Associate Professor (Professore associato) of International Law
Department of Political Sciences
[qualified as Full Professor (Professore ordinario), on 24 Jan. 2014]
c/o Dipartimento di Scienze politiche - Via Serafini n. 3 - 56126 PISA (Italy)
tel. +39/050/2212471 - email: [email protected]
– November 1991 - May 1992: Erasmus stay in the Faculty of Law of the University of Seville
(Spain), with participation to research activities coordinated by Prof. Juan Antonio Carrillo
Salcedo and Pablo Antonio Fernández Sánchez;
– 30 June 1992: Master Degree in Law at the University of Pisa (110/110 cum laude), discussing
a dissertation in European Community Law;
– 1 April - 25 June 1993: attendance of the International Trade Law Post–Graduate Course,
organised in Turin by the University Institute of European Studies and by the Training Centre
of the International Labour Organization (ILO);
– 1993 - 1997: Ph.D. in International and European Community Law at the University of Rome
“La Sapienza”;
– August 1997 - May 1998: scholarship, funded by the Italian National Research Council, for
research carried out in Germany at the European Institute for the Media (Düsseldorf).
– 5 June 1998: employed by the Faculty of Law of the University of Pisa as Researcher in
International Law;
– 1999-2014: Lecturer in the Courses of International Public Law, EU Law and Humanitarian
Law, held by the Italian Navy Academy for officials of the “Stato Maggiore”;
– 1 November 2001: employed by the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Pisa as
Full time Associate Professor in International Law. Courses in Public International Law,
European Union Law, International Criminal Law, International Organisations Law,
International and EC Migration Law;
– 2003-2011, member of the Scientific Board of the PhD Course in International Law and EU
Law (Universities of Florence, Pisa and Siena);
– 2009 onwards, Supervisor of Ph.D students:
• 2009-2012, Massimo Bartoli (Ph.D Programme of the University of Florence), with a thesis
successfully defended in 2012 on “Non-Lethal Weapons in International Law”;
• 2015 onwards, Michela Castiglione (Ph.D Programme of the University of Pisa), with a
project of thesis focused on EU and Roma populations.
– 1 March 2010, winner of a public selection for the position of Full Professor of International
Law (Professore Straordinario di Diritto internazionale) at the Italian Navy Academy
(Accademia Navale);
– 2011 onwards, member of the Scientific Board of the PhD Course in Law, Programme of
International and EU Law (University of Pisa);
– 24 January 2014, qualified as Full Professor of International Law (Professore Ordinario di
Diritto internazionale) by the national evaluating commission, according to the new Italian
procedure for recruitment of University professors;
– July 2014 onwards, member of the Commission for International Relations of the Department
of Political Sciences (University of Pisa).
– Courses on:
 European Union Law (Department of Political Sciences, Post-Graduate School of
Advanced Legal Studies of the University of Pisa, and Naval Academy)
 Humanitarian Law (Naval Academy)
 Immigration Law (Department of Law of the University of Pisa)
 Public International Law (Department of Political Sciences of the University of Pisa and
Naval Academy)
 Law of International Organisations (Department of Political Sciences of the University of
– Research interests:
 Human Rights
 International Organisations
 European Integration
 Regional Organisations
 Asylum and Migration Law
 International Criminal Law
 Jurisdictional Immunities
 Media Pluralism
 Terrorism
– 1998-2000: Project Manager of the Specialisation Course in EC Law for legal practitioners,
funded by the European Commission in the framework of the Action Robert Schuman (phase
1998) and organised by the Pisa Bar Council (Consiglio dell’Ordine degli Avvocati di Pisa) with
the scientific support of the area of International Law of the University of Pisa.
