faleosina P. Voigt, PE,
Director, Department of Public Works,
Tafuna. AS,
Tel. No. (684) 699-9921
Comments may also be submitted to:
Dr. Vaitinasa Salu Hunkin-Finau
Director, Department of Education
Fagatogo, Main Office, AS
Written comments should be received at the above address on or before January 31, 2014.
Faleosina P. Voigt
Director, Department of Public Works
Tafuna, AS 96799
Page 6
samoa news, Thursday, January 16, 2014
Dash cam video stirs ➧ NEWS IN BRIEF…
a debate over police
shooting in Dallas TX
DALLAS (AP) — A newly released dash-cam video has
stirred debate over whether the December shooting of an
unarmed man by a Dallas police officer was justified.
Senior Cpl. Amy Wilburn was fired after wounding a 19-yearold carjacking suspect on Dec. 9. Wilburn’s attorney has said
the ex-officer feared for her life when she shot Kelvion Walker,
wounding him. But a witness told investigators the suspect had
his hands raised at the time. Wilburn was the second Dallas
officer dismissed since October in shootings superiors have
deemed unjustified.
The video was posted Tuesday on the Dallas Police Department’s official YouTube page, http://bit.ly/1gMaLx3 . In it, a
carjacking suspect is seen running out of the stolen car after
it pulled into an apartment complex. Wilburn runs up to the
vehicle as it continues to roll forward. As she opens the driverside door, she quickly pulls out her gun and fires once. Wilburn
then holsters her gun and leans into the car.
Walker cannot be seen, but police say Wilburn shot him.
Police also say Wilburn subsequently dropped her gun in the car.
In the video, another officer can be seen handing the gun
back to Wilburn, by then had walked over to the passenger side
of the car. After leaning into the car for less than 30 seconds,
Wilburn starts pacing around, with her hands on top of her head.
Wilburn’s attorney, Robert Rogers, has said the ex-officer
shot Walker because she believed he was reaching for a weapon.
Walker, who survived, is suing the department. His attorney,
Geoff Henley, said in a statement the video vindicated Walker
and that Wilburn made “rash, reckless and dangerous decisions.”
Dallas Police Association president Ron Pinkston told The
Dallas Morning News that officers upset with Wilburn’s firing
were even more infuriated after seeing the video.
Retired Dallas police homicide detective Randy Loboda,
who has investigated dozens of officer-involved shootings, told
the newspaper Wilburn could have perceived any sudden movement with Walker’s hands as him “going for a gun.”
But Cletus Judge, president of the Black Police Association
of Greater Dallas, has backed Police Chief David Brown’s decision to fire Wilburn, writing in a recent letter to members that
what he saw “in the video was a total disregard for the policies
and procedures set in place to handle that situation.”
Harvey Hedden, executive director of the International Law
Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association, said Wilburn
shouldn’t have rushed the moving car because she risked being
After the shooting, police officials announced a restructuring
of some deadly force training. Brown said officers will now
go through some realistic live simulation training every few
months, rather than once every two years.
Heroin & pill abuse
stir battle cry in vt.
— Behind the facade of pristine
ski slopes, craft beer, quaint
village greens and one of the
lowest unemployment rates in
the country, Vermont is grappling with painkiller and heroin
abuse, a challenge leaders say
is fueling crime and wrecking
lives and families disproportionately in this tiny state.
Every day, police across Vermont respond to burglaries or
robberies investigators believe
are prompted by the unslakable
hunger for money to feed heroin
or pill habits. In many cases, law
enforcement officials say, what
began as the abuse of prescription drugs has turned into heroin
use because it’s less expensive
and, more recently, easier to get.
Federal statistics rank Vermont among the top 10 states
for the abuse of painkillers and
illicit drug use other than marijuana — including heroin —
for people ages 18 to 25.
Gov. Peter Shumlin took the
unusual step of highlighting
the challenge by devoting
almost his entire State of the
State address to it, and he
called in his budget proposal
Wednesday for $10 million in
new spending on the problem.
In his address, he described
the abuse as “a crisis bubbling
just beneath the surface” and
called on the Legislature to pass
laws encouraging treatment and
seek ideas on the best way to
prevent people from becoming
addicted in the first place.
It ranks second in the
country for the rate of people
being treated for opiate abuse,
the Vermont Health Dept. says.
Over the past five years, the
number of drug crimes rose 46%,
according to a study released by
the Justice Center of the Council
on State Governments.
Bacon portrait
could fetch $50
Mil. at auction
LONDON (AP) — A portrait by Francis Bacon of his
lover and muse is going up
for auction, with an estimated
price of 30 million pounds ($49
million). “Portrait of George
Dyer Talking” depicts a young
Londoner with whom Bacon
had a turbulent relationship. It
was exhibited at Bacon’s first
major retrospective show in
Paris in 1971. Dyer killed himself just before it opened.
Francis Outred, head of
contemporary art at Christie’s
Europe, said Wednesday that
the painting offered “a powerful portrait of arguably one
of Bacon’s greatest loves.”
It will be offered by Christie’s in London on Feb. 13.
The value of Bacon’s work
has soared since his death in
1992. In November, a Bacon
triptych depicting artist Lucian
Freud fetched $142 million,
becoming the most expensive
artwork ever sold at auction.
Man pleads in
theft of Rolex
from Cage’s ex
repairman has pleaded no contest to stealing and pawning an
$8,000 watch from the house
of actor Nicolas Cage’s ex-girlfriend. LA County prosecutors
said Wednesday that 39-yearold Ricardo Orozco is expected
to get 32 months in prison under
a plea deal. He was accused of
stealing the Rolex Submariner
while working at the home of
Christina Fulton in April.
Darwin Vela was previously
arrested along with Orozco
in a separate burglary at Fulton’s home. Vela disappeared
at a time he was to testify
against Orozco at a preliminary hearing in November, set-
The American Samoa Women’s Business Center (ASWBC) begins its next training cycle, offered at no cost
to women and military veterans in the Territory. Two new programs are offered this cycle:
1. Customer Service Training with an emphasis on English language skills for the workplace.
2. Roundtables – informal discussions held weekly on a variety of business & employment topics.
Call the ASWBC for the week’s topic.
Mondays & Wednesdays,
Mondays and Wednesdays,
Mondays & Wednesdays,
Tuesdays & Thursdays,
9:00am – 12:00pm
1:00pm – 4:00pm
5:00pm – 7:00pm
9:00am – 12:00pm
Tuesdays & Thursdays,
1:00pm – 4:00pm
– Basic Computer Literacy
– Financial Literacy for Adults
– Weekly Roundtables (call in for weekly topic)
– Customer Service/Emphasis on developing
English skills for the Workplace
– Advanced Computer Training
To register, please call 699-8739 or 699-6579 from January 15th to January 22nd, 2014. Register early as
class sizes are limited. First come, first served.
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ting off a major search after his
dog returned from a walk alone
with a bloody leash.
Police later called the disappearance a hoax. No charges
were filed against Vela for the
burglary or the hoax.
Bank robber hides
weapon on crutch
(AP) — A disabled man has
been charged with robbing a
bank in Greece with a shotgun
hidden on his crutch. Police in
the northern Greece said the
man’s first attempt on the outskirts of Thessaloniki failed
when his ploy got him to a teller
without suspicion but the bank’s
safe was on a time delay. Four
days later, the ruse worked at
a nearby bank and he made off
with 12,000 euros ($16,000).
In both cases, the weapon
was strapped to the inside of
the one crutch he was using.
Police said Wednesday the
56-year-old suspect, a local
baker who was not identified,
said he was heavily in debt
during Greece’s economic
crisis and used the stolen
money to pay his creditors. He
was charged with robbery and
breaking firearms laws.
Thieves try to
steal Sigmund
Freud’s ashes
LONDON (AP) — British
police are hunting burglars
who tried to steal the ashes of
psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud
from a London crematorium.
The Metropolitan Police
force said Wednesday that a
2,300-year-old Greek urn containing the remains of Freud
and his wife Martha was
severely damaged in a break-in
at Golders Green Crematorium
on Dec. 31 or Jan. 1.
The father of psychoanalysis moved to Britain from
Nazi-controlled Austria in
1938. He died in London in
September 1939, aged 83.
His remains, and those of
his wife, who died in 1951, had
sat in an urn atop a plinth inside
the 112-year-old crematorium.
Golders Green Crematorium
has seen the funerals of many
British celebrities, including
“Dracula” novelist Bram
Stoker, comedian Peter Sellers
and singer Amy Winehouse.
Floods, landslide
kill 13 in Indonesia
MANADO, Indonesia (AP)
— Days of torrential rain triggered a landslide and flash
floods on Indonesia’s Sulawesi
island, killing at least 13 people
and sending tens of thousands
fleeing for safe ground, disaster
officials said Thursday.
Residents and rescuers in
Sangihe district of Sulawesi
province dug through debris
with their hands and shovels.
Two bodies were pulled from
the mud, and 11 others were
found in the water Wednesday,
said National Disaster Mitigation Agency’s spokesman
Sutopo Purwo Nugroho.
More than 1,000 houses
were flooded by overflowing
rivers in five other districts of
the province, he said.
(Continued on page 7)
About 40,000 people fled
to temporary shelters, and rescuers were searching Thursday
for at least two more villagers.
Millions of people live in
mountainous regions and near
fertile plains that are close
to rivers. Seasonal rains and
high tides in recent days have
caused widespread flooding
across much of Indonesia,
an archipelago of more than
17,000 islands that’s home to
240 million people.
China condemns
Japan leader on
visit to Ethiopia
(AP) — China’s diplomatic
assault on Japan’s prime minister moved to another continent Wednesday, as China’s
top official at the African Union
called the Japanese leader a
troublemaker just after his
three-country visit to Africa.
Japanese Prime Minister
Shinzo Abe visited Ivory
Ethiopia over the last week,
pledging hundreds of millions
of dollars in aid and trying to
shore up relations on a continent where China has made
deep inroads in recent years.
