Annual Report 2010-2011
UWC Adriatic choir performs during the 29th Opening Ceremony in the presence of: 2
UWC ADRIATIC, Collegio del Mondo Unito dell’Adriatico O.N.L.U.S.
Table of contents :
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UWC Mission & Values .............................................. 6
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2010-2011 Academic Year ................................ 8-14
Stories of Donations ........................................... 14-16
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The financial situation ............................. 30-31
Renzo Tondo, President of the Region of FVG; Maria Teresa Bassa Poropat, President of the Province of Trieste; Giorgio Ret , Mayor of Duino-Aurisina
UWC Adriatic, ANNUAL REPORT 2010 - 2011
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Dear friends of UWC Adriatic
elcome to the 2010-2011 Annual Report. It provides a recap of the highlights of the past year and
celebrates the essential support we have received from our alumni and friends which allows us to
remain committed to our values, ideals and mission.
During the last year, we received more alumni support than ever before despite the continuing difficult
economic times. This is perhaps the most significant testament that the work we do is life defining and will
contribute to the peaceful and sustainable future to which we all aspire.
Please read about some of our youngest and oldest supporters in Miljan Todorovic and Dr. Aldo Pianciamore
(pp. 14-15) as well as our outreach work with the European Union Education Council and the CHERI project
in Montenegro (pag.9). Through our ever expanding alumni network and partners, the mission of making
education a force for uniting people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future lives on well
past the two years of college life.
Thank you once again for all the ways that you support UWC Adriatic and for your help in securing our
future together.
With gratitude,
Prof. Peter T. Howe
Amb. Gianfranco Facco Bonetti
Rettore, UWC Adriatic
President, UWC Adriatic
Waiting for the “Vaporetto” during a cultural visit to Venice.
UWC ADRIATIC, Collegio del Mondo Unito dell’Adriatico O.N.L.U.S.
“I wish to thank the President, Amb. Facco Bonetti; the Rettore, Mr. Howe; the Secretary General,
Mr. Pontoni; and all the staff, teachers and, above all, you students at the United World College
of the Adriatic for the very warm and sincere welcome you have given us; … you and the over
3000 graduates who, in these 29 years, have lived this marvellous experience in Duino, have
been, are, and will be Ambassadors of our region in the world.”
On. Renzo Tondo, President of the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia
“Ringrazio il Presidente, Amb. Facco Bonetti; il Rettore Howe ed il Segretario Generale Pontoni;
unitamente a tutto lo staff, gli insegnanti e soprattutto voi studenti del Collegio del Mondo
Unito per il caloroso e sincero benvenuto che ci avete regalato; … voi e gli oltre 3000 diplomati
che in questi 29 anni hanno vissuto questa stupenda esperienza a Duino, siete stati, siete e
sarete Ambasciatori della nostra regione nel mondo.”
On. Renzo Tondo, Presidente della Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia
Estratto del discorso tenuto dal Presidente Tondo
durante la XXIX° Cerimonia di Apertura del
Collegio del Mondo Unito dell’Adriatico
Extract from President Tondo’s speech
during the 29th UWC Adriatic Opening Ceremony
29th UWC Adriatic Opening Ceremony
sea of colourful flags and young smiling faces this
was the setting for the Opening Ceremony for the
29th Academic Year at UWC Adriatic in Duino, chaired
by the President, Ambassador
Gianfranco Facco Bonetti and
attended by the Friuli Venezia
Giulia Regional Government.
The event was truly unique
and charged with special
importance, as, for the first time
in 29 years, the Regional Council
accepted the invitation to hold
one of their weekly meetings
in Duino and to subsequently
attend the Opening Ceremony.
The College President and
the Mayor of Duino Aurisina
welcomed the Regional Council
and at the end of their meeting, the traditional flag
procession marked the beginning of the Opening
Ceremony with 87 countries and regions represented
by over 180 students attending UWC Adriatic this year.
The presence of the Heads of the Regional and
Provincial governments was a fitting context in which
to honour Antonio Comelli, President of the Region
F.V.G. from 1973 to 1984 and one of the strongest
and most convinced promoters and supporters of
the United World College in Duino. In the affectionate
words of Amb. Facco Bonetti: “If it had not been for
him, we would certainly not be here today.” A plaque
dedicating the Foresteria residence to his name was
unveiled in the presence of avv. Comelli’s children and
The occasion was further marked by the President of the
Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Udine e Pordenone,
announcing a scholarship in his memory.
UWC Adriatic, ANNUAL REPORT 2010 - 2011
XXIX° Cerimonia di Apertura del
Collegio del Mondo Unito dell’Adriatico
n mare di bandiere colorate e di giovani volti raggianti, è
stata questa la cornice nella quale ha preso vita la Cerimonia
di Apertura del XXIX° Anno Accademico del Collegio del
Mondo Unito dell’Adriatico di Duino,
presieduta dal Presidente dello
stesso, Ambasciatore Gianfranco
Facco Bonetti. La cerimonia ha avuto
luogo in un contesto veramente
unico e particolare in quanto per
la prima volta in 29 anni di vita del
Collegio, la Giunta Regionale ha
accettato l’invito di tenere il proprio
incontro settimanale a Duino e di
presenziare successivamente alla
Cerimonia. Terminati i lavori della
Giunta, che erano stati preceduti
da un breve saluto del Presidente
del Collegio e del Sindaco di Duino
Aurisina, la Cerimonia è stata aperta dalla sfilata delle bandiere
degli 87 paesi rappresentanti gli oltre 180 studenti presenti
quest’anno al Collegio del Mondo Unito. La Cerimonia, vista la
presenza dei vertici regionali e provinciali, è stata l’occasione
per rendere omaggio all’avvocato Antonio Comelli, Presidente
della Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia dal 1973 al 1984 nonchè uno
dei più forti e convinti promotori e sostenitori del Collegio del
Mondo Unito di Duino. “..Se non fosse stato per Lui, sicuramente
noi non saremmo qui oggi” ha ricordato con affetto l’Amb.
Facco Bonetti durante il suo intervento.
All’avvocato Comelli è stata intitolata la residenza della
Foresteria e durante la Cerimonia, alla presenza dei figli e
dei nipoti dell’avvocato, è stata svelata la nuova targa posta
all’ingresso della stessa. La figura dell’avvocato Comelli è stata
ricordata anche dai vertici della Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio
di Udine e Pordenone che hanno annunciato l’istituzione di una
borsa di studio per la frequenza dei Collegi del Mondo Unito in
memoria di A. Comelli.
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UWC (United World Colleges)
UWC makes education a force to unite people, nations
and cultures for peace and a sustainable future.
WC schools, colleges and programmes deliver a challenging and transformative educational experience to a diverse cross
section of students, inspiring them to create a more peaceful and sustainable future.
UWC believes that to achieve peace and a sustainable future, the values it promotes are crucial:
International and
intercultural understanding
Celebration of difference
Personal responsibility
and integrity
Mutual responsibility
and respect
Compassion and
community service
Respect for the environment
Obtain a sense of idealism
Seek personal challenges
UWC ADRIATIC, Collegio del Mondo Unito dell’Adriatico O.N.L.U.S.
In memory of ...