– 20-22 November 2003: scientific direction of a Conference, jointly organized by the Faculty of
Political Sciences of the University of Pisa and the European Commission (Delegation in Italy),
on “From the Convention to the IGC: What Future for Europe?”;
– 2004-2007: coordinator of the working group of the Pisa University, in the context of a project
of university cooperation entitled "Hacia un Derecho conflictual europeo" (Towards a
European System of International Private Law), funded by the European Commission in the
framework of the European Program on Civil Judicial Co-operation (2000-2006). The project,
coordinated by the University of Seville (Spain), included the University of Pisa (Italy), the
Technical University of Lisboa (Portugal), the University of Aarhus (Denmark) and the
University of Malta. In the context of such project, he coordinated the organization of the
international conference "Towards an European Private International Law on Family
Matters and Succession", held in Pisa on 20 and 21 April 2007;
– 2004-2008: Scientific Coordinator (2004-2005) and Director (2006-2008) of a one-year
Specialisation Course (60 ECTS) for “Expert in Migration” in the Faculty of Political Sciences
of the University of Pisa, launched in the academic year 2004/2005. The Master was managed
by a faculty of experts coming from various disciplines and environments (academia,
international organisations, NGOs, consultants, public institutions), was followed both by
newly graduated fellows and experiences professionals aiming at strengthen or update their
knowledge, was articulated in theoretical lessons and a robust practical part followed by a
considerable work on the field, and mixed class activities with public and open events, to
which a general audience participated. The Master received the patronage, among others, of
UNHCR (Office of Rome), IOM (Regional Office for the Mediterranean), UNICRI, Save the
Children (Italy Branch), Italian Council of Refugees, Tuscany Region, National Association of
Italian Municipalities;
– 2009-2011, scientific coordinator of the research unit of the University of Pisa in the
framework of a National Interest Research Project on “International Law of the Sea: Current
Trends and Controversial Issues”, financed in 2008 by the Italian Ministry for University and
Research and directed at national level by Prof. Angela Del Vecchio (University LUISS, Rome).
The Pisa unit dealt with migration by sea, with special regard to the Mediterranean and to the
relevance of EU law and policy, and was composed by two Italian members (Marcello Di
Filippo and Simone Marinai), one Spanish professor (Victor Gutierrez Castillo) and one young
Dutch researcher (Jorrit Rijpma);
– 2009-2012, director of an international research team dealing with the subject “Regional
Organisation between Intergovernmental Method and Supranational Model: The Experience
of European Union and of Mercosur”. The research was financed by the University of Pisa, the
Universidad del Salvador of Buenos Aires and by the United Nations Interregional Crime and
Justice Research Institute (UNICRI) and included seven researchers, three Italians and four
Argentineans. The provisional results of the research were presented in an international
conference held in Pisa in November 2010, were several discussants (external to the project,
coming from seven European and Latin-American universities plus the European University
Institute) participated offering useful comments to the research team. The final output of the
research was the book Organizaciones regionales, modelo supranacional y metodo
intergubernamental: los casos del Mercosur y de la Unión Europea, quoted below, published
in 2012;
– 2014-2016, member of an international research team promoted by the University of Seville
(Spain), on La Implementación de los Principios Rectores de las Naciones Unidas sobre
Empresas y Derechos Humanos por la Unión Europea y sus Estados Miembros (The
Implementation of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights by the EU and
its Member States). The team is directed by Prof. Inmaculada Vivas Tesón and by Prof. María
del Carmen Márquez Carrasco (Ref. No. DER2013-41956-P);
– January 2015 onwards, launch and coordination of the Observatory on EU Migration Law
(University of Pisa, Department of Law);
– September 2015 onwards, academic coordinator of the Jean Monnet Module on “EU
Migration Law, Human Rights and Democratic Principles” (University of Pisa), whose faculty
includes David James Cantor (University of London), Alejandro del Valle Gálvez (Universidad
de Cadiz), Pablo Ceriani Cernadas (Universidad de Lanús, Buenos Aires), Violeta Moreno-Lax
(Queen Mary University of London), Steve Peers (University of Essex).
