BolognaFiere, April 19th-21st 2013
Strategies, News, Sectors
The new edition turns its focus to themed areas
and international promotion
Cosmofarma, a leading event in the pharmacy world, and a prominent vantage point for
observing the most innovative product and “concept” trends, showcases the excellence of
the sector on an international scale.
This year the exhibition emphasises its firm commitment to internationalisation whilst
confirming its traditional subdivision in terms of products into four large macro sectors:
- Pharmaceutical/Parapharmaceutical/Health Care
- Skin Care/Cosmetics
- Natural Products/Nutrition/Dieting
- Services for Pharmacies
“The cosmetics world needs to focus more and more on health and wellness and therefore
creates more and more links with products for prevention and cure,” comments Duccio
Campagnoli, president of BolognaFiere. “For this reason, BolognaFiere, a world leader in
trade fair events with Cosmoprof, is putting special emphasis on Cosmofarma in order to
provide operators with an extensive integrated platform for beauty and health.
“Cosmofarma is already a flagship exhibition, the only one of its kind in Italy, and we would
like to capitalise on this by promoting the ongoing innovation throughout the
pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical sectors as well as supporting international
participation in the event.” President Campagnoli goes on to say, “This edition of
Cosmofarma will be held in conjunction with Pharmintech, the world-leading exhibition that
brings together all the Italian packaging manufacturers in the pharmaceutical sector.
Bologna really will be the European centre of the pharmaceutical world.”
Cosmofarma’s leading position is the result of immense commitment throughout years of
new and increasingly cutting-edge projects, focusing on technological innovation and upto-the-minute professional training for operators in the pharmaceutical sector. During this
time of major changes within the sector, the exhibition performs the important role of
updating participants with regard to new regulations and developments in the law.
Pharmacists need to know about these changes and the ways they can adapt to them, as
well as the new business opportunities which have been created to define new boundaries
within which they can streamline their practices.
Cosmofarma is once again working with Fofi, Federfarma, Fenagifar, Unipro and AFI, as
well as embarking on a new partnership with Pharmintech, the exhibition of technology,
machinery and solutions for the drugs industry. This fair will take place in Bologna from
April 17th to 19th, including one day alongside Cosmofarma. BolognaFiere will therefore
be hosting the entire technological supply chain of the pharmaceutical sector during what
we could call “pharmaweek”. The decision to team up with Pharmintech was taken with a
view to making it easier for international operators to visit the events. The partnership will
create vital synergies for the mutual benefit of exhibitors and visitors, as well as attracting
considerable media coverage.
The encouraging figures from the last edition of Cosmofarma, which hosted over 22,000
operators (a 4.6% increase on the 2011 edition), was a further boost to help the exhibition
consolidate its reputation and nurture both its internationalisation and its role as an
increasingly dynamic and complete hub of workshops and events attracting a qualified
audience. This will increase the prestige of the show itself and the importance of
participating from the exhibitors’ perspective.
Focus areas for 2013
Another significant innovation for the 2013 event will be the special concentration on four
specific focus areas, which will be given particular emphasis. The major Cosmofarma
players will be: Baby Care, Pet Care, Food (for people with food intolerances) and
A strategically located dedicated zone will be set aside for the four focus areas: the
Bologna fair complex’s Service Centre, which can be reached via the main Piazza
Costituzione entrance. All participating companies will be able to exhibit their ranges and
products relating to the four areas, thus extending their visibility and increasing their
promotional opportunities. Pharmacists attending the event will have the chance to take
part in conventions and meetings where the 2013 focus areas of particular interest to them
will be explored.
The creation of this new section, one of the priorities for the organisers of the event, is
geared towards emphasising the importance of developing entrepreneurial activity in the
pharmaceutical sector.
The idea of these four themed focus areas arises from the need to find new diversification
opportunities for pharmacists’ businesses by developing and promoting areas and
products that lie outside the sphere of prescribed medicines. Cosmofarma 2013 is thus
outlining its role as a guide and support to all the operators in a sector undergoing
significant normative change by offering them concrete and realistic business
Companies will also have the chance to exhibit the innovations they most want to publicise
in dedicated “showcases” in the Service Centre. Cosmofarma Exhibition is eager to
transform the prominent Service Centre area into a further opportunity for promotion and
business, where innovations by Cosmofarma exhibitors will be displayed alongside the
most exciting new ideas from Pharmintech exhibitors.
