Aim and scope
Factory of the future is calling for a strategic vision shift.
Operations are evolving towards collaborative, value-adding net–
works, where complex service-oriented relationships are created
and managed.
The consequences of this evolution are manifold:
11th International Conference on
The Modern Information
Technology in the Innovation
Processes of the Industrial
15-16 October 2009
Bergamo, Italy
the manufacturers have to manage multiple relationships with
several service providers, which are offering different kinds of
services, from logistics to maintenance and other support
the service providers have to effectively manage their own
business in a multi-client multi-service context;
the physical products and assets in industry are being equip–
ped with intelligence in order to guarantee value-adding ser–
vices to the customer;
the life cycle management is providing a new holistic view for
managing business processes through the life cycle phases of
both the product / asset and its value-adding services;
the supply chain configuration is ever growing in complexity
and, since that, the risks induced by the economical crisis and
operational disruptions in some of its many parts have to be
considered carefully to guarantee business resilience.
The purpose of the MITIP 2009 conference is to serve as a forum
for the dissemination and exchange of ideas, knowledge and
experiences about the above mentioned challenges in the fields
of manufacturing and industrial service operations.
Intended Audience
Organized by:
Politecnico di Milano
Università degli Studi di Bergamo
The conference is targeted to scholars, Ph.D students, young
researchers and practitioners involved in research activities.
Both academic and industrial contributions are welcome.
Call for papers and important dates
Relevant topics include, but are not limited to:
Design and optimization of production systems
Management and optimization of supply chain networks
Maintenance and Asset Lifecycle Management
Product and Service Life Cycle Management
Intelligent Transport Systems and Mobility
Supply Chain Risk Management
Information Technology for Enterprise 2.0
Information Exchange and RFID applications
Process Modeling and Simulation
Abstract: up to 2 pages are to be sent electronically by 15th
April 2009 to [email protected] Submitted abstracts will
be reviewed by the International Scientific Committee.
Final contributions: up to 8 pages (references included in the
page limit) and edited using the conference template, are to be
sent electronically by 15th July 2009 to [email protected]
Please refer to the Author guidelines on the conference website.
Final contributions will be published on the official Conference
Proceedings (with a registered ISBN).
In order to register please complete the Registration Form
available at
Registration fees:
Early (before 15 July)
Late (after 15 July)
Regular fee
350 €
400 €
Ph.D Student fee*
250 €
300 €
Organizing & Scientific Committees
Conference Chairs:
Marco Macchi - Politecnico di Milano
Roberto Pinto - Università degli Studi di Bergamo
Programme Chairs:
Luca Fumagalli - Politecnico di Milano
Fabiana Pirola - Università degli Studi di Bergamo
Organizing Committee:
Jan Han - University of West Bohemia
Mario Rapaccini - Università degli Studi di Firenze
Flavio Tonelli - Università degli Studi di Genova
Elisabeth Ilie Zudor - MTA SZTAKI
Scientific Committee:
Kondo H. Adjallah (France)
Bjørn Andersen (Norway)
Peter Ball (UK)
Umit S. Bititci (UK)
Abdelaziz Bouras (France)
Sergio Cavalieri (Italy)
Adolfo Crespo Marquez (Spain)
Pietro Evangelista (Italy)
Elisabeth Ilie Zudor (Hungary)
Andrés García Higuera (Spain)
Rajit Gadh (USA)
Jan Hán (Czech Republic)
Jan Husdal (Norway)
Benoit Iung (France)
Erkki Jantunen (Finland)
Zsolt Kemény (Hungary)
Dimitris Kiritsis (Switzerland)
Paulo Leitao (Portugal)
Eric Levrat (France)
Marco Macchi (Italy)
Andrea Matta (Italy)
Alan McKinnon (UK)
Zdeněk Molnár (Czech Republic)
László Monostori (Hungary)
Aditya Parida (Sweden)
Jean-Luc Paris (France)
Ajith Kumar Parlikad (UK)
Alessandro Perego (Italy)
Roberto Pinto (Italy)
Mario Rapaccini (Italy)
Nidhal Rezg (France)
Roberto Revetria (Italy)
Evren Sahin (France)
Michal Šimon (Czech Republic)
Stanislaw Strzelczak (Poland)
Edward Sweeney (Ireland)
Sergio Terzi (Italy)
Klaus Dieter Thoben (Germany)
Marco Taisch (Italy)
Flavio Tonelli (Italy)
Václav Votava (Czech Republic)
Filippo Visintin (Italy)
For futher information, please send an e-mail to
[email protected]
and visit the conference website at

The Modern Information Technology in the Innovation