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October ‘14
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Scary Weather in Florence!
By Donata Fregoli, Stefania Scali, Vito Dilillo, Giuseppe
Casagrande, Isabella Bertolozzi
Let’s speak about the water bomb in
Florence! There was a very strong hailstorm
in Florence on Friday 19th of September.
Some trees fell down. Some buildings have
been damaged. In Empoli, a city near
Florence, in an elementary school, the roof
broke was broken and one tile hit a
In all of the Region, there were about one
hundred injured people in the storm, so the
fire men and first-aid volunteers had to
work very hard that day.
The president of the Region, Enrico Rossi,
asked for a state of emergency to be
European News
by Benedetta Casarelli, Giacomo Sireno and
Nadia Tocchini
Last week the Scottish voted on
their independence from the United
Kingdom. Many people went to vote.
There was a great influence.
However many people voted in the
negative and now Scotland still
belongs to the United Kingdom.
Meanwhile in Florence, Italy, there
was a weather alert in Florence. In
fact there was big hail, lots of wind
and rain. The city was damaged by
all of these natural events. The
schools were closed and people
were scared.
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October 2014
WSI Livorno
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Current Events in the News
by Marina Cecconi, Davide Chidini, and Antonio Cerqua
Local News of a man living in public housing but
he has a Ferrari!
The police discovered a 73 year old man from
Livorno who lives with his family in apartment
property of a public institute and drives a Ferrari.
He has also got eight very expensive luxury
vintage cars and he owns an apartment!
The authority has pressed charges against him for
fraud and seized his property.
The New Italian Football Team
By Roberto Bani, David Perondi, and Francesco Tafani
Last week the new Italian football team won the
first match to qualify for the European league. The
losing team was Norway. The new coach, Antonio
Conte, has brought his winning mentality to the
players and replied with a win.
Some players, who in the last conduct were
starting players are excluded. The most famous of
is Mario Balotelli, substituted with player from
Sassuolo’s team, Simone Zaza.
Good Luck, Italy!!!
The Weather is Crazy!
By Giada, Damiana, and Carmelo
A crazy summer in town! The world is
contaminated by gases. Hail in Florence?! What is
the world coming to? THIS WEATHER IS CRAZY!
Three days ago in Florence, Tuscany the rain was
very strong and there was a lot of hail. It caused
damages for a big amount of money. This
phenomenon could be linked to world
contamination. The people of Florence were
terrified and shocked. The bad weather lasted a
long five hours. The civilian police had to work hard
to keep the order in the town.
Referendum for Scotland’s
By Donata, Stefania, Giuseppe, Isabella, and Vito
55% of the Scottish People voted NO at the
Independence Referendum. The day after the vote
there were clashes between civilians and police.
After the defeat the prime minister, Alex Salmond
resigned from his demission. Now other European
countries , like Catalonia, want to do the same
Queen Elizabeth is very happy about the result,
even if she hasn’t said anything about his
October 2014
WSI Livorno
© D. Scott 2012

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