Milan, 9 May 2007. The Meeting of the Board of SGR S.p.A. (Società di Gestione
del Risparmio: Savings Management Company), which manages F2i, the Fondi
Italiani per le Infrastrutture (Italian Infrastructure Funds), convened by the
Chairman, Salvatore Rebecchini, was held today. The agenda included a
presentation on the current state of play in defining and filling the Fund’s key
roles and responsibilities.
The Managing Director, Vito Gamberale, illustrated the first results of the
recruiting operation, informing the Board that Carlo Michelini was entering the
Investment Team as senior partner and Corrado Santini as partner.
Michelini, currently Managing Director of Morgan Stanley in Italy, has built up a
long experience also in the London branch of the Bank, where he looked after
operations in
energy and
infrastructure sectors. Santini heads the Project Finance, Structured Finance and
Capital Markets Department of the Banco Bilbao Viscaya Argentaria in Italy; he
has a long experience in project finance, and has structured operations in Italy in
the renewable energy, aqueducts and transport sectors
The two entrants make up the Investment Team (already operational from the
date on which the Fund was constituted) together with Mattero Ambroggio,
already a partner in F2i. Ambroggio has been working at the Fund since last
January. He comes from a extensive and varied experience in Investment
Banking in Italy, at UBM - Unicredit Banca Mobiliare, and abroad with Morgan
Stanley, focusing on the utilities and infrastructure sector
With this formation, today’s F2i’s Investment Team - the fulcrum of the Fund’s
investment operations - can begin to operate following the policies particular to
an infrastructure investment fund with a long timeframe.
In the course of the Meeting, the Managing Director also informed the Board
Members on the state of progress of the authorization procedure with the Banca
d’Italia, on the arrangements for fundraising, and on the Fund’s projected
investment pipelines.
Finally, the Board resolved that a Special Meeting of Shareholders be convened
to deliberate on an increase in the number of Members of the Board necessary
for the imminent entry of the representative of a second foreign bank.
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Formation of the Fund`s investment team