CLA Corsi d’inglese
Placement Test 2 intermedio - avanzato
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1. Which of the "-ing forms" below on the right is
NOT spelled correctly?
(A). have / having
(B). lie / lying
(C). read / readding
(D). use / using
7. _______ my invitation yet?
(A). Are you receiving
(B). Have you received
(C). Did you received
(D). Will you receive
2. Sandra _____ a new t-shirt every two weeks
(A). is buying
(B). has bought
(C). buys
(D). was bought
8. 1) I spent my childhood in London. = 2) I _____ in
(A). filled it
(B). woke up
(C). grew up
(D). brought it up
3. "How long _______ for Volkswagen?"- "Since
last August"
(A). do you work
(B). are you working
(C). have you worked
(D). had you worked
9. It _____ a star - it's too bright. Perhaps it's an
alien spaceship!
(A). can't be
(B). must be
(C). is going to be
(D). may have been
4. 1) My party is on Thursday. = 2) I ____ my party
on Thursday.
(A). have
(B). am having
(C). do
(D). am doing
10. If you want to live longer and better, you ____
(A). can keep fit
(B). are keeping fit
(C). mustn't keep fit
(D). should keep fit
5. "Did you go to Italy last summer?""_____."
(A). I met my friends, and spent time with
my family
(B). No, I am ill. I am staying at home
(C). Yes, I spent three weeks there
(D). I called the police
6. "I can't see you on this school photo." -- "When I
was young I _____ glasses."
(A). was wearing
(B). used to wear
(C). have worn
(D). was used to wearing
11. Lucy is very fit. She _______ run much faster
than anyone else on the team.
(A). must
(B). can
(C). has
(D). couldn't
12. Today is Monday so Sunday was _______ .
(A). the day before yesterday
(B). the day after tomorrow
(C). yesterday
(D). tomorrow
13. I'll talk to you again _______ .
(A). yesterday
(B). two months ago
(C). last month
(D). tomorrow
14. Peter keeps _____ at the bottom of his garden
(A). a chicken
(B). some chicken
(C). any chicken
(D). any chickens
15. 1) All of the team played well = 2) _____ played
(A). Nobody
(B). Somebody
(C). Everybody
(D). Anybody
16. There is no room on the bus. There are
_______ people.
(A). too many
(B). too much
(C). not enough
(D). so much
17. 1) There are few very good restaurants in this
city = 2) There aren't _____in this city
(A). a good restaurant
(B). many good restaurants
(C). some good restaurants
(D). any restaurants
18. Which of the below is the correct order for the
following words? squeezed - cold - juice - a freshly - glass - orange - of
(A). a cold juice of freshly squeezed orange
(B). a squeezed glass of freshly cold orange
(C). a cold glass of freshly squeezed orange
(D). a freshly orange glass of cold squeezed
21. Paula lay down _____ the floor to do her
(A). on
(B). under
(C). above
(D). at
22. The robber unlocked the door _______ a copy
of the key.
(A). by
(B). from
(C). with
(D). on
23. Quick! Hurry! If we _____ the bus!
(A). will run, we will catch
(B). run, we will catch
(C). ran, we would have caught
(D). would run, we will catch
24. Which of the sentences below is punctuated
(A). In the end I went home, I was wet and
hungry, and felt ill.
(B). In the end I went, home I was wet, and
hungry. And felt ill.
(C). In the end I went home; I was wet and
hungry and felt ill.
(D). In the end. I went home. I was wet, and
hungry, and felt ill.
25. Sue's sister has just moved to a _____ town, so
we can see her much more often.
(A). crowded
(B). urban
(C). rural
(D). neighbouring
19. I want to make it _______ clear that Rachael
and I are just good friends: nothing more.
(A). simply
(B). rather
(C). quite
(D). much
26. Many people are reluctant to use _____ that
cause damage to the environment.
(A). productions
(B). products
(C). produce
(D). manufacturing
20. Jean has bought a cottage _______ the country.
(A). in
(B). at
(C). on
(D). out
27. Don't be so _____! He was only joking. He
doesn't really think that you are stupid.
(A). sensible
(B). senseless
(C). sensitive
(D). insensitive
28. My sister just _____ sixteen three weeks ago.
(A). turned
(B). completed
(C). become
(D). had
29. _____ that we should cancel the meeting?
(A). ls she agree
(B). She agree
(C). Agrees she
(D). Does she agree
30. I _____ a bath when the doorbell rang.
(A). had
(B). have
(C). have had
(D). was having
31. It doesn't matter which football team you
support, the _____ is always in the wrong.
(A). linesman
(B). umpire
(C). arbitrator
(D). referee
32. It may be the middle of July, _____ that doesn't
mean it won't be wet in Ireland.