Abe’s Africa trip follows
his visit last month to a World
War II shrine in Tokyo that
China views as a memorial to
war criminals who assaulted the
Chinese people. Xie Xiayoan,
China’s Ambassador to Ethiopia and its envoy to the African
Union, said Abe’s visit to the
Yasakuni Shrine was offensive
and he called the prime minister
a “troublemaker” in Asia.
Chinese disdain for Abe’s
visit went past the political level.
On Sunday Chinese activists
brawled with Japanese embassy
security in Addis Ababa, the
capital of Ethiopia, as they took
pictures of the embassy and protested Abe’s visit.
Amnesty: Gays
arrested in 4
Nigerian states
LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) —
A “witch hunt” for gay people
has led to arrests in at least four
of Nigeria’s 36 states, Amnesty
International said Wednesday,
blaming a new law criminalizing gay organizations and
meetings as well as same-sex
marriage. It said the law’s disregard for human rights mirrors that of the military dictators who ruled Africa’s most
populous nation until 1999.
Nigerian human rights
defenders say they fear further
persecution of gay people under
the law in a notoriously corrupt
country where police are known
to make arrests to extort money
and blackmail victims.
“With the stroke of a pen,
President (Goodluck) Jonathan
has essentially turned Nigeria
into one of the world’s least tolerant societies,” London-based
Amnesty International said in a
statement calling for the law to
be withdrawn without delay.
reported Tuesday that 38
people had been arrested in the
northern state of Bauchi since
Christmas, and some have been
charged in court with belonging
to a gay organization.
Official: Politics
behind deadly
Nigeria bombing
(AP) — A former state governor says a car bomb that
killed at least 43 people in a
northeast Nigerian city is the
work of political opponents
and not Islamic militants.
Nigeria’s military blamed
Tuesday’s blast in Maiduguri city on Muslim extremists. A mortuary official said
Wednesday that 43 corpses
were brought to the hospital,
many burnt beyond recognition in the blast in a busy commercial center on a Muslim
Former governor and current Sen. Ali Sheriff said that
politicians against his re-election campaign were behind the
Property and vehicles
belonging to Sheriff were set
ablaze after the attack by youth
who accused him of financing
Islamic terrorists.
Police found explosive at Palestinian
embassy in prague
PRAGUE (AP) — Police
say investigators have discovered another explosive at the
Palestinian embassy complex
in Prague where a possibly
booby-trapped safe killed
the ambassador. Spokesman
Tomas Hulan confirmed the
discovery Thursday, adding
the unidentified explosive was
sent for testing to Prague’s
Institute of Criminology. He
declined to give details.
Police already had found
12 illegal weapons in a search
following the Jan. 1 explosion,
prompting the Czech Foreign
Ministry to accuse the Palestinians of breaching international obligations.
The Palestinians said the
weapons were not illegal and
dated to the Cold War.
Ambassador Jamal al-Jamal
died after the safe exploded.
The career diplomat had only
started his posting in October.
kittens pull ‘breakin’ at a prison in N.Y.
A litter of kittens has found a
cozy home in the least cozy of
places — a maximum-security
prison in upstate New York.
The Post-Star of Glens
Falls reports four kittens found
their way into the basement
of the Great Meadow Correctional Facility in Fort Ann a
few months ago. That’s near
the Vermont border 55 miles
northeast of Albany.
The family of feral felines
has been cared for by inmates
and prison staff, including
head electrician Bruce Porter.
He arrives at work early so
he can tend to the cats, which
live in a large cage built by an
Another inmate takes care
of the cats on weekends when
many prison employees are
off. Prison officials say they’re
hoping to find the kittens
homes among the staff.
samoa news, Thursday, January 16, 2014 Page 7
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Man is sentenced
for hit-and-run of
Army recruiters
ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) —
A Minneapolis man who struck
two U.S. Army recruiters with
his vehicle — dragging one of
his victims for almost a mile
before the man freed himself
— was sentenced Wednesday
to nearly 16 years in prison.
Enrico Taylor, 53, pleaded
guilty last Nov. to assault and
criminal vehicular operation.
At Friday’s sentencing, he
wept loudly and asked Staff
Sgt. Travis Torgerson for forgiveness. Torgerson suffered
severe injuries when he was
dragged by Taylor last Sept.
Ramsey County District
Court Judge Judith Tilson gave
Taylor 189 months, the maximum allowed under state law.
Authorities say Torgerson
and Staff Sgt. Michael Stroud
were near a Roseville mall
when they were hit by a Jeep
Cherokee driven by Taylor,
who did not slow down.
Stroud rolled over the top of
Taylor’s Jeep, but Torgerson
became stuck and was dragged.
He suffered a broken leg, tailbone and ribs, and severe abrasions that required skin grafts.
Tilsen said it was a “miracle” Torgerson wasn’t killed,
the Star Tribune reported.
While his leg was trapped
in the undercarriage, Torgerson pulled his upper body
TO Members of the TAUMUA Family and to all whom these present may come!
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that SEGIA MASOLI of POLOA has offered for recording in this office
an instrument in writing which seeks to separate a certain structure which is or to be erected, on
land MALAESAILI allegedly belonging to TAUMUA FAMILY of the village of POLOA. Said land
MALAESAILI is situated in or near the village of POLOA in the County of ALATAUA, Island of
TUTUILA, American Samoa.
NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that any interested person may object to the recording of such
instrument by filing in the Territorial Registar’s Office in Fagatogo, a written objection to the
recording of said instrument. Any objections thereto must be filed with in 30 days from the date
of posting of this notice.
NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that if no such objections are filed within the said 30 day period,
the instrument will be recorded and shall be valid and binding on all persons. The said
instrument may be examined at any time at the Territorial Registrar’s Office.
DECEMBER 17, 2013 thru JANUARY 16, 2014
Taito S.B. White, Territorial Registrar
I tagata o le aiga sa TAUMUA, ma i latou uma e silasila ma lauiloaina lenei fa’aaliga!
O le fa’aaliga lenei ona o SEGIA MASOLI o le nu’u o POLOA ua ia fa’aulufaleina mai i lenei ofisa
se feagaiga tusitusi e fa’ailoa ai se mana’oga fia tu’u’eseina o se fale ua/po o le a, fa’atuina i luga o
le fanua o MALAESAILI e fa’asino i le aiga sa TAUMUA, o le nu’u o POLOA. O lenei fanua e totonu
pe latalata ane i le nu’u o POLOA, itumalo o ALATAUA, ile motu o TUTUILA, Amerika Samoa.
O le fa’aaliga fo’i e fa’apea, so o se tasi e iai sona aia i lenei mata’upu e mafai ona fa’atu’i’iese
ile fa’amauina o lenei feagaiga pe a auina mai i le ofisa ole Resitara o le Teritori of Amerika Samoa
i Fagatogo, sana fa’atu’ese tusitusia. O fa’atu’iesega uma lava e ao ona fa’aulufaleina mai i totonu
o aso e 30 faitauina mai i le aso na faíaalia ai lenei fa’aaliga.
Afai ole a leai se fa’atu’i’esega e fa’aulufaleina i totonu o aso 30 e pei ona ta’ua i luga, o le a
fa’amauina loa lenei feagaiga e taualoaina ma ‘a’afia ai tagata uma.
01/02 & 01/16/14
Talofa Video
Riddick • The Butler
Carrie • Instructions Not Included
Pavaiai 699-7206 • Nuuuli 699-1888 • Fagatogo 633-2239
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American Samoa Government
Issuance Date: January 8th, 2014
Date & Time Due: January 17th, 2014
No later than 2:00 p.m. local time
The Department of Port Administration issues a Request For Proposals (RFP) from qualified
companies for the:
Original and five copies of the Proposals must be submitted in a sealed envelope marked:
“Airport Space for Retail or Office.” Submissions are to be sent to the following address and
will be received until 2:00 p.m. (local time), Friday, January 17, 2014:
Airport Business Office
Airport Administration Office Building
Pago Pago International Airport
American Samoa Government
Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799
Phone: 699 9101
Any RFP’s received after the aforementioned date and time will not be accepted under any
circumstances. Late submissions will not be opened or considered and will be determined as
beingn on-responsive.
The RFP document outlining the proposal’s requirements is available at the Airport Business
Office, Airport Administration Office Building, Pago Pago International Airport, Tafuna,
American Samoa, during normal working hours.
Request for Proposals data will be thoroughly reviewed by an appointed Source Evaluation
Board under the auspices of the Director of Port Administration, ASG.
Right of Rejection:
The Department of Port Administration reserves the right to reject any and/or all Requests of
Proposals and to waive any irregularities and/or informalities in the submitted proposals that
are not in the best interests of the Department of Port Administration, the American Samoa
Government or the public.
Signed: Taimalelagi Dr. Claire T. Poumele,
Director - Department of Port Administration
Page 8
samoa news, Thursday, January 16, 2014
The tower of New York’s World Trade Center rises through a blanket of fog on Wednesday morning, Jan. 15, 2014, in this view looking south from the 48th floor
(AP Photo/Girish Tewani)
at 42nd Street and 11th Avenue in Midtown Manhattan. New Jersey is visible at top right. In Loving Memory
Naomi Ah Mu Schaumkel Va’a Ma’o
May 25, 1945 - January 01, 2014
“E ui lava ina ou savali i le vanu o le ata o le oti, ou te le fefe lava
i se mea leaga, aua o oe ta te faatasi ma a’u, o lau la’au ma lou
to’oto’o e fa’amafanafanaina ai a’u.”
- Salamo 23: 4
Funeral Program
January 17, 2014 @ 6:00pm - 9:00pm - Family Service @ LBJ
January 18, 2014 @ 8:00am - Final Service & Burial @ Atu’u CCCAS
by Joyetter Feagaimaali’i-Luamanu, Samoa News Reporter
A young man who allegedly broke into a Vaitogi home and
touched a girl who was sleeping inappropriately has been charged
and held on bail of $50,000. Elden Sioka has been charged with
first degree burglary, sodomy, deviate sexual assault, sexual
abuse first degree and third degree assault. Burglary and sodomy
charges are class B felonies punishable from five to 15 years in
jail, deviate sex assault carries a jail term of up top seven years,
and /or a fine of up to $5,000 while sexual abuse is a class D
felony, with imprisonment up to five years, and/or a fine also up
to $5,000. The third degree assault is a misdemeanor.
