Siria Biagioni
PhD candidate
From 2011
Georg-August University Goettingen, Germany
Department of Palynology and Climate Dynamics
PhD defense on 11.05.2015. Summa cum laude
Supervisor: Prof. Dr Hermann Behling
Project: Long-term dynamics of tropical rainforests, climate, fire, human impact and
land use in Indonesia: a focus on the montane rainforests in Central Sulawesi and
peat-swamp rainforests in Sumatra
University of Ferrara Italy
M.Sc. Prehistoric Sciences
110 cum Laude/110
Supervisor: Dr. Marco Marchesini
Archaeopalynological and microcharcoal analyses of a peat core near Ca’Emo
(Adria, Rovigo, Veneto, Italy) dates from the Bronze Age to 19th cent. AD
La Sapienza University of Rome Italy
B.Sc. Natural Sciences
110 cum Laude/110
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Donatella Magri
Microcharcoal analysis of a sediment core carried out from Vico Lake (Lazio, Italy)
dates from 20kyBP
C.A.A. G. Nicoli S.r.l. Italy
Research assistant
Palaeobotany; Aerobiology; Museology; Teaching
Palynological and Archaeoenvironmental Laboratory - C.A.A. G. Nicoli S.r.l.
Via Marzocchi, 17 – 40017 - San Giovanni in Persiceto (Bologna, Italy)
+39-0516871757 - [email protected]
XVIII INQUA Bern, Switzerland
Attended the International Congress for Quaternary sciences
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Siria Biagioni
GTÖ conference Zurich, Switzerland
Oral presentation
“8000 years of temporal pattern of vegetation dynamics of a unique inland peat
ecosystem in Jambi, Sumatra“
GTÖ conference Freising/Munich, Germany
Oral presentation
“Assessing the long-term role of fire in the mountain rainforests of Lore Lindu
National Park, Sulawesi, Indonesia“
International seminar and national congress on Agroecology Palu, Indonesia
“Assessing the long-term response of montane rainforests to climate change and
human impact in the Lore Lindu National Park“
“The history of human occupation at Lake Lindu (Central Sulawesi, Indonesia)
as inferred from diatom and charcoal analyses“
IX International Flora Malesiana symposium Bogor, Indonesia
Oral presentation
“Long-term vegetation dynamics of mountain rainforests in Central Sulawesi
GTÖ conference Vienna, Austria
Oral presentation
“Holocene palaeoecology of mountain rainforests in Central Sulawesi (Indonesia)“
SAGE meeting Berlin, Germany
Oral presentation
“Long-term ecology of mountain rainforests in Central Sulawesi (Indonesia)“
Seminar Nasional Kawasan Percandian MuaraJambi Jambi, Indonesia
Oral presentation
“Palynological analysis and radiocarbon dating in the Muara Jambi Temple:
perspectives and methods“
IPC XIII/IOC IX Tokio, Japan
Oral presentation
“Holocene dynamics of tropical rainforest, climate, fire, human impact in Central
Sulawesi (Indonesia)”
“The history of human occupation at the Lake Lindu (Sulawesi, Indonesia) as inferred
from diatoms and charcoal analyses”
III International School on Paleopedology Siberia, Russia
“Holocene dynamics of tropical rainforest, climate, fire and human impact at Lake
Kalimpaa, Lore Lindu National Park (Sulawesi, Indonesia)”
22-25.02.12 GTÖ Conference Erlangen, Germany
Oral presentation
“The long-term ecology of Lore Lindu National Park mountain rainforest (Sulawesi Indonesia)”
20-23.09.09 IAS Conference Alghero, Italy
“Stratigraphy and palynology of
Late Holocene Adige-Po plain near Adria (Italy)”
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Siria Biagioni
15-20.09.09 EAA Conference Riva del Garda, Italy
“The smelting sites of Segonzano and Transacqua (Trentino, Italy): archaeological
and archaeobotanical data”
AIQUA Conference Rome, Italy
Oral presentation
“Palynological analysis of a peat core near Ca’Emo (Veneto, Italy)
dated from the bronze age to 19th cent. AD”
Vegetationsgeschichte außereuropäischer Länder SS 2015
Asien-Australien: 4.7
Georg-August University of Goettingen
Kolloquium for undergraduate and postgraduate students
Vegetationsgeschichte außereuropäischer Länder SS 2014
Asien-Australien: 4.7
Georg-August University of Goettingen
Kolloquium for undergraduate and postgraduate students
Data handling in palaeoecology SS 2014
Macro-charcoal analysis and charanalysis
Georg-August University of Goettingen
Lecture and practicum for undergraduate and postgraduate students
Pollenanalytische Übungen WS 2012/2013 Georg-August University of Goettingen
Late Quaternary vegetation and climate dynamics of Southeast Asia
Lectures and practicum for undergraduate and postgraduate students
Vegetationsgeschichte außereuropäischer Länder SS 2013
Asien-Australien: 4.7
Georg-August University of Goettingen
Kolloquium for undergraduate and postgraduate students
in press Marchesini M., Marvelli S., Gobbo I., Biagioni S., in press - Indagini archeopalinologiche e microantracologiche condotte nel cantiere G & Xh (sito 2008). Primi risultati
sull’evoluzione del paesaggio vegetale e dell’ambiente di Durazzo antica. In A. Hoti,
S. Santoro (eds), Dyrrachium II. Scavi d’emergenza nella città di Durazzo, 20012007. Scuola Archeologica Italiana d’Atene, Monografie.
