Corso di Laurea Magistrale per la Comunicazione Turistica e Commerciale (LM38)
A.A. 2010/2011
English Course C2
Lecturer: Hartle Sharon
Student: Rigo Veronica
Supporting Regional Festivals to
enhance the tourist experience
The Event and the Travel Industry:
Promoting synergy potentials
What do I mean by “possible
negative impacts”?
Locals and Tourists:
The challenge of reuniting two apparently
incompatible worlds
How shall we cope with this
The Answer lies within the
notion of “Authenticity”
Tocatì: “It’s yout turn” to enjoy a
real, authentic experience.
To recap, Regional Festivals are:
-an occasion for an intimate, crosscultural exchange
-“drawcard” for the destination
- one way to prevent negative side
effects of tourism flows

Veronica C2 Presentation