In April 2010 we have been to Italy for five
days. We were a group of students who are in
different Italian classes.
We spent one day in Florence. We visited the Modern Art
Gallery (in Italian : Galleria degli Uffizi). We saw the “Piazza
della Signoria”, the “Palazzo Vecchio”, the “Ponte Vecchio”
and some other monuments.
On third day, we
went to Siena and
San Gimignano. In
Siena, we visited the
Church of San
Domenico, Cathedral
of Siena and The
Piazza Del Campo.
On the day after, we went to Pisa
and in Lucca. In Pisa, we saw the
“Piazza del Duomo” where there
are The Leaning Tower of Pisa and
the cathedral of Pisa
In Lucca, we saw the
“Piazza Anfiteatro”
and the “Duomo di
San Martino” who is
the cathedral of Lucca.

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