According to the government’s case, last December police were
called to Vaitogi on this matter. The victim told police she was
sleeping when she was awoken by someone touching her private
parts underneath her clothing. The girl woke up and screamed at
the defendant, who allegedly apologized and left the bedroom.
However, the victim’s cousin woke up and caught the defendant,
and the victim punched and slapped the defendant on the face.
Court filings say the defendant managed to run away from the
house. Police went to the defendant’s residence and he was then
taken in for questioning. The government’s case claims, when
police spoke to the defendant he allegedly told police he was
intoxicated, and despite that, he wanted to go see the victim in
her bedroom. It’s alleged the defendant said he tried to open the
door but it was locked and so when he saw an open window he
climbed through it and saw the victim sleeping, and touched her
private parts.
The hospital’s former Business Manager Jennifer Tofaeono
was arraigned in the High Court on Monday. She is facing
charges of tampering with evidence, stealing and embezzlement. Tofaeono’s co-defendant in this case is Felise Toilolo,
whose case is pending in the High Court.
Tofaeno underwent a preliminary examination hearing with
the District Court last Friday, where Deputy Attorney General
Mitzie Jessop had OTICIDE/Homeland Security Special Agent,
Henry Satele testify in the matter. Following the hearing, Judge
John Ward stated there was probable cause to have this matter
bound over to the High Court. Court filings say the hospital’s
former Finance Manager Viola Babcock conducted an investigation in May 2013 into reports that from May 2009 through
June 2011 credit cards were being run on the LBJ credit card
machines, and the receipts used to take cash from LBJ cashiers.
The government’s case claims receipts for certain credit
cards belonging to different people and entities were not transferred into LBJ accounts, but instead voided through the LBJ
merchant (credit card) machine, and the underlying amounts
did not show up on the corresponding bank statements — yet
(Continued on page 14)
Fa’alauiloa polokalame faalelei
ai pepa nofomau
tagata overstayer
samoa news, Thursday, January 16, 2014 Page 9
tusia Ausage Fausia
O ananafi i le taimi o le fonotaga a le kapeneta a le alii kovana,
na faalauiloa ai le polokalame a le malo e faafou ai pepa nofomau
mo tagata uma mai fafo, o lo o nofo faasolitulafono i le teritori,
po o i latou o lo o taua i le gagana faaperetania o ‘illegal aliens’.
O le polokalame a le malo ua taua o le ‘Immigration Amnesty
Program’ e pei ona taua e le tamaitai loia ia Jessop, o le a maua
ai e tagata mai fafo o lo o nonofo faasolitulafono i le teritori le
avanoa e faaleleia ai a latou pepa nofomau, ina ia tusa ai ma
tulafono tau Femalagaaiga a le teritori.
O le aso 18 Fepuari, 2014 lea ua faamoemoe e amata aloaia ai
lenei polokalame ae maea i le aso 18 Mati.
O i latou uma o lo o faaletonu a latou pepa nofomau i totonu
o le teritori, amata mai i le aso 30 Iuni 2013 ma tua atu, ua fautuaina i latou i lalo o le polokalame lenei, ina ia lesitala loa o
latou igoa mo le faaleleia o a latou pepa nofomau, e aunoa ma se
faasalaga e ono tuuina atu ia te i latou.
O le itu i sasa’e o Tutuila o le a amata lesitala mai ai igoa o
i latou uma e moomia ona faaleleia a latou pepa nofomau, ma
faasolo mai ai lava i le taulaga seia oo atu i le itu i sisifo, ae faaiu
i le motu o Manu’a. O le a i ai foi le nofoaga faapitoa mo i latou
e manaomia le fesootai i le gagana peretania, pe afai e fia lesitalaina i latou i lalo o le polokalame.
Saunoa Jessop e faapea, i le maea ai ona lesitalaina o i latou
i lalo o lenei polokalame, ona taumafai loa lea e fau se tulafono
mo le tuuina atu i le Fono Faitulafono, mo le pasiaina o le tulafono e faaleleia ai pepa nofomau a i latou nei.
O le filifiliina o i latou e agavaa i lalo o le polokalame lenei,
e le faia e se tagata se toatasi e pei ona atugalu i ai ni isi o le
atunuu, ae o le a iloiloina e se Komisi faapitoa e tofia e le alii
kovana, ma, e le o i latou uma fo’i e lesitala o latou igoa i le
polokalame e talia ma agavaa, ona e i ai i latou e le tatau ona
talia e nonofo mau i le teritori, aemaise i lava i latou sa ta’usala i
solitulafono mamafa i luma o le faamasinoga mo se faataitaiga.
“E le otomeki ona agavaa tagata uma mai fafo o lo o nonofo
faasolitulafono i le teritori i lalo o le polokalame lenei, ae i ai
ta’iala e tatau ona latou ausia ina ia lagolagoina ai le talia o i latou
e faaleleia a latou pepa nofomau,” o le saunoaga lea a Jessop.
O faamaumauga uma o le a mafai ona maua mai ia i latou
nei e pei ona taua e loia o lo o galulue i le polokalame, o le a
malu puipuia mo faamaumauga, e le mafai foi ona avea nei faamaumauga ma auala e faigofie ai e le Ofisa o Femalagaaiga ona
maua i latou o lo o nonofo faasolitulafono i le teritori, ma faia i
ai se faaiuga e pei ona taua i atugaluga a ni isi o le atunuu.
Mo i latou uma e le o lelei a latou pepa nofomau e fia lesitala
i lalo o lenei polokalame, ua fautuaina ina ia faafesootai le telefoni numera 633 8935, ma fesili mo le susuga ia Aofaga Ricky
Salanoa mo nisi faamatalaga.
Feso’ota’i mai i le tusitala ia [email protected]
Le tamaitai loia sili lagolago ia Mitzie Jessop o lo o galulue
ma ni isi o loia a le malo i le tuu faatasia o le polokalame e
faafou ai pepa nofomau a tagata mai fafo o lo o nonofo faasoli[ata: AF]
tulafono i le teritori.
O se va’aiga lena i le faiga o fa’amalositino a le vasega o tagata faigaluega uma i le Kolisi
Tu’ufa’atasi i le latou aso fa’apitoa, Aso Faraile talu ai, e fa’ataua ai a latou galuega fa’atino i le
tausaga ua mavae, ae tapena ai fo’i loto, agaga ma le malosi ae maise o tomai ma agava’a mo le
[ata: Leua Aiono Frost]
tausaga fou lea ua savalia i galuega, ma tiute fa’atino.
Saunia: L.A.F./Naenae Productions
E toatolu ni alii mai le afioaga o Leauvaa ua molia e leoleo ona o se ata na pu’e i se telefoni
feaveai na faaalia ai le fasiga faamo’amo’a o se tamaititi laititi e se isi alii talavou e 12 tausaga le
matua, ao faaosooso e ni alii e toalua e 18 ma le 20 tausaga le matutua.
O lea ata na tuu e se tasi i luga o le upega tafailagi o le Facebook ma o lo o faaalia ai le tuliga o
le tamaititi na aafia, ma fasi faamo’amo’a e le tamaititi e 12 tausaga i ona lima, fekiki i ona vae toe
fue i se fasi laau. E fai nei faiga le alofa ao tagi aueue le tamaititi na aafia ma augani ane i le fiaola.
Na oo lea mataupu i leoleo ina ua lipoti e nisi mai le afioaga o Leauvaa e faapea o le tamaititi na faatinoina ia faiga le alofa, lea na iloa lelei ona foliga i le ata na pu’e, o se tasi o lo latou
afioaga. Na pue e leoleo lea tamaititi ma faamasinoina ma sa ia taua ai suafa o alii e toalua sa la
faaosoosoina o ia e fasi faamo’amo’a le na aafia.
E le o iloa po o ai na tuuina lea ata i luga o le Facebook.
E toatele i latou ua faaalia lo latou le fiafia i le siitaga o tau o tautua tau le soifua maloloina i
maota gasegase uma i totonu o le atunuu. O ia siitaga e aofia ai le sii o le tau e vaai ai le fomai mai
le $5 i le $10, o le tau o le po e tasi e faataotolia ai i le falemai ua sii mai le $15 i le $30, ma isi
tautua ua sii uma, o nisi ua sii i le 500 pasene.
Na faatalanoaina nisi o le mamalu lautele o le atunuu i luga o le TV1 ma na faaalia e se tasi
tina lona faanoanoa tele ona o ia siitaga, ona ua faaopopo mai foi se isi avega i lenei vaitaimi o le
le lava o le faasoa. Na saunoa se tasi tama, o ia siitaga o le a aafia ai le soifua maloloina o nisi o
le atunuu aemaise gasegase mai aiga vaivai e moomia le faataotolia o i le falemai, ae o le a le fia
sailia ia togafitiga ona o le taugata tele o pili fou.
Na saunoa le taitai o le vaega faaupufai o le Tautua Samoa, le afioga Palusalue Faapo II, e le
taumate o le a pisi le au taulasea i lenei tausaga ona o le toatele o gasegase o le a agai uma atu e
saili togafiti ai ona o le taugata tele o pili fou o le falemai. “O le 2014 o le tausaga o le oi ma le tau
fai tagi aue,” o le saunoaga lea a Palusalue.
(Faaauau itulau 10)
Page 10
samoa news, Thursday, January 16, 2014
Togafitiga o
le Ma’i Suka
e le Malo…
fa’aliliu: Leua Aiono Frost
Le taimi na lulu aao ai le afioga i le alii kovana sili ia Lolo Moliga ma se sui o le atunuu o
Filipaina i Amerika Samoa, i le maea ai lea ona ia tauaao atu le foa’i tupe a tagata faigaluega
uma a le malo e $10,000, e fesoasoani ai i tagata o le atunuu o Filipaina sa aafia ma pagatia i
[ata: AF]
faalavelave faalenatura na aafia ai lo latou atunuu i le tausaga na tea nei.
