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What is the "Erasmus Plus- Student Mobility for traineeships”?
"Erasmus+ Mobility for traineeships" is a specific programme financed by the European
Commission under the “Erasmus+” framework, which enables students to do a 2 to 12 month
traineeship at a foreign enterprise or organization in another participating country. Students are
granted € 430-480 per month by their Home University; the Accepting Institution is not therefore
required to give students any financial support.
The Host Institution may provide an additional stipend or any other contribution, such as free meals
or accommodation.
Traineeships must end by September 30th 2016.
What do companies interested in hosting an Erasmus+ trainee need to do?
If the Host Institution is willing to accept a student from the Università “G. d’Annunzio” di ChietiPescara for a traineeship under the Erasmus+ programme, it will be requested to complete, sign and
stamp the document “Letter of Acceptance”.
At the beginning of the mobility a “learning agreement for traineeship” will be signed between the
grant holder, the Hosting Institution and the sending University.
At the end of the traineeship, the Hosting Institution is required to fill out a document stating the
period of traineeship (Certificate of Attendance) and the evaluation of the trainee (Transcript of
Insurance coverage
Students are covered under the European Health System. Moreover, their Home University covers
accident and third party insurance.
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