Association for Educational
Prof. Emma Nardi
Università degli Studi
Roma Tre
 32
corporate members
 83 individual members
 Annual conference
 Dublin, 3-4-5 November 2005
 Naples, 9-10-11 November 2006
Goals of AEA-Europe
 Develop
educational assessment in
 Foster co-operation between
organizations and persons active in
educational assessment across the
whole of Europe.
Objectives of AEA-Europe (1)
Improve communication among
European organisations and institutions
interested in educational and
occupational assessment;
Provide a framework within which cooperative research, of projects
involving educational assessment can
be undertaken.
Objectives of AEA-Europe (2)
Co-operate with other agencies having
complementary interests.
Engage in a range of activities that will lead to the
improvement of assessment processes and
products and their appropriate use by
organizations throughout Europe.
Enhance awareness of assessment processes
and products in relation to their impact on learning
and understanding.

Objectives of AEA