O le
Fa’aliliu: Akenese Ilalio Zec
Vaega: 76
Fa’atalofa atu i le alafa’i mai i le manuia o
le atunu’u i lenei taeao fou, taeao manuia, i le
alofa ma le agalelei o le Atua Soifua. E ao ai
ona o tatou fa’apea ifo, “Le Atua e, o Lou alofa,
o Lou alofa, ua silisili lava lea, fa’afetai i Lou
agalelei mo i matou i aso uma o lo matou ola, ia
fa’afo’i atu pea le vi’iga i Lau Afio e fa’avavau,
fa’avavau lava, Amene.”
Na muta mai la tatou tala ina ua faia nei
su’esu’ega a le ali’i o Tom Geisbert, o le ali’i
lenei e fiafia tele i lana galuega, o le su’esu’e lea
i so’o se virusi o manu e taunu’u ane i le nofoaga
o le Ami I Fort Detrick. O le nofoaga o lo’o faia
ai su’esu’ega a foma’i fa’apitoa i so’o se virusi e
ono a’afia ai le soifua o le tagata, fa’apea ma le
ola o manu. Ina ua ma’ea le su’esu’ega a le ali’i
o Tom Geisbert, sa ia pu’eina loa ni ata tetele ma
ua savali nei e agai atu i le ofisa o lana pule, le
ali’i foma’i su’esu’e o Peter Jahrling. A’o aga’i
atu Tom i le ofisa o Jahrling, sa fa’afeiloa’i ane ia
e nisi o Fitafita o lo’o leoloeina le fale atoa. Aua
fai mai le ali’i tusitala o Richard Preston i lana
tusi lenei, o le nofoaga lea a le Ami a le Malo
Tele e matua’i malu puipuia mea uma. E muliga
fo’i le puipuina o le Peresitene o Amerika na i lo
le puipuiina o le nofoaga lenei.
Na taunu’u nei Tom Geisbert i le fogafale lua
o le fale, ma na savali sa’o loa i le tulaga o lo’o
i ai le ofisa o lana pule, le ali’i foma’i o Peter
Jahrling. Na toe tilotilo nei i le isi itu, ma na iloa
atu ai le potu o le ali’i foma’i su’esu’e o Eugene
Johnson, o ia lea sa ia ta’ita’ia le su’esu’ega na
alu i le Ana o Kitum i Aferika.
Na tu’itu’i nei e Tom le faitoto’a o le potu o
Peter ma ulufale loa i totonu. Na va’aia e Tom
le matagofie o le ofisa o le ali’i pule, e teuteu
lelei e le ali’i foma’i lona potu. O le itu o lo’o i
ai le fa’amalama o lo’o tu tonu ai lava le laulau
a le ali’i foma’i, a’o tua atu, o lo’o tautau mai
ai ata na tusia e lana fanau. “E i ai se mea ua
tupu,Toma (Tom). O le fesili lea a Peter.
“Ioe, ua matua’i te le le fa’aletonu ua i ai
nei.” O le tali lea a Toma ma tu’u atu ata na ia
pu’eina i luga o le laulau a Peter Jahrling.
“O mea ia na maua i la’u su’esu’ega, mai
i manuki ia na au mai mai Reston, e i ai lo’u
manatu o le virusi, ma e foliga mai o le Malburg.”
Na a’apa ane nei le ali’i foma’i o Peter Jahrling i ata ma fa’apea ane i a Toma, “Ua e faia
mai se tala fa’aulaula ia te a’u, e le malie.”
Na toe tali Tom, “E le o se tala ula.” Na toe
fesili Peter, “E sa’o ma fa’amaoni lau tala?” Na
tali Tom, “Ioe, e moni ma fa’amaoni.”
Na tilotilo toto’a nei le ali’i foma’i o Peter Jahrling i ata, ma na iloa ai e moni o lo’o i ai i totonu
ni tama’i anufe, peita’i, e i ai lona ‘ese’esega ma le
virusi o le Malburg, ona e fai si u’umi o anufe ia o
lo’o la tilotilo nei i ai. O anufe e maua i le virusi o
le Malburg e ta’ai’ai ma feoma’i fa’atasi, a’o anufe
ia ua la va’ai nei i ai, o anufe e fai si lapopo’a te isi,
ma e fa’asasa’o e le ta’ai’ai fa’atasi.
Na toe manatua vave e le ali’i foma’i o Peter
Jahrling, o la’ua ma Tom na su’esu’eina mea
nei, ma sa o la manavaina fo’i le ea, ae o lea
e le i o’o i la’ua i se tulaga e ono amata ai ona
mama’i. Ua popole le ali’i foma’i i lea taimi, ua
le tautala, ae ua na o le pupula to’a ane nei i a
Tom Geisbert. E faia pea…
Mai itulau 9
Ua poloaia e le Faamasinoga Maualuga se lipoti
i le tulaga o le mafaufau o le tina lea o lo o molia i
lona lafoaia o lana pepe faatoa fanau i le tausaga na
tea nei, lea na maua e se taifau. O lea tina o Seutaatia
Taina, 25 tausaga o Vaitele-fou na ioe i ona moliaga
o le lafoaia o lana pepe faatoa fanau ma lona le saunia
o tulaga moomia uma ina ia ola ai o ia, ma sa tuu
e lauina lona faasalaga i le aso Lulu na sei mavae
atu nei. Peitai na toe tolo e Faamasino Sili Patu Tiavaasue Falefatu Sapolu le lauina o lona faasalaga i
le aso 29 o Ianuari, ina ia tuufaatasia ai se lipoti i le
tulaga o le mafaufau o le ua molia. Na saunoa Faamasino Sili Patu, e moomia e le Faamasinoga le manino
i le tulaga o le mafaufau ma faalogona o le ua molia
Ona ua alia’i mai e le o tau aga’i i lalo numera o i latou e a’afia
pea i le Ma’i Suka e fa’amaumauina i tausaga ta’itasi, o lea ua a’e
ai se tofa i le Kovana Sili, e tofia fa’apitoa sana Komiti Fa’afoe e
taumafai ona tineia lea fa’ama’i mai o tatou tagatanu’u.
E ese mai le tofia faapitoa lea Komiti Fa’afoe, ae ua
fa’amamafa mai fo’i i lana fe’au tima’i, “Ua le tatau ona toe
milimilia lenei afaina e tatou e aga atu lava i ai, aua e tele na’ua
le afaina o le malo ma ona tagatanu’u ae maise o le a’afiaga o le
tupe fa’asoa a le Malo, ona o lenei ma’i.”
O le tiute tau’ave o lenei komiti fa’afoe, ina ia fa’aitiitia mai le
faitau aofa’i o e ua maua i le ma’i suka, ma e tatau ona fa’ailoa a’ia’i
mai e le Komiti Fa’afoe la’asaga e ao ina fa’atino ai le togafitiga
o le Ma’i Suka, o mea e ao ina fa’amalosia ona faia, ia tineia ma
fa’aititia le maua pea o tagatanu’u o le atunu’u i lea ma’i.
“O le umi e mo’omia ona galulue ai le Komiti ma fa’ailoa
mai le latou fa’atamo’ega o le fa’amoemoe lea, e na’o le 60 aso.”
O lo ua tofia fa’apitoa nei le foma’i Dr Sale’ia Fa’amuli, e
avea ma totino faufautua i lea galuega tima’i e fa’asagatau i
le Ma’i Suka. “Ua ia Fa’amuli le iloa e fa’atautaia ai galuega
e tineia ai le ma’i suka, ua ia te ia fo’i le iloa o polokalama
a le feterale e mafai ona talosaga i ai mo se fesoasoani tau
tupe e fa’atino ai galuega tima’i ma galuega ia tineia le maua
so’o o tagata Amerika Samoa i lea ma’i, ae ua ia te ia fo’i le
naunauta’iga mo’omia e mafai ai ona tutumau e fa’atino galuega
e tete’e atu i le Ma’i Suka,” o le saunoaga lea a Lolo.
O fuainumera na fa’ailoa mai i le semina a le Matagaluega
o le Soifua Maloloina, sa tu’u mai ai fuainumera patino e $2.6
miliona le aofaiga o le paketi na fa’aalu e taumafai ai togafitiga
o le ma’i suka i le teritori, aua o le isi lea ma’i e aofia i fa’ama’i
e le pepesi, ae o ma’i tumau.
O le folasaga a Tamasoali’i Dr. Joseph Tufa sa ia fa’ailoa ai, i
le tausaga 1980 sa toatasi mai le to’afitu o tagata Amerika Samoa
ua matua ova le mamafa nai lo le umi o lo’o ua fuaina, ae to’a
3,000 le faitau aofa’i o tagata Amerika Samoa ua fa’amauina e
maua i le ma’i suka.
Ona o le tulaga e i ai le feso’ota’iga a le Ma’i Suka ma ma’i
o le fatu e aofia ai le Toto Maualuga, Storke [maliu fa’afuase’i]
ma le tauaso, ma o le aotelega o maliu na fa’amauina i le tausaga
e 2011 e na’o le 151, e to’a 85 e afua ona o tulaga tau le Ma’i
Suka, ae o le 2012 e 138 maliu ae to’a 72 e afua mai i afaina o
le ma’i suka, o lea ua mautu ai le fa’ai’uga a le faigamalo, “ia
fa’amamafa nei ona fa’atulaga togafitiga ma ala o tima’iga ae
maise o le puipuiga malosi ia fa’aititia i latou e toe a’afia i lenei
ma’i i totonu o le atunu’u.”
O i latou ua tofia mo lea Komiti Fa’afoe a le malo mo le
Ma’i suka ua aofia ai:DOE Fa’atonu Vaitinasa Dr. Salu Hunkin
Finau; DOH Fa’atonu Motusa Tuileama Nua; Failautusi Samoan
Affairs Satele Galu Teutusi Satele Sr.; Rev Father Sefo Timu;
ASCC’s Land Grant Fa’atonu Tapa’au Dr. Dan Aga; Fa’atonu
Agriculture Lealao Melila Purcell; Faufautua Fa’apitoa Ofisa o
le Kovana Dr. Oreta Crichton; ma le Tausala Lalelei o American
Samoa Eleitino Tuiasosopo.
i le taimi na fanau ai ma le taimi na ia faatinoina ai le
solitulafono o lo o molia ai o ia. O lo o tatala pea i tua
le ua molia e talia ai le lauina o lona faasalaga.