Corrado Belci
orrado Belci, the founding President of UWC Adriatic, died on 3 May 2011.
Corrado was a great man and it is without doubt that the Adriatic College would never have
been founded, nor prospered in its first two decades without Corrado Belci’s critical and absolute
support. Corrado was also a key political player on the local and national scene as a Member of
Parliament and member of the Italian Government. His commitment to the College and to this area,
along with his personal integrity made him an exceptional character and a force for good who shall
be sadly missed.
Corrado Belci’s funeral took place at the Monte Grisa Sanctuary near Trieste.
The College was represented at the funeral with a delegation of approximately 50 students who
carried their national flags to honour Corrado.
For 15 years Corrado Belci focused on ensuring the financial health of the College
To commemorate his dedication to this cause, we have set up a scholarship in his memory.
“His lesson on frank respect of other opinions as a means to better understand and refine one’s own, even in situations
of extreme conflict, is the legacy we undertake to keep intact in these sad circumstances and pass on to those who will
follow. This represents the very essence of the UWC mission to which he dedicated a large, and perhaps the happiest and
most fertile part of his life. He loved his country and his Julian homeland with sincere patriotism, bathed in love for his
neighbour and respect for the cultural diversity that characterises and enhances the human race.”
Amb. Gianfranco Facco Bonetti - President of UWC Adriatic
Anne Ginestier
WC Adriatic lost a dear friend and supporter with the death of Anne Ginestier on
30 January 2011, following her determined fight against peritoneal cancer.
Anne came to the College in 2004 from UWC Red Cross Nordic when her husband Jean
Paul Ginestier took up the position of Head of Mathematics following the retirement
of Elham Sheiry. Anne and J-P were residence tutors in Palazzine for their 5 years here
and touched the lives of everyone they met. Anne was a champion of all students and
their potential and so it was only fitting that she became involved in the University
Guidance office where she provided invaluable counsel and support for our students
– her door was always open whether in her office or at home, a cup of tea at the
ready. It was through Anne’s efforts that the Student Foundation was reimagined,
an initiative that would not only provide warm
clothing to those without but to raise money for
students in need. The Student Foundation bazaar
was born with sales of used clothes and other
donated items - all priced to sell at €1/item!
Anne was a person fully aware of the power of
small things to make a big difference. She was
determined to make the world a more beautiful place and led the gardening activity at the
To honour her memory, we have planted an Olive tree, symbol of peace, Italy and longevity.
It is 15 years old and located on Fore lawn next to the Ceramics Centre (see photo).
Anne loved UWC students and now Jean-Paul has made a generous donation of €25,000
in their name and her memory to support our efforts to strengthen our alumni relations.
We thank the Ginestier family for their belief in UWC Adriatic.
UWC Adriatic, ANNUAL REPORT 2010 - 2011
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2010-2011 Academic Year
Students from 87 countries
UWC ADRIATIC, Collegio del Mondo Unito dell’Adriatico O.N.L.U.S.
2010-2011 Academic Year
Strategic Plan 2010-2015
or the first time in the nearly 30 years history of the College, we stopped classes for a day to focus on the College of the
future: our vision for this multicultural educational force, the problems and difficulties we will have to face, our objectives,
hopes and wishes.
The future of UWC Adriatic. Big Ideas, Big Dreams. No limitations.
That was the starting point for the current students of UWC Adriatic to think about what we want this place to be in 10
years time. The morning was then filled with a wide range of discussion groups, led by those who believed the topics
were important to discuss, in an open space manner. Such themes ranged from cultural shock,where we discussed the
differences of judging and accepting, and how to find weekend activities that were not alcohol orientated. The future of
the music program disscussion resulted in planning and producing an arts marathon. The first year and second year divide
topic had a very positive result since many students felt that our year had a good mixture. We also talked about how we
can be active over the vacations and extending the introduction period needing to have a better
transition to 'reality'. Ways of improving communication was a topic in which many believed
there should be more linking with the entire movement. After a morning of intensive thoughts
and discussions, the entire community then joined together before lunch by creating traditional
Tibetan Prayer flags in which everyone was invited to write, draw or show in any way or language
that they want to express their hope or dream for their future of UWC Adriatic. This colourful array
of dreams now hangs in the auditorium foyer as a creative reminder that we are capable of reimaging the future of our UWC.
Alexandra Zuur - New Zealand (AD 2009-11)
Tibetan Prayer flags
World Arts & Cultures Conference for the European Commission Staff
he session, led by Henry Thomas (teacher of World Arts and Cultures) and Rettore Peter Howe, was a milestone for the
College’s outreach programme.
The session was opened by Xavier Troussard, Head of Unit-Culture Policy, Diversity and Intercultural Dialogue. What better
person to appreciate how our school based syllabus “World Arts and Cultures” is relevant for addressing issues of cultural
identity within the enlarged EU. During the training session, Henry Thomas transported the 60 participants to his “virtual”
classroom, challenging them to look closely at various cultural phenomena and ask themselves questions about their meaning
and the context in which they were created.
The approach focused on World Arts and Cultures’ distinct
syllabus, which can be adopted to foster cultural awareness
even outside the IB context. With “cultural awareness” as one
of the 8 key competencies identified by the EU Education
Commission in 2008, the session proved to be of great interest
to the decision makers in Brussels.
Before and after the Conference, College representatives
held various meetings with EU commission decision makers,
including Ms. Alison Crabb, Deputy Head of Unit-Culture Policy
& Intercultural Dialogue.
The event was held in the Madou Plaza Tower, headquarters of
the EU Directorate General for Education and Culture and was From left to right : Xavier Troussard, Henry Thomas, Peter Howe
organized thanks to Laura Cassio (AD 1984-86) who works at
the European Commission.
UWC Adriatic, ANNUAL REPORT 2010 - 2011
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2010-2011 Academic Year
Light’s Flavour
emories of a trip through Israel and Palestine” , was the title of the photographic exhibition inaugurated on Thursday,
7 April 2011 in the UWC Adriatic Auditorium. The exhibition consisted of 40 photographs taken by Alessandro di Maio
and Mario Sgarrella, Italy (AD 2002-04) who brougth their splendid collection of images in Duino.
Rima Chahin (AD 2010-12) from Palestine and Idan Zamir (AD 2010-12) from Israel, spoke during the Ceremony and briefly
recounted the “experience” of their first year at the College.
“Light’s Flavour” inauguration
Mario Sgarrella, Italy (AD 2002-04)
I had the luck of meeting Mohammed and Rima, two Palestinian students very close to my
heart as all others. I struggled in the beginning with also other Middle Eastern students and
had multiple debates about the very long conflict that exists, and what I understood is that
underneath this facade of interest in international politics and personal principles, everyone
is in the same extent as human, as emotional, and the same as I am. UWC Adriatic was indeed
for me the chance to be able to call an international community “family”.
Idan Zamir - Israel (AD 2010-12)
Before my arrival to Italy I was thinking if the people here will accept me as a Muslim Palestinian
girl having a veil, but I was surprised when I saw how they respected my religion, my beliefs as
if they were my family. The most important thing I got from UWC was how to live with people
from different religions and nationalities, having peace and tolerance in our relationships. I
never thought I would be with these people which they are my family now.
