Rack and accessories
TVIP-RACK is the high-reliability TVIP system
assembled in a 40U server rack cabinet with the
components required to satisfy the Client's needs.
The cabinet contains the servers, encoders, switches,
firewalls and cable conduits. The cabinet receives cables
carrying satellite and TV signals and yields IP network
cables. The system is designed to contain all the main
servers on the market.
19’’ and ETSI equipment
19’’ flexible rear uprights with 3 ssections
providing compatibilità with different servers
Maximum capacity of 750 kg
Fully-ventilated doors and door ventilation holes
designed for optimal air circulation
Side door multi-point locking system
Protected canals for cable conducting
Provided assembled and configured with
200 cm
Front width
60 cm
100 cm
Space required by front door
60 cm (open front door)
Space required by rear door
60 cm (open rear door)
Space required by rack sides
0 cm
Power supply
220 / 50 Hz single-phase
Temperature environmental
+ 18,5°C
Humidity environmental conditions Up to 50%
Required ventilation
Forced bottom-up
ventilation from the floor
Maximum power consumption
8000 W
UPS requirements
20 minutes of uptime
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