O lo o faagasolo pea galuega a le Matagaluega o
Punaoa Faalenatura ma le Siosiomaga, i le faamautinoaina lea o le faasaoina o le manulele o le Manumea.
O lea manulele e taua tele i le tala faasolopito o
Samoa, ona na’o Samoa lava e maua ai lea manulele
i le Pasefika ma le lalolagi atoa. Peitai, ua maitauina
le matua faaititia o le fuainumera o ia manulele i
totonu o vaomatua o le atunuu ma ua tele tausaga
e lei toe vaaia lava se Manumea. O le tulaga lea ua
faapopoleina ai le matagaluega ma o lo o auina atu
sui o le vaega o le Faasao e tau sailia po o maua pea
lea manulele ae po o le a foi le tulaga o lo o i ai lona
faitau aofai. O le suesuega na faatinoina e le vaega o
le Faasao a le Matagaluega o Punaoa Faalenatura ma
le Siosiomaga na faatinoina i Savaii na maua ai e se
tasi o le aufaigaluega lea manulele. TOAFITU SUI O LE JICA GALULUE I SAMOA
E toafitu sui o le malo Iapani i lalo o lana polokalama fesoasoani faavaomalo, le Japan International
Cooperation Agency (JICA) ua ofoina nei la latou
tautua e aunoa ma se totogi mo le malo ma tagata o
Samoa, ma o le a galulue i latou i galuega eseese mai
aoaoga i galuega faainisinia tau eletise. E silia ma le
to’a 550 tagatanuu Iapani ua tautua i Samoa talu mai
ona amataina lea polokalama a Iapani i Samoa i le
1972. O le toafitu ua ofoina la latou tautua o le a faigaluega i nisi o matagaluega a le malo faapea faalapotopotoga tumaoti i totonu o le atunuu. Na faaalia e le
alii Amepasa o Iapani i Samoa, le susuga Kazumasa
Shibuta, lona agaga mitamita e faafeiloai lea vaega
mai lona atunuu i Samoa nei. Na ia taua, ua tele se sao
a tagata Iapani i le atinae o Samoa ma ua latou maua
foi ni sootaga aoga ma le mafana ma tagata Samoa ao
galulue ai i latou i Samoa nei.
samoa news, Thursday, January 16, 2014 Page 11
it’s at in
American Samoa
3250 Airport Road
Pago Pago AS 96799
An airplane passes the full moon, known in the Farmers’ Almanac as the “Wolf Moon,” on its
final approach to Los Angeles International Airport over Whittier, Calif. on Wednesday, January
(AP Photo/Nick Ut)
15, 2014. Faalauiloa Lolo isi ana tofiga
fou i le Fono a le Kapeneta…
tusia Ausage Fausia
O le fonotaga muamua a le kapineta mo
lenei tausaga, lea na usuia i le maota o Gov.
Rex Lee Auditorium i le taeao ananafi, e le gata
na faataoto ai ni isi o fuafuaga a le malo mo
ana galuega faatino o lenei tausaga atoa, ae na
faalauiloa ai fo’i e le afioga i le kovana, Lolo
Matalasi Moliga ni isi o tofiga fou e fa ua faaopoopo i totonu o le kapineta.
O tofiga fou a le alii kovana e aofia ai le
tofia o le susuga a Talauega Eleasalo Ale e
avea ma Loia Sili o le malo; o le tofia o Ruth
Matagi Faatili e avea ma peresetene o le Faletupe o Amerika Samoa; tofia Aliitama Sotoa
e faauluulu i ai le Ofisa o le Enetia (TEO), ma
le susuga ia Jonathan Fanene e avea ma Faatonusili o le Matagaluega o Tupulaga Talavou,
Tina ma Tama’ita’i.
Na taua e Lolo e faapea, talu ai o le faaiuga a
le fono e faatatau i lana ulua’i tofiga mo le faatonusili o le Matagaluega o Tupulaga Talavou,
Tina ma Tamaitai, ua ia filifilia ai loa le faatonusili fou le tumau ia Fanene, na te tauaveina
lenei tofiga taua.
Sa ia faalauiloa i luma o le kapeneta e faapea,
o i latou nei e toafa ua ia filifilia, ua atoa i ai le
agavaa ma le tomai mo le faatinoina o galuega
ua tofia i latou e galulue ai.
O le taeao ananafi i le taimi o le fonotaga a
le kapeneta, na tauaao aloaia atu ai e le afioga
i le kovana, le foa’i tupe e $10,000 i le sui o le
vaega o le Koluse Mumu ia Vaito’a Langkilde,
mo le faaoo atu i sui o le atunuu o Filipaina i
Amerika Samoa, e fesoasoani ai i tulaga pagatia
ma le faaletonu sa aafia ai lea foi atunuu i le
tausaga na te’a nei.
Na taua e Lolo i lana saunoaga e faapea, o
lea foai e le o se tupe na tuuina mai e le malo,
ae o le foa’i na tauaao e tagata faigaluega taitasi
uma a le malo, i latou sa mafai ona maua le
avanoa e ofo mai lo latou tamaoaiga e fesoasoani ai i tagata o lenei atunuu o lo o mafatia,
ona o le faalavelave faalenatura sa aafia ai lo
latou atunuu, aiga ma le malo.
Na saunoa faafetai le susuga a Vaito’a e fai
ma sui o le vaega a le Koluse Mumu i le kovana
ma le malo, ona o le foa’i maualuga ua mafai
ona latou tuu faatasia, e faailoa atu ai lagona fia
lagolago i tagata Filipaina o lo o pagatia.
O lenei foa’i na amata tuu faatasia mai e le
malo i ni nai masina e le i mamao atu.
O le isi fonotaga a le kapeneta lea o le a
sosoo nei, o le a faalauiloa aloaia ai loa e le
Ofisa o Mataupu Tau Samoa polokalame mo le
fu’a i lenei tausaga.
Saunoa le alii kovana e faapea, o le taua
o le vave tuuina atu o le avanoa i le afioga a
Satele Galu Satele Sr., le Failautusi o lea Ofisa
ma lana taupulega e galulue ai e faatulaga se
polokalame mo le fu’a, ina ia lava ai le taimi e
galulue ai matagaluega uma a le malo mo le tuu
faatasia o lenei faamoemoe.
E pei ona silafia ai e le atunuu, o le ulua’i
sisiga fu’a i lalo o le taitaiga a Lolo ma Lemanu
i le tausaga na te’a nei, sa leai ni valaaulia mai
Samoa i tulaga o pese ma siva faaleaganuu, e
o o lava fo’i i fautasi, ona o le tulaga utiuti ma
le faaletonu o le tamaoaiga o le malo sa i ai i
lena tausaga, ae sa faalauiloa e Lolo i se tasi o
fonotaga a le kapeneta ao lumana’i ai le faamanatuina o le fu’a i le tausaga na te’a nei, o
lo o i ai le faamoemoe o le tausaga nei e tatau
ona maua ai ni valaaulia mai Samoa, pe afai e
talafeagai ai ma le tamaoaiga o le malo.
Ua sauni le malo e tuuina atu le isi ana
fesoasoani tau tupe, mo aiga ma tagata o le
atunuu o Tonga na aafia i le afa o Ian na sei
mavae atu nei.
Na taua e le alii kovana sili i le fonotaga a le
kapeneta e faapea, mai le $17,000 lea sa mafai
e tagata faigaluega a le malo ona tuu faatasia
mo le faamoemoe e fesoasoani ai i tagata o le
atunuu o Filipaina na aafia i le lua masina talu
ai i le galulolo, e $10,000 ua tuuina atu mo
Filipaina, ae o le $7,000 o lo o totoe ai o le a
taumafai ai se fesoasoani mo tagata Tonga na
aafia o latou aiga i le afa o Ian i le vaiaso na
te’a nei.
E tusa ai o ni ripoti na faasalalauina e vaega
faasalalau na taua ai e faapea, e toatasi se tagata
na maliu i le afa o Ian i Tonga, ma le toatele o
aiga sa faaleagaina a latou fale ona o le malosi
o le afa.
Feso’ota’i mai i le tusitala ia
[email protected]
Aitulagi Building 2nd Floor
Fagatogo Square
Fagaima Road
Suite 208B
Ph: 699-3848
Ph: 633-3848
Fax: 699-3849
Fax: 633-3849
Business Hours are Monday - Friday 10:00am - 4:00pm
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$ 6
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$ 4 each day
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Page 12
samoa news, Thursday, January 16, 2014
Fog shrouds the North Lawn of the White House in Washington, Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2014. A
dense fog in the morning hours has limited visibility in the Washington area. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)
tusia Ausage Fausia
Ua i luma o le Fono Faitulafono tofiga a le alii kovana sili ia Lolo Moliga, mo le tofia lea o ni isi
e to’afitu e avea ma totino o le Komiti Faafoe o le Faletusi a Feleti Barstow.
O i latou ua tofia e le alii kovana e aofia ai Tom Drabble, Gwen Tauiliili-Langkilde, Tapaau Dr.
Dan Aga, Wendy Malepeai, David Addison, Rev. Albert Toeaina ma Bessie Manase.
I sana tusi i taitai o le fono na taua ai e Lolo e faapea, o i latou ua ia filifilia e avea ma totino o le
Komiti Faafoe o le faletusi, e le gata ua i ai o latou tomai ma agavaa e faatino ai galuega faapenei,
ae o ni isi foi ua sauni e ofoina atu o latou taimi e auauna ai i le malo mo lenei galuega.