– 2001, Council of Europe: expert on mission in the framework of the international conference
on "Democratic Institutions and Civil Society" (Tskaltubo, Georgia, 18-20 February 2001),
jointly organised by the Council of Europe, the Tblisi School of Political Studies, and the
United States Agency for International Development (USA). Lecture on the topic "The Role of
Media in a Democratic Society";
– 2002-2012, United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI):
 invited speaker at the international workshop “The UN Convention against Transnational
Organized Crime: Requirements for an Effective Implementation” (Turin, 22-23 February
2002) and at the international seminar “The New International Terrorism: Prevention
Strategies" (Turin, 19-20 April 2002)
 contributor to the volumes collecting the proceedings of both initiatives
 collaboration between UNICRI and University of Pisa in the framework of the one-year
Specialisation Course for “Expert in Migration” (2004-2008)
 lecturer in the one-year Specialisation Course in “International Organizations,
International Criminal Law and Crime Prevention” (jointly organized by the University of
Turin and UNICRI), on the topic “European Union and Criminal Law” (1st February
 development of a research project on “Regional Organisation between Intergovernmental
Method and Supranational Model: The Experience of European Union and of Mercosur”,
together with the University of Pisa and the Universidad del Salvador of Buenos Aires
– invited lecturer and speaker in seminars, conferences and courses held in Universities and
research institutes of Argentina (Buenos Aires, La Plata, Mendoza, Rosario), Brasil (Belo
Horizonte, Itauna, Sao Paulo), Colombia (Armenia, Bogotà, Manizales, Pereira), Georgia
(Tblisi), Germany (European Institute for the Media, Düsseldorf), Italy (including the
European University Institute and the International Institute of Humanitarian Law), Morocco
(Tanger), Paraguay (Asunción), Poland (Krakòw), Spain (Cadiz, Cordoba, Jaen, Madrid,
Sevilla, Zaragoza), Uruguay (Montevideo);
– member of the International Institute of Humanitarian Law (Sanremo and Geneva), of the
Asociación Americana de Derecho Internacional Privado (ASADIP), and of the Italian
Council for Refugees (CIR);
– member of the Scientific Committee for the legal journals Revista de Derecho Comunitario
Europeo (publisher Centro de Estudios Políticos y Constitucionales, since 2013), Revista
Iberoamericana de Derecho Ambiental y Recursos Naturales (publisher IJ International
Legal Group, since 2013), and Crónica Jurídica Hispalense (publisher Tirant Lo Blanch and
University of Seville, since 2014);
– referee for the legal publications Revista Jurídicas Aequitas (publisher Universidad del
Salvador, Buenos Aires, since 2012) and Cuadernos ASADIP - Jóvenes Investigadores
(publisher ASADIP, since 2014);
– June 2014 onwards, member of a panel of experts advising the Italian Ministry of Foreign
Affairs on international and European governance of migratory flows, co-author of the policy
paper “Il contributo dell’Italia nella governance internazionale ed europea delle politiche
migratorie e per la tutela dei diritti umani” (November 2014, pp. 137);
– 10-11 December 2014, participation in Geneva to the UNHCR High Commissioner’s Dialogue
on Protection Challenges, 2014 - Protection at Sea. During Breakout session 1 (“Saving lives:
search, rescue and disembarkation”), he illustrated the content of a position paper, later
transmitted to UNHCR on behalf of the International Institute of Humanitarian Law, on
“Delinking Disembarkation and Assumption of Responsability for Asylum Seekers. Proposal
for an EU Pilot Project not Requiring an Amendment of the Dublin Regulation”.
Monographs and books
– Diritto comunitario e pluralismo nei mezzi di comunicazione di massa (European
Community Law and Media Pluralism), author, publisher Giappichelli, Turin, 2000, ISBN
9788834808955, pp. 349;
– Hacia un derecho conflictual europeo: realizaciones y perspectivas, co-editor with B.
(Secretariado de Publicaciones), author of one chapter, Sevilla, 2008, ISBN:
978-84-472-0994-1, pp. 236;
– Organizaciones regionales, modelo supranacional y metodo intergubernamental: los casos
del Mercosur y de la Unión Europea (Regional Organisations between Intergovernmental
Method and Supranational Model: The Experience of European Union and of Mercosur),
editor and author of introduction, conclusions and of two chapters (EU and movement of
persons; EU cooperation in the criminal field), publisher Giappichelli, Turin, 2012, ISBN
9788834836019, pp. 426;
– Immigrazione, Diritto e Diritti: profili internazionalistici ed europei (Immigration, Law and
Rights: A Critical Analysis of International Law and EU Law), co-editor (with A.M. CALAMIA
and M. GESTRI) and author of six chapters (Exit from one country; Borders control; Admission
to one country; EU regional regime of circulation of persons and of regulation of immigration;
Expulsion and removal in public international law; Expulsion and removal in EU law),
publisher CEDAM, Padua, 2012, ISBN 978-88-13-33462-8, pp. 572;
– Immunità dalla giurisdizione versus diritto di accesso alla giustizia: il caso delle
organizzazioni internazionali (Immunity of international organisations from suit versus
individual right of access to justice), author, publisher Giappichelli, Turin, 2012, ISBN
9788834838815, pp. 200.
Articles, Essays, Notes
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movement of professional football players after the Bosman judgement), in Rivista italiana
di diritto del lavoro, 1996, II, pp. 232-260;
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immovable property by foreign States), in Rivista di diritto internazionale, 1998, pp.
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