Essere and Avere
To be and To have in Italian
Essere: to be
In Italian, the verb to be, essere is an
irregular verb.
This means it does not follow any
patterns found in regular
Essere: to be
Essere is conjugated as seen below:
Singular Forms
io sono
tu sei
lui è
lei è
Lei è
I am
You are (fam.,sing.)
He is
She is
You are (form, sing)
Plural Forms
noi siamo We are
voi siete You are (pl, fam)
loro sono They are
Loro sono You are (pl, form)
Avere: to have
Avere like Essere is an irregular verb. It is
conjugated as seen below:
Singular Forms
Plural Forms
io ho
I have
noi abbiamo
We have
tu hai
lui ha
lei ha
Lei ha
You have (sing, fam)
He has
She has
You have (sing, form)
voi avete
loro hanno
You have (pl, fam)
They have
Loro hanno
You have (pl, form)

Essere and Avere