Chapter 21
15th century art in Italy
Early Renaissance
• Chiaroscuro: the treatment or use of
light and dark gradations often
found in painting
• Foreshortening: use of perspective to
represent the visual contraction of
an object that extends back in space
at an angle
• Atmospheric perspective: shows
increase in distance by decreasing
the intensity of color
Brunelleschi, sacrifice of Isaac
Ghiberti, Sacrifice of Isaac
Nanni Di Banco, 4 Crowned Saints
Donatello, Saint Mark
Donatello, Saint George
Donatello, Feast of Herod
Ghiberti, east doors (Gates of Paradise)
Donatello, David
Verrocchio, David
Pollaiuolo, Hercules and Antaeus
Donatello, Gattamelata
Verrocchio, Bartolomea Colleoni
Gentile da Fabriano, Adoration of the Magi
Masaccio, Tribute Money
Masaccio, Expulsion of Adam & Eve
Masaccio, Holy Trinity
Fra Angelico, Annunciation
Andrea del Castagno, Last Supper
Ghirlandaio, Birth of the Virgin
Ghirlandaio, Giovanni Tornabuoni
Botticelli, Primavera
Botticelli, Birth of Venus
Brunelleschi, Dome, Florence Cathedral
Brunelleschi, Façade, Pazzi Chapel
Brunelleschi, interior, Pazzi Chapel
Bartolommeo, Palazzo Medici-Riccardi
Alberti, Santa Maria Novella
Perugino, Christ Delivering Keys to St. Peter
Signorelli, Damned Cast into Hell
Piero della Francesca, Enthroned Madonna
Piero della Francesca, Flagellation of Christ
Alberti, Sant’ Andrea
Mantegna, Camera Picta
Mantegna, ceiling of Camera Picta
Mantegna, Foreshortened Christ

Chapter 21