Rima Chahin - Palestine (AD 2010-12)
The exhibition was
opened by
Mrs. Liliana Stock,
from Trieste,
whose sensibility
and generosity
have provided the
scholarships for these
two students to
attend the College.
Mrs. Liliana Stock with Rima Chahin, Palestine (left) and Idan Zamir, Israel (right)
UWC ADRIATIC, Collegio del Mondo Unito dell’Adriatico O.N.L.U.S.
2010-2011 Academic Year
Fondazione CRTrieste Prize
Premio Fondazione CRTrieste
here could be no better setting than the Closing
Ceremony for the 29th Academic Year of UWC Adriatic
in Duino to award the “Fondazione CRTrieste Prize for the
promotion of the Italian language in the world” .
The prize is now in its 4th edition and was established by
Fondazione CRTrieste to recognise the achievements of
non-native Italian-speaking students who, in the course
of the two years at UWC Adriatic have distinguished
themselves in their acquisition of competence in Italian.
The prize was awarded by a representative of Fondazione
CRTrieste to this year’s winners (AD 2009-11):
Justin Koh (Hong Kong)
Sergio Prin (Venezuela)
Shoya Miyashita (Japan)
Emma Rasmussen (Norway)
Our italian teachers had the difficult task of nominating
the prize winners, who each received an iPad.
The commission decided to award two prizes in the
Higher Level Italian course, one for Standard Level, and
one for Ab Initio.
The prize is an important recognition of the efforts and
dedication of over 150 non-native Italian-speaking UWC
Adriatic students who study Italian each year. Despite
the subject being extremely difficult and demanding for
many, there has been a noticeable increase in competence
in recent years, which is also due to the friendly rivalry
amongst students to win the prize.
on poteva esserci cornice migliore della Cerimonia di
Chiusura del XXIX° anno accademico del Collegio del
Mondo Unito dell’Adriatico di Duino, per la consegna del “Premio
Fondazione CRTrieste per la diffusione della lingua italiana nel
mondo” .
Il Premio, giunto quest’anno alla sua 4a edizione, è stato istituito
per volontà e con il contributo della Fondazione CRTrieste per
premiare quegli studenti, di madre lingua non italiana, che
nel corso dei due anni di studi al Collegio del Mondo Unito
dell’Adriatico, meglio si sono distinti nell’apprendimento della
lingua italiana.
Il premio, consegnato da un rappresentante della Fondazione
CRTrieste è stato assegnato quest’anno (AD 2009-11) a :
Justin Koh (Hong Kong)
Sergio Prin (Venezuela)
Shoya Miyashita (Giappone)
Emma Rasmussen (Norvegia)
Gli insegnanti di Italiano hanno avuto il difficile compito di
nominare gli studenti vincitori, ciascuno dei quali ha ricevuto
un iPad. La commissione ha voluto indicare come vincitori due
studenti nell’ambito dell’italiano avanzato, uno nell’ambito
dell’italiano base ed uno nell’ambito dell’italiano per principianti.
Il premio rappresenta un importante riconoscimento dell’impegno
e della dedizione con i quali gli oltre 150 studenti non italiani del
Collegio del Mondo Unito dell’Adriatico si dedicano ogni anno
allo studio della lingua italiana. Con il passare degli anni c’è stato
un notevole incremento di eccellenze anche in questa materia
per alcuni veramente difficile e impegnativa, grazie anche alla
simpatica rivalità nata tra gli studenti che ogni anno sperano di
aggiudicarsi l’ambito premio.
The Italian Department : Cristina, Paola and Viviana
UWC Adriatic, ANNUAL REPORT 2010 - 2011
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2010-2011 Academic Year
Discovering “made in” Friuli Venezia Giulia
n addition to studying Italian, all our students participate in a programme designed to introduce them to Italy’s unique
heritage. This programme includes specific visits to centres of excellence within the Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia.
This year our students were hosted by Calligaris, one of the leading italian home design company and Illycaffè.
The students greatly appreciated the opportunity to get an insight into what makes a companies an international name and
market leader. Both Calligaris and Illycaffè were truly honoured to welcome these youngsters from all over the world who, as
the experience of our alumni has shown, will carry with them wherever they go, the memories of their life changing experience
in Friuli Venezia Giulia. This programme will continue in the next academic year and we are keen to extend the visits to other
companies too .
UWC ADRIATIC, Collegio del Mondo Unito dell’Adriatico O.N.L.U.S.
2010-2011 Academic Year
150th anniversary of
the unification of Italy
150 anni dall’Unità d’Italia
what DOES italy MEAN TO you?
Cos'è per te l'Italia?
s part of the national celebrations, the Autonomous
Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia participated in an
exhibition in Rome hosted in Villa Giulia and for this occasion,
we asked our students what Italy means to them. Here is what
they said:
n tutta Italia sono numerose le cerimonie, gli eventi e le
manifestazioni dedicate a questa importante ricorrenza.
Anche la Regione Autonoma Friulia Venezia Giulia ha
partecipato con un proprio spazio espositivo a Roma, a Villa
Giulia. Per questa occasione abbiamo chiesto ai nostri attuali
studenti non italiani, cosa significhi per loro l'Italia:
”L’Italia è un appassionato stile di vita, qui si mangia buon cibo, si parla una lingua
bellissima, l'Italia mi piace molto" .
Justin Koh - Hong Kong (AD 2009-2011)
"L'Italia per me è cultura, è arte ed è anche storia, e, a noi studenti,
il Collegio del Mondo Unito offre l'opportunità di scoprirle tutte".
Blanca G. Bermudez - Spagna (AD 2009-11)
"L'Italia è la mia seconda casa con tutti i luoghi tradizionali,
con tutte le persone, le amicizie e posso dire che l'Italia per me è anche la "Bora"
sulla costa Adriatica". Andrei Trica - Romania (AD 2009-11)
"L'Italia è un paese dove la storia ha moltissima importanza, così come il
presente, la cultura e il rispetto della storia, è questo che mi piace di più
dell'Italia". Diego Loyo - Venezuela (AD 2010-12)
"L'Italia è un paese che mi ha accolto, e per me della minoranza italiana in
Slovenia è stato molto importante ed è stata una grandissima opportunità poter
riscoprire la mia cultura, le mie origini e le mie tradizioni qui".
Luisa Peress - Slovenia (AD 2010-12)
"L'Italia per me è uno stile di vita più tranquillo , più libero che ha anche
cambiato, in qualche modo, il mio stile di vita".
Angus Liu - Hong Kong (AD 2009-11)
"Per me l'Italia vuol dire tante cose. Per me l'Italia è una mescolanza di
colore, di aroma, di cose che non si possono descrivere; l'Italia ha tanta allegria da
offrire a tutto il mondo ed è davvero un piacere stare qua".
Sergio Prin - Venezuela (AD 2009-11)
"Per me l'Italia è un paese dove la bellezza della cultura ti insegna ad apprezzare la
bellezza della vita".
Alexandra Zuur - Nuova Zelanda (AD 2009-11)
UWC Adriatic, ANNUAL REPORT 2010 - 2011
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2010-2011 Academic Year
Alumni speak to current students
he International Affairs (INA) Programme at UWC Adriatic is designed to offer students and staff an insight into current
issues from around the world and to make them reflect about the challenges of our time.
