International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza
Presentation of operators from Museum,
Universities and Institutions
MAR – Museo d’Arte della città di Ravenna
Ravenna Antica Foundation
Management of the archaeological sites
Palazzo Milzetti – Museum of Neoclassical Art
Museo Carlo Zauli – Museum of
contemporary art and residence for artists
ISIA – University for the Industrial design and
communication strategies
A street fashion design
Faenza Department of Cultural
Open air Ceramic Museum
Positive evaluation
Deep innovation in method and contents
Training for person working in museums
Good articulation and division in sections
The economy of cultural heritage offers
possibility of growth
• Well considered the collaboration with museums
Improve the link between art and handicraft, or
art and industry - the binomial CULTURE –
Deepen the techniques of organization of
More space to training
More space to computer strategies
Deepen technical elements
Providing elements of fundraising
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International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza

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