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Emiliano Carlini
AS 2013-2014 - Cl.4^B
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
Twenty Thousand
Leagues Under the Sea
Arronax , Council and Ned Land , have embarked on the
American ship " Abraham Lincoln" , in charge of the hunt of a
strange monster that haunts the seas and sink ships in a
mysterious way . They soon discover that it is not a fish , and
just spotted the mysterious object , Ned Land launches its
extraordinary spear , which was damaged , it goes to the bottom.
The three are so on the back of the famous monster of steel and
masked men make them enter into the boat : they are the
"Nautilus" , a mysterious ship commanded by Captain Nemo .
From that moment all start together a journey of exploration
under the sea , a journey of twenty thousand leagues . Come
from the Pacific Ocean to the Indian Ocean to the Red Sea ,
passing through a tunnel under the Suez Canal , across the
Mediterranean , bordering Portugal, visit the sunken continent
Atlantis, arriving at the South Pole and there Nemo plant its
flag. In the North , a vortex hits the Nautilus and Arronaz ,
Ned Land Council and are saved by a miracle and find refuge in
a fisherman's hut on the Norwegian coast.
Seventeen Justinian embarked on the ship with his appointment as midshipman , young
Horatio Hornblower is anything but happy , his ship has a captain seriously ill and not
present, and a more senior colleague and frustrated so intolerable torments him , so that
he thinking about suicide . But taking advantage of a provocation, manages to get to a
duel , which is resolved in his favor morally and without shedding of blood and promotes
its transfer to a snappy heavy ship , the Indefatigable commander of the Pellew , here the
young man is brought to light , despite his inexperience , by capturing a French privateer ,
personally capturing a Spanish galley near Cadiz and Gibraltar in managing to bring a
ship full of livestock quarantine and after capturing a Spanish coastguard who had
Finally , having gone to take the exams for appointment as a lieutenant , is located in the
middle of an incendiary attack Spanish ships even as her exam is going to roll , first save
the depot ship from which he escaped with some commanders on a lifeboat , diverting
one of the fire ships , and then is saved together with a Spanish captain by the crew , but
a lifeboat English lookout blocks the boat saving both from captivity.
But when he returns to Gibraltar sloop La Reve , captured from his ship , and was
commissioned to take command to bring it to England with the documents , it is again
acting lieutenant . He travels with the Duchess of Wharfedale , by order of the
commander of the fleet in the Mediterranean. Unfortunately, what was supposed to be a
route to safety off the coast of Cape San Vicente, the door in the middle of a Spanish
team that captures the sloop , while the self-styled duchess , actually an actress , he
offers to carry the dispatches to London his account. Followed by two years of
imprisonment and a heroic and risky rescue of sailors from a Spanish privateer stalked
by an English ship and forced the wreck. Finally, the delivery of documents will yield the
appointment to lieutenant and the heroism of the rescue and the liberation by the
Spaniards .
Jules Verne Nato a Nantes nel 1828 da una famiglia di armatori.
Studia diritto a Parigi dove si inserisce nell'ambiente artistico del
fotografo Nadar e di Dumas, dei quali è amico. Entra anche in
contatto con il mondo politico socialista e con i gruppi anarchici,
tanto che nel 1872, nel clima della repressione anticomunarda, è
costretto ad abbandonare la capitale per la provincia. Appassionato
al progresso scientifico e affascinato dai luoghi esotici, crea un
nuovo genere letterario, il racconto di viaggio in cui precorre
genialmente le conquiste più moderne della tecnica. Con il
sostegno dell'editore Hetzel inizia un lavoro fecondo e pubblica dal
1863 alla sua morte, avvenuta nel 1905 ad Amiens, un centinaio di
volumi, i più conosciuti dei quali appartengono ai primi anni di
creazione, quando la sua visione del mondo era ancora ottimistica.
Opere principali Cinque settimane in pallone (1863), Viaggio al
centro della terra (1864); Dalla Terra alla Luna (1865); I figli del
capitano Grant (1867-68);Ventimila leghe sotto i mari (1869), Il giro
del mondo in ottanta giorni (1873); L'isola misteriosa (1874); Michele
Strogoff (1876); Un capitano di quindici anni (1878); Mathias Sandorf
Cecil Scott Forester (1899-1966) was the fifth of five children
of George Foster and Sarah Smith. George was taught in an
English school in Cairo. During his childhood Cecil ago now
understand to have creative skills not common, making up
fantastic stories that appeal to everyone and that help him feel
more important and in the spotlight. The first important novel
is "Payment Deferred" a thriller in which a man is sentenced to
death for a murder he did not commit, but still being able to
exonerate himself the protagonist does not, because it would
open another crime that he himself has done. But the first
novel in the Hornblower series is 1937, "The Happy Return" or
"Beat to Quorters" (Battle stations "), where it appears
immediately loyal friend Horatio, Lt. William and Lady Barbara
Bush, her true love. the novel that instead from the
chronological point of view opens the saga, "Mr. Midshipman
Hornblower" is 1964.
Things in common between the
two books
There are two adventure books are set both at sea, the main
characters have in common the command of a ship and perform
actions to protect his ship

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea