School of Politics, Economics and International Relations
Giorgio La Malfa
Will the euro survive?
You are invited to a SPEIR Seminar discussing the Euro
in early 2015 by Giorgio La Malfa.
The European Central Bank has launched a substantial
plan of monetary expansion. Syriza, an anti-austerity
party, has just won the Greek general elections. Both
of these pose interesting economic and political
challenges to the European economic policies that
prevailed to-date. Will the Euro survive? Is the
German’s powerful influence on the European
economic policies likely to change? Giorgio La Malfa,
who has been critical about the structure of the EU
economic policies since the launch of the Euro in early
2002, will discuss these and related issues.
Giorgio La Malfa is an Italian politician and academic,
he was appointed Finance Minister in the 1980s and
Minister for EU Affairs in 2005. He has been Professor
of Political Economy at the University of Catania and is
presently Vice President of NATO’s Parliamentary
Room 125, HumSS
Tuesday 3rd March 2015
14:00 – 16:00pm
Tea and coffee from 14.00
For more information please e-mail:
[email protected]
If you would like to attend please email:
[email protected]

Giorgio La Malfa