The students are
making bread
Scuola Secondaria
In March the four classes met at school and prepared different kinds
of bread under the guide of Luca, the baker whose bakery we visited
at the beginning of the month
Scuola Secondaria
here is Luca with other students
Scuola Secondaria
Each student brought flour and yeast and
put the right quantity in a bowl
Then Luca added some water and a
bit of salt…
… and this was the
Scuola Secondaria
Now the students are ready to start kneading
Scuola Secondaria
The dough is ready to be worked
It was funny, but also tiring
Scuola Secondaria
Now Luca can teach us to make different shapes with the dough
Scuola Secondaria
Luca said that we are very good
Scuola Secondaria
We cooked our bread at
home and we brought it
the following day at
We ate it during
the break: it was
quite good!
Scuola Secondaria

My Bread, My Country Diario di Bordo