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Torino is in
We want to
introduce you
Torino: the town
where we live.
This is Torino
This is Italy’s flag.
It’s green, white and red.
GREEN represents our plains
and hills;
WHITE is the glaciers
of the mountains
and RED symbolizes the
blood shed by
our compatriots for the
Piemonte is one of the best regions in Italy.
It has over 4 million people.
It is famous for its traditions, cook and art.
Piemonte was inhabited by a famous royal family, the Savoia.
In Turin, the capital, there are still many of their residences
Savoia family in the
XVIII century
Savoia family today
Many Piedmontese towns have conserved
the feel and the buildings
of their ancient ducal or
noble past:
Squares and arcades, fortresses, museums,
gorgeous churches and
local craft shops
are waiting to be visited and admired.
Torino is an old town. It has got a lot of old and
beautiful palaces.
Palazzo Reale
The cathedral
Palazzo di città
Palazzo Madama
Palazzo Carignano
This is the principal square of Torino:
Castello Square. In this there are a lot of
important Torino’s monuments.
Basilica of Superga
Mole Antonelliana
Palazzo Reale
Palazzo Madama
Carlo Alberto
Square Carlo Alberto
In Torino a lot of Squares
are called as the last
Savoia prince or king .
Here there are some
Carlo Felice
Vittorio Emanuele
Square Carlo Felice
Square Vittorio Veneto
Palazzo Reale was the sumptuous
of the dukes,
and later,
of the House of Savoy
for over 200 years.
Located at the centre
of Piazza Castello,
this splendid museum- recidence
the history of Turin
across 2 millennius.
It was added by
Filippo Juvarra in 1721.
The Basilica of
Superga is standing on the top of
a hill in a strategic and panoramic position are
visible from most of Piedmont.
In this Basilica there are the
Tombs of the Savoy.
Immersed in the city’s largest park,
facing the River Po,
is this charming 17th century
residence with its slated
roofs in the typical French style,
which was designed
in tribute to the royal lady
Cristina of France.
The 17th century Royal Palace
is dedicated to Diana,
the goddess of the hunt.
It is also called
Turinese “VERSAILLES”.
This is “Egyptian Museum”, the
second important egyptian
museum in the world.
Torino’s symbol is the Mole Antonelliana, a building of
the architect Antonelli.
These are some picture of
Mole Antonelliana
The vast porticos so typical of the centre of Torino have
been there since the first urban develompment began
in the new capital of the Savoia Family.
Having a coffee in Torino can be a chance to take a step
back in time. The historical centre of Torino offers
numerous cafès , restaurants and historical shops that
have preserved the atmosphere of past centuries.
good wine
Italian cook is very popular.
These are some of the best dishes.
Lot of people know the Piemonte’s cook.
Baci di dama are delicious cookies.
The filling is made of chocolate and
Bicerin is a hazelnut liqueur.
Amaretti are cookies spread across Italy;
in Piemonte it with nuts.
is an ancient tradition pudding, typical
of the Piedmont.
Can occur with or without chocolate or cocoa.
Piedmont canestrelli
are very sensitive, thin and tasty,
available in chocolate and hazelnut
Piedmont is famous for many meats such
as hams and sausages of the highest quality.
"Grissino drawn”
is one of the most popular products and
consumed throughout the Piedmont.
Torino is famous for the chocolate,
expecially for Gianduiotti, typical
chocolate sweet.
The Bagna Caôda is a dish
with vegetables, whipped
cream and anchovys.
Turin arms in 1811
Turin arms in 1706
Turin arms today

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