The INA Programme is a biweekly speaker series, which invites academics, professionals, poets, writers and journalists, politicians,
diplomats, NGO workers, scientists and UWC Adriatic alumni.
Speakers present a topic to the students and staff. The presentation is then followed by a Question & Answer session.
Last year, 4 UWC Adriatic alumni returned to Duino as INA speakers :
Lubomir Ribarov,
Bulgaria (AD 1988-90),
Senior Research Engineer,
gave a lecture on :
Sustainability in the business World: The
case of United Technologies Corporation.
Stian Håklev,
Norway (AD 1998-00),
co-founder of the Peer2Peer University,
gave a lecture on :
Multilingual Open Educational Resources
for Multilingual and Multicultural UWC.
Suzie Alexander,
United Kingdom (AD 1982-84),
Sustainable Agriculturist in Tuscany
gave a lecture on :
The courage of Your convinctions.
Ghil'ad Zuckermann,
Israel (AD 1987-89),
Full Professor of Linguistics of Endangered
Languages, gave a lecture on :
Epistemological aspects of research into
the origins of the modern Israeli language.
Stories of Donations
Peer-to-peer generosity at just 16 years old
riginally from Trieste, Miljan Todorovic currently attends the International School of Milan .
At a recent Sotheby’s Photography auction he sold one of his photographs for € 2500.
When Miljan heard of our netbook project, he decided to donate the money he made from the photograph to buy netbooks
for some of our more needy students.
The netbook project was launched in 2009 by Mary Myers, a long standing friend of the College who will soon join our Council
of Administration, as part of the Harvard Club of Italy’s (HCI) work to promote excellence in secondary schools.
In 2009-2010 HCI members donated six netbooks and now, thanks to Mary’s activity, Miljan has donated a further seven.
Together, Mary and Miljan have made a significant difference to a number of young lives.
Miljan Todorovic (4th from the right) with the seven netbook recipients
Mary Myers
UWC ADRIATIC, Collegio del Mondo Unito dell’Adriatico O.N.L.U.S.
Stories of Donations
“Premio alla bontà Hazel Marie Cole” award
students from UWC Adriatic received the "Premio alla Bontà Hazel Marie Cole" award which provides them with pocket
money for the year.
The award ceremony took place on 24 November 2010 in the College Auditorium. Over 100 students from UWC Adriatic have
received this award, now in its 11th year. The award was instituted by Dr. Aldo Pianciamore in memory of his wife, Hazel Marie
Cole Pianciamore . The prizes were distributed by Dr. Aldo Pianciamore and Marquise Etta Carignani (President of the Foundation)
in the presence of the Rettore and the President of the College.
The ceremony was opened by Chopin’s Ballade n.1 played by past award recipient and UWC Adriatic alumnus Bat-Erdene
Batbileg from Mongolia (2008-2010), who is currently studying at the Conservatory of Trieste.
Dr. Aldo Pianciamore and Marquise Etta Carignani (2nd & 4th from left) with UWC Adriatic President and Rettore and this year’s award recipients.
UWC Adriatic welcomes three Foundations among its recent donors
Fondazione Banco di Sicilia sponsors two students from Sicily;
Fondazione Cattolica Assicurazioni sponsors a student from Veneto;
Fondazione Cariplo sponsors a student from Lombardy.
With the decrease of public funding, we are particularly happy to have been able to guarantee regional scholarship support
for Italian students thanks to our new donors.
“I come from Portogruaro, a small town very close
to Venice. UWC has been my dream for many years.
I have always thought that there was much more
to learn in the world than what I could learn by
staying in my town, so I attended the selections.
Now I am a student at UWC-USA, and I feel I am
living the best experience
of my life. Although I am
thousands of kilometres away
from home, I feel like the
UWC community is now my
Francesca Annicchiarico-Italy
(UWC-USA 2010-2012)
UWC Adriatic, ANNUAL REPORT 2010 - 2011
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Our Donors
Philanthropic Support of UWC Adriatic
by Giving Level - Fiscal Year 2010-2011
e are extremely grateful to the many who gave to UWC Adriatic during our 2010-2011 financial year.
This support has allowed us to continue with our full scholarship policy which lies at the heart of our vision.
In addition to our governmental partners, we wish to recognize the support we have received from our private donors - both
institutions (banks, foundations, corporations) and individuals - including our alumni.
And our special thanks to those Italian tax-payers who allocated their “5 per Mille” and whose names we do not know and
cannot thank in person.
In the list below, UWC Adriatic Alumni are indicated by their generation (e.g. 1982-84); (p) identifies UWC Adriatic Alumni
Parents; (e) identifies UWC Adriatic current and past employees.
recognising donors of € 100,000 or more
The Patrons Circle is named in recognition of those ,
istitutions and private individuals, without which
UWC Adriatic would not exist today.
Patrons Circle - gifts of €1,000,000 or more
Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia (Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia)
Ministero degli Affari Esteri (Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
Patrons Circle - gifts of €100,000 to €200,000
Regione Autonoma della Sardegna (Autonoums Region of Sardinia)
The UWC Adriatic family at the 2010-2011 Academic Year Closing Ceremony
UWC ADRIATIC, Collegio del Mondo Unito dell’Adriatico O.N.L.U.S.
Our Donors
recognising donors of € 2,500 to € 99,999
The Adriatic Circle is named after the enchanting
Adriatic Sea. As well as giving its name to the College,
it has been and continues to be the silent cradle of joy,
tears, hopes and dreams of our past and current students.
Adriatic Circle - gifts of €50,000 to €99,999
Assicurazioni Generali
Hong Kong UWC National Committee
Regione Piemonte (Region Piemonte)
Netherlands UWC National Committee
Denmark UWC National Committee
Spain UWC National Committee
Germany UWC National Committee
“5 per mille” : Italian Tax Payers - anonymous contributions
Adriatic Circle - gifts of €25,000 to €49,999
Compagnia di San Paolo
Shelby and Gale Davis
Fondazione Banco di Sicilia
Università Popolare di Trieste
Fondazione CRTrieste
Finland UWC National Committee
Fondazione Stock per lo Studio sulla Coesistenza tra i Popoli
France UWC National Committee
Jean-Paul Ginestier (e)
U.S.A. UWC National Committee
(e) : identifies UWC Adriatic current and past employees
UWC Adriatic, ANNUAL REPORT 2010 - 2011
[email protected]
Our Donors
Adriatic Circle - gifts of €10,000 to €24,999
Austria UWC National Committee Autovie Venete
Belgium UWC National Committee BNL Gruppo BNP Paribas
Boorea s.r.l.
Ing. Alessandro Calligaris, in memory of his wife Pia Olivo
Cambodia UWC National Committee
C.C.I.A.A. Trieste
Fondazione C.R.U.P.
Fondazione Cariplo
Fondazione Cattolica
Fondazione Ernesto Illy
Fondazione Monte dei Paschi di Siena
FRIULIA finanziaria FVG
Gasan Group of Companies
Harvard Club of Italy - HPB Foundation
India UWC National Committee
Japan UWC National Committee Malaysia UWC National Committee
Switzerland UWC National Committee
National Flags representing the intercultural joy of sharing experiences and diversity.
