Open air museum
Cosenza has its open air museum.
It consists of all the sculptures that Carlo Bilotta has
given to the city of Cosenza.
The following pictures show the sculptures already
installed, according to the order in which they came to
the city.
Here’s “La Bagnante” (The swimmer) by Emilio
Greco, located in Largo Lisa Bilotta, at the corner
between Corso Mazzini and Via Arabia.
“Il Cardinale” (The Cardinal) by G. Manzù, at
the beginning of Piazza 11 Settembre.
• The brass sculpture “San Giorgio e il
drago” (St. George and the dragon),
positioned along Corso Mazzini, north side,
towards Piazza Bilotta.
• "Ettore e Andromaca” by G. De Chirico
follows “San Giorgio e il drago” on Corso
Mazzini, north side.
• “I paracarri e la Bifrontale” by P.Consagra.
• Cosenza is one of the few European cities where
it is possible to admire works of art without
having to pay the ticket. The map below shows
the complete series of the sculptures (4 of which
still to be located, since they haven’t arrived to
the city yet) and their relative positions.
1 Pietro Consagra
2 Salvator Dalì
3 Giorgio De Chirico
4 Emilio Greco
5 Robert Indiana
6 Giacomo Manzù
7 Joan Mirò
8 Arnaldo Pomodoro
9 Sasha Sosno

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