Association of Monument Conservators
National Heritage Board of Poland
Polish Association of Civil Engineers
and Technicians (PZITB),
Wroclaw Branch
Institute of History of Architecture,
Faculty of Architecture
Wroclaw University of Technology
International Wood Committee
Lower Silesian Building Engineers
Abstr act sub missio n
d e a d l i n e :
31 October, 2011
Main organizer:
See inside for more details...
Paulina Florianowicz, National Heritage Board of Poland, Poland
Xianglin Gu, Tongji University, China
Piotr Gerber, Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland
Mehrdad Hejazi, University of Isfahan, Iran
Günter Henn, Technical University of Dresden, Germany
Eugeniusz Hotała, Lower Silesian Chamber of Civil Engineers, Poland
Wolfram Jäger, Technical University of Dresden, Germany
Andrzej Kadłuczka, Cracow University of Technology, Poland
Stephen Kelley, WJE, USA
Andrzej Koss, Academy of Fine Art, Warsaw, Poland
Jacek Kościuk, Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland
Kazimierz Kuśnierz, Cracow University of Technology, Poland
Sergio Lagomarsino, University of Genoa, Italy
Debra Leafer, University College Dublin, Ireland
Werner Lorenz, BTU Cottbus, Germany
Jadwiga Łukaszewicz, Nicolaus Copernicus University, Toruń, Poland
Jan Marczak, Military University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland
Federico Mazzolani, University of Naples, Italy
Stanisław Medeksza, Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland
Roberto Meli, National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico
Czesław Miedziałowski, Bialystok University of Technology, Poland
Andrzej Moczko, Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland
Piotr Napierała, Association of Monument Conservators, Poland
John Ochsendorf, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Daniel Oliveira, University of Minho, Portugal
Roman Orłowicz, West Pomeranian University of Technology, Poland
Maurizio Piazza, University of Trento, Italy
Ireneusz Płuska, Academy of Fine Art, Cracow, Poland
Wojciech Puła, Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland
Piotr Rapp, Poznan University of Technology, Poland
Jan Rots, Technical University of Delft, the Netherlands
Kay-Uwe Schober, Mainz University of Applied Sciences, Germany
Heinrich Schroeter, Munich University of Technology, Germany
Marek Skłodowski, Institute Fundamental Technological Research, Poland
Bálint Szabó, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Bogusław Szmygin, Lublin University of Technology, Poland
Gennaro Tampone, University of Florence, Italy
Thomas Tannert, Bern University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland
Miha Tomazevic, Slovenian National Building and Civil Eng. Inst, Slovenia
Ahmet Turer, Middle East Technical University, Turkey
Maria Rosa Valluzzi, University of Padua, Italy
Koenraad van Balen, Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium
Fernando Vegas, Technical University of Valencia, Spain
Elizabeth Vintzileou, National Technical University of Athens, Greece
Papers are invited for oral and poster
p re se nta tio n a t the con f er en ce .
Jerzy Jasieńko, Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland - chairman
Takayoshi Aoki, Nagoya City University, Japan
Gustavo Araoz, President of ICOMOS
Görün Arun, Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey
Jan Bień, Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland
Luigia Binda, Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy
Carlo Blasi, University of Parma, Italy
Marcial Blondet, Catholic University of Peru, Peru
Antonio Borri, University of Perugia, Italy
Roberto Corazzi, University of Florence, Italy
Giorgio Croci, University of Rome, Italy
Dina D'Ayala, University of Bath, United Kingdom
Gianmarco de Felice, Roma Tre University, Italy
Angelo Di Tommaso, IUAV University of Venice, Italy
Milos Drdácký, Institute Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Czech Republic
Tomasz Nowak
Łukasz Bednarz
Piotr Berkowski
Dominika Kuśnierz-Krupa
Zygmunt Matkowski
Witold Misztal
Marta Moczko
Anna Ostrycharczyk
Krzysztof Raszczuk
Paulo B. Lourenco, University of Minho, Portugal
Claudio Modena, University of Padua, Italy
Pere Roca, Technical University of Catalonia, Spain
Institute of Building
Engineer ing, Wrocl aw
U niv er s ity of T ec hno logy ,
Faculty of Building
Engineering, Poland
SAHC - 2012 will bring together scientists, engineers, designers,
architects, conservators and chemists who will present conservation
research, theories, doctrines and achievements.
The main conference topic will be:
- Conservation of concrete, brick, stone and timber structures,
- Modernization and re-use of cultural heritage buildings,
- NDT technologies,
- Theory and practice of conservation,
- Repair and strengthening techniques,
- Rehabilitation and safety,
- History of construction, building technologies and materials,
- Analytical and numerical approaches,
- Experimental results and laboratory testing,
- Innovative and traditional materials / technology,
- Seismic behavior and retrofitting,
- Stabilization and valorization of historical ruins,
- Laser scanning.
The Centennial Hall Complex
Conference Centre address:
ul. Wystawowa 1,
51-618 Wrocław, Poland
The conference fee covers Conference proceedings, lunches, coffee
breaks, banquet and visit of the Centennial Hall.
The payments for the participation in the Conference should be made to
SKZ Silesian Branch`s Bank Account (Association of Monument
Conservators), ul. Świdnicka 31, 50-066 Wrocław, with the annotation
SAHC-2012 and the names of the persons the payment concerns.
Bank Pekao S.A. accounts no.
for polish participants only:
88 1240 6768 1111 0010 3833 3357 [PLN]
for foreign participants:
PL 07 1240 6768 1978 0010 3833 4921 [EUR]
Early registration till 15 June 2012- 400 Euro
Late registration after 15 June 2012 - 475 Euro
Registration form available on a website
The scientific program includes parallel sessions, poster session, and
special session on safety of historical structures and new versions of
During the Conference the companies will present innovative technologies
related to the strengthening, conservation and repairs of traditionally
erected and historical stru ctures and testing equipment .
31 October
15 December
31 March
15 May
15 June
- Abstract submission
- Notification of Provisional Acceptance
- Manuscript for Review
- Notification of Final Acceptance
- Submission of Final Manuscript
The official language of the Conference is English. Translation services
are provided.
Bogdan Zdrojewski
Rafał Dutkiewicz
Minister of Culture and National Heritage
President of Wrocław
Daria Gliniak, MSc
Piotr Żuchowski
Association of Monument Conservators (SKZ)
Lower Silesian Branch
ul. Świdnicka 31
50-066 Wrocław, P OLAND
e-mail: [email protected]
Secretary of State in the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage,
General Conservation Officer
Maciej Klimczak
Undersecretary of State in the Chancellery of the President of the Republic
of Poland
Tadeusz Więckowski
Rector of Wrocław University of Technology

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