Adriatic Circle - gifts of €5,000 to €9,999
Anna Illy Belci
Descò s.r.l. , Muggia
El Salvador UWC National Committee
New Zealand UWC National Committee
Dylan Parker
Laura Piussi
Pål Ristvedt 1986-88
Premio alla bontà Hazel Marie Cole - ONLUS
The Prince of Wales International Scholarship
Adriatic Circle - gifts of €2,500 to €4,999
Patrick Corso 1989-91
Giuliano Giovannetti 1984-86
Patrik and Iris Muzila 1990-92
Miljan Todorovic
UWC ADRIATIC, Collegio del Mondo Unito dell’Adriatico O.N.L.U.S.
Our Donors
recognising donors of € 1,000 to € 2,499
The Duino Club is named in recognition of the village
of Duino, the cultural crossroad of Italian, Slovene and
Austrian heritage that has hosted our students
since the foundation of the College in 1982.
Duino Club - gifts of €1,000 to €2,499
Piero Marigo 1988-90
Sergio Martes 1990-92
Richard Middleton (p)
Soledad Moreno Ortiz
Anna Raytcheva 1988-90
Zoran Slanic 1987-89
Patrizia Tosetti 1987-’89
Project Week 2011
Supporters - gifts of €250 to €999
Agnolin & Brusadin Srl, Gorizia
Hesham Bakr 1991-93
Jane Balen Petersen 1993-95
Vijnan Batchu 1988-90
Christopher Bostrom 1999-01
Maria Azzura Bruni 1990-92
Pavla Cekalova Foley 2000-02
Federica Daghia 1997-99
Elisabeth Fougner 1989-91
Anna Fruttero 1988-90
Mariano Giampietri 1991-93
Andreas Hagen 1997-99
Yukiya Hamamoto 1987-89
Nami Hijikata 1988-90
Karin Hochreiter (p)
Dutch Horchem 1993-95
Eltevisia Illiori
Institute of International Education, New York
Shivani Kannabhiran 1989-91
Julie Koch 1988-90
Ling-Ling Koh 1987-89
La Gradese, Grado
Kok Ming Lee 1990-92
Gonzalo Lopez Jordan 1984-86
David Matern 1992-94
Kazuhiko Matsui (p)
Rasmus Michau 1992-94
Alex Mocanu 1999-01
Carlo Morandini 1983-85
Ludovica Mottura 1989-91
John & Beth Neidel (p)
Eberhard Opl
Giulia Pellegrini 2000-02
Ezio Pellizer & Valentino Moretti
Alex Perjessy 1992-94
Henrik Pferdehirt 1997-99
Rupesh Pradhan 1989-91 & Archana Bhandari
Sabrina Quarantotto 1989-91
Maurizio Raffone 1991-93
Mario Riello 1988-90
Matteo Saladino 1989-91
Paulo Serrano Gomes 1994-96
Cattolica Assicurazioni Agenzia di Gorizia
Lana Softic-Terrade 1999-01
Yew Hock Tan 1999-01
Giorgio Topa 1983-85
Andrea Valassi 1986-88
Renate Van Der Veen 1986-88
Kyla Wethli 2000-02
UWC Adriatic alumni are indicated by their generation (e.g. 1982-84) | (p) : identifies UWC Adriatic alumni parents | (e) : identifies UWC Adriatic current and past employees
UWC Adriatic, ANNUAL REPORT 2010 - 2011
[email protected]
Our Donors
Contributers - gifts up to €249
Anastasia Abramova 2000-02
Zanetta Addams-Pilgrim 1982-84
Ramin Ahmad Panahi 1984-86
Lita Akmane 2001-03
Luis Alejos 1999-01
Maria Alva 1998-00
Juanito Alvarez Dominguez 2003-05
Anonymous (3)
Turca Arsan 2001-03
Yannis Arvanitis 1999-01
Lynne Ast Geary 1987-89
Charlotte Auer 1999-01
Aleks Azarnov 2004-06
Anya Azaryeva 1999-01
Ondrej Baboucek 1995-97
Valentina Bach 1989-91
Claude Bajada
Laura Baldwin and John Roche
Bar Al Castel, Duino
Bar Mickey Mouse, Duino
Mike Barbieri
Luca Belletti 1984-86
Amanda Bergqvist 1998-00
Federica Bochicchio 1991-93
Paula Boon 1989-91
Hichem Boudali 1994-96
Aleksandra Boutin 1999-01
Darius Braziunas 1994-96
Moono Bwalya 1999-01
Mario Cabodi 1991-93
Andrew Cairns
Jeni Campbell
Canciani Auto, San Canzian d’Isonzo
Roberto Carli 2001-03
Catherine Carolsfeld (p)
Tomas Carolsfeld 2008-10
Mauro Casiraghi 1988-90
Laura Castagna 1994-96
Andrea Cavina 1989-91
Centro Sicurezza, Monfalcone
Fabio Cesari 1987-89
Wenhui Chen 1991-93
Jasminka Cindrić Perković 1994-96
Mauro Cipparone 1989-91
Nancy Cohen
Lily Cook 2007-09
Ana Cordovil 2001-03
Francesco Correale 1999-01
Fabiana Coslovich (e)
Ester Crea 1983-85
Mary Crowley 1991-93
Clara Cruz 1996-98
Bac Cuong 2001-03
Paola Curto 1994-96
Daria Dachs 2003-05
Anders Dahlbeck 1997-99
Xochitl de la Piedad Garcia 1989-91
Stefano Dedola 1987-89
Alessandro Del Rio 1999-01
Arlette Delgado Colston 1999-01
Arjun Desai 1982-84
Luigi Di Biase 1999-01
Clio Diabatè 1999-01
Pasquale Diana 1994-96
Judy Ding 1989-91
Baran Doda 1994-96
Volkan Doda 2004-06
Safa Dogru 2006-08
Milos Dokmanovic 1989-91
Veronika Dolar 1996-98
Ana Domingues
Stanislava Dratvova Roszyk 1998-00
Marij Dunk 2000-02
John Egsgard
Andrew Einhorn 2001-03
Elettro Est s.r.l. , Turriaco
Redenta Enne 1983-85
Özge Erbay 1999-01
Petra Erni 1988-90
Erredì Sistemi s.r.l. , Udine
Tugce Erten 2002-04
Matjaz Erznoznik 1986-88
Michael Ewart 2004-06
Flavia Fabiano 2001-03
Amb. Gianfranco Facco Bonetti
Giovanni Fantasia 1999-01
Andrea Feigl 2000-02 and Eric Ding
Ferramenta Terčon, Duino-Aurisina
Helen Fletcher
Marvic Francalanza 1994-96
& Charlotte Cassar
Vincenzo Franco 1987-89
Remy Franklin 2007-09
Marta Gaglia 1997-99
Anna Gallo 1986-88
Maria Gallotti 1990-92
Christoph Gammer 1999-01
Barbara Gerratana 1988-90
Bogo Giertler 2006-08
Kathy Giles
Catherine Ginestier
Nagua Giurici 1997-99
Marc Glorius 1986-88
Graphart s.r.l. , Trieste
Marin Gueorguiev 1989-91
Secretary General
Director of
Development &
Director of
Alumni Affairs
Coordinator &
Graphic Designer
UWC ADRIATIC, Collegio del Mondo Unito dell’Adriatico O.N.L.U.S.