Sa taua foi e le alii kovana e faapea, o totino uma o le komiti faafoe a le faletusi o lo o i ai, ua
uma a latou taimi faatulagaina mo le komiti e aunoa ma le toe tofia o ni isi e sui tulaga ia te i latou,
e na o le toalua foi totino o le komiti o lo o alala i Amerika Samoa.
Mo i latou ua tofia e le kovana e avea ma totino o le komiti faafoe a le faletusi, o Drabble ma
Gwen Tauiliili-Langkilde lea e i ai o la agavaa i tulaga o pisinisi tua, faapea ai Tapaau o lo o fai
ma sui o le Kolisi Tuufaatasi ma Wendy o lo o fai ma sui o le atunuu lautele, e ta’ifa tausaga o le
a galulue ai o totino o le komiti.
O le isi toatolu o totino o le komiti e ta’ilua tausaga o le a galulue ai, o i latou ia e aofia ai
Addison, o lo o fai ma sui o le kolisi tuufaatasi, Rev. Albert o lo o fai ma sui o le atunuu lautele, ma
Manase o lo o fai ma sui o le Matagaluega o Aoga.
Ua i ai le fuafuaga o se taimi o le vaiaso fou o le a feiloa’i ai le Komiti o le LBJ/Soifua Maloloina a le maota maualuga, ma sui o le Komiti Faafoe o le Falema’i faapea ai lana taupulega, mo le
faamaninoina o nisi o mataupu o lo o fia malamalama i ai le afioga i le alii senatoa ia Mauga Tasi
Asuega, o ia fo’i lea o le taitaifono o le komiti faapea ai nisi o sui o le maota.
Na taua e Mauga i le vaiaso nei e faapea, e tele tulaga fou o lo o tulai mai i le falema’i e ao ona
silafia e le Fono, aemaise lava i ana faiga faavae o lo o lima taitaiina ai le tele o ana faaiuga fai.
Talu ai le faaauau pea o tulaga faaletonu i le itu tau tupe mo le falema’i, na taua ai e Mauga le
tatau lea ona tuuina mai e le falemai i le maota maualuga, ripoti e tatau i ana tupe maua aemaise
ai ana aitalafu o lo o i ai, ina ia manino i ai le fono mo ana faaiuga fai. O le taitaifono o le Komiti
Faafoe a le falema’i atoa ai ma le pulesili fou ua i ai, o i laua ia ua fuafua e molimau i luma o le
komiti a le senate pe a faataunuuina lea iloiloga i se taimi o le vaiaso fou.
Na faamanino e le peresetene o le Senate ia Gaoteote Palaie Tofau i luma o le Senate i le aso Lua
na te’a nei, e le o toe umi se taimi ae maea loa ona galulue loia mo le faamautuina o le mataupu a
le Senate, lea o lo o fuafua e tuuina atu i luma o le Fa’amasinoga, e faatatau i le malosi e teena ai e
le kovana le se vaega o le paketi e pasia atu e le fono.
Saunoa Gaoteote e faapea, e le tuua le mataupu e pei ona pasia e le Senate, i le tuuina atu lea o
le mataupu lenei e fai mai e le faamasinoga sona faaiuga, ona o se mataupu e taua ma aoga mo le
lumana’i o tupulaga o lo o faasolo atu e fai ma sui o le atunuu i le fono faitulafono.
O le afioga i le alii senatoa ia Soliai Tuipine Fuimaono na toe fesiligia le mataupu lenei i le
vaiaso nei, po o fea ua o o i ai.
Saunoa Soliai e faapea, e le tatau ona tuua le mataupu lenei e foia i tua, ae tatau pea lava ona
tuuina atu i le faamasinoga, ina ia manino mai ai se faaiuga mo le manuia o galuega a le fono ma
le faigamalo i le lumana’i.
Obama’s NSA
a starting point
WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama’s blueprint
for overhauling the government’s sweeping surveillance program
is just the starting point. The reality is few changes could happen
quickly without unlikely agreements from a divided Congress
and federal judges.
The most contentious debate probably will be over the future
of the National Security Agency’s bulk collection of telephone
records from millions of Americans. In his highly anticipated
speech on Friday, Obama is expected to back the idea of changing
the program. But he’ll leave the specifics to Congress, according
to U.S. officials briefed on the White House review.
That puts key decisions in the hands of lawmakers who are at
odds over everything from whether the collections should continue to who should house the data.
Even a widely supported proposal to put an independent privacy
advocate in the secretive court that approves spying on Americans
is coming under intense scrutiny. Obama has indicated he’ll back
the proposal, which was one of 46 recommendations he received
from a White House-appointed commission. But a senior U.S. district judge declared this week that the advocate role was unnecessary, and other opponents have constitutional concerns about
whether the advocate would have standing to appear in court.
The uncertain road ahead raises questions about the practical
impact of the surveillance decisions Obama will announce in his
speech at the Justice Department. The intelligence community
is pressing for the core of the spy programs to be left largely
intact, while privacy advocates fear the president’s changes may
be largely cosmetic.
Stephen Vladeck, a national security law expert at American
University, said the key questions will be “how much of this reform
conversation is going to be about curtailing the specific surveillance
programs and how much of it is going to be instead about improving
the checks and balances on the programs that already exist.”
Obama’s speech marks the end of a months-long White House
review spurred by former NSA analyst Edward Snowden’s revelations about the secret government surveillance programs both at
home and abroad. The disclosures restarted a dormant debate over
surveillance — on Capitol Hill and among outraged allies overseas.
For Obama, changing the overseas spying program may well
be easier than implementing domestic reforms. On its own, the
administration can enact two international surveillance changes
officials say the president supports: extending some privacy
protections to foreign citizens and tightening the protocols for
decisions on spying on foreign leaders. Still, it’s unclear whether
those steps will be enough to soothe international anger.
One move that has gained support from both the president and
lawmakers of both parties is the appointment of a public advocate to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, which currently hears arguments only from the government. Legislators
in the Senate and House have drafted rival bills to create such a
position, but some critics say the current versions might not pass
constitutional scrutiny.
Robert S. Litt, the top lawyer for the Director of National
Intelligence, has said he has “both practical and legal concerns,”
and he raised the possibility that the public advocates could face
constitutional questions over their standing to appear in a court.
The proposal also drew heavy fire from unexpected quarters
Tuesday when U.S. District Judge John D. Bates — weighing in
on behalf of the entire federal judiciary — warned that the proposal was unworkable. Bates told the Senate Intelligence Committee in a letter that such an advocate could not effectively provide independent factual investigations necessary for classified
national security cases.
Even supporters acknowledge that Congress’ political paralysis and the looming midterm elections could hurt the chances
for swift passage of such a novel legal experiment.
Those factors also could hamper a debate over the future of
Section 215 of the USA Patriot Act, the measure used to authorize
bulk collections of telephone records from millions of Americans.
While Obama is expected to embrace the concept of reforming
the program, he’ll leave it to Congress to decide how to accomplish that, including a sensitive decision over possibly moving the
data from the NSA to the phone providers or another third party.
Privacy advocates support moving the data and want the
change enshrined in legislation to ensure the reforms carry on
past Obama’s presidency. But they fear that process will stall if
Obama puts the decision solely in lawmakers’ hands and does
not call for specific action.
Anthony Romero, the executive director of the American
Civil Liberties Union, said Obama was “passing the buck when
the buck should stop with the president.”
samoa news, Thursday, January 16, 2014 Page 13
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up and hung on to the rear window’s windshield wiper. At one
point, Taylor stopped his vehicle and tried to free Torgerson by
kicking him, and then continued driving. Taylor said it was an
accident and that he’s blind in one eye and has poor vision in the
other. He said he panicked and kept driving.
legal Experts see possible
charges in NJ bridge scandal
NEWARK (AP) — The George Washington Bridge traffic jam
that was apparently engineered by allies of Gov. Chris Christie as
political payback could lead to criminal charges such as conspiracy
or official misconduct, legal experts say. Also, those involved in
the lane closings could be charged with perjury or obstruction if
they lied to or misled investigators or if they produced documents
after the fact that were designed to thwart an investigation. “To
me, the most plausible course for a federal criminal investigation
would be to see if there’s any cover-up,” said Rutgers University
law professor Stuart Green, adding that under the law, the conduct
being covered up does not have to be criminal in itself.
Federal prosecutors and both houses of the state Legislature
are investigating the scandal, which broke wide open last week
with the release of emails and text messages suggesting that a
top Christie aide ordered the lane closings in mid-September to
punish the Democratic mayor of Fort Lee, who did not endorse
the Republican governor for re-election. Fort Lee officials and
others complained that the four days of gridlock at the busiest
bridge in the world delayed emergency vehicles, school buses
and countless commuters and put people’s lives in danger. On
Wednesday, a former federal prosecutor who helped convict
former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich of corruption, Reid Schar,
was tapped to investigate the scandal for the state Assembly.
Beijing air pollution at
dangerously high levels
BEIJING (AP) — Beijing’s skyscrapers receded into a dense
gray smog Thursday as the capital saw the first wave of extremely
dangerous pollution, with the concentration of toxic small particles
registering more than two dozen times the level considered safe.
The air took on an acrid odor, and many of the city’s commuters
wore industrial strength face masks as they hurried to work.
The city’s air quality is often poor, especially in winter
when stagnant weather patterns combine with an increase in
coal-burning to exacerbate other forms of pollution and create
periods of heavy smog for days at a time. But the readings early
Thursday for particles of PM2.5 pollution marked the first ones
of the season above 500 micrograms per cubic meter.
The density of PM2.5 was about 350 to 500 micrograms, and
had reached as high as 671 at 4 a.m. at a monitoring post at the
U.S. Embassy in Beijing. That is about 26 times as high as the
25 micrograms considered safe by the World Health Organization, and was the highest reading since January 2013.
Beijing authorities said the haze on Thursday has reduced the
visibility to several hundred meters (yards) and that the severe
pollution is likely to continue through Friday.
Pot amnesty boxes going up at co. airport
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) — Amnesty boxes are
going up at the Colorado Springs airport for those who didn’t
realize that it’s illegal to carry pot on a plane.
