By author, title, location
Barnes, Julian, Nothing to be frightened of, 820.9 BAR
Bennett, Alan, The history boys, 820.9 BEN
Bragg, Melvyn, Remember me… , 820.9 BRA
Dibdin, Michael, Back to Bologna, 823 DIB d
Giuttari, Michele, A Florentine death, 823 GIU d
Leon, Donna, Suffer the little children, 823 LEO d
Penney, Stef, The tenderness of wolves, 823 PEN d
Prantera, Amanda, Don Giovanna, 820.9 PRA d
Rankin, Ian, Watchman, 823 RAN d
Robilant, Andrea di, Lucia in the age of Napoleon, 820.9
By title, director, location
The aviator, Scorsese, Martin, AVI d
Casanova '70, Monicelli, Mario, CAS d
A clockwork orange, Kubrick, Stanley, CLO d
The Da Vinci code , Howard, Ron, DAV d
The fifth element, Besson, Luc , FIF d
Fur: an imaginary portrait of Diane Arbus, Shainberg,
Steven, FUR d
Girl with a pearl earring, Webber, Peter, GIR d
Goodfellas, Scorsese, Martin, GOD d
Harry Potter and the goblet of fire, Newell, Mike, HAR d
Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix, Yates, David,
How to steal a million, Wyler, William, HOW d
The incredibles, Bird, Brad, INC d
National lampoon's animal house, Landis, John, NAT d
Ratatouille, Bird, Brad, RAT d
Toy story 2, Lasseter, John, TOY d
Unlocking Da Vinci's code, McKenzie, David, UNL d
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50125 Firenze
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Rushdie, Salman, The enchantress of Florence: a
novel, 820.9 RUS
Smith, Alexander McCall, The Sunday philosophy
club, 820.9 SMI d
Thompson, Rupert, The book of revelation, 823
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NON Fiction
By author, title, location
Amis, Martin, The second plane: September 11, 2001-2007,
820.9 AMI
Barringer, Tim, The Pre-Raphaelites: reading the image, 759.2
Bayard Pierre, How to talk about books you haven’t read,
801.95 BAY
Bertocci, Stefano, I disegni dell’archivio storico comunale di
Firenze: territorio, città e architettura tra Ottocento e Novecento,
720.945 BER d
Bietoletti, S., Florence: art and architecture, 914.551 BIE
Billiani, Francesca, Culture nazionali e narrazioni straniere:
Italia, 1903-1943, 809 BIL
Brinkmann, Bodo, Cranach, 759.9493 CRA
Brucker, Gene Adam, Renaissance Florence, 945.5105 BRU
Buchan, James, Capital of the mind: how Edinburgh changed
the world, 914.134 BUC
Cabañas, Kaira, Nouveau Realisme: Revolution des
Alltäglichen, 709.04 CAB d
Calinescu, Matei, Five faces of modernity: modernism, avantgarde, decadence, kitsch, postmodernism, 709.04 CAL
Cardini, Franco, A short history of Florence: from the origins to
1860, 945.51 CAR d
Cattaneo, Arturo, Chi stramalediva gli inglesi: la diffusione della
letteratura inglese e americana, 820.909 CAT
Cole, Janie, A muse of music in early baroque Florence: the
poetry of Michelangelo Buonarroti il Giovane, 850 MIC
Dubin, Marc, Greece: Athens & the mainland, 914.95 DUB d
Elkins, James, Stories of art, 707.22 ELK d
Ferguson, Niall, Colossus: the price of America's empire,
327.73 FER d
Foot, John, Calcio: a history of Italian football, 945.092 FOO
Heydon, Peter N.; Kelley, Philip [editors], Elizabeth Barrett
Browning's letters to Mrs. David Ogilvy, 1849-1861: with recollections by Mrs. Ogilvy, 820.8 BRO d
Hollingsworth, Mary, The cardinal's hat: money, ambition and
housekeeping in a renaissance court, 945.05 HOL d
Howellls, Richard, Visual culture, 701.18 HOW
Kershaw, Ian, Fateful choices: ten decisions that changed the
world, 1940-1941, 940.53 KER d
Killinger, Charles, Gaetano Salvemini: a biography, 945.091
Laurenza, Domenico, Leonardo on flight, 600.0092 LEO d
Lengyel, Beatrix,Olaszhoni emlék - Ricordi dall'Italia: catalogo
delle fotografie degli emigranti ungheresi in Italia,
943.08 LEN d
Levack, Brian P., The witch-hunt in early modern Europe,
133.4 LEV d
Lightbown, Ronald William, Sandro Botticelli: life and work,
759.5 BOT
Listri, Pier Francesco, In brief the great history of Florence,
945.51 LIS d
Macadam, Alta; Grady, Ellen, Central Italy: with Rome and
Florence, 914.55 MAC d
McGarry, Lisa, The piazzas of Florence, 914.551 MCG d
Moor, Andrew, Powell & Pressburger: a cinema of magic
spaces, 791.43 MOO
Mucci, Egidio, Stemmi di Firenze, 914.551 MUC d
Ormond, Richard; Kilmurray, Elaine, John Singer Sargent:
the early portraits, complete paintings, volume I, 759.2 SAR
Ormond, Richard; Kilmurray, Elaine, John Singer Sargent:
portraits of the 1890s, complete paintings, volume II, 759.2
Ormond, Richard; Kilmurray, Elaine, John Singer Sargent:
the later portraits, complete paintings, volume III, 759.2 SAR
Pfister, Manfred… [et al.], A history of English laughter :
laughter from Beowulf to Beckett and beyond, 820.09 PFI
Pollan, Michael, In defense of food: an eater's manifesto,
613 POL d
Reich, Jacqueline; Garofalo, Piero, Re-viewing fascism:
Italian cinema, 1922-1943, 791.43 REI
Robb, Peter , M: l'enigma Caravaggio, 759.5 CAR d
Seymour, Mark, Debating divorce in Italy: marriage and the
making of modern Italians, 1860-1974, 945.09 SEY
Spurilng, Hilary, The unknown Matisse: man of the north,
1869-1908, 759.4 MAT d
Syson, Luke… [et. al.], Renaissance Siena: art for a city,
709.45 SYS
Tassinari, Lamberto, Shakespeare? E' il nome d'arte di
John Florio, 820.33 B TAS d
Tokareva, Irina; Maximenko, Galina [editors], From
Russia: French and Russian master paintings 1870-1925
from Moscow and St Petersburg, 708.7 TOK
Turner, A. Richard; Acidini Luchinat, Cristina, La Pietra:
Florence, a family and a villa, 914.551 TUR d
Vasari, Giorgio, The lives of the artists , 709.45 VAS d
Walker, John A., Art and artists on screen, 791.436 WAL
Wilson, Robert, Prophecies and prophecy in Dante's
Commedia, 850.509 WIL
Zoppi, Mariella … [et. al.], Toscana restituita, 914.55 ZOP d

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