Our Donors
Contributers - gifts up to €249
Emiliano Guevara 1994-96
Khaled Habayeb 1997-99
Simone Hanebaum 2007-09
Alice Hawkins 1997-99
Sophie Hawley-Weld 2008-10
Werner Doris Heimer
Claude Henchoz
Fabian Herberg 1998-00
Andrej Herlah 1989-91
Marek Hlavac 2002-04
Peter Howe (e)
Ilina Hristova 1998-00
Nazir Hussain 1999-01
Darren Huston 1983-85
Gueorguiev Ivanov 1991-93
Joplin & Alison James (p)
Mary James
Mateja Jamnik 1989-91
Chenxin Jiang 2003-05
Nihit Joshi 2002-04
Luka Juri 1994-96
Vanya & Dragomir Kamenova (p)
Yury Kanavalau 1997-99
Johan Kangasniemi 2005-07
Ginto Kannoth 1999-01
Velibor Kastratovic 2003-05
Key Tre Viaggi, Trieste
Eriko Kobayashi 1983-85
Dimitar Koparov 1997-99
Biljana Kovac 1994-96
La Bora s.c.a.r.l. , Trieste
Ivana Labovic 2002-04
Le Antiche Fragranze, Duino
Robin Le Baron 1985-87
Tom Lightowler 1999-01
Dasa Lipovsek 1982-84
Germaine Liu 2007-09
Danny Llewellyn 2003-05
Claudia Lopedote 1998-00
Helena Lund-Isaksson 1987-89
Kris Lundine 1996-98
Kate Mac Donald 2002-04
Marina Macchiaiolo 1986-88
Tivadar Mach 1998-00
Iiro Mäkinen
Italo Marconi 1995-97
Mirella Martinis
Paola Masdeu Vaerlien 1994-96
Sabrina Maurer 1984-86
Sophie Mayerhoffer 2004-06
Dara McClatchie 1985-87
Lara Medved Verardo 1999-01
Sidhant Mehra 2004-06
Giovanni Melis
Maria Antonietta Melis
Roberto Melis
Marcello Mereu 1991-93
Stanimir Metchev 1993-95
Microsoft Matching Gift program, Princeton NJ
Erik Mielke 1989-91
Rosangela Morana 1983-85
Claudia Morawetz
Linnah Neidel 1983-85
Khoa Nguyen 2005-07
Erica Noda 1999-01
Bogna Obidzinska 1994-96
Giacomo Oddo 1997-99
Ivana Orlic 1999-01
Silvia Pacchiarotti 1986-88
Carlo Pacifico 1999-01
Grigor Palko 1994-96
Ramin Ahmad Panahi 1984-86
Luis Parés 1997-99
Eric Parker
Maddalena Perretti 2008-10
Vassil Peytchev
Tung Phan 2007-09
Mariangela Piredda 1999-01
Alberto Pisani (e)
Federico Pistono 2002-04
Roberto Pitea 2002-04
Stanislav Presolski 1999-01
Espen Prydz 1999-01
Arjun Punshi 1987-89
Erik Raghe 1999-01
Valdoné Rakauskaité 2006-08
Rita Renna (p)
Stacey Riley 1999-01
Fabián Rosales Ortega 1998-00
UWC Adriatic alumni are indicated by their generation (ex. 1982-84) | (p) : identifies UWC Adriatic alumni parents
Brenda Roscoe
Ilja Rotelli 1988-90
Marcin Rutkowski 2007-09
Erik Sand
Monica Santoro 1994-96
Francesca Scalettaris 1999-01
Eleonora Schinella 2003-05
Michael Schlögl 1999-01
Silvia Secchi 1985-87
Marco Segatti 1999-01
Eitan Sella 2005-07
Iva Šeničnjak 2005-07
Mario Sgarrella 2002-04
Yiliu Shen-Burke 2005-07
Mohammed Shoushi 2003-05
Attila Simon 2008-10
Richard Smith 1982-84
Ewa Sobur 1998-00
Giusi Speranza 1999-01
Tobias Stapf 1999-01
Gustavo Steinberg 1989-91
Dorothy Streett
Elia Stupka 1993-95
Martina Sturny 2003-05
Ramy Tadros 1991-93
Deanna Tamborelli 2004-06
Khanittra Tanyakosetsuk 1999-01
Phuong Tran 2003-05
Imre Tuba 1988-90
Hannah Tuempel 1996-98
Marieke Tuthill Beck-Coon 1999-01
Tuttidì Market RO.SE. s.n.c. , Duino
Capitoline Umutesi 1994-96
United Technologies Matching Gift Program, Hartford CN
Valter del Dò s.r.l. , Capriva
Joy-Ann van Arneman 2007-09
David Vera 1990-92
Katarina Vircikova 1999-01
Kai Winnem 1992-94
Gaim Yoosuf Adam 2007-09
Deborah Zemans
Steve Zhuang 1996-98
Michele Zotta 1989-91
| (e) : identifies UWC Adriatic current and past employees
Looking out from the entrance to a cave in the Carso near Duino
UWC Adriatic, ANNUAL REPORT 2010 - 2011
[email protected]
Our Donors
Gifts in memory of Anne Ginestier :
€6,452 raised so far.
Anne believed in UWC - we are honoured to follow her wish that Adriatic and Nordic be recipients of donations made in her
memory. Here at UWC Adriatic, we have renamed the Student Foundation the ‘Anne Ginestier Student Foundation’ and all
monies received will support students in need today and into the future.
Laura Baldwin & John Roche
Claudia Morawetz
Valdoné Rakauskaité 2006-08
Mike Barbieri
Dylan Parker
Erik Sand
Nancy Cohen
Eric Parker
Attila Simon 2008-10
Daria Dachs 2003-05
Maddalena Perretti 2008-10
Dorothy Streett
Volkan Doda 2004-06
Vassil Peytchev
Martina Sturney 2003-05
Safa Dogru 2006-08
Tung Phan 2009-11
John Egsgard
Alberto Pisani
Joy-Ann van Arneman 2007-09
Deborah Zemans
Andrea Feigl & Eric Ding
Helen Fletcher
Anne Ginestier
Student Foundation
Bogumil Giertler 2006-08
Kathy Giles
Catherine Ginestier
Simone Hanebaum 2007-09
“This extraordinary woman
had a gift of love!”
Jean Paul Ginestier
Claude Henchoz
Peter Howe
Mary James
Dara McClatchie 1985-87
In addition, Jean-Paul Ginestier (e) has made a generous donation of 25,000 € in their name and her memory that will be used
to strengthen our alumni relations. We thank the Ginestier family for their belief in UWC Adriatic.
87 nations .... one big family
Gifts in memory of Corrado Belci :
€10,401 raised so far.
Seed donations to the Corrado Belci fund.