Under the Colorado law legalizing recreational marijuana, it
is legal to leave the drug in a parked car at the airport. Bringing
marijuana inside is, however, prohibited. Officials are encouraging people to leave their marijuana behind, but they also want
to help people who broke the law and don’t want to miss their
flights. Installation of the boxes begins on Wednesday.
According to KKTV-TV, the ban on pot at the airport applies
to both recreational and medical marijuana. If passengers are
caught trying to bring pot onto a plane, they could face up to
$2,500 in fines and possible jail time.
Environmentalists sue Navy over sonar use
SAN DIEGO (AP) — Environmental organizations have
added the Navy to their lawsuit against the federal government
that seeks more measures to protect whales and other marine
mammals from the military’s sonar use.
Earthjustice and other organizations announced the addition Wednesday to their lawsuit filed in December against the
National Marine Fisheries Service. The lawsuit demands that
the service force the Navy to seek alternatives to its five-year
plan that will intensify off the California and Hawaii coasts.
Environmentalists dispute that. They favor off-limits zones to
biologically sensitive areas and want the Navy to avoid training
in certain spots seasonally when they are rich in marine life.
Driver at fault in fatal school bus crash
BOISE, Idaho (AP) — The Idaho State Police says the driver
of a school bus was at fault for a Dec. 5 collision with a dump
truck that killed an 11-year-old boy. The Idaho Statesman
reports the investigation found driver Debra Boatwright stopped
at a stop sign west of Kuna, but then pulled in front of a dump
truck that wasn’t required to stop at the intersection.
The crash killed sixth-grader Daniel Cook and injured four
other children. Boatwright was taken to the hospital suffering from
extreme emotional distress. Canyon County Prosecutor Bryan
Taylor will decide whether any charges are filed. County officials
(Continued on page 14)
DYWA’s new Acting Director Jonathan Fanene with Deputy Director for DYWA Pa’u Roy
Ausage, who was acting director for DYWA for sometime. Pa’u was appointed by the governor as
[Photo: JL]
director, however the Fono twice denied the confirmation. ➧ Fanene named Acting Director for DYWA…
Continued from page 1
The website says that Fanene’s major in college was sociology.
In his football career, Fanene had impressive scores, but was slowed by injuries including a
hamstring injury in the off-season prior to the 2006 campaign. He was still able to play in four of
the final five games of the 2006 season.
On March 14, 2012, Fanene signed with the New England Patriots for three years and $12
million with a $3.5 million signing bonus, but was released with a “failure to disclose physical
condition” designation on August 21, 2012.
Fanene is the son of the late David and Anna Fanene of Malaeimi. He’s married and they have
one son. He’s a Tafuna High School graduate for the class of 2000.
In the meantime, Pa’u told Samoa News he will remain as Deputy Director alongside Tapuamanaia Galu Satele Jr, who is also Deputy Director for the same department.
American Samoa Government
Date & Time Due: January 17th, 2014
Issuance Date: January 8th, 2014
No later than 2:00 p.m. local time
The Department of Port Administration issues a Request For Proposals (RFP) from qualified
firms for the:
Original and five copies of the Proposals must be submitted in a sealed envelope marked:
“Airport Restaurant.” Submissions are to be sent to the following address and will be received
until 2:00 p.m. (local time), Friday, January 17, 2014:
Airport Business Office
Airport Administration Office Building
Pago Pago International Airport
American Samoa Government
Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799
Phone:6 99-9101
Any RFP’s received after the aforementioned date and time will not be accepted under any
circumstances. Late submissions will not be opened or considered and will be determined as
beingn on-responsive.
The RFP document outlining the proposal’s requirements is available at the Airport Business
Office, Airport Administration Office Building, Pago Pago International Airport, Tafuna,
American Samoa, during normal working hours.
Request for Proposals data will be thoroughly reviewed by an appointed Source Evaluation
Board under the auspices of the Director of Port Administration, ASG.
Right of Rejection:
The Department of Port Administration reserves the right to reject any and/or all Requests of
Proposals and to waive any irregularities and/or informalities in the submitted proposals that
are not in the best interests of the Department of Port Administration, the American Samoa
Government or the public.
Signed: Taimalelagi Dr. Claire T. Poumele,
Director - Department of Port Administration
Page 14
samoa news, Thursday, January 16, 2014
Continued from page 13
The team appointed to formulate the Immigration Amnesty Program saw it officially launched
yesterday. The team is led by the Governor’s Legal Counsel Steven Watson, and includes Deputy
AG Mitzie Jessop, Assistant AG Vincent Kruse, Dr Oreta Crichton, Aofaga Ricky Salanoa and
[photo: JL]
Chief of Staff Fiu Johnny Saelua. ➧ Lolo Admin to kick off Amnesty Program…
Continued from page 1
Kruse said during the last Amnesty in 1998 there were about 3,000 foreigners who came forth
to register, however they assume there will be a lot more who will take part in this amnesty program. He said registration will begin on the Eastern Side, first, on February 18-21 2014; in the
Central District on February 24-28; the Western Side March 3-7; and the Manu’a District March
10, 2014. At the same time the Lee Auditorium will be open the entire time — from February 18
to March 14, 2014 for everyone — including those for whom Samoan and English are not their
first language.
Jessop explained the amnesty program is not “automatic” — there are qualifications that registrants must have in order to be eligible. For example, convicted felons are not eligible for the
program. “I don’t believe that the Governor and Lt Governor’s intent for this program is to accept
convicted criminals into our community,” she noted.
The Deputy AG stated all the information provided during the registration period is confidential. The Amnesty office will be in the EOB upstairs, next to the Public Defender’s office.
During discussion of the Amnesty Program, Commissioner of Public Safety William BIll
Haleck pointed out there should be assurances to the undocumented foreigners that if they come
forward, their information will not be used against them, otherwise there will not be a big turnout.
Governor’s legal counsel Steven Watson said they are already here, and the object is not to get
rid of them, but to count them, so ASG can do a better job in terms of the census numbers of those
who actually live in the territory.
He said the object is to also legalize their presence in the territory. As such, they will still need
a sponsor, and documentations from home country to legitimize their presence.
Watson also stated one of the most important elements of the program: Unless you came into
the territory before June 2013, you are not eligible to register for this program.
say they are awaiting results of blood tests done on both drivers.
Former pastor convicted of raping girls
NEW YORK (AP) — A former New York minister has
pleaded guilty to raping two teenage girls, one of whom belonged
to his congregation.
Prosecutors say the Rev. Michael Clare was convicted of rape
on Wednesday. Under the terms of the plea deal, he will be sentenced to five years in prison and will register as a sex offender.
Clare was the pastor of the Harvest Worship Center International in the Bronx.
He admitted performing the acts with a 13-year-old girl in
2007 at his home and with a 14-year-old girl later. Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson says in a statement the victims’
wishes were considered for the plea deal.
Clare is from Jamaica and faces deportation.
Marines probing validity of
online Iraq war photos
WASHINGTON (AP) — The Marine Corps says it is
attempting to determine the authenticity of photos published by
TMZ.com that the entertainment website says show Marines
appearing to burn bodies of dead Iraqi insurgents in Fallujah in
A Marine spokesman at the Pentagon, Lt. Col. Neil F.
Murphy, said Wednesday the Marine Corps also is investigating
the circumstances depicted in the photos and attempting to identify the Marines shown.
He said the results will determine whether the Marine Corps
launches an investigation into possible wrongdoing. A Pentagon
spokesman, Army Col. Steven Warren, said the proper handling
of war remains is set by U.S. military regulation. He said the
actions depicted in the photos “are not what we expect from our
service members.”
Vietnam delays building
1st nuclear power plant
HANOI, Vietnam (AP) — Vietnam will delay the construction of its first nuclear power plant by six years, state media
reported Thursday, amid concerns over safety and efficiency.
Faced with increased demand for power, Vietnam needs to
develop new energy sources as its domestic coal and hydropower production is levelling off.
The Asian Development Bank has said domestic electricity
demand may rise by up to 14 percent per year until 2015 and
plateau at 11 percent growth until 2020.
The country had awarded the construction contract for its
first nuclear power plant to Russian companies. The second was
given to companies from Japan. Construction of the first plant in
Ninh Thuan province on Vietnam’s central coast was originally
slated to start this year.
However, Tuoi Tre newspaper on Thursday quoted Prime
Minister Nguyen Tan Dung as telling a government conference
that construction will probably have to be postponed until 2020
to ensure the highest safety and efficiency standards.
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cash was obtained by the defendant using said receipts totaling
over $80,000. Court filings say Tofaeono also requested the LBJ
Finance Office not receive a copy of the credit card report.
A man who’s facing two criminal cases will be in court today
for a change of plea hearing. Fa’afetai Siaulaiga is charged with
criminally negligent homicide in connection with the murder of
Sio Faumui back in 2011 in Malaeimi. It’s unclear what the plea
deal offer is in this matter, however it will be read in open court
tomorrow. Other co-defendants in this case are Ne’emia Poamo,
Sefo Siaulaiga and Migo Misa, whose cases are pending before
the High Court for sentencing. According to the government’s
case, new information received by the Attorney General’s office
has it that Fa’afetai was also seen at the scene of the crime on the
day Sio was brutally beaten to death.
The government claims the two witnesses told police that on
June 4, 2011 they were in Malaeimi across the street from where
the incident occurred when they both saw the defendant running
towards them while wearing a shirt covered with blood, and his
hands also had blood on them.
Another defendant in this matter, Poamo, told police they had
both punched Faumui repeatedly while Fa’afetai and Sefo were
the ones who struck him with a rock and a beer bottle.
The second case against Faafetai charges him with escaping
from police. During his initial appearance for the homicide case,
when the inmates were leaving the courthouse heading to their
van to be transported back to the Tafuna Correctional Facility,
Fa’afetai took off on foot. He then caught a bus from Fagatogo and police officers went after the aiga bus in which the
defendant was riding. It’s alleged when the bus was pulled over
by police in Faganeanea the defendant ran up the mountainside.
After nightfall, several hours later, police were told the defendant caught a ride from Faganeanea heading westbound.
