A further definition of text
A text is a structure transmitting
knowledge which is represented by means
of a linguistic structure. In a specialized
text we can appreciate different levels, in
particular the linguistic level (terms and
structure) and the knowledge level
(knowledge being transmitted).
The knowledge units convey information
about the specific field of knowledge. They
can be more or less complex, and may
sometimes belong to other (non-linguistic)
systems (for instance, acronyms, or figures).
Working with units: Text 1
The sequence
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
(ADHD) or hyperkinetic disorder
is expressing a specialized knowledge unit,
which can be divided into different
components at the lexical level.
• ADHD: sindrome da deficit di attenzione e
• Neurobehavioural: neurocomportamentale
• Disorder: disturbo (sindrome)
• To persist: permanere, perdurare
• Adulthood: età adulta, maturità
• Currently: attualmente, al momento
Inattention: disattenzione
Daily functioning: attività quotidiane
Developmental stage: stadio/fase di sviluppo
To function: operare (funzionare)
Setting: contesto
To struggle: avere forti difficoltà
Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
ADHD is one of the most common neurobehavioral
disorders of childhood and can persist through
adolescence and into adulthood. Currently the
causes are unknown.
A person with ADHD has a chronic level of
inattention, impulsive hyperactivity, or both
such that daily functioning is compromised.
The symptoms of the disorder must be
present at levels that are higher than
expected for a person's developmental stage
and must interfere with the person's ability to
function in different settings (e.g., in school
and at home).

A further definition of text