Valentina Bach 1989-91 (e)
Maria Azzura Bruni 1990-92
Anna Illy Belci
Fabiana Coslovich (e)
Italo Marconi 1995-97
Laura Piussi
UWC ADRIATIC, Collegio del Mondo Unito dell’Adriatico O.N.L.U.S.
Our Donors
Recurring Donation Gifts :
Thank you to all those who have subscribed to the new online recurring donation option that we introduced this year.
This new feature allows us to receive direct monthly or yearly donations, or even a temporary arrangement for a limited period of time, thereby enabling us to forecast income and helping us in our planning.
Amanda Bergqvist 1998-00
Nagua Giurici 1997-99
Stanimir Metchev 1993-95
Laura Castagna 1994-96
Marin Gueorguiev 1989-91
Rasmus Michau 1992-94
Francesco Correale 1999-01
Emiliano Guevara 1994-96
Erica Noda 1999-01
Clara Cruz 1996-98
Khaled Habayeb 1997-99
Carlo Pacifico 1999-01
Federica Daghia 1997-99
Ilina Hristova 1998-00
Luis Parés 1997-99
Anders Dahlbeck 1997-99
Nazir Hussain 1999-01
Fernando Fabián Rosales Ortega 1998-00
Baran Doda 1994-96
Daniel Llewellyn 2003-05
Paulo Serrano Gomes 1994-96
Veronika Dolar 1996-98
Claudia Lopedote 1998-00
Richard Smith 1982-84
Ana Domingues
Tivadar Mach 1998-00
Tobias Stapf 1999-01
Stanislava Dratvova Roszyk 1998-00
Paola Masdeu Vaerlien 1994-96
Patrizia Tosetti 1987-89
Andrew Einhorn 2001-03
Sophie Mayerhoffer 2004-06
Kai Winnem 1992-94
Marta Gaglia 1997-99
Corporate Matching Gifts :
Corporate Matching Gifts for donations to charitable organisations can be a powerful scheme to double, or even treble
donations and we are pleased to welcome the following two US companies, whose matching gift programmes have increased
the value of donations made by their employee-alumni:
What’s next for the Generation 2009-11?
Below is a list of colleges and universities that graduates from UWC Adriatic Class of 2011 will attend. 10 students chose
to take gap years before their post-secondary education and some are required to do national service before attending
Brown University (4)
Bucknell University
Colby College (3)
College of the Atlantic
Durham University
Earlham College (2)
Edinburg University
Florence Art School
Ghent University
Glasgow University
Harvard College
Imperial University (2)
Lake Forest College
London College of Communication
London School of Economics
Luther College (2)
UWC Adriatic, ANNUAL REPORT 2010 - 2011
Macalester College (4)
McGill University (2)
Methodist College
Mt Holyoke
NABA - Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti
Northwestern University
Politecnico di Torino
Princeton University
Reed College
Ringling A&D
Sciences Po - Institut d’études
politiques de Paris (2)
Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna
Simon Fraser University
Skidmore College
St. Olaf College
Tufts University
Università Bocconi
Università degli Studi di Pavia
University College of London (2)
University of British Columbia
University of Chicago
University of Florida
University of Guatemala
University of Malta
University of Oslo
Wartburg College (3)
Warwick University (2)
Westminster - MO College (3)
Yale University
[email protected]
Our Donors
2011 Alumni Reunion Gift :
Anastasia Abramova 2000-02
Baran Doda 1994-96
Ramin Ahmad Panahi 1984-86
Luis Alejos 1999-01
Marij Dunk 2000-02
Giulia Pellegrini 2000-02
Yannis Arvanitis 1999-01
Özge Erbay 1999-01
Mariangela Piredda 1999-01
Charlotte Auer 1999-01
Giovanni Fantasia 1999-01
Stanislav Presolski 1999-01
Anya Azaryeva 1999-01
Marvic Francalanza 1994-96
Espen Prydz 1999-01
Christopher Bostrom 1999-01
Christoph Gammer 1999-01
Erik Raghe 1999-01
Hichem Boudali 1994-96
Emiliano Guevara 1994-96
Stacey Riley 1999-01
Aleksandra Boutin 1999-01
Nazir Hussain 1999-01
Monica Santoro 1994-96
Darius Braziunas 1994-96
Luka Juri 1994-96
Francesca Scalettaris 1999-01
Moono Bwalya 1999-01
Ginto Kannoth 1999-01
Michael Schlögl 1999-01
Pavla Cekalova Foley 2000-02
Biljana Kovac 1994-96
Marco Segatti 1999-01
Jasminka Cindrić Perković 1994-96
Tom Lightowler 1999-01
Paulo Serrano Gomes 1994-96
Francesco Correale 1999-01
Lara Medved Verardo 1999-01
Lana Softic-Terrade 1999-01
Paola Curto 1994-96
Alex Mocanu 1999-01
Giusi Speranza 1999-01
Alessandro Del Rio 1999-01
Erica Noda 1999-01
Tobias Stapf 1999-01
Arlette Delgado Colston 1999-01
Bogna Obidzinska 1994-96
Yew Hock Tan 1999-01
Luigi Di Biase 1999-01
Ivana Orlic 1999-01
Khanittra Tanyakosetsuk 1999-01
Clio Diabatè 1999-01
Carlo Pacifico 1999-01
Capitoline Umutesi 1994-96
Pasquale Diana 1994-96
Grigor Palko 1994-96
Katarina Vircikova 1999-01
Three generations of alumni during 2011 UWC Adriatic Reunion - June 2011
2010-2011 Yearbook Gifts :
Bar Al Castel, Duino
Desco’ s.r.l. , Muggia
La Bora s.c.a.r.l. , Trieste
Bar Mickey Mouse, Duino
Elettro Est, Turriaco
La Gradese, Grado
Banca di Credito Cooperativo
Erredì Sistemi s.r.l. , Udine
Le Antiche Fragranze di Duino
Ferramenta Terčon, Duino-Aurisina
Tuttidì Market RO.SE. s.n.c. , Duino
Canciani Auto, San Canzian d’Isonzo
Graphart s.r.l. , Trieste
Cattolica Assicurazioni, Agenzia di Gorizia
Centro Sicurezza, Monfalcone
Key Tre Viaggi, Trieste
Valter del Dò s.r.l. , Capriva del Friuli
di Staranzano
UWC ADRIATIC, Collegio del Mondo Unito dell’Adriatico O.N.L.U.S.
Our Donors
“ 5 per mille ” :
Un ringraziamento di cuore a tutti coloro che hanno voluto destinare il 5 per mille dell’IRPEF 2008 a sostegno del Collegio del Mondo
Unito dell’Adriatico di Duino e delle sue attività.
Grazie alla vostra sensibilità abbiamo potuto ricevere nel 2010 oltre 70,000€
Our students with the children of one of their Community Services
Fundraising College Service Team
The Fundraising College Service Team 2010-2011
During the 2010-2011 academic year, our Development and Communications Office implemented a new fundraising
initiative by recruiting a group of current students to help with the Annual Fund campaign. Their activities were
focused on phoning alumni and exchanging views on their respective experiences, illustrating current projects and
activities taking place at the College, and also speaking about how they can help the college financially by contributing
towards the Annual Fund.
