Condorfloc AC 45
Cationic coagulant-flocculant agent
Physical-Chemical Properties
Physical State
: yellow liquid
pH at 1% Concentration
: 3,7
Chemical Composition
: mixture of cationic polymers and aluminum salts
Typical Application
Condorfloc AC 45 is used as coagulant in process water purification which contain substances that
are difficult to sediment.
The high content of polyamines also allows to compact the sludges and make them easily
dehydratable with conventional means of drainage bags and / or filterpresses.
The main advantage of Condorfloc AC 45 is that it is supplied in liquid form, therefore are not
necessary pre-dosing or preparation systems.
Application conditions
Concentration of use
Codice: LAB.TA03.ST
: 0,1-0,3%
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