MUSeums in NETwork:
EUropean children, GAmes and Local Culture
Sub project : MUSNET EUGALC
Lead Participant
Comunità Montana “Alto Agri”
Participant 1
Comunità Montana della “Carnia”
Participant 2
Museo Regionale e Galleria
della città di Jicin
PIT involves territory of three
Comunità Montane (Camastra Alto
Sauro, Alto e Medio Agri) in a
common strategy of development.
Using strctural funds PIT is realizing
several projects (for ex a ecomuseum network)
C. M. della Carnia has created, in
1998, a network of museumes on his
whole terrotory. Every year this
network has 8.000 presences
Museum of Jicin organizes a lot of
activities for children in cooperation
with school, expecially to involve
them in discovery of local hisory and
The theme is :
Children, local culture and old toys
Promotion knowledge of local tradition and culture
among new generation, strengthening the sense of
relation with own territory and instilling sense of
memebership of EUropean Community
Using game as instrument for education and
growth of knowledge
1. Educational activities for children on the theme of
old games, old traditions and local culture;
2. definition of multimedial instruments, information
tools and organization of specific events;
3. definition of training action on managing of
meseum in network and educational activities
using game as vehicle to exchange information;
4. Definition of a feasibility study for an integrated
project on the theme of the “old toys” in different
countries to candidate in the next structural funds
Participants Obiectives
Sub-project obiective
Restructure of a part of Jicin’s museum
to garantee hospitality for children
Definition of a feasibilty study for a
common projecty
on the theme of “old toys” .
Next Structural funds Programming
Realize eco-museum network
Strengthening experience of Carnia Musei
Through integration with turistic component
Activities realized
Meeting Sutrio
Cooperation agreement sign

Sub-project presentation - GRIP-IT