Diablo II - Gioco Cartaceo
Sabato 07 Giugno 2008
Sono stati scritti del manuali di D&D basati sull' Universo di Diablo. Sono pubblicati dalla
Wizards of The Coast:
Dungeon and Dragons: Diablo II Edition
Dungeon and Dragons
Diablo II: The Awakening
Dungeon and Dragons
Diablo II - Gioco Cartaceo
Sabato 07 Giugno 2008
Diablo II: Diablerie
Dungeon and Dragons
Diablo II: To Hell and Back
Le quest di To Hell and Back sono uguali a quelle di Diablo II (LoD escluso) esempio dalla
quest sulla Contessa:
The Forgotten Tower
The home of
the wicked countess is five levels deep, and she is at the bottom.
All levels have pillars, stone walls and floors, and the occasional
scurrying rat. Large
racks of candles light some rooms, but otherwise
the rooms and passages are dark.
Arched doorways link individual
rooms and halls.
DM Note: Make the first four levels of the Cellar any size and shape you
like. Treat
them as dungeon regions. If you want to stay true to
the computer game, limit yourself
to about half the area of a sheet
of graph paper. Vary the shape by halving the paper
the short way
on some levels and the long way on others.
When the PCs
enter a room in the Tower Cellars, roll 1d10. On a 6 or higher,
they have an encounter.
The Quest is
the destruction of the wicked countess. Completing this Quest gives
a story award of 1,000 XP to each character, in addition to XP earned
the monsters there.
The only Fixed
Encounters in the tower are the exits to lower levels and the countess
on Level 5.
Diablo II - Gioco Cartaceo
Sabato 07 Giugno 2008
See the map
the Countess
E non poteva neppure mancare il livello preferito dai giocatori di Diablo II: IL COW LEVEL
dal sito della Wizard Of The Coast:
Secret Cow Level is the most popular Easter egg in computer gaming history,
and now you can milk it for all it's worth in your D&D/Diablo games. All you need is a party of
adventurers powerful enough to kill
Diablo. You do have one of those, right? No? Well,
send 'em back to Hell
till they're tough enough to take out a demon lord. Because when
done with that, a thousand moo-licious bovines intend to inflict udder
depravity until they lay the adventurers low. Are you still checking your
vision on that last
paragraph? That's right, we said a
cows, all with poleaxes. Got damage resistance?
Ecco la mappa:
Il Cow Level è scaricabile dal sito della Wizard Of The Coast a questa pagina: Cow Level

Diablo II - Gioco Cartaceo