6. Mostra e racconta con le foto
Italian, Section 36 : il passato prossimo
Create a photo story to tell what you did during your last holidays. It can be a real or imagined holiday.
You can use MS Photo Story or a similar application to create a
slideshow video using your own digital photos or ones you have
saved from the internet (this is OK for class work purposes only).
Write a 250-word script in Italian to tell a story about what
happened and what you did during the holiday. Arrange your
photos to illustrate the story. Add your script as captions (and as
recorded commentary if you wish). Add special effects and music
if you like.
Il giovedì mi sono alzata presto e ho fatto una bellissima
passeggiata sulla spiaggia. Poi mi sono seduta sotto
una palma per leggere il mio libro. Che paradiso!

6. Mostra e racconta con le foto