Semi-seasoned pecorino cheese
This raw pecorino cheese is compact with small eyes.
The paste is light but tends to darken with maturation.
The exterior is very dark brown, almost black in color. The weight of a whole form varies from 3 to 4 kg.
Semi-seasoned raw
sheep cheese .
Weight: variable.
Whole form: 3-4 Kg
Organoleptic characteristics
Color: straw yellow
Aroma: intense milk
Taste: harmonious taste of milk and herbs
Consistency: semi-hard cheese with sparse eyes
Pasteurized sheep
milk, salt, rennet,
selected milk
Coating agent:
preservatives E203,
E235. Dyes:
E150d, E160b.
Non edible rind.
Nutritional Value
(per 100 g)
Energetic Value:
Kcal/Kj: 454/1898
Protein: g 30
Carbohydrate: g 0
Fat: g 36
Minimum 6 months
if stored at
temperature +8 °C
and controlled
humidity. Vacuum
packed storage
180 days at
temperature +4 °C.
Logistic Data
boxes per
tot. boxes
base per pallet
tot. boxes
per pallet
cod. EAN product:
cod. EAN box:
“Sapori di Barbagia” cheeses come from sheep's milk who graze in the wild,
in an uncontaminated environment among mountainous pastures. The Fonni dairy farmers knowledge and wisdom obtain
a rich selection of cheeses that are second to none thanks to these ideal conditions.
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Semi-seasoned pecorino cheese