Training Activities Agenda
1st Day
Participants will be transferred from the airport to their apartments in Barcellona P.G and
shown the “A Rocca” offices.
2nd Day
Welcome Day
3rd Day
4th Day
5th Day
6th Day
7th Day
A presentation will be given on the schedule for the upcoming days, it will also
include the information about the Italian culture, Erasmus + programme, Sicily and
Barcellona P.G.
 Participants will learn about the background and activities of the receiving
organization and the framework of the courses that they will attend
 At the end of the day the guests will be invited for a “Welcome Aperitivo“ at a
local venue
Seminars Day 1
 Best practices and activities that can be applied to teaching any language
 Hands-on activity: Designing activities and lesson plans
 Analysis of classroom materials
Seminars and Workshops Day 2
 Incorporation of foreign language classes into traditional secondary school
 Three principal approaches to language teaching: structural, functional and
interactive views
Seminars and Workshops Day 3
 Innovative methodology in the area of foreign language teaching
 Foreign language teaching for all ages and levels
Workshop Day 4
 The workshop will focus on how to enhance students‘ foreign language speaking.
 A final meeting to evaluate and reinforce the methodologies learned during the
Departure Day
 Final evaluation
 Participation certificates and the award ceremony
 Farewell and transfer to the airport
Associazione Artistica Culturale “A Rocca” – C.F. 90013330833
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+39 3495807960 – fax: +39 0909702110 –
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Training Activities Agenda Arrival Participants will