Welcome Office
Where is Trento?
The location of Trento in Central Europe
Distance from
Trento to:
•Verona 98 km
•Venezia (Venice) 157 km
•Innsbruck 173 km
Trentino Alto Adige
Trento is the main town of the Province of Trento, which is part of
the Trentino Alto Adige region – an autonomous region. Autonomy
means competences at political, legislative, administrative, and fiscal
Languages: The main language groups are Italian (about 63% of
the total) and German (33%), with a small minority speaking Ladin
Economy: The most important features of the region's economic
structure are the strength of tourism and the special system of
co-operation between agriculture and industry.
Trento counts about 113.000 residents.
Trento and its University
• In the centre of Trento everything is within walking
distance: libraries, university canteens, laboratories,
cultural events venues, etc.
• University of Trento counts around 16.000 students,
600 people between lecturers and researchers and 700
non-academic staff people.
Departments and Centres
Department of Sociology
and Social Research
Department of Physics
Department of Information
Engineering and Computer
School of Economics and Management
Department of Mathematics
Department of Humanities
Faculty of Law
Department of Civil, Environmental and
Mechanical Engineering
Department of Industrial Engineering
Department of Psychology
and Cognitive Science
Departments and Centres
Centre for Integrative Biology - CIBio
Centre for Mind/Brain Sciences
School of International Studies
The University of Trento: Teaching and Learning
Bachelor programmes- 3 years
(180 credits, European Credit Transfer System - ECTS)
Master programmes - 2 years (120 credits ECTS)
Professional Masters (1 year, 60 credits ECTS ; 1 year and a half,
150 credits ECTS, 2 years 120 credits ECTS)
Specialization Programme - 2 years (120 credits ECTS)
Doctoral Programmes (PhD) 3 years
The University of Trento: a Few Data
Professors and Researchers
Technical and Administrative
Total enrolled Students
Foreign enrolled students
(EU/non EU) in 2010/11
Research Laboratories
Center of Excellence
Language Center
Main Libraries
Opera Universitaria facilities
Intercultural mediation service
at San Bartolameo Students Residence, to support students in the solution of problems
with other students or with the housing;
5 cafeterias: 3 downtown and 2 “uphill” (Mesiano, Povo);
Canteens in Trento:
XXIV Maggio (via XXIV Maggio, 13)
Tommaso Gar (via Tommaso Gar, 18)
via Zanella (via Zanella)
Mesiano (Facoltà di Ingegneria)
Povo (Facoltà di Scienze)
In Rovereto:
Ristorante Tandem
Ristorante Gilda
Le Arti del MART
Rent a bike for students entitled to the accommodation;
Psychological consultancy
Support for disabled students
University facilities
apply for library card by filling in the form you can find at the
Central Library, Via Verdi 8
open from 8.00 to midnight (Central Library, Via Verdi 8)
online data bases; online newspapers; etc.
The Trento University Library is part of a the Trentino Library System Sistema Bibliotecario Trentino - that is a network among all public
libraries in the region. It is possible to receive credentials to access at the
loan, “reference” service and other services of the library centers.
It is necessary to have a card, which can be obtained at the Central Library.
When applying for the card you will have to show an identity document
and the application form filled in.
The University Library has established an inter-library loans
network with Italian and foreign libraries which enables it to
obtain books and journals not available in Trento.
For furter information visit the web site www.unitn.it/en/biblioteca.
University facilities
Inter-Faculty Centre for Learning Languages - CIAL
Italian language courses
other available courses: English, French, German, Spanish, Russian,
Portuguese and Chinese;
access to the language lab and the multimedia room;
To take part in an Italian Language Course students have to enroll at
the C.I.A.L. Secretary’s Office (Centro Interfacoltà per
l’Apprendimento delle Lingue) during the enrolment periods.
Calendar is available on the LLP-Erasmus website.
Any Italian Language Course undertaken by the students (one per level)
will be offered free of charge by Trento University.
Each C.I.A.L. course gives 3 ECTS credits recognized by our University
and reported on the Transcript of Records if included in the Learning
University/Opera Universitaria facilities
The Uni.Sport Card offers:
free access to University and Opera Universitaria sports facilities
discounts on town sports centres, swimming-pools, skilifts (see the
possibility to participate in competitions, sports events, etc.
UNISPORT via Prati 10
Mon – Fri: 9.30 – 12.00 am
Tue: 2 – 4 pm
Welcome Office: the mission
since 2004 in order to:
provide international students with a dedicated service by
supporting them in the necessary administrative procedures
related to their arrival and stay in Trento;
facilitate the integration of international students in
the University and in town;
encourage the multi-cultural exchange between international
and national students;
increase the attractiveness and competitiveness of the University
of Trento at international level and strengthen the incoming
international mobility.
Tax code
The Tax Code (codice fiscale) is a code based on the personal data
of the students, who need it for:
Enrolment at the univeristy;
to open a bank account;
to get a mobile number;
Public transportation
Trentino trasporti is the local company for public transport.
It is possible to travel by bus in the urban area of Trento or Rovereto,
buying a single bus ticket or applying for a monthly/yearly bus
In order to get a bus pass students need to submit to the Bus Station
the application form along with:
• a copy of passport/id;
• a passport-size photograph;
• [for non EU citizens] the stay permit or the postal receipt of the
stay permit application.
For any further information about timetable, routes, and prices visit
the Trentino trasporti website: http://www.ttesercizio.it/.
Some of the Welcome office activities…
Cultural visits and excursions
free guided visits to the town and excursions in the
surroundings throughout the academic year
(Dolomites, Lake Garda, etc.) in collaboration with
“Al Caffè delle Lingue” (usually in June)
students representing different countries will meet the people in Trento and
let them know their own culture, customs and native language by showing
pictures, books, poetry and typical objects.
Welcome Buddies
A network of senior students willing to help
newcomers with practical needs (i.e. pick up from
the station, advice on where to buy particular items,
sports activities, etc.).
Some of our activities…
Cultural seminar
English club – to be confirmed
Informal sessions to practice the language and meet each other.
Italian conversations – Thursdays 5-6 pm - room 3, via Verdi 6
informal sessions held by student collaborators, to practice the Italian
language at different levels, from everyday-life situations to discussions on a
specific theme or to the reading of a newspaper.
If you are interested in the English club or Italian
conversation sessions please send an e-mail
to [email protected]
How we communicate with you
 Web page http://www.unitn.it/incoming :
Information on:
- living in Trento and Rovereto,
- studying in Trento
- info on visa and stay permit issues, heath insurance coverage,
transports, etc.
- welcome activities
 Welcome news (monthly)
a newsletter is sent about the activities of the office, events and
highlights in town, news on the legislative or administrative
aspects, health issues, etc.
Welcome Office
Open from Monday to Friday
from 10 am to 12 am
[email protected]

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