2015 Silvestri E., Bellintani P., Nicolis F., Bassetti M., Biagioni S., Cappellozza N., Degasperi N., Marchesini M., Martinelli N., Marvelli S., Pignatelli O., 2015 - New excavations
at smelting sites in Trentino, Italy: archaeological and archaeobotanical data. Archaeometallurgy in Europe III, Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference Deutsches
Bergbau-Museum Bochum June 29 – July 1, 2011. Bochum 2015 (Hauptmann A. and
Modarressi-Tehrani D. eds), pp. 369-376.
Biagioni S., Haberzettl T., Wang L.C., St-Onge G., Behling H., 2015 - Unravelling the
past 1,000 years of history of human-climate-landscape interactions at the Lindu plain
(Sulawesi, Indonesia). Vegetation History and Archaeobotany (online).
DOI: 10.1007/s00334-015-0523-1
Biagioni S., Wündsch M., Haberzettl T., Behling H., 2015 - Assessing
resilience/sensitivity of tropical mountain rainforests towards climate variability of the
last 1500 years: the long-term perspective at Lake Kalimpaa (Sulawesi, Indonesia).
Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology 213, 42-53.
2014 Wündsch M., Biagioni S., Behling, H., Reinwarth, B., Franz, S., Bierbaß, P., Daut, G.,
Mäusbacher, R., Haberzettl, T., 2014 - ENSO and monsoon variability during the past
1.5 kyr as reflected in sediments from Lake Kalimpaa, Central Sulawesi (Indonesia).
The Holocene 24, 1743-1756.
Marchesini M., Marvelli S., Gobbo I., Biagioni S., 2011 - Paesaggio vegetale e antropico circostante l’abitato altomedievale di Nogara (Verona, Nord Italia): risultati delle
indagini archeopalinologiche. In: Nogara, Archeologia e storia di un villaggio
medievale (scavi 2003 - 2008), Edited by F. Saggioro, pp. 159-192.
Giorgio Bretschneider Editore, Roma 2011., ISBN: 978-88-7689-261-5.
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Siria Biagioni
Marchesini M., Lezziero A., Marvelli S., Biagioni S., 2010 - Ricostruzione del paleo
ambiente. Sondaggi geoarcheologici ed analisi paleobotaniche. In: Il Passante Auto
stradale di Mestre – Una infrastruttura chiave per l’Europa. Il progetto, il Territorio,
l’Ambiente, a cura di A. Lalli, Campodarsego (Padova) 2010, pp. 94-109.
Marchesini M., Marvelli S., Gobbo I., Rizzoli E., Biagioni S., 2010 - Il paesaggio
vegetale e ambiente: risultati delle indagini archeobotaniche. In: Per la storia e la
valorizzazione di un paesaggio senza tempo. Basto al campetto. Risultati della cam
pagna 2008, A. De Guio, M. Migliavacca (a cura di), Quaderni di Archeologia del
Veneto, XXV, 2009: 188-191.
01.01.12 - on
Department of Palynology and Climate Dynamics
Database of pollen and spore images
Member of the team projecting and designing the database
Entire Multimedia CD project in Flash
L’alba dell’agricoltura (The rise of agriculture)
Project of Ministero dell’ambiente e della tutela del territorio e del mare
Research General skills in research project management and data analysis. In particular
pollen and micro- and macro-charcoal analyses; knowledge of research methodologies and laboratory techniques, data and information analyses and interpretation; writing and presenting scientific results
Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Windows 7, Vista and
XP, MacOs X, Tilia and Tilia graph, C2, Past, Quantum Gis, Canoco and CharAnalysis softwares
Regularly supervising postgraduate students and have collaborated on supervising the postgraduate research projects of two final year Master students
English (fluent IELTS)
Bahasa Indonesia
Italian (mother tongue)
Department of Palynology and Climate Dynamics
+49 551 39 7873
Albrecht-von-Haller-Institute for Plant Sciences
Georg-August-University Goettingen
Untere Karspuele 2
[email protected]
37073 Goettingen/Germany
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