Internationalisation and the Buyer Delegation
2013 will be the show’s international development year, with major buyers from Europe,
the Middle East and across the Atlantic all involved. The aim is to make Cosmofarma
Exhibition the European hub for the pharmaceutical market.
The upcoming edition of the event will have a special focus on abroad, both to identify new
strategic horizons and to promote communication on various levels: exhibitors, visitors and
institutions. A massive international promotion campaign has been launched. Companies
will be given the opportunity to come into contact with new buyers and open up to foreign
markets thanks to the creation of a “buyer delegation” and targeted meetings between
exhibitors and buyers.
Operators involved in and attending the event are always highly qualified and, in these
difficult economic times, Cosmofarma represents an unmissable event for business and a
valuable professional training.
The conventions calendar it’s the real hub of the entire Cosmofarma exhibition. The
upcoming edition has the added aim of increasing the 2012 show’s 150 hours of organised
events. Workshops, conferences and ECM professional development courses present and
tackle current socio-economic issues. These are always extremely relevant to the
pharmacy world and meet the expected levels of training and information for the sector.
During the 2013 conferences considerable space will be dedicated to changes in the law,
further emphasising Cosmofarma’s role as a landmark event for professionals.
2013 news: Cosmofarma will play an active, guiding role in selecting the themes for the
conventions. The reason for this decision is to give the chosen subjects complete and
unified coverage in order to meet the needs of the event’s target audience.
The promotional programme for the upcoming edition of the show was planned with the
aim of obtaining an increasingly qualified audience of visitors. The publishing plan for
Cosmofarma 2013 involves the publications most relevant to the players in the sector, with
online media and international publications included for the first time. The aim of
internationalising the fair is being achieved thanks also to major advertising campaigns in
foreign publications, which can spread Cosmofarma’s reputation for excellence and
leadership outside Italy, thus increasing its coverage and its prestige.
The significant investment in advertising will guarantee the upcoming edition of
Cosmofarma the visibility it deserves, starting from the end of 2012, and will ensure the
presence of companies and pharmacists at a successful event. The promotion of
Cosmofarma 2013 will also incorporate a continuous, systematic communication strategy
tailored specifically to Italian pharmacists, who will receive regular newsletters about all the
innovations at the event and the most relevant news.
Event in the city
Friday April 19th 2013
The Cosmofarma Cocktail Dinner, the exhibition’s eagerly awaited evening event, always
builds a bridge between the fair and the city thanks to its prestigious city-centre locations.
This event gives guests the chance to enjoy an evening of networking in an amazing
location. The highly sought-after Care Awards will be presented during the cocktail dinner.
These prizes, established by Cosmofarma, are awarded to the best commercial
communication campaigns relating to responsible self-medication.
Fofi and Federfarma conventions
Cosmofarma Exhibition continues its close partnership with Fofi and Federfarma. During
the show the associations will organise an institutional convention of particular relevance
to professionals in the sector. The subjects and contemporary themes tackled every year
underpin the meeting’s success and high attendance levels.
“Cosmofarma Exhibition represents an unmissable occasion for the pharmacy sector to
meet the varied world it interacts with: pharmaceutical firms, intermedia distribution,
service companies and products for pharmacies,” comments Annarosa Racca, president
of Federfarma. “In addition, a whole host of accompanying cultural events gives
pharmacists the opportunity to gather information about innovations in the sector and
suggestions to help them with the difficult choices they face every day in managing their
businesses. Management is becoming increasingly structured and complex in the light of
the many changes taking place, from new laws to the economic crisis which is shifting the
context in which pharmacy operates. In particular, the 2013 edition will be an opportunity
to take stock for the first time following the introduction of the new pharmacy remuneration
scheme, which represents a long-awaited and momentous change. This opportunity for
extensive interaction with the pharmaceutical world is made possible by Cosmofarma
Exhibition’s now fully established partnership with Federfarma and Fofi.”
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