(A). but
(B). despite
(C). in spite of
(D). even though
33. Oh no! It's pouring outside and I haven't got my
(A). dungarees
(B). bow-tie
(C). Macintosh
(D). waistcoat
34. I’ve got so _____ to do that I don’t know where
to begin.
(A). many works
(B). work
(C). works
(D). much work
35. She doesn't usually wear much jewellery. Just
an antique _____ pinned on the collar of her jacket.
(A). earring
(B). brooch
(C). necklace
(D). bracelet
36. I'm sorry but I _____ with you. I think exams are
better than coursework.
(A). agree
(B). am agree
(C). don't agree
(D). am not agreed
37. We had to wait in a _____ in the post office for
over forty minutes.
(A). row
(B). line
(C). file
(D). queue
38. Omaar was very thrilled when he heard he
had______ the exam.
(A). failed
(B). approved
(C). passed
(D). won
39. The murder took place in the main street in the
middle of the day. but there were no _____ .
(A). witnesses
(B). prosecutions
(C). testimonies
(D). juries
40. You _____ so much food. There was plenty in
the fridge already.
(A). don‘t need to buy
(B). had not to buy
(C). mustn‘t have bought
(D). needn‘t have bought
41. It took the mountaineers over an hour to put up
their tiny _____ in the high winds.
(A). hut
(B). tent
(C). caravan
(D). bungalow
42. The first applicant is hard-working and efficient.
_____ , she has had several years ’experience of
this kind of work.
(A). Furthermore
(B). Not only
(C). However
(D). As well as
43. You _____ that man our phone number if you
don’t trust him.
(A). must not have given
(B). should not have given
(C). might not have given
(D). could not have given
44. During the storm, _____ stones the size of golf
balls were reported in some areas.
(A). sleet
(B). hail
(C). gale
(D). snow
48. Gary _____ this hotel to us. He comes here
every year.
(A). recommended
(B). advised
(C). encouraged
(D). suggested
45. I wish the papers weren‘t always so full of _____
about minor celebrities.
(A). gossip
(B). rumour
(C). slander
(D). chat
49. We have a lovely apartment in Brooklyn.
There's lots of room. If you come to New York, we
can put you _____.
(A). down
(B). off
(C). away
(D). up
46. lf you _____ a cloth over the cage, the parrot
falls asleep.
(A). will put
(B). put
(C). had put
(D). would
47. Winston's fiancée left him for his best friend just
before their wedding. He is still finding it difficult to
get ____ the shock.
(A). out
(B). over
(C). off
(D). down
50. 1) "Listen all of you; never reverse onto a main
road." = 2) The driving instructor warned _____ onto
a main road.
(A). us never reversing
(B). us to reverse never
(C). us never to reverse
(D). that we never reverse
Test Answer Key
Punti: +1
1. (1022). Correct Answer(s): C
2. (1045). Correct Answer(s): C
3. (1107). Correct Answer(s): C
4. (2047). Correct Answer(s): B
5. (2051). Correct Answer(s): C
6. (2032). Correct Answer(s): B
7. (3092). Correct Answer(s): B
8. (3072). Correct Answer(s): C
9. (4057). Correct Answer(s): A
10. (4022). Correct Answer(s): D
11. (4087). Correct Answer(s): B
12. (5101). Correct Answer(s): C
13. (5069). Correct Answer(s): D
14. (5043). Correct Answer(s): A
15. (6044). Correct Answer(s): C
16. (6046). Correct Answer(s): A
17. (6020). Correct Answer(s): B
18. (7009). Correct Answer(s): C
19. (7104). Correct Answer(s): C
20. (8066). Correct Answer(s): A
21. (8022). Correct Answer(s): A
22. (9076). Correct Answer(s): C
23. (10096). Correct Answer(s): B
24. (11016). Correct Answer(s): C
25. (12089). Correct Answer(s): D
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26. (13080). Correct Answer(s): B
27. (13065). Correct Answer(s): C
28. (13066). Correct Answer(s): A
29. (13008). Correct Answer(s): D
30. (13096). Correct Answer(s): D
31. (13048). Correct Answer(s): D
32. (14046). Correct Answer(s): A
33. (14057). Correct Answer(s): C
34. (14077). Correct Answer(s): D
35. (14056). Correct Answer(s): B
36. (14014). Correct Answer(s): C
37. (14095). Correct Answer(s): D
38. (14025). Correct Answer(s): C
39. (15055). Correct Answer(s): A
40. (15031). Correct Answer(s): D
41. (15095). Correct Answer(s): B
42. (15045). Correct Answer(s): A
43. (15014). Correct Answer(s): B
44. (15023). Correct Answer(s): B
45. (15039). Correct Answer(s): A
46. (15080). Correct Answer(s): B
47. (16053). Correct Answer(s): B
48. (16131). Correct Answer(s): A
49. (16055). Correct Answer(s): D
50. (16114). Correct Answer(s): C
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