LIU-SPS Beam Loss, Protection,
Transfer Lines WG
M. Meddahi for the WG members
Jan Borburgh, Paolo Chiggiato, Karel Cornelis, Brennan Goddard, Lars Jensen, Lars Jensen, Gilles Le Godec, Roberto
Losito, Jan Uythoven, Giovanna Vandoni, Jorg Wenninger, Oliver Aberle, Frederic Galleazzi, Helmut Vincke, Ramon
Folch, Antoine Kosmicki, Verena Kain, Francesco Cerutti, Chiara Bracco, Jeremie Bauche, Alessio Mereghetti, Cesare
Maglioni, Matthew Alexander Fraser, Genevieve Eleanor Steele, Lene Drosdal, Jose Abelleira, Fausto Lorenzo
Maciariello, Francesco Maria Velotti, Florian Pasdeloup, Antonio Perillo Marcone, Jan Hrivnak, Anton Lechner
2014 main achievements
• 2014 achievements
– Protection devices for high brightness beams - need to
attenuate 100-200% more than present design !
• Solution found for the TI 2, TI 8 TCDIs – optics (with
magnets/power converters), integration, materials,
operation/machine protection - Engineering specs being finalised
• HiRadMat tests being prepared – very important
– SPS orbit correction –See Giovanni
– SPS orbit stability
• Shot-by-shot trajectory variation: Continuous improvements of
the MSE current stability – MSE4 and 6 now identical
performance (Gilles’ team)
• Bunch-by-bunch variation: MKE waveform improved (MKE4 con’t)
– Feasibility studies for the LIU-SPS external beam dump
• LSS6, LSS4, LSS5 examined – LSS5 concept developed Bren/Francesco- and retained
LSS5 external beam dump
2015 challenges
• 2015
– Review and finalise all functional specs for all protection devices and
– Launch design studies and procurements
– Perform HiRadMat tests
– Continue orbit/stability studies (MDs) – understand source/test
– Take a decision on performing the External beam dump – needs
some remaining CE information
• Conclusions
– Thanks to Verena and team for all efforts done and brilliant results.
– Verena will chair this working group as of Jan/ 2015 – mandate and
objectives will be reviewed, in phase with the phase of the project