Crash Course in Economics
Macroeconomics and Microeconomics
Dr Matteo Cati
Scuola di Economia, Management e Statistica
Sede di Rimini
Dr Matteo Maria Cati
The Experimental web sites
The Crash Course in Economics - TeaM
Macroeconomics and Microeconomics
The main themes and references, available at the University Library, are listed in the home-pages
both for the Microeconomics and for the Macroeconomics section. To each student will be given the
opportunity to consult and use the contents of the moodle sites, i.e. class notes, tests, solved
exercises, and other important didactic tools – used during the lectures - all of them written by the
Tutor Dr Matteo Cati. Hereby you can find the instructions on how to access it.
Read the following instructions
The Experimental web sites by Dr Matteo Cati
Click the following link:
then click “Facoltà di Economia” del Polo Scientifico
– didattico di Rimini
You will see the following icon, that you have to click
(do the same for the Crash Course in Economics
Team – Microeconomics)
the University e-mail address:
[email protected] plus
Furthermore, in order to view the contents
of the Site, you must use the following
additional password:
(or microTeaM)
In summary you get access to the Site:
using the University e-mail address
the additional password: macroTeaM
(or microTeaM)
For any question write an e-mail to
Dr Matteo Cati – [email protected]

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