Fa’afetai was apprehended at a police roadblock in Nu’uuli.
➧ Ownership of illegally transferred funds…
Continued from page 1
Some of the new information cited in Faleomavaega’s letter to Lolo was a May 1, 2013
correspondence from ASG Treasurer Dr.
Falema’o ‘Phil’ M. Pili requesting additional
assistance for the return of the money.
Then in the following month (June), Faleomavaega informed Lolo that the “Vietnamese
government had since informed me that the
U.S. and Vietnam have no bilateral agreement
in place for the transfer of the money back to
the U.S.”
He said one option suggested to address this
problem was for the High Court of American
Samoa to “declare the money legal so that it
could be transferred”.
Then in July last year, Congressman Faleomavaega said then Attorney General Afoa L.
Su’esu’e Lutu informed his office the only way
to obtain a declaration from the High Court was
to commence an action against the Vietnamese
Afoa also noted that after speaking with
Assistant Attorney General Michael Iosua, “he
(Afoa) was aware that I didn’t want to file any
action against the Vietnamese government,”
Faleomavaega said.
In the July letter, Afoa shared his concern
the High Court would “not issue a declaratory judgement or any order regarding ASG’s
money without including the party who is currently in control of that money.”
“Therefore, in order to obtain the requested
declaration, without including the Vietnamese
government as a party, we have prepared
a draft complaint and proposed judgement
against Bank of Hawai’i,” Afoa wrote to the
Afoa cautioned that BoH may choose to
unilaterally move to include the Vietnamese
On Aug. 2 of last year, Faleomavaega
informed Afoa about receiving the draft copy
of the complaint; however, “I want to emphasize the importance and sensitivity of ensuring
that the U.S.-Vietnam relations remain a priority in this matter.”
Faleomavaega also shared with Afoa the
Vietnamese Embassy in Washington D.C. “has
agreed in principle to accept a legal opinion”
provided by the local AG’s Office on this
matter, which should include a letter or statement of verification from BoH, certifying the
funds belong to ASG.
According to the Congressman, this will
avoid any legal action against BoH or the Viet-
namese government.
The AG’s Office legal opinion, verifying
ASG owns the money, states in part that on
Aug. 31, 2011, “an unidentified computer
hacker fraudulently and without authorization”
transferred $1.2 million from the BoH Account
of ASG to an account at VIB, owned by Golden
Bee Company Ltd, a Vietnamese firm.
When the illegal transfer was discovered
the next day (Sept. 1, 2011), ASG immediately notified federal authorities and BoH was
asked to terminate the wire transfer, according
to the opinion, which further states BoH was
unable to prevent the money from being
It also says the Vietnamese government
has completed their investigation and is currently holding these funds until it is verified
the money had been taken from ASG’s BoH
The opinion also included an affidavit from
BoH’s legal counsel Mark A. Rossi, who stated,
“ASG’s posture was compromised by what
appears to have been a sophisticated computer
breach and surreptitious social engineering
involving manipulation of ASG personnel, to
obtain both ASG’s log-on credentials and one
time security token password”.
Rossi confirmed the transferred funds
belonged to ASG and BoH has cooperated
with law enforcement authorities to return this
money back to ASG.
In his Jan. 14, 2014 letter to the governor,
the Congressman said he was informed last
year by Lolo that Deputy Attorney General
Mitzie Jessop was expediting the preparation
of the required documents.
Faleomavaega said his office on Aug. 18,
2013 was provided with the documents but
they were “not properly notarized” and the
letter from the AG’s Office “was a copy, not
an original.”
“Vietnam was not able to accept these documents because BoH’s documents were not considered legal by any government’s standards,”
Faleomavaega said and reminded Lolo the pair
had an opportunity to discuss this, as did their
respective staff.
“In the interim, while waiting to receive
proper documentation, Vietnam informed my
office last week that no other action is required
on the part of ASG,” he wrote adding the
USDOJ is now working on this matter directly
with Vietnam so it can be resolved.
➧ “Unfunded liabilities”…
Continued from page 2
from the board, or the Retirement Office executive director
regarding the Fund for year 2013. “The unfunded liability may
have increased beyond the $48.5 million for 2012,” he said.
An actuary report in February 2013 prepared by the firm SageView for the Retirement Fund board meeting in Honolulu providing the “valuation” of the Fund in 2012, states in part that “we
believe the policy rate of 8% (by the employer) in conjunction with
employee contribution of 3% is sufficient to support the benefits
and administrative expenses for the Fund in the short term.”
In his address to the Fono on the State of the Territory, on
Monday, the governor also pointed out a comparative assessment of a random sample of similar retirement plans in the states
and territories reveals ASG’s pension plan “has the highest rate
of administrative expenses of all funds reviewed. Funds used
for these expenses could have been invested to generate greater
benefits for the Fund membership,” Lolo said. “It is our shared
responsibility to protect the financial integrity of the Fund.”
An independent audit of the Fund for 2012, conducted by
the firm of the Seattle-based Moss Adams LLP, states that the
“net assets” of the Fund at the “close of fiscal year 2012 are
$200,141,211...” Additionally, all of the net assets are available to
meet ASGERF’s ongoing obligations to plan members and their
beneficiaries. (The report noted that net assets at the close of
2011 stood at $181.72 million and $201.16 at the close of 2010.)
As reported by Samoa News last March, the results of the
audit confirmed what Sene informed Gov. Lolo Matalasi Moliga
in a letter in January 2013 that the “board is happy to report that
at the end of 2012, the Fund gained over $19 million to push its
net assets over the $200 million mark.” (See Samoa News story
Mar. 1, 2013 for more details).
samoa news, Thursday, January 16, 2014 Page 15
TEL: 633-4266
FAX: 633-2964
invites written tenders for 1 only damaged
LIC #8770
on “as is, where is” basis.
The vehicle can be inspected at T.I. Brothers Auto Shop
(Tafuna) during normal working hours from
8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
BID CLOSE at 4:00 p.m. on January 18, 2014
Bid should be in a sealed envelope and must be addressed to:
Tender - 68209693
Mr. Dennis Wellborn
Country Branch Manager
Utulei, Centennial Building
Pago Pago, AS 96799
Please do not hesitate to contact Elena Talitiga or Baron
Thomsen at 633-4266 for more questions.
TO Members of the MAUGA Family and to all whom these present may come!
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that MOSE TIPI of PAGO PAGO has offered for recording in this
office an instrument in writing which seeks to separate a certain structure which is or to be
erected, on land SIUFAGA , allegedly belonging to MAUGA FAMILY of the village of PAGO PAGO.
Said land SIUFAGA is situated in or near the village of PAGO PAGO in the County of MAOPUTASI,
Island of TUTUILA, American Samoa.
NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that any interested person may object to the recording of such
instrument by filing in the Territorial Registar’s Office in Fagatogo, a written objection to the
recording of said instrument. Any objections thereto must be filed with in 30 days from the date
of posting of this notice.
NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that if no such objections are filed within the said 30 day period,
the instrument will be recorded and shall be valid and binding on all persons. The said
instrument may be examined at any time at the Territorial Registrar’s Office.
DECEMBER 20, 2013 thru JANUARY 21, 2014
Taito S.B. White, Territorial Registrar
I tagata o le aiga sa MAUGA, ma i latou uma e silasila ma lauiloaina lenei fa’aaliga!
O le fa’aaliga lenei ona o MOSE TIPI o le nu’u o PAGO PAGO ua ia fa’aulufaleina mai i lenei
ofisa se feagaiga tusitusi e fa’ailoa ai se mana’oga fia tu’u’eseina o se fale ua/po o le a, fa’atuina i
luga o le fanua o SIUFAGA e fa’asino i le aiga sa MAUGA, o le nu’u o PAGO PAGO. O lenei fanua e
totonu pe latalata ane i le nu’u o PAGO PAGO, itumalo o MAOPUTASI, ile motu o TUTUILA,
Amerika Samoa.
O le fa’aaliga fo’i e fa’apea, so o se tasi e iai sona aia i lenei mata’upu e mafai ona fa’atu’i’iese
ile fa’amauina o lenei feagaiga pe a auina mai i le ofisa ole Resitara o le Teritori of Amerika Samoa
i Fagatogo, sana fa’atu’ese tusitusia. O fa’atu’iesega uma lava e ao ona fa’aulufaleina mai i totonu
o aso e 30 faitauina mai i le aso na faíaalia ai lenei fa’aaliga.
Afai ole a leai se fa’atu’i’esega e fa’aulufaleina i totonu o aso 30 e pei ona ta’ua i luga, o le a
fa’amauina loa lenei feagaiga e taualoaina ma ‘a’afia ai tagata uma.
01/02 & 01/16/14
The December 2013 Saudi Contract Price (SCP) for Butane hit an all-time high.
The recent increase is driven by international LPG prices. We had hoped to “rideout” the continuous LPG fluctuation until it reached a reasonable plateau. As
global production responds to higher prices and stock rebuilding winds down, we
will see a gradual price reduction as we have in the past. Even when SCP prices
peaks, LPGas will remain the most affordable in cooking.
Effective January 25th there will be an increase in local prices.
Please be reminded that even with these increases there is still a 40% savings
using LPG over electricity.
Origin Energy American Samoa, Inc.
Page 16
samoa news, Thursday, January 16, 2014
In Loving Memory of
Our dear Mother, Grandmother & Great Grandmother
April 24, 1931 – January 4th, 2014
‘Aua ua ou tau le taua
lelei ua iu ia te au le
tausinioga ua ou taofi i
le faatuatua . O lenei ua
teuina mo au le pale o
le amiotonu e foaina
mai ia te au lea lava aso
e le Alii le faamasino
amio tonu.”
- 2 Timoteo 4; 7-8
Aua ua ia fetalai mai;
‘’Faauta, o la’u galuega
ma lo’u mamalu lenei
ia faataunuuina le
faaofuina o le tagata i
le tino ola pea ma le
ola e faavavau.”
- Mose 1:39
Saturday, Jan 18, 2014
@ 11:00am Final Church Service at
Tulao LDS Chapel

A Section Thu 01-16-14