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22-24 settembre 2010
The Trentino library network
Sistema Bibliotecario Trentino
past and future
Laura Zanette
Provincia Autonoma di Trento
Trentino data
• Surface 6.206 kmq (2,06% of Italy)
– 573 km² under 500 m on see level; 1.289 km²
between 500 m and 1000 m; 4.371 km² upper 1000
• People (31.12.2003)
507.030 inhabs.
• Municipalities 223 (2273 inhabs in average)
– Only Trento reaches 100.000 inhabs.
– Only 2 towns upper 20.000 inhabs.
Trentino: history of autonomy
• 1027-1803: bishop prince government placed directly by the
• 1803: After Napoleon victory, Austria secularizes the country
and assigned it to itself
• 1810-1815: Trentino assigned to Italian Kingdom of Napoleon
• 1815-1919: back to Austria
• 1919: Saint Germain treaty: Trentino and South Tirol assigned
to Italy
Trentino: history of villages autonomy
• During the prince-bishop
rule, the villages
(communities) often have
autonomy in ruling their
own country
– Look the country! A few
castle in Trentino!
– > secular habit, practice in
ruling and managing a country
Trentino key-words
Trentino libraries in '60
• Biblioteca comunale di Trento (born in 1725, open in 1856)
• Biblioteca civica di Rovereto (1764)
• Library of the University (Sociology) created by Trentino
institution of culture (ITC)
• Biblioteca civica di Ala
• Biblioteca dei Padri Cappuccini
Trentino libraries history… in 1968
• The Provincia decided to establish the
library service in the whole province of
• In 20 years 80 new public libraries had
been set up
Trentino libraries now: Sistema Bibliotecario
• 86 public libraries (municipality)
– 35 “reading and loan points”
– Located in 102 Municipality
– Managed (founded by) 116 Municipality
• 42 “special” libraries (private and public)
– Academic (University)
– Religious
– Research
Trentino libraries now: Sistema Bibliotecario
Trentino: Holding
• Public libraries
– 2.555.000 vol. (4,92 books any inhab.)
• Specialized libraries
– 1.874.000 vol.
The Trentino Library: idea of Network
1971 Provincial autonomy law
about cultural heritage and libraries
1977 New law for libraries
Established the idea of a “network of library”
Cooperation among free libraries supported
by the provincial institution
Trentino libraries network
• 1981: Law of Catalogo Bibliografico
Trentino (CBT)
– The cooperative network supported by
technology > acquisition of DOBIS/LIBIS
• A unique database for bibliographic data
• A unique database for users data
• Since 1981 almost all libraries (any public
library) has joined CBT
• 2002> Amicus
CBT: Amicus and... friends
• Amicus
– Cataloguing, Searching, Circulation,
– Reports and Statistics (IT)
– Web integrated application
holding or Copies status
Overdue procedures
LibriQuest for ILL
RFID management system
New comunincation system with print out/e-mail/sms
automatically generated for
– overdue, holds, ILL advice
Sistema Bibliotecario Trentino: the actors
• Public libraries
– freely decide to join CBT
– don't create new bibliographic record
– add copies
– circulation
Sistema Bibliotecario trentino: the actors
• Specialized libraries
– ...
– create new bib record
Duty of both > cataloguing the holding
• Both cooperate in
– keeping hight quality of bib item DB
– sharing the users data (unique library card)
– circulating books via ILL
– analysis of new functions in working groups
– testing new functions
Sistema Bibliotecario Trentino: the actors
Province of Trento
Dipartimento Innovazione
– funds and rules the infrastructural network
(WAN) > is creating ADSL lines via WiNet
were the public network don't arrive (in small
and “lost” muncipalities)
– rules the informatic system (SIEP) and the
system Administrator (Informatica trentina)
Sistema Bibliotecario Trentino: the Province
Province of Trento - Assessorato alla Cultura
- Servizio Attività Culturali - Ufficio per il
Sistema Bibliotecario Trentino
– In past gave PC and other terminals > now
the libraries have got their one
– Funds the managing of the libraries LAN >
now more and more libraries can do it by
Sistema Bibliotecario Trentino: the USBT
– manages the bibliographic data
– manages the user account to access the
databases (rules to have the user account)
– maintenance of DB
– quality control in DB
– writes the functions guides, mainly on the
– teachs the new cataloguers
– trains the operators in Amicus
Sistema Bibliotecario Trentino: the USBT
• asks for new functions
• analysis and testing of new functions
• direclty funds cataloguing cooperatives to
• new acquisition of public library
• valuable heritage of special library
Sistema Bibliotecario Trentino: the actors
• Informatica trentina s.p.a.
– is the system administrator
– directly manages the DB of Amicus
– keep the relationships with the vendors
– analysis and test of new functions
– suggested sw and other integrations
– develops new integrated sw
CBT: what future? Tomorrow morning...
• Amicus
– testing Cataloguing on web
– support for the development of a new
Circulation module
– integration of the users data for the WiFi
CBT: what a future?... tomorrow morning
• Going out to the world
– Being in national and international catalogue
• ......
• Italian catalogue (exhibition of DB via Yaz Proxy)
• Manage the system with web
• Operate at home?
• Enrich the info (abstract, cover image, prizes, etc.)
• “Social” tools?

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