Our alumni response to the launch of the Annual Fund Campaign in September 2010 was heart-warming: more funds
were received in the period September-December 2010 than in the whole of 2009, and the total amount had more
than doubled by the end of the fiscal year.
A new team will continue their excellent work in 2011-2012.
UWC Adriatic, ANNUAL REPORT 2010 - 2011
[email protected]
Our Donors
Philanthropic Support of UWC Adriatic
by Generation - Alumni Support
We are greatful to our alumni who gave back to UWC Adriatic during our 2010-2011 fiscal year.
Every effort is made here to present a complete and accurate list of donors. For any oversights or errors, we apologize and invite
corrections to be sent to our Development & Communication Office. This list reflects gifts received between 1 September 2010
and 31 August, 2011.
Generation 1982-84
€ 433,07
Zanetta Addams-Pilgrim
Arjun Desai
Dasa Lipovsek
Richard Smith
Generation 1983-85
€ 1.720,65
Ester Crea
Redenta Enne
Darren Huston
Eriko Kobayashi
Rosangela Morana
Carlo Morandini
Linnah Neidel
Giorgio Topa
Generation 1984-86
€ 4.350,37
Ramin Ahmad Panahi
Luca Belletti
Giuliano Giovannetti
Gonzalo Lopez Jordan
Sabrina Maurer
Generation 1985-87
€ 173,84
Robin Le Baron
Dara McClatchie
Silvia Secchi
Generation 1986-88
€ 7.661,0
Matjaz Erznoznik
Anna Gallo
Marc Glorius
Marina Macchiaiolo
Silvia Pacchiarotti
Pål Ristvedt
Andrea Valassi
Renate Van Der Veen
Generation 1987-89
€ 3.512,74
Debbie Ast Geary
Fabio Cesari
Stefano Dedola
Vincenzo Franco
Yukiya Hamamoto
Ling-Ling Koh
Helena Lund-Isaksson
Arjun Punshi
Zoran Slanic
Patrizia Tosetti
Generation 1988-90
€ 5.711,37
Vijnan Batchu
Mauro Casiraghi
Petra Erni
Anna Fruttero
Barbara Gerratana
Nami Hijikata
Julie Koch
Piero Marigo
Anna Raytcheva
Mario Riello
Ilja Rotelli
Imre Tuba
Generation 1989-91
€ 7.509,77
Valentina Bach
Kristen Boon
Paula Boon
Mauro Cipparone
Patrick Corso
Xochitl de la Piedad Garcia
Ying Ding
Milos Dokmanovic
Elisabeth Fougner
Marin Gueorguiev
Andrej Herlah
Mateja Jamnik
Shivani Kannabhiran
Erik Mielke
Ludovica Mottura
Rupesh Pradhan
Sabrina Quarantotto
Matteo Saladino
Gustavo Steinberg
Michele Zotta
Generation 1990-92
€ 5.654,88
Maria Azzura Bruni
Maria Gallotti
Kok Ming Lee
Sergio Martes
Patrik and Iris Muzila
David Vera
Generation 1991-93
€ 1.893,44
Hesham Bakr
UWC ADRIATIC, Collegio del Mondo Unito dell’Adriatico O.N.L.U.S.
Our Donors
Federica Bochicchio
Mario Cabodi
Wenhui Chen
Harriet Crowley
Mariano Giampietri
Atanas Ivanov
Marcello Mereu
Maurizio Raffone
Ramy Tadros
Generation 1992-94
€ 1.704,88
David Matern
Rasmus Michau
Alexander Perjessy
Kai Winnem
Generation 1993-95
€ 2.596,02
Armen Babadzhanyan
Jane Balen Petersen
Dutch Horchem
Stanimir Metchev
Soledad Moreno Ortiz
Elia Stupka
Generation 1994-96
€ 1.948,88
Hichem Boudali
Darius Braziunas
Laura Castagna
Jasminka Cindrić Perković
Paola Curto
Pasquale Diana
Baran Doda
Marvic Francalanza
Emiliano Guevara
Luka Juri
Biljana Kovac
Paola Masdeu Vaerlien
Bogna Obidzinska
Grigor Palko
UWC Adriatic, ANNUAL REPORT 2010 - 2011
Monica Santoro
Paulo Serrano Gomes
Capitole Umutesi
Generation 1995-97
€ 170,00
Ondrej Baboucek
Italo Marconi
Generation 1996-98
€ 215,02
Clara Cruz
Veronika Dolar
Kristopher Lundine
Hannah Tuempel
Xuefeng Zhuang
increase in
the number of
alumni donors.
Generation 1997-99
€ 1.469,34
Federica Daghia
Anders Dahlbeck
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Generation 1999-01
€ 4.666,32
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Our Donors
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Marieke Tuthill Beck-Coon
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Generation 2000-02
€ 958,68
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UWC ADRIATIC, Collegio del Mondo Unito dell’Adriatico O.N.L.U.S.
International Projects
We would love to thank also :
The Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia, the Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro and
the Central European Initiative for supporting us in the following projects:
Broadcasting Cultural Diversity
Empower teachers and youth in Uganda
P.A.C.E. - Project Agency for Cooperation in Education
Challenging Education for Roma children in Montenegro
For further information please visit the “projects” section on our website
Challenging Education for Roma children in Montenegro
Empower teachers and youth in Uganda
Challenging Education for Roma children in Montenegro
P.A.C.E. - Project Agency Cooperation Education
UWC Adriatic, ANNUAL REPORT 2010 - 2011
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The Financial Situation
UWC Adriatic sources of funding - fiscal year 2010-2011 :
Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE)
Italian Region Scholarships
Region FVG (Running Costs)
National Committees
Alumni Annual Fund
Others Pubblic & Private Donations
(Foundations, Corporate and Individuals)
Project Grants
Turnaround Costs
School of Music
Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE)
Region FVG (Running Costs)
Italian Region Scholarships
National Committees
Alumni & Annual Fund*
Project Grants Turnaround Costs
School of Music
Others Public & Private Donations
(Foundations, Corporate and Individuals)
€ 1.319.115
€ 753.333
€ 880.000
€ 684.638
€ 167.327
€ 158.822
€ 129.854
€ 548.020
TOTAL € 4.739.197
* € 10.401 raised for the Belci Scholarship have been inputed in the Capital Budget
UWC ADRIATIC, Collegio del Mondo Unito dell’Adriatico O.N.L.U.S.
The Financial Situation
UWC Adriatic uses of funding - fiscal year 2010-2011 :
At the time of printing, these figures were pending auditor approval.
Residential Costs
Extra-Curricular Activity
General Services
Events, PR, communications
Costs of third party assets
Exhanges with other Colleges
Depreciation and Losses
School of Music
Residential Costs
Academics Extra-Curricular Activity
General Services
Events, PR, communications
Costs of third party assets
Exchanges with other Colleges
Depreciation and Losses
School of music
€ 1.023.546
€ 2.326.270
€ 158.977
€ 404.983
€ 89.960
€ 78.106
€ 122.183
€ 77.049
€ 305.472
€ 154.273
TOTAL € 4.740.824
UWC Adriatic, ANNUAL REPORT 2010 - 2011
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