Guided tour of the Loeser Bequest
in Palazzo Vecchio
From Sunday August 1o to Sunday August 17 Palazzo Vecchio will offer the opportunity for a guided tour
of the Loeser Bequest. The mezzanine of the Palazzo Vecchio is home to a selection of the works collected
by the American scholar, Charles Loeser, which he donated to the city of Florence. Enamored with the
art of Medieval and Renaissance Florence, Loeser moved to Florence in 1888 and began acquiring hundreds
of works and artifacts: not only paintings and sculptures, but also furniture, ceramics, rugs, medals, and
anything else that could evoke the atmosphere of an ancient Florentine home. The visit will allow you to
admire true masterpieces- works by di Tino da Camaino, Pietro Lorenzetti, Agnolo Bronzino – but
also to rediscover and immerse yourself in the evocation of Renaissance tastes.
When: Everyday at 11.00am-12.00am-1.00pm
Duration: 40 minutes
Language: English only
For whom: everyone 10+
Cost: Included in the entrance ticket prices

Guided tour of the Loeser Bequest in Palazzo Vecchio