Endoscopic Endonasal Pituitary Surgery
(basic course)
Università degli Studi di Napoli
Federico II
February 21, 2012
Napoli, ITALY
Course Directors:
•Live Surgical Demonstrations
Paolo Cappabianca
Luigi M. Cavallo
Pituitary Adenomas
Non-Adenomatous Sellar Lesions
•Surgical Simulator Hands-on
Program Highlights:
Surgical Technique
Reconstruction Techniques
Tips & Tricks
Case Discussion
Guest Faculty:
Giulio Maira
Local Faculty
Annamaria Colao
Oreste de Divitiis
Marialaura Del Basso De Caro
Matteo G. de Notaris
Felice Esposito
Domenico Solari
Vita Stagno
Course Description
This workshop is intended to teach how to perform endoscopic pituitary surgery, by means of lectures, live surgery
demonstrations and hands-on. The faculty and the trainees will exchange experiences and questions during a one-day
full immersion with the Naples School.
Registration fee is €500.00. Twenty attendees will be enrolled.
Course will be held on-site at the Department of Neurosurgery of the Federico II University Hospital.
Under the auspicies of:
9.00 am Registration
9.15 am Welcome and introduction
9.30 am Special lecture: Surgical approaches to the sellar-suprasellar region. ( G. Maira)
10.00 am Endoscopic anatomy of the endonasal approach to the sellar region. (M. de Notaris)
10.15 am Endoscopic endonasal approach to pituitary adenomas (P. Cappabianca)
10.30 am Live surgery (1st patient). Coffee break will be available
12.00 pm Instruments for the endoscopic approach (D. Solari)
12.15 pm Peri-operative management of patients with pituitary adenoma (A. Colao)
12.30 pm Surgical complications of the endoscopic transsphenoidal approach (O. de Divitiis)
12.45 pm The endoscopic endonasal approach for non adenomatous sellar lesions (F. Esposito)
1.00 pm Reconstruction of the sella after transsphenoidal surgery (V. Stagno)
1.15 pm 2nd Live surgery. Lunch will be available
3.00 pm Video on endoscopic endonasal dissection: tips and tricks (L.M. Cavallo)
3.15 pm Hands-on session on plastic model. How to reach the sella
4.45 pm Discussion on selected clinical cases
6. 00 pm Adjourn
For information, please contact:
ANEMA onlus (Associazione per la ricerca in Neurochirurgia e Chirurgia Maxillo-facciale)
Dr. Caterina Andriani
[email protected]
Tel/fax: 0039 081 19560905
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