• Get with your partner that you were assigned
for the review project.
• Meg or I will be around to give you a white
– Write a team name at the top.
– Write your team number at the top.
• We will ask you a question and you have 30
seconds to answer the question.
• Put answer on white board.
– Correct answers are 2 points
• Q1. How do you say Friday?
– A1. venerdi
• Q2. How do you say, “I go shopping every
– A2. Faccio shopping il lunedi.
• Q3. True or false. The days of the weeks
are capitalized in Italian.
– A3. False
• Q4. How do you ask what day it is?
– A4. Che giorno è oggi?
• Q5. Il giorno prima di merclodi?
– A5. martedi
• Q6. How do you ask someone to see if
they have something fun or interesting
– A6. Che cosa fai di bello?
• Q1. True or false. To say that you never
do something you say sempre.
– A1. False
• Q2. How do you say that you sometimes
do something?
– A2. Ogni tanto
• Q3. How do you say “Stella plays softball
at three in the afternoon?”
– A3. Stella giocare a softball alle tre del
pomeriggio. OR Gioca a softball alle tre del
• Q4. How do you say that you often do
– A4. Spesso
• Q5. Did I say this right? Leggo mai un
buon libro. Why or why not?
– A5. No, because you need non before leggo
to say that you don’t do something.
• Q6. How do you say “We take the bus to
– Prendiamo l’autobus a scuola.
• True or false. In Italy, Monday is the
first day of the week, and Sunday is
the last.

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